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  • White Labelling Absolutely Free

    If you're an ambitious entrepreneur aiming to grow your business into a behemoth, we've got the ideal solution. Through our complimentary white-labeling service, we ensure that your dreams stay uniquely yours, not ours. Our dynamic and creative team is committed to elevating the overall look of both the mobile application and the website by incorporating your brand name and logo throughout the entire system.

  • Licensed Source Code

    It's evident that as customer needs evolve, businesses must adapt to survive – it's a classic case of survival of the fittest! To ensure that you can implement the specific customizations and adjustments you need for your application, we provide you with a 100% licensed source code, all delivered in accordance with ethical App development practices.

  • Languages and Currencies Integration

    For entrepreneurs embarking on the journey of launching a business and developing an application to provide hassle-free services to people, we have the ideal solution. Our offering includes the capability to seamlessly integrate the languages and currencies of your preference, enabling you to operate your business from any corner of the world while accommodating your chosen languages and currencies.

  • App Submission to iTunes Store

    Once we've developed your application, we'll ensure its swift approval and submission to the iTunes App Store, all without any complications or delays.

  • Submission to Google Play Store

    With our extensive expertise in Android application development, we guarantee a seamless approval and submission process for your App on the Google Play Store, free from any complications.

  • Free 365 Days Bug Support

    When complications arise with your application, it's natural to feel panic. But fret not, because we have the perfect solution to come to your aid. Leveraging our extensive experience in constructing and developing on-demand applications, we offer you an entire year of complimentary bug support. This ensures that your application encounters no complications, providing you with peace of mind.

On-Demand All in One Doctor App

Experience the satisfaction of utilizing our premium on-demand all in one doctor App. Our application is brimming with an array of powerful services, as outlined below:

  • Book an Appointment / Service
  • Video Consultation
  • More Services
Online Video Consultation
Online Video Consultation
  • General Physician General Physician
  • Physiotherapist Physiotherapist
  • Nurse Nurse
  • Psychologists Psychologists
  • Neurologist Neurologist
  • Cardiologist Cardiologist
  • Orthopedic Orthopedic
  • Paediatricians Paediatrician
  • Dieticians Dietitian
  • more icon categories
Online Video Consultation Online Video Consultation
All in One Medical App App

A Quick View of Our Medical App

User App
Medical Expert
Store App
  • User App
  • Service Category
  • Select Your Vehicle
  • Video Consultation
  • Delivery Driver App
  • Select Your Vehicle
  • Delivery Driver Profile
  • Payment Summary
  • Store Item
  • Store Order
  • Order Confirm And Reject
  • Track Order
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Have a Look at the App Video to See How It Works

Take a glance through the video to see how the PlusXMedicalAll App works on the patient, the medical expert and the store App and the admin panel along with the services it offers to accelerate the success of your on demand medical service industry.

On Demand Medical Service

How does it work?

Gojek Clone Script

You can easily take advantage of prime medical facilities through this App without any hassle. This charismatic App connects you with professional medical experts in less than 5 minutes. This amazing App provides you with a personal meet with doctors, physiotherapist, physicians, nurses etc. right from your home. You can also place an order for your important medicines through this App.

Simple steps to use this App:
  • To use this wonderful App, you need to download this App from the Android play store or iOS store.
  • Provide your email address, phone number or any social media platform to complete your registration successfully
  • Pick the category of the service that you want to get like Nurses, Dentists, medicine delivery, vets etc. These services can be easily customised through the admin panel.
  • After the selection of the service, make a confirmation on the service that you want to go with.
  • You will receive a confirmation notification just after booking the service
  • Without wasting your valuable time, this wonderful App will provide you with a fantastic service.
how application works?

Medical on Demand App Clone Script

on demand medical App clone is based on our top selling Taxi booking Application which are pre-approved by the Play Store and App Store. The Medical Support Website, Doctor & Patient Web panel's are 100% responsive, which will show up on all personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

The whole package is loaded with the different sub systems and applications that enable the site owner to manage the system properly.

Medical App Script

Pre-Built Website and Admin Panel for Your Medical Services Business

Our package has it all – ready-made iOS and Android apps, a feature-packed website, and an admin panel. Through the website, your users can look up all the medical services, manage their accounts, view past orders, and much more. Also, service providers and pharmacy store owners can use the website to manage their businesses in one place. Our admin panel makes it super easy to get one-click access to all the earning reports, manage users, set discounts, add your commission rates, and more. Check out the features and interface of our ready-made website and admin panel.

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All in One Medical App

A Highly Customizable Offerings Built To Suit Your Business Requirements

All in One Medical App is our revolutionary App that specifically aims to cater healthcare sector. Integrated with rich features so that your users can connect with e On-Demand Doctors, Uber for ambulances, Online Medicine Delivery, Nurses, Vet, Physiotherapists, and more under from a single App platform.

It is the Best Healthcare Apps and web panels that help to scale up your healthcare business, offering a smooth user experience without you worrying about any technological issues. The Admin Dashboard takes care of the entire functions seamlessly. On-Demand Medical App is compatible with Android and IOS and even cross platforms Have a glimpse at our All in One Medical App Pricing Packages that will prompt you to place an order.

All in One Medical App

Client Reviews - What Our Clients Have to Say

On Demand Healthcare App solution

Health is Wealth, an old yet true proverb! One cannot think of a perfect day without having the perfect health. Today’s busy schedule along with unhealthy lifestyle has in turn led to human beings falling ill more often and not getting properly treated due to negligence and failure to get proper treatment at the right time.

However, thanks to boons like doctor all in one App, treatment has become more convenient for the patient. So as an entrepreneur keen on building a successful medical service empire, invest in this Doctor All In One App and see your business reaching new heights altogether.

What does the Doctor All In One App Contain?

The Doctor All In One App is your one-stop solution to making treatments for your patients an easy and convenient process. No more waiting in lines for medicine, no more worry for an ambulance and no more worries for the proper doctor. The doctor all in one App has it all under one App.

Here are the constituents of the Doctor All In One App:
  • Nurse On Demand Service
  • Ambulance/ Taxi On Demand
  • Doctor On Demand Service
  • VET On Demand Service
  • Physiotherapist On Demand Service
  • Pharmacy Store Service On Demand
Interesting right? So here is what we offer you in our Doctor All In One App absolutely free,
  • White-Labelled Solution to enhance the entire appearance of the mobile application and website with your brand name and logo
  • Free Licensed Source Code Delivery in compliance with ethical App development so that you can make customizations as and when necessary
  • Integration of Language and Currency of Your Choice to add the language and currency as per your requirements to help you operate your business from any part of the world
  • Submission to Apple Store and Play Store in the fastest time and without any hassles
  • Free 365 Days Bug Support to ensure that you don’t have to panic anymore in case your App faces any issues.
What Else Does the App Contain?

The Doctor All In One App comes with the Doctor On Demand App Clone Script which is 100% responsive and can be accessed across platforms like android, iOS, laptop, tablet, etc. Here are some of the other constituents of the Doctor On Demand App Clone Script:

  • Main Website
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • Medical Expert/Pharmacy Store iOS App
  • Medical Expert/Pharmacy Store Android App
  • Billing Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of App, including the information about the users, doctors, VETS, commissions, rates and payments, etc., to name a few
If this isn’t enough, the Doctor All In One App also allows you to choose from multiple payment gateways like,
  • Stripe – Available Worldwide
  • Paymaya – Available in Philippines
  • Zoop – Available in Brazil
  • Xendit – Available in Indonesia
  • Paybox – Available in Kazakhstan
  • Braintree – Available Worldwide

The Technology Used to Create a Robust Application like Doctor All In One App The technology integration is very essential to determine the proper functioning of an App. Our Doctor All In One App, our robust application has been designed using the latest technologies and techniques so that your users can seamlessly take the benefits of this App.

Here are the technologies that we used while preparing this all in one pervasive application,
  • Swift OS
  • iOS
  • Java
  • Android
  • php
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • On Linux
  • nodeJS
  • SocketCluster
How does the Doctor All In One App Work?

Good health is above all the riches in the world. If one does not have proper health, all the riches and all the best components of this world will seem futile. Today’s generation has been plagued by an unhealthy lifestyle and an unhealthy way of life which leads to them falling ill quite often and treatment often becomes a difficult and tedious affair. Keeping this in mind, we built our Doctor All In One App to make treatment convenient for them. As applications are what runs the life of human beings, our App makes sure that treatments are never an inconvenient process. Through this App, users can get treated at the convenience of their home and get the medicine delivered to their doorstep.

It sounds fascinating right? See the procedures to the functioning of this App and get ready to get amazed,
  • Download the App from the Android play store, iOS store
  • Register on the App by providing your email address, phone number or any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.
  • Choose the category of service that you want to avail like Doctor, Vets, Nurses, Psychologist, Dentists, paediatrician, Pharmacy delivery etc.
  • Confirm your service
  • After confirming the service, you will receive a notification instantly about the booked service and receive mind-blowing service from the Application’s end.

It is also important to understand why a doctor all in one App is essential for your medical service business. Regardless of whether you have an existing business or you want to start a new one, having a mobile application is the only solution in moving forward. This means that if you truly want to succeed, you have to ensure that the work you do is represented in one way or the other on a digital platform. Today, people are heavily dependent on their smartphones and their Apps for their each and every need. No matter what you need, you will always rely on your smartphones as well as smart Apps. The App in particular is a representation of how you are always there for your clients all the time. Since we specialize in on demand services, we are experts in developing clone Apps which in turn helps you set up a business instantly. This App is filled with magnanimous features dedicated to helping your users enjoy the experience of using your application. So, reap the benefits of your new healthcare on demand service today and get the Doctor All In One App today!