Gojek Clone Website Flow - Cubetaxi

Important web pages

cubejekx2020 major pages
  • web front panel home page
    browse all services from home page
  • List of services
    choose your services
  • Choose Your Language
    set language in apps and website
  • Book a Taxi by panel
    taxi ride booking page
  • Order Your Food by panel
    food ordering page
  • Get Things Delivered
    delivery service page
  • Book A Moto
    moto booking page
  • Book An Aircraft
    fly service page
  • Sign Up to Earn
    earning startup page
  • About Us
    about website
  • Contact Us
    customer can contact from admin panel
  • Privacy Policy
    website policy
  • How It Works
    how website works?
  • FAQ
    questions for users, orders and providers
web booking page
web booking pages
  • Login
    user login using email or mobile number
  • Register
    user register using email or mobile number
  • Choose Taxi Types
    user choose vehicle type
  • Parcel Delivery
    user mention parcel details
  • Fly Options
    user choose fly options
  • Choose Moto Types
    user choose moto types
  • Ordering Food
    user provide location details and category
  • List Of Restaurants
    nearby restaurants
  • Choose Food Items
    user choose food items
  • Choose Food Items
    Take Away
  • Choose Food Items
    Contactless Delivery
  • Choose Food Items
    grocery delivery
  • Choose Food Items
    grocery store based on location
  • Choose Food Items
    user choose grocery items
  • Choose Food Items
    wine delivery
  • Choose Food Items
    wine store based on location
  • Choose Food Items
    choose wine from selected store
manage account
web booking
  • Login
    account Login
  • Register
    account Register
  • My profile
    account My profile
  • My trips
    account My trips
  • My orders
    account My orders
  • My wallet
    account My wallet
  • Provider profile
    account Provider profile
  • My Taxi's
    account My Taxi's
  • Provider Services
    account Provider Services
  • Provider Availability
    account Provider Availability
  • Provider Trips/Jobs
    account Provider Trips/Jobs
  • Provider Orders/Earnings
    account Provider Orders/Earnings
  • Provider Earnings
    account Provider Earnings
  • Provider wallet
    account Provider wallet
  • Restaurant Profile
    account Restaurant Profile
  • Food Categories
    account Food Categories
  • Restaurant Items
    account Restaurant Items
  • Processing Orders
    account Processing Orders
  • Restaurant Earnings
    account Restaurant Earnings
  • Restaurant Settings
    account Restaurant Settings
  • Organization Profile
    account Organization Profile
  • Organization Users
    account Organization Users
  • Organization User Trips
    account Organization User Trips
  • Organization Trip Report
    account Organization Trip Report