Basic Components
  • Taxi Booking
  • Store Deliveries
  • Send Anything
  • Delivery Genie & Runner
  • Video Consultation
  • Bid for Services
  • On-Demand Services
Pro Components
  • Buy, Sell & Rent Real Estate
  • Buy & Sell Cars
  • Buy, Sell & Rent General Items
  • Car Pool
  • Medical Services
  • Track Family & Employees
  • Nearby Business

GoJek Clone App Script Package Includes

The Gojek App Script is not an individual app, but a multitude of complex website, panels, iOS and Android apps that facilitate the conduct of a smooth business flow across platforms and across various different regions around the world. When you purchase an app like gojek from us, we don’t simply hand you a single application, but a holistic bundle that will make sure that your audience and your service providers can both enjoy it completely. Take a look at the complete range of systems that you get when you purchase our all in one on demand multi service app like gojek.

user app User Apps
service provider apps Driver / Service Provider Apps
store apps Store Apps
website & admin panel Website & Admin Panel
supporting panels Supporting Panels


However, that doesn’t have to be the case for you. With the all-new empowered Super App, you can truly forget about the technical hassles of securing the finest app in the market because we have it all ready for you! The all-in-one app that we have created has been developed after years of fine-tuning the industry requirements and creating a simple, easy-to-use Gojek clone script that works fantastically for the users, service providers, and app owners alike. To understand the app in a better way, here is a break down of all the different services encompassed within. Let us dive into it.

User App
Driver/Provider App
Store App
  • Taxi Booking, Store Delivery, parcel Delivery
  • On-Demand Services
  • Buy & Sell Real Estate
  • Car Pool
  • Service Provider App
  • Service Provider Availability
  • Service Provider get Request
  • Mark Arrive Status
  • Store App Orders
  • Store Confirm / Decline
  • Store Track Order
  • Store Items


The crux of any business is to be able to make money, a lot of good money. But our white labeled on demand multi services Gojek Clone Script goes beyond that. This Super App Clone has been designed to ensure that apart from making money, you generally uplift local service providers and thereby bring prosperity to your community and region. So, you are indirectly contributing for the betterment of your community, region and country.

The business model is as below:

  • AThe app offer multiple income provisions
  • BThe basic model is that of a commission generation, which means, each time a service provider is booked using your app, you stand to make a commission from it.
  • CThere are other avenues of making money as well.
  • DIf you own your own services business, you can also set it up in the app and continue to offer services and earn money.
  • EThe app makes everyone happy because the service providers find a new digital platform to develop their business on without having to purchase a whole new app on their own, the customers can finally do away with tedious registrations and multiple log ins, and the app owner can continue to thrive as more and more service providers join the app and more and more customers start booking services using it.
Gojek Clone Business Model

Gojek Clone Super App: One Platform Multiple Services

As a highly regarded and respected global On Demand App Development Company, we assist organizations of all sizes in meeting the needs of their clients. Launch your own Super App, like Gojek, and have it customized to fit your unique requirements. Our solution includes ownership of source code, an attractive UI/UX design, and over 101 services. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology with our app today!

  • Begin Your Own On-Demand Business Journey With The Super App Like Gojek

    Unleash your business potential with the Super Gojek App Clone developed by our team. No more delays - reach the pinnacle of market success with this app, which has been carefully crafted after extensive research and analysis of market trends and essential features and services that are integral to our daily lives.

    Our team of expert specialists has created a robust, yet user-friendly super app that caters to over 101 diverse types of services through a single login and download. This means that with just one app, your clients will have a seamless experience right from their smartphones!

    Get this powerful and functional business solution launched in just 7 to 10 business days! The road to success is now within reach. All the gears for success have been perfectly aligned for you. Start your own on-demand business without providing any physical services with ease!

    Curious about how it works? Ready to get started right away? Don't wait any longer! Our brand-new Advanced Gojek App Clone is equipped with top features and is fully market-ready. Take the dive for more information.

  • Hop On The Fastest Train To Profit City

    The core of any business is to guarantee that you can create an adequate amount of profits within a stipulated timeline. Our team of experts begins developing each application with the promise of assuring that you can create a ton of profits rapidly and productively. The adaptation behind this application has been formed to permit you to generate revenues from different avenues. As you definitely know, our All in one Super App has north of 101 unique sorts of services included inside its periphery, therefore, each time somebody utilizes the application to recruit any sort of service provider for any job, you stand to make an attractive commission.

    Indeed, even by the safest estimation, on the off chance that you made only 10 bucks for each service and every one of the services were recruited just one time per day, you'd in any case be making over 820 bucks each and every day! In the event that this isn't the quickest train to profit city, then, at that point, nothing is! The skill of our work force lies in guaranteeing that they concentrate on the way of behaving of the market and essentially utilizing carefully assembled data to give a reasonable arrangement so our clients can continuously stay beneficial.

    Need somewhat more lucidity on how the app functions? Need to know how productively you can make a commission on each help? Click here to make a plunge somewhere down in to the core of our On Demand Multi Service Gojek App Clone.


Download the Gojek Clone KingX Pro App for a demonstration of the WorkFlow of the Features & Functionalities. Install on iOS and Android from the App store and try it out real time. Book services, find jobs, check out the Admin panel and so on for unlimited duration. We are confident that you will enjoy the Futuristic Features and the Novel Components that are aimed to scale up your On-Demand Multi-services higher in a short span of time. Connect with our app representative for further queries and customization of Multi Service App.

Request a Demo NOW!

Know Each Aspect KingX Pro App

View the videos below to learn more about the KingX Pro App. The center video is a summary, while the left and right videos introduces and explains all seven major components in detail. In addition, the Videos have subtitles so it is easier to understand.

KingX Base 7 Components
KingX Pro App
KingX Pro Apps Multi-Billion Dollar Business
KingX Pro Paid 7 Components
In Depth Understanding of What The

On-Demand Multi Services Super Gojek Clone App Is All About

Launching a Start Up is exciting, but in order to be able to do that correctly, you must know the Gojek app clone in its entirety. This is a video that will not only help you get a clear and concise idea of what this app is all about, but will also educate you on the step by step, screen by screen flow of the entire app. Find out more about each functionality, its utility and the proper flow of the app. This video is testament to the commitment our team has shown towards perfecting this app just for you!


We always encourage our users to ask us anything they want to know about the app. Here is a list of some of the Top FAQs to help you understand the business and the app better.

  • What is Gojek Clone App ?

    The Multi Service Super App offers a variety of on demand online services such as taxi rides, parcel / courier delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery and more. Integrating numerous services into a single platform simplified company processes by removing the need for multiple apps and panels to handle various sorts of transactions.

  • How long will it take to launch my app after I purchase it?

    Since the app is absolutely ready, we only take about a week’s time to white label it with your logo, brand name and company colors. After doing that, we ask you to take a look at it and let us know if it meets your expectations. On approval we go ahead and launch it for you!

  • How will I get paid?

    The business model of the app allows you to earn a commission each time the app is used to hire a service provider. When a user makes an online payment for the service booked, the entire amount will come to your account from which you will have to pay the service provider after settling the cash payments that they have received.

  • Can I launch multiple businesses with just one app?

    We offer you a licensed copy of the app’s source code to you. This means, for a single purchase, you will be able to launch a business under a single banner or logo.

  • What if I don’t want to launch all 101 services all at once?

    That is completely alright! You can keep as many services hidden for as long as you like. Whenever you want to start a new service, you can go to the admin panel and activate those services.

  • Do I have to offer services if I own the app?

    It is absolutely your choice! If you wish to you can use the app to offer service yourself or simply enjoy the commission from all the other services. You can decide the percentage of commission you want to earn per service as well.

  • How do I get a complete white labeling with the Gojek clone script?

    When you buy gojek script from us, we provide you with a complete white labeling solution.

  • Do I get a licensed source code?

    Yes, with all app deliveries, we provide licensed source code.

  • Do we get source code in project delivery ?

    Yes, you will get licensed source code only after project delivery. It will not be done when the team is working on your project.

  • Is gojek clone source code available on github ?

    No, we do not provide licensed code through Github.

  • What is the KingX Pro app price ?

    Please fill in the inquiry form and our sales team will provide you all li of Gojek Clone Apps along with app price.

  • Is a multi service app is native or react native ?

    Our app is Native Apps, created with Java (Android Studio) , Swift (Xcode) technology. Our Apps are not created with react OR flutter.

  • Is your App available on codecanyon ?

    No, our Apps are not available on codecanyon. If you find anyone selling on codecanyon OR somewhere else then it is illegal and a SCAM. Even buying such products from this scammers is illegal and can put you in legal issues.

  • Is gojek clone source code free download available ?

    No, it is not available and if someone tells you then he is into scamming OR phishing.

  • Did you serve clients from South East Asian countries ?

    Due to NDA we wil not be able to provide you name of the clients or their application names. But, we have served lots of clients from South East Asia especially from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore.

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about our services and the quality of our products right here. Please note that these testimonials have only been posted after appropriate permissions from them.

Gojek Clone Multi-Service App: Key to a Thriving Business

In today's digitally-driven world, the demand for doorstep deliveries and quick services has skyrocketed, and it's no surprise. Whether one needs a taxi ride, delivery, or professional services, having the feasibility to have everything at their fingertips can literally turn out to be game-changing.

Considering the current on-demand market, mobile apps are no longer an avenue for convenience; they’re more about creating enriched and personalized user experiences. A research says that the demand for home services is expected to see a surge between 2023 and 2027. Its valuation will also increase to USD 7.70 billion. A different study indicates that the on-demand ride-hailing market will be worth UDS 202.20 billion by 2027.

These figures are enough to indicate that on-demand apps like Gojek are soon going to become a staple for people. So, if you're looking for a business idea or simply mulling over whether to launch a multi-service app like Gojek, then this is your sign to invest in a pre-built app solution.

Simplify Your Users’s Lives with a Single App

Think about it - how frustrating is it to juggle multiple apps for different services? From taxi booking to food delivery, it's like managing a digital circus on your phone. However, with a multi-service app, you can make it easier for your users to fulfill all their “on-demand” needs on a single platform.

What is Gojek Clone App?

Gojek is a widely used on-demand application in Southeast Asian countries. It is popular in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The original application allows its users to book on-demand services, including transportation, payments, delivery, shopping, and so on, offering a total of 20+ services. Gojek is also known as a “Super App”. But here's the catch – the rest of the world is still untapped by Gojek! It is a golden business opportunity for you. By launching the multi-service app, you can dominate a larger market and easily expand your operations.
Keep scrolling through to learn how you can launch a Super App in your region.

How does Launching a Multi-service App Support your Business?

Launching an on-demand multi-service application like Gojek can help you in several ways. A professionally developed application like ours lets you offer 101+ on-demand services. Each of the services is integrated, keeping current and future market demand in mind.

Moreover, our application integrates advanced features and functions to help you deliver an incredible user experience. Besides these advantages, the app also supports the business in the following ways:

Increased revenue-generation opportunities:

Launching a Gojek-like app opens up various doorways to revenue-earning streams. You can earn commissions on every service booked via your app, including subscription fees, cancellation charges, surge charges, and in-app advertisements.

Expand your customer base:

By offering multiple services such as ride-hailing, food delivery, video consultations, carpooling, service bidding, and more, your app can attract tons of users. Since you are launching a platform that caters to different needs, your Gojek App Clone has a higher chance of attracting a huge customer base.

Improved brand awareness:

Launching a super app like Gojek exposes your business and brand to a larger audience. Once more people start using your application, your brand will get recognition. Moreover, people will see you as a trustworthy brand.

Enhanced customer loyalty:

Convenience is directly proportional to customer loyalty, and by launching a Gojek app clone, you can easily earn it. Offering your customers the convenience of booking a wide array of services in one place means they will return to the platform and also encourage others to use it.

Efficient operations:

The app will help you automate everything, including order management, user management, setting commissions, managing push notifications, etc. Automation of every necessary business activity will save time and resources, in addition to a super smooth and efficient workflow.

Offer More Than Just Convenience of Booking Multiple Services

With the Multi Service App, you can simplify your user’s life without any hassles. Most of the on-demand apps focus only on making booking services easy for your users but with our well-designed solution, your users can live track their booking, pay online, rate & review, etc.

We've taken the concept of super apps to the next level with these exciting new features:

Live Activities:

Let iOS app users track rides and deliveries in real-time from their phone’s lock screen.

Gift Certificates:

Users can now easily send gift cards to their friends and family members. The recipients can redeem the gift card amount easily and use it to book services on the application.

Biometric Authentication Login:

Android users can log into the app using fingerprint recognition, while iPhone users can use their Face ID. The feature eliminates the hassle of entering login credentials (usernames and passwords) every time.

OTP Verification to Start Task:

The system now asks the service provider/delivery driver to enter the OTP sent to the user’s phone number to start the task.

User Rewards:

As and when they complete more rides, they will earn more coins. Also, users can redeem the coins they earn in their in-app wallet and use it to pay for the next rides they book via the application.

Services Incorporated in Our On-demand Multi Service App?

Gone are the days when mobile apps were used just to book taxi rides. Today, people are looking for Gojek clone app that allow them to book multiple services, from buying groceries to sending parcels, finding properties, or selling general items.

Your customers can easily and quickly book multiple on-demand services using our professionally designed and coded apps. Our Multi app integrates 101+ services like taxi booking, online video consultation, parcel delivery, service bidding, store-based deliveries, service providers on demand, and delivery genie/runner.

Apart from these services, we also have these seven newly launched service components:

Buy, Sell, and Rent Real Estate:

Your users can buy, sell, and rent both commercial and residential properties, eliminating the interference of middlemen.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars:

Users can easily buy, rent, and sell cars on the app and save on paying hefty commissions to agents.

Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items:

Your users can also buy, sell, and rent general items like home appliances, furniture, electronics, tools, etc., through the Gojek-like app.


The app lets users publish and find shared rides (offered by other users). They can easily book the rides online and also track the driver’s location until the pickup.

On-demand Medical Services:

Under this service component, your users can book medical services like video consultation with a doctor, medicine delivery, ambulance, etc., on demand.

Track Family and Employees:

Users can live track their family and employees in real time. The feature is best used for security purposes and to track employee’s efficiency on a field job.

Nearby Businesses:

With the help of the application, users can find nearby businesses like gyms, cafes, libraries, etc. They can also see a business’s details, like its address, location on the map, working hours, and so on.

Taxi Bidding:

It is an inDrive-like ride-hailing service where users can bid on the trip fare they want to pay. Users can choose to travel with the driver who agrees to their offered fare price.

Modules Included in our Ready-made Package

Our ready-made Package includes everything you need to start your online business.

Each of the modules is crafted using user-friendly components. Additionally, they integrate advanced features and a simple workflow.

Here is a list of all the essential modules you get with the purchase of our Package:

User App:

It helps users find the services they need, like taxis, parcel delivery, medical services, etc., and book or schedule them. Besides, the app incorporates useful features to help you monitor your service’s progress in real time, make online payments, invite friends, and so on.

Driver/Service Provider App:

Individual service providers like handymen, doctors, beauticians, etc., and taxi/delivery drivers can manage all their bookings using this app. It also helps the providers/drivers to pay commissions, view earning reports, accept/decline requests, manage their schedules, and so on.

Store Apps:

Grocery shops, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, florists, or other stores registered on the platform can use the app and manage their orders. Here, they can also view their earnings, pay commissions, manage inventory, and set item prices, among other things, via the app itself.


The website is developed to help your users and providers manage their accounts and also place orders if it is a store-based delivery. Users can also book a taxi ride using the website.

Admin Panel:

You, as the app owner and the super admin, can use the panel to control all the business activities from a single dashboard. It includes managing users, accessing earning reports, server monitoring, in-app ads, etc.

Supporting Panels:

With the package, you will also receive several other supporting panels to manage the business with ease. *Note: Refer to our website for more details about supporting panels.*

Ready to Launch Your Multiservice App like Gojek?

It is easy to get our feature-rich and advanced Gojek like app, launch it in your region, and start earning commissions on every service booking.

Here's what you need to do:

Test the Demo App:

Before you invest in our ready-made Gojek App Clone, it is best that you try the demo application. We haven’t set any time limit on our demo app trial. Therefore, you can test it for as long as you want. Once you think that our app fits your business requirements, you can proceed to make a purchase!

White-label the Multi-service Solution:

Once you purchase our pre-built solution, we will white-label it by integrating your branding wherever you need it. While white-labeling, we will add your brand name and logo, change the color theme as per your choice, and integrate your preferred languages, currencies, payment methods, and SMS gateways.

App Submission on the App Store and Server:

Once you're satisfied with the final output, we will submit your apps, panels, and websites to the App Stores and Servers. We will submit them under your accounts so that you can manage everything on your own.

Go Live:

Once your apps are approved by the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, your users can start downloading and booking their desired services. On the other hand, you can start earning commissions on each service booked via the application.

In short, in just 1-2 weeks, you can white-label, launch, and start generating revenue through your advanced All in One Super App.

Our Global Reach

We have served clients from almost everywhere in the world, including:

  • Southeast Asia
  • United States of America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East

Our clientele includes entrepreneurs from Kenya, Indonesia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and several other countries. They have trusted our pre-built applications and professionalism. However, don’t just take our word for it; watch over a hundred video testimonials from our happy clients before you invest in our solutions.

Our worldwide presence is proof that our on-demand apps are the best solutions available in the market, with proven success! So, if you want to launch your own Super App like Gojek or any other on-demand platform like Uber, Grab, inDrive, DoorDash, Postmates, etc., connect with us right away.

Let's make your business dream a reality in under 2 weeks!

Your Partner in Success

When choosing a multi-service app, it's crucial to select a trusted provider with a global reputation for quality and professionalism. We will ensure that your Multi Service app submissions are approved by the iOS and Android App Stores. Our technical team will be available at your service to resolve all the technical issues until your apps go live.

Join hundreds of successful entrepreneurs who have launched their online businesses using our pre-built Package. So, don’t miss the golden chance to fully automate your business. Launch our apps to simplify your business operations and increase your customer experience. We are tirelessly working hard to improve our products and services so that your on-demand business grows bigger and better!

We ensure that you won’t regret shaking hands with us! Get the latest version of the Gojek Clone App today!