Multiple Revenue Streams of Our Zomato Clone App

Do you want your brand to become a well-known food delivery service? With a unique business model, your app can connect thousands of restaurants to customers and experience massive success in an instant. As a delivery partner, you can take control of the restaurant discount vouchers and allow customers to review them within your platform.

In this Zomato Clone, easily let your customers find restaurants locally on their Users app and allow restaurants to register themselves via the Restaurant app. They can add and update their menu, prices, and cuisines that are loaded with customized options for various add-ons - all from a bakery shop to a complete family restaurant. Food delivery has never been so easy and reliable, especially with the help of hard-working drivers who can register on your app to accept deliveries from restaurants, whether the distance is long or short.

In the past few years, we have successfully delivered hundreds of such projects for clients that needed an app catering to their food delivery business. From their feedback, we have continuously evolved ourselves to add and change features in this best Zomato clone in the market that builds a solid foundation for their entrepreneurial journey.

This entire process ensures the timely delivery of food items to attain the maximum customer proposition, further elevating your business model to the top. Your platform will be beneficial not only for you but also for the restaurants and customers, too. Look at the stream of profits you will have to make a ton of money once you launch your own application.

  • commission on food orders
    Commission on Food Orders

    Charge commission fees to restaurants for all their deliveries.

  • advertisement

    Charge restaurants for placing ads directly on your app feed, giving them better visibility.

  • in app purchase
    In-App Purchases

    Selected users can enjoy free delivery, limited time offers, and other benefits via a gold membership subscription.

Flowchart of the food delivery app clone's operation

Take an in depth look at how the app works in a detailed fashion. This flowchart will help you to understand the app in an intuitive way.
Food delivery app flow

Latest advanced features in the food delivery app

  • apps installation Apps Installation / Submission on iOS App Store and Android Play Store

    Once you give us a brief about your requirements from the application, we prepare it for you. We then enable you to take a demo of the app with your logo and brand name. After you give us approval, the app ready to be installed as well as submitted on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store respectively.

  • Apps Approval on Play Store and App Store Apps Approval on Play Store and App Store

    We understand how important the launch of these apps is. That is why we won’t hang you out to dry. We take the responsibility of ensuring that the app is approved on the Play Store and App Store respectively.

  • white labeling White Labelling

    We offer you a completely white labeled app to make sure that your app carries your logo and brand name everywhere on it.

  • lifetime license Lifetime License

    We also make sure that you get a lifetime license with the app. This means that you can customize the app as you want, whenever you want it within your domain. The best part is, you don’t have pay anything extra for it.

  • Source Code Open for Customization Source Code Open for Customization

    You get complete ownership of the app once you get it from us. We don’t just give you a copy of the app, but the entire source code of the application to make sure that you can update and modify it whenever the need arises.

  • Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics

    To ensure the success of any business, Analytics are extremely important. The analytics integrated in our app will ensure that you can monitor the growth of your business and get the right idea of what needs to be done to ensure that your business always succeeds.

  • Advanced Reports Advanced Reports

    Keep a daily record of how to proceed with advanced reports. You can get daily, monthly or quarterly reports to see your business operations.

  • 365 Days Free Bug Support 365 Days Free Bug Support

    We use only the latest in technology to build these apps. That is why we are confident of their function. We offer 365 days of free bug support in case you face any issues with the app at all.

Who Can Benefit With Our Food Delivery App Clone

  • app registration

    This app will enable your customers to place orders with the restaurants closest to their area. Any restaurant can register in your app, but when a user searches, he or she will be able to see and place orders only with the restaurants nearby.

  • restaurant store

    You can also use the app as a personal app in case you are a single restaurant. Simply register your restaurant on it and whenever a customer places an order, you can directly allot the order to a delivery driver.

  • chain of food store

    If you are a chain of restaurants, this app could be used exclusively for your restaurants. Whenever your customer logs in, they will see the branch closest to their location. Once the order is confirmed, the order can be allotted to the nearest driver.

  • chain of food store

    This App will save you from Leasing Expensive Kitchen Spaces in the area and hiring In-house Delivery Partners. From a Single Dashboard, you can seamlessly manage everything from Orders to Home Deliveries and Takeaways!

The Whole Package

of the Food Delivery Clone App Solution

When you become the owner of our Food Delivery App, it is not just a single application that you receive. This is a whole package that is loaded with multiple components to make sure that the process of ordering food through your brand’s app is absolutely delightful. Take a look at everything that you will receive along with the app.

zomato clone script
zomato app clone

Top Features of the Zomato Clone App's Latest Version

To make sure that the food delivery app you purchase has absolutely everything you want to have in it, we have included every feature that the latest update of the Zomato app currently holds. Not only is the experience truly life-like, but every layout, design, and animation of the app itself is peak development. Take a look at some of these features.

Push Notifications

Always be in the vision of your users with key engagement tactics such as offers, messages, and wishes, among others. With push notifications, it becomes possible to allow the app to send content related to discount offers, greetings, and news in the form of image or video content with just one push. With more engaging customers, more likely is the fact that your commission charges will reach rooftop sales.

Payment Options

With easily used and available payment gateways in the market, your app hits the most critical element of the food delivery business. From credit/debit cards, wallets, and net banking to COD, a wide range of options can result in more transparency for the customer to avail the benefits without worrying about the payment. You can even add different coupons and promo codes for discounts and seasonal offers to increase customer loyalty.

Live Tracking

Give users the freedom of knowledge about their food order, time of delivery, and transit. With this feature, the timer, along with the route, is displayed so that the user is prepared to receive their food items at the location of their choice. For more convenience, even the lock screen can show the order's current status to make the experience of ordering food from your app becomes more fulfilling.

Leverage all platforms for more profitable orders!

This app will help you accept orders via the website, the phone, through the app and even by placing a call to the restaurant.
  • from application From Application

    Your customers can easily download the app and then log in to start to place orders for their favorite foods.

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  • website From the Website

    This is our newest addition. Now, your users don’t have to wait to download the app. The only thing that your customers will need is to visit the website and place an order through it.

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  • Accept Orders Via Calls to Restaurant Accept Orders Via Calls to Restaurant

    This section will enable customers to place an order for their meal by simply placing a phone call to the restaurant. On accepting the order, the restaurant can manually process the booking within the app.

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  • call the Company and Place Order Call the Company and Place Order

    You can also allow your customers to call you in order to make the booking. They can place the order with you and you can enter the details in the app from the admin panel.

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Let's Begin Your Online

Food Delivery Journey to Get A Feel Of Our On-Demand Food Delivery App
Food Delivery App

The Most Advanced Food Delivery App in the Market

Avant-garde Food Delivery experience always
Customer App
Delivery Driver Apps
Restaurant App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • Service Category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details

Food Kiosk Application

Enhance takeout and delivery revenue while preserving profits

Want to increase sales, have more restaurants to onboard with your app? drive repeat business? Is saving time and money your priority? Then our restaurant operations products are for you. Newly launched, our add-on product Android-based Food Kiosks Application is designed specifically for growing your business. And serves as an opportunity to present a wider variety of promotions to the customers.

Our industry-leading Android Food KIOSK application is designed to help entrepreneurs and startups streamline and enhance their food delivery operations.

Add new functionality to your food ordering app. 100% owing to your business brand, with a scalable technology stack, you won’t have to worry about not fitting tomorrow’s business needs. Increases the restaurant’s capacity to receive orders, the admin panel to manages Food Menu, Orders, Customer data, etc. seamlessly. What’s more, it has the option to print receipts in Kiosk, Cash Counter, etc.

Our highly user-friendly self-ordering food kiosk solution is to optimize your ordering process & customer experience.

kiosk App

Who Should Invest in Our Latest Food Delivery App Clone?

If you are a smart entrepreneur looking to find the best solution to make money in the present market, then this is the right app for you. With the help of our think tank, our team of experts has developed a unique and highly advanced app like the Zomato Clone. It has been specifically engineered to make sure that it requires little or no effort from your end.

The app automatically manages the entire functioning of the business. It calculates, generates reports and handles transactions seamlessly without any intervention to be made by you. Our experts have made the best designed, most user friendly and seamless Zomato Clone app for you!

app like zomato
White Labeled Solutions

White Label Food Delivery App

If you truly want to succeed with your business, you have to be sure that the app you receive is white labeled. Without that it is completely useless. You want to establish your brand in the food delivery business. This is why it is imperative that the application is branded with your logo rather than anyone else’s.

We have created a fully functional readymade app for your business. Within just 4 to 5 days, we can make your app ready to launch with your logo and brand name all over it. The entire app is white labelled as your own. It doesn't bear the mark of our company anywhere.

Food Delivery Website and Admin Panel

Responsive Website

A responsive front-end website for your customers and drivers who can simply log in and access it instantly.

Using this user-friendly website that has seamless navigation, your user whether tech-savvy or not can easily book their food orders easily.

Take the feel of the following illustration of the website and the flow of how your customers can order from the list of restaurants. The website will be the mirror image of the app. It makes you understand the functioning of the app and then take a live demo of the same by yourself by downloading it on your own handsets.

The demo makes you understand how our responsive website features work flawlessly so that you do not miss out on any order bookings.

Admin Panel

An advanced Admin Dashboard Panel gives complete control over your food delivery activities.

A dashboard for admin is to view total orders, commission, turnover and sales details. Administrator panel gives you the general outline of how well your app is performing. It allows the Admin to modify site pages, add events, and customize the contact database. The powerful dashboard provides the payment management to know the earnings and spendings, etc.

Gather insights, make improvements and offer improved delivery services. The workflow gives you a glimpse of our app functioning.

Mr. Lavigne, our happy Parisian client

Praises Our Professionalism!

Meet Mr. Lavigne, our Prestigious client from Paris, France. Hear him Testify to Our Professionalism and how our Team helped him turn his Dreams into Reality. With a smile on his face, he shares his Joy and Praises our Dedicated Team for their Around-the-Clock, Top-notch Services.

But that's not all! He sends a Heartfelt Thank-you to our Support Team for their Unceasing help during the entire Journey—from creating the App to getting it approved on the App Stores.

What Would an App Like This Cost?

The Food Delivery App

Building an app as complicated as the food delivery application is a very complex affair. There are too many components involved that make sure that everything works smoothly. By this time, you already know that there are many parts within the app, such as the delivery driver app (android and iOS), the restaurant app and web panel, the admin panel and the user app (android & iOS).

In order to build an app so big, it takes years to make it smooth. With the long duration that is involved, there is also a big price tag attached. The longer it takes to build the app, the higher is the price. However, we have already built the app for you!

In order to ensure that we can facilitate you in every way to make the least amount of expenditure, we have built the app and created packages with feature bundles. Whichever package seems most suitable to you, just pick that one! You’ll never have to worry about paying for features that you don’t want!

zomato clone pricing
View Features & PricingBuy Now


Sometimes, instead of simply going through the product too many times, it is better to probably check out what other clients have to say about us. Here’s a gallery of video testimonials offered gracefully by our clients. They talk about their experience in working with us, the quality of our apps and much more. Take a look.

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Get Your Own Currency and Language in the APP

To ensure that your food delivery app is successful locally, it is important to have the app in your own language and be integrated with your currency. Our app is designed in a way that we can offer any language integrated within the app along with the currency of your choice.

All you need to do is let us know about your language preferences. Wait! There’s more. The best part about our app is that we can offer you multiple languages and multiple currency options as well in case you plan on launching your app in more than one location.

Country Currency Language
USAUS Dollar Spanish, French, Hawaiian
brazilBrazil Brazilian real Portuguese
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Riyal Arabic
MalaysiaMalaysia Ringgit Malay
IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesian rupiah Indonesian
nigeriaNigeria Nigerian naira Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo
nigeriaMexico Mexican peso Spanish
nigeriaUK Pound sterling English
vietnamVietnam Vietnamese dong Vietnamese
vietnamFrance Euro, CFP franc French
vietnamSouth Africa Rand Afrikaans, Sotho, English, Xhosa, Zulu
vietnamGermany Euro German
vietnamUAE United Arab Emirates dirham Arabic
vietnamCanada Canadian dollar French, English
vietnamAustralia Australian dollar English