Gojek Clone App Demo

The biggest and the largest super app, the Gojek Clone App is here to amaze you. With this app, you can offer over 101+ on-demand services to your users and earn commissions along the way. Don't believe us? Here, take a test drive through the Gojek Clone App with the Gojek Clone App Demo gear and get ready to be amazed! Take a live demo of the users as well as driver and service provider's iOS and Android app and web panel, the restaurant and store app and web panel demo and the Gojek clone app website and admin panel to see how this app will work before you decide to go ahead and pay us!

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User App

  • user app
  • user request for service
  • user book services
  • user check for another services

Service Provider / Driver App

  • service provider gets online
  • provider accept request
  • provider arrive at location
  • Provider Bidding Detail

Store App

  • store acccept order
  • store confirm order
  • store assign to driver
  • order status

Kiosk App

  • kiosk app
  • select destination in kiosk app

Food Kiosk App

  • Food kiosk app
  • food Kiosk arrive screen


  • multiple service
  • login screen
  • select job type
  • nearby restaurant

Billing Panel

  • billing panel
  • subscription report

Dispatcher Panel

  • dispatcher panel
  • ride/job later booking

Admin Panel

  • admin panel
  • site statistics

Promising a Profitable On-Demand Service Industry with the Gojek Clone

Today’s busy and hectic lifestyle demands a quick and instant service delivery. This in turn leads to the overall popularity of the on-demand service industry amongst the customers at large that also brings enormous profits to the business owner at large.

The overall profitability especially came about after the inception of Gojek in 2010.

Gojek - About

Gojek had its inception in the year 2010 to primarily offer ride services to people living in Indonesia. However, in the ensuing years, the business owners realized that a large number of people had to download multiple apps so as to avail of different services which in fact led to a huge burden on their mobile storage at large. Thus, to make it feasible for them to avail of different services through a single solution, they merged the solution with 52+ services and today Gojek offers 52+ services which include -

  • Ride On-Demand
  • Delivery On-Demand
  • Services On-Demand

So, the question goes how Gojek makes money.

Below we have explained the same in detail,

Steps How Gojek Makes Money

Gojek is a popular on-demand service provider solution in Indonesia. It offers close to 52+ services to the customers and makes money mostly through the commissions that they receive from the services offered.

Since the app has a great scope for profits for the on-demand service industry, budding entrepreneurs have been motivated to adopt solutions such as the Gojek Clone for their on-demand service industry.

Here’s a little brief about the Gojek Clone.

Gojek Clone - About

The solution is basically a gateway for the on-demand service industry to make enormous profits. It has pre-integrated features present inside the solution promising enormous revenues for the on-demand service industry.

Some of these unique attributes include -

  • Built using a powerful Gojek Clone Script thus ensuring smooth operations for the customer an service provider both.
  • Modifiable source code ensuring the business owner to modify the solution depending on their changing business model.
  • White-labelled solution ensuring full visibility of the business name and logo.
  • Interactive Admin Panel to help the business owner smoothly keep a check on the overall progress made by the solution.

All these unique and standout features make Gojek Clone a worthwhile investment for the business owner at large.

Here are some of the advantages of the Gojek Clone App for the entrepreneurs.

Key Advantages of Gojek Clone for Entrepreneurs

The Gojek Clone is an already prepared white-labelled solution that promises enormous profits for the on-demand service industry right from Day 1!

It has built-in features like wallet, location-tracking, manage appointments, and so on and so forth that promises the customers and service providers of smooth operations. Also, due to the solution being white-labelled and built using a modifiable source code, it promises enormous profits for the on-demand service industry right from Day 1!

So, now that you know the key advantages of the solution, it is important to observe the development process of the Gojek Clone.

The same is explained below.

Gojek Clone App Development Process
  • Business provides requirements to the app development company through mediums like email, chats or calls.
  • Once the call is made, the business is provided with a live demo of the solution.
  • The business now needs to share their customization ideas and confirm the order.
  • The app development company would assign a project manager to take care of the operations right from the beginning until launch.
  • The app development company will also start working on the white-labelled solution with the business name, logo, language, currency, etc.
  • The business would now be offered the app for approval and once approved, the app development company would get involved in the launch process on Android Play Store and iOS App Store respectively.

Thus altogether, the development process is fast and promises quick profits for the new on-demand service industry thereby making the Gojek Clone a must-have in totality.