Gojek Clone Super App: One Solution; Many Rewards

We are one of the best Gojek Clone App Development Companies, assisting all sizes businesses in mobilising themselves to meet the needs of their customers. Launch your own Super App, similar to Gojek, and customize it to meet your needs. Own source code, stunning UI/UX, and 82+ services Obtain cutting-edge technology.

  • Start Your Own On Demand Business With The Super App Like Gojek Clone

    With the Super Gojek App Clone, you can now forget about waiting to grow your business and reach the pinnacle of the market’s success instantly. This app has been specifically developed after years of analyzing and studying market trends, requisite features and all services that have become mandatory in our lives today.

    Our team of expert professionals have built a simple, elegant and yet powerful super app to cater to over 82 different types of services. This means that once your customer has this app, they will want for nothing more!

    What’s more, this powerful and practical business solution can be yours and launched in the market in just 4 to 5 business days! That’s all. Your key to success is waiting for you. All the cogs on the wheel of success have aligned specifically for you. Start your own on demand business without having to directly provide any service at all!

    Curious about how this works? Want to get started immediately? Then hurry! Our brand new Advanced Gojek Clone 2022 is primed with top features and is absolutely ready for the market. Dive in for more details.

  • Expectation On The Fastest Train To Profit City

    The crux of any business is to ensure that you can make enough profits. Our team starts building every app with the premise of ensuring that you can make a whole lot of profit quickly and efficiently. The monetization behind this app has been fashioned to allow you to rake in profits from multiple services. As you already know, our Gojek Clone Super App has over 82 different types of services included within its foray, each time someone uses the app to hire any kind of service, you stand to make a handsome commission.

    Even by the most conservative calculation, if you made just 10 dollars for every service and all the services were hired only once a day, you’d still be making 700 dollars every single day! IF this is not the fastest train to profit city, then nothing is! The expertise of our team lies in ensuring that they study the behavior of the market and only then provide a justifiable solution so that our clients can always remain profitable.

    Need a little more clarity on how the monetization works? Wants to know how efficiently you can make a commission on every service? Click here to dive in deep in to the heart of our On Demand Multi Service Gojek App Clone.

  • Boost Revenue In The On Demand Business Market

    Businesses of on demand nature all over the world are finding tremendous success in the last few years. We present to you a single solution in the form of the Gojek Clone script, which combines the power and profitability of over 82 different services. This means that you can begin earning a commission form all these services, just by launching this app once.

    The best thing about this app is that it allows you to decide how much you wish to earn from each service. The best part about this All in One Super App is it allows you to set “Different Commission” from each service. For example, the app will consist of 82+ services like Taxi services, Handyman services, Dog walking, and Beautician services. However, you won’t be earning the same amount from each of them. Thus allowing you to customize as per your user’s increasing demands. This is why; our app has been designed to ensure that you can set a custom percentage of commission for different services.

  • Invest Less And Earn More

    After all, we all want to ensure that we have our hands in a business that requires very little capital to begin with but can ensure that it gives us maximum returns. Our Gojek Clone multi service app is just that. Since the app is already market ready, it costs you a fraction of an app that is built from the ground up!

    Less cost and high returns is what makes this application the best solution in the market for your business. While you only invest in our Gojek Clone on demand multi services app after thoroughly testing it for a hundred times, you can start making money from it as early as the day of the launch!

    With 82 different services in the app, you can start minting money and become a millionaire as more and more people start hiring service providers using your very own best on demand multi service solution in the market!


The crux of any business is to be able to make money, a lot of good money. But our white labeled on demand multi services Gojek Clone Script goes beyond that. This app has been designed to ensure that apart from making money, you generally uplift local service providers and thereby bring prosperity to your community and region. So, you are indirectly contributing for the betterment of your community, region and country.

The business model is as below:

  • AThe app offer multiple income provisions
  • BThe basic model is that of a commission generation, which means, each time a service provider is booked using your app, you stand to make a commission from it.
  • CThere are other avenues of making money as well.
  • DIf you own your own services business, you can also set it up in the app and continue to offer services and earn money.
  • EThe app makes everyone happy because the service providers find a new digital platform to develop their business on without having to purchase a whole new app on their own, the customers can finally do away with tedious registrations and multiple log ins, and the app owner can continue to thrive as more and more service providers join the app and more and more customers start booking services using it.
Gojek Clone Business Model


The past year has been heavy for the world with the Corona Virus pandemic crippling businesses worldwide. However, that doesn’t have to be the case for you. With the all new empowered Gojek Clone app, you can truly forget about the technical hassles of securing the finest app in the market, because we have it all ready for you! The Gojek Clone app that we have created has been developed after years of fine tuning the industry requirements and creating a simple, easy to use gojek clone script that works fantastically for the users the service providers and the app owner alike. To understand the app in a better way, here is a break down of all the different services encompassed within. Let us dive into it.

gojek clone 2022 app flow
View The Complete Flow NOW!


Creating this app has taken years and a team of highly experienced developers, designers, analysts, writers and quality testers. We have honed it to ensure that it meets the market’s demands in its totality. But you don’t have to take our word for it! We understand that an investment for any business comes with a great deal of trepidation and uncertainty. To be absolutely sure of what you will be getting from us, you can take a FREE live demo of the Gojek Clone app and to understand our work ethics and our dedication to our clients, feel free to look up client testimonials!

  • Taxi Ride AppTaxi Ride
  • Moto Ride AppMoto Ride
  • Car Rental AppCar Rental
  • Car Pool AppCar Pool
  • Parcel Delivery AppParcel Delivery
  • Food DeliveryFood Delivery
  • Grocery DeliveryGrocery Delivery
  • Stationery DeliveryStationery Delivery
  • Pharmacy DeliveryPharmacy Delivery
  • Wine DeliveryWine Delivery
  • water-delivery.svg Appbottled water Delivery
  • Flower Delivery AppFlower Delivery
  • Delivery GenieDelivery Genie
  • Delivery RunnerDelivery Runner
  • Astrologer AppAstrologer
  • Photographer AppPhotographer
  • Lawn Moving AppLawn Moving
  • Beachbody AppBeachbody
  • AC Repair AppAC Repair
  • Gardner AppGardner
  • Catering AppCatering
  • Babysitting AppBaby Sitting
  • Beauty Service AppBeauty Service
  • Car Wash AppCar Wash
  • Carpenter AppCarpenter
  • Cuddling AppCuddling
  • DJ AppDJ
  • sanitization servicesSanitization Services
  • Disinfecting ServicesDisinfecting Services
  • Doctor AppDoctor
  • Dog Grooming AppDog Grooming
  • Dog Walking AppDog Walking
  • Electrician AppElectrician
  • Fitness Coach AppFitness Coach
  • Home Cleaning AppHome Cleaning
  • Home Painting Service AppHome Painting Service
  • Insurance Agent AppInsurance Agent
  • lawyer appLawyer
  • Lock smith appLock Smith
  • Maids AppMaids
  • Massage AppMassage
  • Pest Control AppPest Control
  • Physiotheraphy AppPhysiotheraphy
  • Plumber AppPlumber
  • Real Estate Agent AppReal Estate Agent
  • Security Guard AppSecurity Guard
  • Snow Plows AppSnow Plows
  • Tour Guide AppTour Guide
  • Tow Truck AppTow Truck
  • Travel Agent AppTravel Agent
  • Tutor AppTutor
  • Vet AppVet
  • Worker AppWorker
  • Barber AppBarber
  • Car repair AppCar repair
  • Carpet Repairer AppCarpet Repairer
  • Computer Repairer AppComputer Repairer
  • Fire Fighters AppFire Fighters
  • Helpers AppHelpers
  • Mechanic AppMechanic
  • Mobile Technician AppMobile Technician
  • Office Cleaning AppOffice Cleaning
  • Party Cleaning AppParty Cleaning
  • Lawn Care AppLawn Care
  • Language Tutor AppLanguage Tutor
  • Psychologist AppPsychologist
  • Sofa Repair AppSofa Repair
  • Translator AppTranslator
  • TV Repair AppTV Repair
  • Yoga AppYoga
  • Spa AppSpa
  • Interior Design AppInterior Design
  • Road Assistance AppRoad Assistance


The Gojek Clone App Script is not an individual app, but a multitude of complex website, panels, iOS and Android apps that facilitate the conduct of a smooth business flow across platforms and across various different regions around the world. When you purchase an app like gojek from us, we don’t simply hand you a single application, but a holistic bundle that will make sure that your audience and your service providers can both enjoy it completely. Take a look at the complete range of systems that you get when you purchase our all in one on demand multi service app like gojek.



Launching a Start Up is exciting, but in order to be able to do that correctly, you must know the Gojek Clone app in its entirety. This is a video that will not only help you get a clear and concise idea of what this app is all about, but will also educate you on the step by step, screen by screen flow of the entire app. Find out more about each functionality, its utility and the proper flow of the app. This video is testament to the commitment our team has shown towards perfecting this app just for you!

Modern Features of Gojek Clone 2022

2022 is the year of welcoming new possibilities and opportunities in “On-Demand Marketplace” Your App is doomed to fail if you do not provide the features your users are looking for. In fact, as pioneers in Mobile App Development, we coded all these new features for our Apps based on the suggestions of the Software Industry. In order for your App to succeed, it must have these features as Users expect them. If you provide such Trending Features in your App, your customers will love it and will stick to Gojek Clone App, thus generating high profits.

Benefits of the Gojek Clone App

  • Open Source Code of the App LICENSED SOURCE CODE OF THE APP

    We don’t simply give you an app that is hard to modify, but also hand over the complete licensed source code of the application to you so that you can modify it as per your liking anytime in the future.

  • Submission to iOS App Store Submission to iOS App Store

    Submitting the app can be tricky because the app may face rejection if not done right. This is why we take complete responsibility of submitting the app to the iOS app store and getting it approved for a successful launch

  • Multiple Languages and Currencies Multiple Languages and Currencies

    We don’t simply give you an app that is hard to modify, but also hand over the complete source code of the application to you so that you can modify it as per your liking anytime in the future.

  • Easy In App Payment Features Easy In App Payment Features

    There is an in app wallet feature that allows you to transfer money to it and carry out all kinds of payments for the services that you book using the app directly from it.

  • Free White Labeling Free White Labeling

    White labeling is an important phenomenon that makes sure that even though we build the app for you, once launched, the app will be visible only with your logo and brand name. We make sure that the entire app is reskinned as per your color schemes as well.

  • Free One Time Upgrade Free One Time Upgrade

    Upgradation is an important part of making sure that your app is with the times and has all the modern features with the adapting iOS. We offer you a Free upgrade one time. All you need to do is ask us for it whenever you need it.

  • Submission to the Google Play Store Submission To The Google Play Store

    Your app is our responsibility. When we design your app, we use incredibly strict processes to ensure that it is approved quickly on the Google Play Store. The installation of the code and database, as well as their submission to the Google Play Store, will be free of charge.

  • Free One Time Upgrade Year Long Support

    We are confident of the product that we have built. We also have your best interests at heart and want to be there for you as your partner. This is why; we make sure that you can reach out to us whenever you need you through out the year of purchase and we’ll be right there for you.

FREE Live Demo of the gojek clone APP!

Download the Gojek Clone KingX 2022 App for a demonstration of the WorkFlow of the Features & Functionalities. Install on iOS and Android from the App store and try it out real time. Book services, find jobs, check out the Admin panel and so on for unlimited duration. We are confident that you will enjoy the Futuristic Features and the Novel Components that are aimed to scale up your On-Demand Multi-services higher in a short span of time. Connect with our app representative for further queries and customization of Multi Service App.

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Know Each Aspect KingX 2022 Video

View the videos below to learn more about the KingX 2022 App. The center video is a summary, while the left and right videos introduces and explains all seven major components in detail. In addition, the Videos have subtitles so it is easier to understand.

Taxi - Uber like Taxi, Rental & Car Pool
Online Video Consultation for 10+ Services
Bid for 10+ Services in Real Time
On-Demand 50+ Services
Parcel Delivery - Deliver Anything, Anywhere
Store Deliveries - Food, Grocery, Pharmacy Delivery, etc
Delivery Genie & Runner - Personal Shopper
Covid Related Features as per WHO


We always encourage our users to ask us anything they want to know about the app. Here is a list of some of the Top FAQs to help you understand the business and the app better.

  • What is Gojek Clone App ?

    The Gojek Clone Super App offers a variety of on demand online services such as taxi rides, parcel / courier delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery and more. Integrating numerous services into a single platform simplified company processes by removing the need for multiple apps and panels to handle various sorts of transactions.

  • How long will it take to launch my app after I purchase it?

    Since the app is absolutely ready, we only take about a week’s time to white label it with your logo, brand name and company colors. After doing that, we ask you to take a look at it and let us know if it meets your expectations. On approval we go ahead and launch it for you!

  • How will I get paid?

    The business model of the app allows you to earn a commission each time the app is used to hire a service provider. When a user makes an online payment for the service booked, the entire amount will come to your account from which you will have to pay the service provider after settling the cash payments that they have received.

  • Can I launch multiple businesses with just one app?

    We offer you a licensed copy of the app’s source code to you. This means, for a single purchase, you will be able to launch a business under a single banner or logo.

  • What if I don’t want to launch all 82 services all at once?

    That is completely alright! You can keep as many services hidden for as long as you like. Whenever you want to start a new service, you can go to the admin panel and activate those services.

  • Do I have to offer services if I own the app?

    It is absolutely your choice! If you wish to you can use the app to offer service yourself or simply enjoy the commission from all the other services. You can decide the percentage of commission you want to earn per service as well.

  • Do I get a licenced Gojek clone source code?

    Yes, with all Gojek clone app deliveries we provide licensed gojek clone source code.

  • How do I get a complete white labeling with the Gojek clone script?

    When you buy Gojek clone script from us, we provide you with a complete white labeling solution.

  • Do we get gojek clone source code in project delivery ?

    Yes, you will get licensed gojek clone source code only after project delivery. It will not be done when the team is working on your project.

  • Is gojek clone source code available on github ?

    No, we do not provide licensed gojek clone source code through github.

  • What is the Gojek clone app price ?

    Please fill in the inquiry form and our sales team will provide you all li of Gojek Clone Apps along with app price.

  • Is gojek clone app is native or react native ?

    Our gojek clone app is Native Apps, created with Java (Android Studio) , Swift (Xcode) technology. Our Apps are not created with react OR flutter.

  • Is your Gojek clone available on codecanyon ?

    No, our Apps are not available on codecanyon. If you find anyone selling on codecanyon OR somewhere else then it is illegal and a SCAM. Even buying such products from this scammers is illegal and can put you in legal issues.

  • Is gojek clone source code free download available ?

    No, it is not available and if someone tells you then he is into scamming OR phishing.

  • Did you serve clients from South East Asian countries ?

    Due to NDA we wil not be able to provide you name of the clients or their application names. But, we have served lots of clients from South East Asia especially from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore.

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about our services and the quality of our products right here. Please note that these testimonials have only been posted after appropriate permissions from them.

View More hundreds of video reviews

GoJek Clone Script: Perfect Solution For Multi-Service Business

There is hardly any argument on the subject of the popularity of On Demand Services growing and trending with every passing year. What initially seemed to be a 'one-time' success story for apps like Uber that provided on demand taxi-hailing services has today turned into a global phenomenon offering just about any kind of service imaginable.

Now, when it comes to the on demand services business, is it possible to grow towards more than simple taxi services? Well, of course! The key to such a place lies in ensuring that regardless of the service that a customer wants, he or she should be able to receive said service right at their doorstep whenever they need it. It might seem like a pretty unusual or unique idea at the outset. Still, take a look around at the multitude of app-based businesses around the world. You will realize that for any platform that enables users to access service providers is bathing in gold.

If you have been wondering how you can make this sort of business your own and how you can monetize and grow it, here's a detailed explanation on how an on demand multi service app like gojek should be and what are the million possibilities that you can utilize to help your business thrive.

Won't you feel that your smartphone is filled with various on demand apps that creates confusion sometimes? Just imagine different apps for different on demand services. Won't you think it's a massive burden on people whose lives are already busy enough? Of course, it is! That is why; we came up with our new multi-service app like gojek. Well, the original GoJek is an excellent example of multiple services under one roof. And that is why GoJek is quite popular in Indonesia and a few other Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand.

However, GoJek's services are still limited to only a few countries, and the rest of the world is still messing with their smartphones. So, why wait when you can provide the groundbreaking on demand multi service experience to your customer now. With our GoJek clone app, you can become a pure entrepreneur. The original GoJek offers 18 on demand services, but our GoJek clone can provide more than 82 services from one single app.

Well, our GoJek clone can be the only solution to beat your competitors and, at the same time, can be the best and the only tool to complete your customer's requirements.

In this New Year, GoJek clone is empowered with some more new feature that you should explore:


VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is exceptionally unique from a security point of view. Now, secure the identity of your customer as well as your service provider with VOIP. This feature allows the user and the service provider to hide their contact number through call masking as the phone is done via the internet.

Kiosk Booking App

Now get a Kiosk version app of our GoJek clone app. Increase your brand visibility through providing a Kiosk app in all the Kiosk machine in your city. Allow tourists and travelers to explore a whole bunch of on demand services through your GoJek's Kiosk app.

Company Dispatch Panel

Now non-smartphone users can also be part of your customer's list and avail of any service from your GoJek clone. Company Dispatch panel will allow the user to book any service with just one call. No smartphone is required to avail of any assistance.

Admin Rights

No need to worry about the Admin panel's access; with the "Admin Right" feature, you can provide access to the sub-admin managing different roles. Their entry will be limited until that panel only, which they are managing.

Real-time Chat With Admin

With this feature, your customer will be allowed to chat with your admin to report any issue directly.

Real-time Currency Rate

Now you don't have to change the rate of the currency for your foreign customers daily. The real-time currency rate feature will now automatically update the money daily at some specific time.

What Do You Get In Our GoJek Clone?

Gone are the days when people would rely on apps only for taxis. Today just about anything imaginable can be handled using mobile apps. A TV show called 'Sherlock' shows how Professor Jim Moriarty uses an iPhone app to rob a bank and free prisoners from a high-security prison. But let us not get ahead of ourselves and focus on the matter at hand. There are many ways in which you can ensure that your on demand services app is multi-talented.

Well, our GoJek clone app is divided into three sections and those three sections are mentioned below:

The first sections also have three different services and those are:

  • Taxi

    It is perhaps quite obvious. Uber was the forerunner in the race to the on demand sector. With the help of an on demand taxi app, you can ensure that your customers can hail a cab, order a taxi and schedule rides with just a few taps on the screens of their smartphones. The app is not very simple, so to speak, even though it does appear so. There are many things that the app has to cater to do. For example, it should enable customers to choose the type of vehicle they want to get a ride on, including the number of people traveling, their budget, the kind of luggage they are hauling, etc. Apart from this, using easy payment methods with popular payment gateways and scheduling rides is an important feature that should not be overlooked.

    Under the taxi, your customer will be getting two categories of taxi services. Your customer can choose either a cab taxi or bike taxi from here.

  • Delivery

    Parcel delivery within a radius of the region can also be an exciting service to offer. People continuously need things to be sent from one place to another. Instead of going through a commercial courier service, which takes forever to get the items delivered, your app can offer your customers a much faster and cheaper alternative to get things given from one place to another.

    Interestingly, this works even if the item in question is not essentially a parcel commodity. For example, if you reached office only to realize you left your smartphone's charger at home. You can get on the app and hire a delivery driver to go home, pick up the charger and deliver it to your office location. Is that not just as genius as it is simple? The great multi-service app like gojek would also ensure that the users can choose the mode of transportation for the delivery based on the size of the parcel and the budget that they have (and, of course, the speed at which they need the delivery to be made). They can choose from a bicycle option to a luxury car if they need to.

    Now the delivery service is also divided into two parts. If any of your customers want to deliver anything from point A to point B route, they can use the standard delivery option. Or if he or she wants to make multiple deliveries, the same person can select a multi-delivery option.

  • Car Rental

    From here, your customer can hire a car or a bike with the driver.

There are many subsets to this kind of delivery. This sort of delivery service is unlike that we discussed above. Instead of parcel delivery, this one helps customers place orders at a store and get the said products delivered to their doorstep. Let us identify the various kinds of product delivery service that the app can have. Now, this section of our GoJek clone has all the delivery service options available.

  • Food Delivery

    That is the most popular product delivery service in the market. This section of the app functions similar to a Uber Eats apps or a Grub Hub app. It means your customers can log in, different surf restaurants and place orders at the restaurant. A delivery driver reaches the restaurant to pick up the food order and then delivers it to your customer's doorstep. Any individual can order food from this part of your GoJek clone app with ease.

  • Grocery Delivery

    That is arguable the most required kind of service in the present times. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, people do not have the luxury of traveling to a grocery store and purchasing items from there. This app would allow your customers to check out the various grocery stores in and around their area and pick items from there. In case they don’t find all the items in one store, they can look for other nearby stores and find the items, add them to the cart and get them home delivered. As similar as food delivery, from ere, your customer can order groceries.

  • Pharmacy Delivery

    Just like grocery delivery, the users can take a look at all the nearby pharmacies, select the medicines that they want, next, upload the prescription (only applicable for prescription drugs) and then confirm the order. After that, the app's delivery driver will collect the medicines from the pharmacy and deliver them to the customer's home, who placed the order.

  • Alcohol Delivery

    Who doesn't like a little booze on the loose! If your customer throws a party and runs out of alcohol, he or she does not have to drive to the nearest liquor store to buy more booze only to miss out on the fun at the party. The app will allow the customer to place an order for their favorite alcohol selection and get it delivered to their doorstep.

  • Bakery Delivery

    Why not get cakes and other bakery items delivered to your home when you can! This section of the app will allow your customers to do just that. They can simply log in to the app, pick and buy their favorite items and get them delivered.

This section of our GoJek clone has many other service options from where your customer can order things and can get them all delivered at their locations.

Here you can add all the other 82+ on demand multi services according to your business requirements.

Why waiting for so long? Consider taking a demo and then choose the best.

How to get such an app?

While there are hundreds of thousands of on demand delivery apps in the market, it is safe to say that none of them are as equipped or as useful as one powerful app that can have every service mentioned above within itself.

Look at it from a user's perspective. No one likes to download a hundred apps in their phones, login separately each time to get things that they want and then remember their passwords as well. An app that includes each of these services saves the user time and energy.

That is why; if you are considering the grow your business multi-fold with the help of a single multi-talented, multi faceted app, then you must go for the Gojek clone app. This app has everything power packed within it. Now, your customers do not have to download each app separately or even log in to them each time for each different service. A single download and an available log in (which can be done using either their Gmail or Facebook accounts or by filling up a registration form) is all the app needs from your customers.

To get your hands on such an app, you must look for a reputed and reliable white label on the mobile app development company's demand services. Ensure that the company you purchase the app from has a sufficient amount of knowledge and experience in this field and is equipped with a team of professional technical experts.

The easiest way to determine this is to ensure that you thoroughly test the app you are investing in before you invest in it. The beauty of cloned apps is that it is already in a ready state. It means that the white label on demand services mobile app Development Company will not have any problems in providing you with a free demo of the application before hand. Ensure that the demo you get is actually for an unlimited duration so that you can test it hundreds of times in real-life situations by downloading the user and the delivery driver or service provider app. That will help you get a better understanding of the flow of the app and also of how you can monetize it.

As mentioned earlier, such an app is in a ready state. Therefore, the mobile app development company's on demand services development takes only 4 to 5 business days to white label the app with your brand name and logo along with the color theme to go with your brand language. After that, your app is ready to launch. It speeds up your market penetration timeline and makes sure you can start getting your investment back as early as within a week of your purchase.

Clients from the countries we served

Most of our clients are from Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Singapore; other than that we have served clients from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.

Final Verdict

While there are hundreds of thousands of on demand services mobile app development companies out there, it is of utmost importance that you only select the product of a company with a relatively decent amount of experience in building and launching such apps. Please note that getting these apps approved on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store is not an easy affair. To avoid any risk of app rejection from these app stores, make sure that the company you purchase the app takes full responsibility for getting the app launched and ensuring no app rejection occurs due to any technical reason.

Once you get the app, make sure that you market it well too. Of course, marketing is a continuous activity and should be done regularly to bombard your users with the notion of your app's utility and usability. Giving them regular updates and making them aware of how your app is better than your competition is a sure way to ascertain that people will always go for your app and forget about your customers.

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