Uber Clone App Price

Our Uber driver application synchronises with the passenger app to give you the most unique and comfortable riding experience. To enable this perfect experience, the uber clone app for drivers has features that include:

The cost of Uber app clone depends on what customizations and extra features you want for your product. You have the option of choosing the package you want - either the Full Package whereby you cover the whole market base of your country or choose the single package where you have a choice of buying either the iOS App or Android App. Irrespective of what you choose, you will get the Web Panel of the Rider, Driver, Company and the Admin Panel in both the packages. Our efficient support will also be there as far as language and currency customization, white labelling etc are concerned.

How Much Does The Uber Clone App Cost?

For a very pocket-friendly price, we give you a complete ready to start white labelled solution. This includes the set up of a scalable server, installation, setup, and configuration. We also launch the both iOS and Android on demand app clone for all your clients. You also get free customer support, customization of one language and currency of your choice and minor changes like text and banners.

You can rest assured that you will get the best product at the best price - no other company will give you what we give.