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Apps like Gojek

Courtesy the busy life that people all over the world, it but becomes necessary to have a solution that can assist them in receiving services at the benefit of their own location.

This is what has led to the creation of the on-demand service industry and the on-demand service applications that assist the busy professionals in receiving convenient services at the location of their choice.

With the help of these solutions, customers can receive convenient services wherever they may be located just through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device. All that they have to do is add their location, select the service/services they need, get connected to the nearest service provider, make the payment and book the services. As soon as they do this, the service provider would arrive and deliver their services and at the end, both, the customer and service provider would rate and review each other.

Today, you may actually come across many on-demand service apps that have made life reasonably easy for customers all over the world. However, one that made sure to motivate other new on-demand service providers to build similar solutions was Gojek.

Talking about the solution, it had its creation in the year 2010 primarily to offer ride services to the people living in Indonesia but understanding the worry people faced in regards to downloading multiple apps, they understood that if they incorporate multiple services into one single solution, they could serve customers better and earn better revenues along the way as well at the same time.

Currently, Gojek delivers more than 52 services like house cleaning, handyman, babysitting, food delivery, moto service, etc., to name a few.

All that the customers have to do is add their location, select the services they need and then book it. Within a few minutes, the service provider would arrive, deliver their services and leave.

However, Gojek cannot be called the only on-demand service provider app that delivers quick and convenient services to the customers. There are other apps like Gojek as well that have gone on to build a name for itself, some of which are listed below.

Top 4 Apps Like Gojek

Pathao is a popular on-demand service platform offering its services to the people living in Bangladesh. It is known for offering services like moto service, cab service, food delivery and parcel delivery, to name a few and is available for the customers on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store respectively.


A popular multi-service platform in Singapore, the solution offers customers a vast number of services like transport, food delivery, hotel reservation, movie booking, etc., to name a few, all through a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone devices.


GoGet is a popular on-demand service platform in Malaysia known for delivering a vast array of services like food and shopping delivery, pickers and packers, and so on and so forth to its customers. The platform is available for the customers on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store respectively.


Jop is a popular multi-service provider platform in the United States of America. It is known for connecting local demands with freelance labour and giving the latter an opportunity to earn a handsome income along the way. Some of the services delivered by this solution include handyman service, fitness trainer service, furniture assembly service, and so on and so forth.

So, concluding, these are some of the apps like Gojek that have assisted the on-demand service industry earn in billions and provide customers quick and convenient services at the location of the customer.