Uber Clone Demo

Taxi Driver and Rider App Demo available at Play Store and App Store.

Uber, the most famous on demand taxi concept has been cloned by our Cube Taxi company. Here's calling out to all entrepreneurs and taxi companies to uberise their business by purchasing our Uber clone apps and websites.

Demo of rider iOS App, Android App & Web Panel rider iOS App rider Android App rider Web Panel

Rider's Android App, iOS App & Rider's Web Panel Demo

  • iOS
    ios/iPad Application

    Check out how the passenger iOS app works in real time by downloading it and requesting for a ride.

  • android
    Android Application

    Check out how the passenger Android app works in real time by downloading it and requesting for a ride

  • rider panel
    Passenger Web Panel

    The Web Panel allows the passenger to manage his account as well as view his ride history and other details.

Demo of Driver iOS App, Android App & Web Panel Driver iOS App Driver Android App Driver Web Panel

Driver Android App, Ios App & Web Panel Demo

  • iOS
    ios/iPad Application

    Check out how the driver iOS app works in real time by being online and accepting the rides.

  • android
    Android Application

    Check out how the driver Android app works in real time by being online and accepting the rides.

  • driver panel
    Driver's Web Panel

    The web panel allows the driver to manage his account, manage his car and its documents as well as view his ride history, payment details and other details.

Demo of Uber Clone Front Panel Demo of Uber Clone Admin Panel

Uber Website Clone & Administrator Web Panel Demo

  • Front end
    front end

    The Front End of the website is visible to the users. Here you can list your Company's details. From here, the drivers and passengers will also be able to see the links to their respective panels.

  • manage admin panel
    admin panel

    See the ease with which you can manage the passengers, drivers, payments, commissions, ride history via the Admin Panel

responsive website hybrid app

Rider's Booking Hybrid, Mobile Web-Based System For Desktop, Windows Phone, Tablet, Blackberry Phones And Old Android & Iphone.

  • You need not have mobile apps on Android and/or iPhone to book rides as this advanced responsive website will allow the users, both passengers and riders to make live bookings and manage their rides from their desktop computer, laptops or a normal mobile browser.

    Therefore any passenger who has access to a Windows or Blackberry phone will be able to make a live booking by accessing the site from his mobile phone internet browser. One extra advantage is that users who have phones that are not compatible with the latest version of iOS/iPhone and Android can also book a ride through their phone's browser.

Hotel taxi booking kiosk screen Taxi Book Now Screen Customer detail screen

Android App For Tablet - Hotel Taxi Booking Kiosk For Travelers -

The kiosk is a specially intended stand to be placed at the reception of the hotels purely focusing on Business Travelers / Tourists. For best results we would suggest a tab that is roughly around $100.

Why do you need a kiosk with a tourist app at the reception?

Usually, tourists and travelers from other cities or countries might not know the booking procedure local to that place. It may also be possible that the particular individual may be alien to the language or currency indigenous to that region. What's more the traveler might not even have access to the internet. In these situations, keeping a taxi booking app on a kiosk handy can prove to be very beneficial.

How does this app work?

The traveler can simply come to the reception and use this app to book a taxi in less than 30 seconds. He can choose the preferred language and currency from the home screen where no registration is required, making it absolutely simple for any tourist to easily find a ride. The moment he places the request all the drivers in the specified area will get the request. Whoever accepts it will get the job. The rider can see all the details of the driver who has accepted the request including license plate number and the estimated fare. Once he is done, his driver will come in the estimated time given. The app is now free to be used by the next person.

What does the Hotel make for keeping your App on their reception?

Every time a ride is booked using your application through this kiosk, the hotel stands to make a pre defined amount of commission along with you. Please note that this is an additional feature and does not come as a part of the standard deal. If interested, just let us know and we will provide you with the details of the additional cost for the same.

The Live Uber Taxi Clone Demo - Live And In Action

Find out how the Apps work in real by playing the uber clone app demo video below. See in detail, how the passenger and driver apps seamlessly interact with each other.

See how a rider searches for a taxi, how a driver accepts the ride, the whole booking process, the ride process, the process at the end of the ride, the review and payment processes.

Uber Clone app demo Video
The Uber App Clone Manual - In Sequential Steps

Since most of our clients are entrepreneurs, they would like to understand how the whole system works before making the decision to buy. We have therefore recorded a video of both the apps working in real as shown above. This gives you an idea of how our apps work in real time. Along with the demo, we have prepared a detailed graphical manual for the apps, web panels and the Admin panel. Check out the manuals below and see how the Uber Package's Apps and Web Panel's work, in a sequential flow, step by step.