Riding in a taxi with a stranger was dangerous if we speak about a decade ago. On-demand Taxi Booking App Like Uber has changed the cab riding and booking used to work. Witnessing the growth, boosting the revenues it is no surprise that Uber is always going to be role models for the ones who make their first steps to success. The demand for the Uber Clone App has increased significantly in recent times, motivating entrepreneurs to invest in On-Demand Taxi App Solution.

To save entrepreneurs from spending exorbitant and months of hassles to build Taxi Booking App right from the scratch, we have created Uber Clone App Solution, integrated with amazing profit-making features that help to scale up your business to the next level.

Available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, our Uber Clone App is an exceptional taxi Booking script that fits well with any taxi ride-hailing business. Built on the latest technologies, Uber Clone App facilitates your taxi business without any glitch. The application is well-structured offering seamless operational functionality for both Riders and Drivers. Take a look at our Uber Clone Demo available on the Play Store and App Store. The live demo of each panel and the web panel provides you complete clarity of how the app functions for real.

If you haven’t already done it, it is perhaps time for you to take the reins of your own future in your own hands. For decades, people have viewed the taxi business as a relatively unorganized and tedious one. However, with our advanced on demand online taxi booking solution in the form of the Uber Clone app, nothing has to be difficult anymore.

We have created the app specifically to ensure that you can keep a bird’s eye view on the operations of the app. With easy to download reports, an intuitive Uber Clone Admin Panel and many other esential taxi app features, the app makes managing and operating your business an absolute breeze.

Starting your business with any kind of an app can be a difficult choice. This is primarily because most people are already used to working with a particular kind of application in the past to cater to that need. This is why, we have kept our on demand taxi booking app as close to the Uber app’s interface as possible.

This ensures that your users don’t have to undertake a whole new learning curve in order to start using the application. They are not required to unlearn their taxi booking practices to feel at home with your own Uber clone app.

What’s more, we offer an exciting design layout which is clean and does not take away from the functionality of the application. With options like customizing the app skin to your logo colors in addition to completely white labeling the app for you, this is the solution that will mark your success in the map of the on demand online taxi booking business market.

The first step, however, towards finding success in any app based business is to get acquainted with the app in totality. So, don’t hesitate to take the demo of our apps by downloading them from the Google play store and the iOS app store and taking them for a live trial run. You can now use the app thoroughly before spending even a single dime on it!

Uber Clone App Demo

Uber Taxi Clone Demo

Take the live Uber Taxi Clone Demo to know how the functioning of the app. The Taxi App Demo will be as real as you have booked the ride or have become the rider.
In the live demo one can see how seamlessly the driver accepts the ride when the user sends a ride request from the User App. The demo exhibits the entire ride booking process, online payment, cancellation and so on highlighting every detail of the app.

delivery app solution

Rider App

  • iOS App

    Download and place the ride request by taking the live demo to know how the Rider iOS app functions in real-time.

  • Android App

    Download and place the ride request by taking the live demo to know how the Rider Android app functions in the real-time.

  • Front End

    The web panel allows the Rider to book Taxi, review and manage their accounts.

Rider iOS App Rider Android App

Driver App

  • iOS

    Download the app and accept the ride by being online by taking the live demo to know how the Driver iOS App functions in real-time.

  • Android

    Download the app and accept the ride by being online by taking the live demo to know how the Driver Android App functions in real-time.

  • Front End

    The web panel allows the Driver to review and manage his profile, documents, Earnings, Ride history, and other details.

Driver iOS App Driver Android App

Taxi App Website & Administrator Panel Demo

  • Website

    It is the front end of the website, the main homepage that your users will see. Your users will be able to place ride requests using this front-end.

  • Admin

    The demo demonstrates how flawlessly it manages the entire Taxi Business transactions. Right from taxi booking to payments to the commission to managing drivers and user profiles and so on, everything is handled by the Taxi App Admin Panel.
    Kiosk machines are an ideal way to boost your taxi business. Often seen near the reception desk, offering an On-demand taxi ride-booking facility to the travelers.

Front Web Panel

Install a kiosk app at hotels for tourist taxi bookings

Travelers have no idea about public and private transportation in and around the city. Often they end up spending more. At times, not able to communicate in the local language they hesistate to taking transportation. Witnessing the woes of the tourists, our Uber Clone App can be integrated into Kiosk Machine.

Eliminating the dependency on the Kiosk machine helps travelersto book their ride in the currency and language they are comfortable with. This way the travelers will have the access to transportation and will avail of the taxi booking services without any hesitation.

How Does Uber Clone App Work On Kiosk Machine?

Like how the app works on the Android and IOS platforms, Uber Clone App has the same functioning when integrated with Kiosk machine. The traveler has the flexibility to choose the currency and preferred language and place the ride request.

It takes less than 30 seconds to book a cab ride. Once the request is placed, the confirmation notification is sent and the nearby Driver arrives at the hotel for the pickup.

How Does A Hotel Benefit By Keeping A Kiosk Machine?

Whenever the Taxi Ride is booked through a Kiosk machine, the hotel makes a commission (a pre-defined one). This is an exclusive feature that does not come with the standard package deal.

If you are interested to develop a Kiosk feature, do let us know about it.

If you are interested to develop a Kiosk feature, do let us know about it.

Since most of our clients are non-tech entrepreneurs, they prefer to know how entire Uber Clone App functionality before making a purchase.

Along with the live demo app video, we provide a detailed graphical manual comprising A to Z about the apps. Check out the manuals below and see how the Uber Package's Apps and Web Panel's work, in a sequential flow, step by step.

Kiosk - Book your Taxi Kiosk - Select Your Vehicle

Time to Upgrade with
New Taxi Bidding Feature for Your Uber Clone!

Are you looking for a Brand New Idea to Boost your Online Taxi Business that could totally transform the way people Book Taxis in your Region? Well, say Hello to our Taxi Bidding App Feature. It's similar to the inDriver App, which lets Riders choose and Bid on the Price they want.

You, as the Entrepreneur, can choose One of Two Algorithms: Standard Uber-like Flow or inDriver-like Bidding flow for your Taxi App. The inDriver-like Bidding Feature lets the Riders and the Driver Negotiate until they agree upon a suitable Fare Rate. While the Standard Workflow lets Riders book Taxis at a “Fixed Rate”! Well, the fun thing is that you can earn Commissions with every Taxi Ride booked through the App!

Our Tech Experts will take only 1-2 Weeks to White-label your Taxi App and Launch it. What’s more? You can also Leverage Multiple Perks, including Part Payment Options, Free Demo App Trials, Annual Upgrades, 1-year Bug Support, etc.

Want to know more about this exciting new On-demand Taxi App Feature? Tap to learn more!

Taxi Bidding

Uber App Clone Manual - In Sequential Steps

Since most of our clients are entrepreneurs, they would like to understand how the whole system works before making the decision to buy. We have therefore recorded a video of both the apps working in real as shown above. This gives you an idea of how our apps work in real time. Along with the demo, we have prepared a detailed graphical manual for the apps, web panels and the Admin panel. Check out the manuals below and see how the Uber Package's Apps and Web Panel's work, in a sequential flow, step by step.