How Taxi Booking App Works?

Here is the step by step explanation of the app's flow: The rider first registers and logs in after which he or she can send ride booking request. This booking request is sent out to all the drivers in and around the area. Whichever driver accepts the request gets the job. When the driver accepts this request, rider gets a confirmation notification. The rider also gets to choose the payment method-card/cash/wallet. Driver picks up and drops at the designated locations. After the ride is over, payment is deducted automatically. Now the rider and the driver can rate each other.

This app is loaded with some of the best features this industry has to offer. The uber app clone itself is made to work flawlessly on any system. IT has a beautiful responsive design and an intuitive flow. Other top features include contact us, tipping, viewing invoices, Ride later, ride history, Edit Profile, inviting friends, wallets, etc. Our dedicated team of expert professionals has left no stone unturned in offering you nothing but the best solution!


Uber clone demo Video taxi on demand app

Step by Step Graphical Flow

rider and driver splash screen introduction screen
Login & registration
rider app menu screenrider signup and login screen
login via email, facebook, linkedin
driver app menu screendriver signup and login screen
account verification screen application menu screen
rider book trip
rider ​add location rider menu list rider select vehicle type
rider selects his picup location, address, payment type, car type
Add to destination later
rider can change the address rider​ not to opt the address before​ book a trip
Driver has rights to reject or accept
driver get online
rider send request
driver accept or reject rider request
driver arriving screen
internal chat between rider and driver
driver chat to rider
internal chat
VOIP based call masking
driver call to rider
rider call to driver
internal voip call
driver arrived screen trip started screen emergency call screen Trip onhold Trip resume trip completed screen invoice summary screen tip feature screen car rentalsrent a car option
fillup details for car rental rental ride request
taxi hailing
multiple stop over points
add source and destination
request sent to near by drivers
driver arrived to picup location notification
driver arrived at stop over point 1
driver mark as reached at stop over point 2
driver marked trip completed
car pool and book for someone features
choose the contact from phone list
share ride with others
pool request
trip begun notification
trip completed notification
total fare
corporate rides
corporate profile registration
business profile and personal profile choice
conditions to start a trip
surcharge and ride later feature
airport rides
geo fencing area auto update surcharge
how to cancle a trip
x to y location
favourite driver
rider rate the trip
end of the day trip
add destination address
start destination mode
rider send request
toll calculation for USA
handicap accessibility
gender based rides
child seat preference
manage vehicles
scan credit card for payment
your trips
ride history details
promo code
my wallet
edit profile
invite friends
panic button
heat view
rider and driver feedback
advertisement banners
support menu
contact us

Top 10 Taxi Applications in Australia

Taxis play a very vital role for commutation purposes for riders living in Australia and owing to the growing outreach of internet amongst people living there, online taxis have become an integral part of life for them altogether.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the Australian taxi market is predicted to grow at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of five percent by 2024.

Now you may be thinking the reason for the popularity of the taxi applications among people in Australia. Some of the reasons are –

  • Convenience of Booking
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • GPS-Enabled Vehicles

So now that you know the reason why taxi applications are so popular after all in Australia, let us now provide you with a list of the top 10 taxi applications in Australia that have made ride-sharing and hailing a cakewalk for riders.

10 Gamechanger Taxi Applications of Australia

Ingogo is a popular taxi booking application that was launched in the year 2011 for riders living in Australia. The places where the app operates include Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Some of its unique standout features include book in advance, automated receipts, complete visibility of taxi travels, and so on and so forth.


DiDi is another popular ride-sharing app in Australia. The app was launched in the year 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. The app offers its ride-sharing and ride-hailing services in areas like Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Geelong, etc. to name a few. What makes this app popular in Australia is it being 10% cheaper than Uber and offering 20 dollars as referral fees for riders and drivers sharing the app.


goCatch comes third in the category of top ten ride-sharing apps in Australia. The app had its inception in the year 2011 in Sydney. It is quite popular among the riders there for its revolutionary low fares.


Rydo ranks fourth in the category of the best taxi application in Australia. The ride-sharing application had its launch in the year 2016 in Sydney, New South Wales. The app is built using the latest cutting edge technology and promises safety to the rider and driver as well as time and money for the rider in particular.


An app built specially for women and children in Australia, Shebah promises them both safe and secure rides. Also, what sets this app apart is that the taxis hailed are driven specially by women thus providing earning opportunities to women drivers. This in fact puts the app in the category of the top ten taxi apps in Australia.


Bridj is a taxi booking app popular among riders in Australia. The app had its launch in the year 2014 and currently offers its services in Wetherhill Park, Sydney, etc. What sets this app apart is its shuttle service services that allows riders to take a bus on-demand from their work to home and vice versa.


13cabs is one of the most popular taxi booking apps in Australia. The solution came into operation in the year 1996. It mostly offers its ride services in places like Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney. What makes this app so unique is some of its features like offering wheelchair accessible vehicles, assistance and care to pets, group travel, and so on and so forth.


Coming in the eighth rank in the category of the best taxi app in Australia, iHail offers fixed price rides to riders to ensure zero surge prices. Some of its other stand out features includes less waiting time for riders, easy payment, and so on and so forth.

Australia Wide Taxi

Australia Wide Taxi ranks ninth in the category of the top taxi apps in Australia. It was launched in the year 2017. The solution offers ride-sharing services to people living in Australia especially the business travellers. Some of the areas where the solution offers its rides include Adelaide, Bendigo and Melbourne to name a few.


Finally, the last but not the least in the category of the top ten taxi apps in Australia, SilverTop is a popular ride-sharing app offering its ride services in areas like Melbourne and Sydney to name a few.

The solution offers some unique services like transportation, trucking, and railroad to name a few and has its headquarters based in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.

Concluding these are the top 10 taxi apps in Australia that riders depend upon for their daily commutation purposes.