Web Visuals for Uber Clone Administrator Panel

The Uber clone admin panel is the one stop destination to handle and manage your entire app. It enables you to set functionality to the apps and even get a God's view look of the map to identify how your fleet is spread at any point. It also allows you to see the number of rides being booked through your app and the kind of commission you are making on them. You can change the value of everything from surcharges to vehicle type and rates. To help plan your business better, you can also view all reports.

This admin panel has been designed to cater to everyone. You don’t need to be an adept in technology to know how to work on it. Its responsive design and user friendly interface is going to ensure that you need absolutely no assistance in seeing what your taxi booking app is up to. Our team backed by years of professional experience has particularly handcrafted this web panel so that you can rest easy and watch the money flow!

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