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Your search ends right here! Invest in the Go-Jek clone, the largest multiservice providing app in Asia and make a lot of money right from the get go! This is an all inclusive app that offers not just rides or product deliveries but over 52 other services including on demand electrician, plumber, doctor, tutor, etc. all to be available in just one click!

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Any Service by just a click

This is not a simple app that can only be used for delivery or booking a taxi. This app is a box full of opportunities with services like doctors, dog walkers, car wash beautician, electrician, home painter etc. all just crammed into one! This means, you not only earn on rides or delivery bookings but on any service that anyone uses in your region! You can manage and control your app as per your own specifications!

*Our GO-Jek Clone has limited services and is not 100% clone of Go-Jek
  • Taxi on demandTaxi Ride app
  • two wheelers on demandBike taxi app
  • Car rental on demandCar rental app
  • moto rental on demandBike Taxi rental app
  • parcel Delivery on demandParcel delivery app
  • Box Delivery on demandMulti delivery app
  • Food Deliveryrestaurant delivery app
  • Grocery DeliveryGrocery delivery app
  • Babysitting on demandbabysitter app
  • Beauty Service on demandbeauty salon app
  • Car Wash on demandmobile car wash app
  • Carpentry service on demandcarpenter app
  • Cuddling on demandcuddle therapist app
  • DJ AppDJ services app
  • Doctor on demandcare on demand app
  • Dog Grooming on demandDog Grooming on demand
  • Dog Walking on demandpet walker app
  • Electric service on demandelectrician app
  • Fitness Coach on demandpersonal trainer app
  • Handyman on demandhandyman services app
  • Cleaning on demandhome cleaning app
  • Home Painting on demandhome paint service app
  • Insurance on demandinsurance agent app
  • Lawn Mowing on demandLawn mowers app
  • legal service on demandlawyer app
  • Lock smith on demandon demand locksmith app
  • Maids on demandmaids services app
  • Massage on demandmassage therapist app
  • Pest Control on demandpest control services app
  • Physio on demandphysiotherapist service app
  • Plumbing service on demandplumbing service app
  • Real Estate on demandreal estate broker app
  • Security Guard on demandsecurity guard services app
  • Snow Plows on demandsnow removal app
  • Tour Guide on demandon demand tourist app
  • Towing on demandtow truck app
  • Travel Agent on demandon demand travel services app
  • Tutoring on demandtutoring services app
  • Veterinary on demandveterinary app
  • Worker on demandon demand workers app
gojek clone package

Go-Jek Clone Package

We bring to you an app that caters to just about any kind of service that a person might require. Whether it is a ride or a delivery, service from a carpenter or an electrician, this app is the ultimate solution for all your customers. This app takes care of all the requirements of your customers, which means maximum number of bookings and lots and lots of income! Take a look at all the things you get when you buy GoJek Clone App from us:

    gojek clone script

Gojek Clone App Live Demo Video

No need to believe us! See for yourself! Take a look at how the app works by viewing the demo. Experience the application for FREE by yourself before you decide to pay for it!

Gojek clone app demo live demo video

Gojek Clone - Mobile App Source Code

Free Features

  • Feature 1 Licensed Source Code Delivery
  • Feature 2 365 days Bug Support
  • Feature 3 1 upgrade free
  • Feature 4 Free white labelling for your company
  • Feature 5 Strict Adherence to Privacy policy and NDA
  • Feature 6 Free Language Integration
  • Feature 7 Free Currency Integration
  • Feature 8 Free localization Feature? Go local or international
  • Feature 9 Free website intallation & Launch
  • Feature 10 iOS App Submission to iTunes App Store
  • Feature 11 Android App submission to Google Play Store
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guaranteed time delivery

Three Pronged Success


The more you offer, the more you get in a Business like Gojek. This Gojek clone app enables you to offer a lot more than anything that a uni service app can. When you user will open the app like Gojek, they will be able to choose from 6 main options: booking a ride like a taxi app, booking a delivery for a parcel through this app, Getting Food delivered, Getting grocery delivered, Getting multiple items delivered at the same time or availing the services from any of the 52 services that are offered in the app.
  • 01Ride When the user chooses the "Ride" option, the user will be able to book a ride just like an ordinary taxi booking app where after pick up and drop is mentioned and the ride is undertaken.
  • 02Delivery When the user wishes to use the delivery option, he can simply click on it and mention the size of the parcel and the pickup and drop points. Then he can choose the vehicle that is appropriate for delivery of said package and make the booking.
  • 03 Food Delivery Now, with this feature in your app, the Users will be able to order their favorite meals from their favorite restaurants instantly!
  • 04 Multiple Delivery Empower your users to make more than a single delivery using this Gojek clone app. An individual delivery driver will be able to accept multiple orders and devise a route accordingly.
  • 05 Other Services There are around 52 other services that your customer can book from the app. Regardless of whether they need a nanny, babysitter, locksmith, tutor, maids, house cleaning, Veterinary doctor, or dog groomer, this app has it all. The app also allows your users to schedule appointments for a later time or avail services immediately.
why our app is expensive?
Your Business Like Gojek is waiting for you!

The app like Gojek can change your life. This app is the ultimate turnkey solution for a business venture that will help you achieve everything that you have ever wanted. We have dedicated a special think tank to create this robust app for you.

Starting any kind of business is a tough decision, but the journey is going to be super easy with our app. This is a giant app that covers all the sectors of services that are provided. Regardless of what someone needs, you will end up making a commission every single time.

We don’t like to keep our clients waiting so; we have developed the app completely and kept it ready for you. Whenever you want to start your business, you won’t have to wait for weeks or months or years! We will simply take 3 to 4 days to undertake the process of white labeling the app for you! We are pioneers in making the Gojek clone script.

Payment gateway options that we offer for you

We understand that every country has different requirements when it comes to payment gateways. This is why we help our clients to choose the payment gateway that works best in your country. Take a look at the different Payment Gateway options available in the world. Can’t see your payment gateway? Just let us know what you are looking for!

  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Paymaya Payment Gateway
  • Zoop Payment GatewayY
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Paybox Payment Gateway
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway
  • Iugu Payment Gateway
  • Braintree (Paypal) Payment Gateway
  • Flutterwave Payment GatewayY
  • Payfort Payment GatewayY
  • Payu Latam Payment GatewayY
  • Omise.co Payment Gateway
  • Couldn't Find Your Payment Gateway?

GoJek Clone: Perfect Solution For Multi-Service Business

Won't you feel that your smartphone is filled various on demand apps that actually creates confusion sometimes? Just imagine, different apps for different on demand services. Won't you think it's a huge burden on people whose lives are already busy enough? Of course, it is! That is why; we came up with our new multi-service app, the GoJek clone. Well, the original GoJek is a great example of multiple services under one roof. And, that is why GoJek is quite popular in Indonesia and few other Southeast Asian countries.

However, GoJek's services are still limited to few countries only and the rest of the world is still messing with their smartphones. So, why to wait when you can provide the groundbreaking on demand service experience to your customer now. With our GoJek clone app, you can become a pure entrepreneur. The original GoJek offers 18 on demand services but our GoJek clone is capable enough to provide more than 52 services from one single app.

Well, our GoJek clone can be the only solution to beat your competitors and at the same time, can be the best and the only tool to complete your customer's requirements.

In this New Year, GoJek clone is empowered with some more new feature that you should explore:


VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is extremely amazing for security point of view. Now, secure the identity of your customer as well as your service provider with VOIP. This feature allows user as well as the service provider to hide their contact number through call masking as the phone is done via the internet.

Kiosk Booking App

Now get a Kiosk version app of our GoJek clone app. Increase your brand visibility through providing a Kiosk app in all the Kiosk machine in your city. Allow tourists and travellers to explore a whole bunch of on demand services through your GoJek's Kiosk app.

Company Dispatch Panel

Now non-smartphone users can also be the part your customer's list and can avail any service from your GoJek clone. Company Dispatch panel will allow the user to book any service with just one call. No smartphone is required to avail of any service.

Admin Rights

No need to worry about Admin panel's access, with "Admin Right" feature you can provide access to the sub-admin managing different roles. Their access will be limited till that panel only which they are managing.

Real-time Chat With Admin

With this feature, your customer will be allowed to chat with your admin to directly report any issue.

LinkedIn Login

Now add one more option for easy login in your GoJek clone. With Facebook and Google+, now you can allow users to log in your GoJek clone with their LinkedIn profile.

Real-time Currency Rate

Now you don't have to change the rate of the currency for your foreign customers daily. Real-time currency rate feature will now automatically update the currency daily at some specific time.

What Do You Get In Our GoJek Clone?

Well, our GoJek clone app is divided into three sections and those three sections are mentioned below:

The first sections also have three different services and those are:

  • Taxi

    Under taxi, your customer will be getting two categories of taxi services. Your customer can choose either cab taxi or bike taxi from here.

  • Delivery

    Now delivery service is also divided into two parts. If any of your customers want to deliver anything from point A to point B route, he or she can simply use common delivery option. Or if he or she wants to make multiple deliveries then the same person can select a multi-delivery option.

  • Car Rental

    From here, your customer can hire a car or a bike with the driver.

Now, this section of our GoJek clone has all the delivery services options available.

  • Food Delivery

    Any individual can order food from this part of your GoJek clone app with ease.

  • Grocery Delivery

    As similar as food delivery, from here your customer can order groceries.

This section of our GoJek clone has many other service options from where your customer can order things and can get them all delivered at their locations.

Here you can add all the other 52+ on demand services according to your business requirements.

Why waiting for so long, consider taking a demo and then choose the best.