For any mobile application development company, its workforce and infrastructure plays a vital role. Without either of the two, the foundations of the organization would shake. We at Cubetaxi Technolabs understand this and thus make sure to have the numero uno infrastructure to make sure that not only our workforce would feel empowered to come to work but also allow the client to have a pleasant working experience with us. Before we discuss about our infrastructure, let us enlighten you with our location. We are located in the business capitals of India, where some of the best business minds have conceived their ideas and our development centre is located in one of the busiest corporate hubs. Now that you know where we are located, let us take you through our entire development centre so that you can understand that when you come to start a project with us, whether we have the proper expertise and skills to deliver the same or not.

Have a look at our amazing sitting area where our team can relax and share a comfortable time with fellow colleagues and then take a quick glance into our comfortable entrance and reception. Don’t forget to visit our core product development centre to see exactly how we bring your dreams to reality and our delivery and deployment centre where we make sure to deliver nothing but the best to you! Have a quick look at how our operations team including our sales, marketing and content production and multimedia team have nothing but the best at their disposal to enjoy the greatest amount of efficiency at work. Also visit our Fun Area to see the area where our team relaxes and the client area to see where you as our client can come and meet us. Take a quick look at other areas like the interview and recruitment area, the manager’s and director’s cabin along with the rest and relaxation area where our workforce stays back in case they have a tight timeline of delivering your work on time or you as our client can stay in case you do not have a big budget for your visit.

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Deployment Centre
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recreation area
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Manager cabin
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