online food delivery business during corona crisis


Even though the entire world is fighting this deadly disease, people will always need food. This is why; you can make the most of your time today and get into the food delivery business. This is your chance to help your country get their food delivered safely to their doorsteps without having to step out.

Many entrepreneurs are stepping in during these stressful times to take advantage of the situation and to be able to continue to help their business grow. It is time to gear up and grow your brand. With the help of our food delivery app clone there is no way to slow your business down.

Step up today and take the reins of your business in your own hands!


Check out what our client has to say about how our app worked through the corona virus pandemic to make deliveries to help their countrymen. Our client, Mr. Hanes from Istanbul appreciates the support that our team gave him with the app.

He also goes on to say that regardless of the situation, it is important to be able to run a business. This is where our team stepped in to make sure that his app was in perfect condition. We also made sure that we were available to make any and all sorts of enhancements whenever they needed. Hear it out for yourself!

food delivery app during corona crisis
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Detailed Flowchart of the Working of the Food Delivery App Clone

Take an in depth look at how the app works in a detailed fashion. This flowchart will help you to understand the app in an intuitive way. food
Food delivery app flow

The Latest Advanced Features Added in the

Food Delivery App food
  • apps installation Apps Installation / Submission on iOS App Store and Android Play Store

    Once you give us a brief about your requirements from the application, we prepare it for you. We then enable you to take a demo of the app with your logo and brand name. After you give us approval, the app ready to be installed as well as submitted on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store respectively.

  • Apps Approval on Play Store and App Store Apps Approval on Play Store and App Store

    We understand how important the launch of these apps is. That is why we won’t hang you out to dry. We take the responsibility of ensuring that the app is approved on the Play Store and App Store respectively.

  • white labeling White Labelling

    We offer you a completely white labeled app to make sure that your app carries your logo and brand name everywhere on it.

  • lifetime license Lifetime License

    We also make sure that you get a lifetime license with the app. This means that you can customize the app as you want, whenever you want it within your domain. The best part is, you don’t have pay anything extra for it.

  • Source Code Open for Customization Source Code Open for Customization

    You get complete ownership of the app once you get it from us. We don’t just give you a copy of the app, but the entire source code of the application to make sure that you can update and modify it whenever the need arises.

  • Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics

    To ensure the success of any business, Analytics are extremely important. The analytics integrated in our app will ensure that you can monitor the growth of your business and get the right idea of what needs to be done to ensure that your business always succeeds.

  • Advanced Reports Advanced Reports

    Keep a daily record of how to proceed with advanced reports. You can get daily, monthly or quarterly reports to see your business operations.

  • 365 Days Free Bug Support 365 Days Free Bug Support

    We use only the latest in technology to build these apps. That is why we are confident of their function. We offer 365 days of free bug support in case you face any issues with the app at all.

Who Can Benefit With Our

Food Delivery App Clone food
  • app registration

    This app will enable your customers to place orders with the restaurants closest to their area. Any restaurant can register in your app, but when a user searches, he or she will be able to see and place orders only with the restaurants nearby.

  • restaurant store

    You can also use the app as a personal app in case you are a single restaurant. Simply register your restaurant on it and whenever a customer places an order, you can directly allot the order to a delivery driver.

  • chain of food store

    If you are a chain of restaurants, this app could be used exclusively for your restaurants. Whenever your customer logs in, they will see the branch closest to their location. Once the order is confirmed, the order can be allotted to the nearest driver.

The Whole Package

of the Food Delivery Clone App Solution food

When you become the owner of our Food Delivery App, it is not just a single application that you receive. This is a whole package that is loaded with multiple components to make sure that the process of ordering food through your brand’s app is absolutely delightful. Take a look at everything that you will receive along with the app.

food delivery app package
zomato app clone

Use Every Platform To Receive Orders to Ensure Greater Profits!

  • from application From Application

    Your customers can easily download the app and then log in to start to place orders for their favorite foods.

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  • website From the Website

    This is our newest addition. Now, your users don’t have to wait to download the app. The only thing that your customers will need is to visit the website and place an order through it.

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  • Accept Orders Via Calls to Restaurant Accept Orders Via Calls to Restaurant

    This section will enable customers to place an order for their meal by simply placing a phone call to the restaurant. On accepting the order, the restaurant can manually process the booking within the app.

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  • call the Company and Place Order Call the Company and Place Order

    You can also allow your customers to call you in order to make the booking. They can place the order with you and you can enter the details in the app from the admin panel.

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The Most Advanced Food Delivery App in the Market

Customer App
Delivery Driver Apps
Restaurant App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • Service Category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details
Industry leading features food
  • Web and Mobiles Apps
  • Pickup or Take Away
  • contactless delivery
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Sigle store delivery
  • Multiple store delivery
  • Live Tracking

Who Should Invest in Our Latest Food Delivery App Clone?

If you are a smart entrepreneur looking to find the best solution to make money in the present market, then this is the right app for you. With the help of our think tank, our team of experts has developed a unique and highly advanced app like the UberEats Clone. It has been specifically engineered to make sure that it requires little or no effort from your end.

The app automatically manages the entire functioning of the business. It calculates, generates reports and handles transactions seamlessly without any intervention to be made by you. Our experts have made the best designed, most user friendly and seamless UberEats Clone app for you!

app like zomato

White Labelled On Demand Food Delivery App Like FoodPanda

If you truly want to succeed with your business, you have to be sure that the app you receive is white labeled. Without that it is completely useless. You want to establish your brand in the food delivery business. This is why it is imperative that the application is branded with your logo rather than anyone else’s.

We have created a fully functional readymade app for your business. Within just 4 to 5 days, we can make your app ready to launch with your logo and brand name all over it. The entire app is white labelled as your own. It doesn't bear the mark of our company anywhere.

Disruptive Food Delivery App Like Zomato Clone

Loaded With Features food
Our app is built using state of the art technology to ensure that it is power packed with the top features of the industry. Here’s everything that you need to make your app an absolute success. Take a look to understand each aspect of that app better.
Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Restaurant App
Admin Panel
Customer App
Customer App Features
delivery driver app
Delivery Driver App Features
restaurant app
Restaurant App Features
Website Features
admin panel
Admin Panel Features
Website Pages food
  • food delivery on demand app
  • food delivery on demand app
    Restaurants List
  • food delivery on demand app
    Food Items
  • login screen
  • registration screen
  • user profile
    User Profile
  • orders screen
  • order details
    Order Detail
  • search restaurants
    Search Restaurant
  • user wallet
    User Wallet
  • driver profile
    Driver Profile
  • driver vehicles
    Driver Vehicles
  • edit vehicles
    Edit Vehicle
  • driver orders
    Driver Orders
  • driver wallet
    Driver Wallet
  • restaurant profile
    Restaurant Profile
  • Restaurant Driver
    Restaurant Driver
  • food categories
    Food Categories
  • add food categories
    Add Food Categories
  • items
  • processing orders
    Processing Orders
  • Restaurant Order Detail
    Restaurant Order Detail
  • Restaurant Orders
    Restaurant Orders
  • Restaurant Create Order
    Restaurant Create Order
  • Restaurant Settings
    Restaurant Settings
Admin Panel Pages food
  • admin dashboard
  • admin groups
    Admin Groups
  • manage stores
    Manage Store
  • manage providers
    Manage Providers
  • manage users
    Manage Users
  • prvider vehicles
    Provider Vehicles
  • vehicle types
    Vehicle Type
  • manage item categories
    Manage Item Categories
  • manage items
    Manage Items
  • manage item types
    Manage Item Type
  • all orders
    All Orders
  • managing promo codes
    Manage Promo Code
  • god's view
    God's View
  • reviews
  • admin earning report
    Admin Earning Report
  • Referral Report
    Referral Report
  • Geo Fence Locations
    Geo Fence Locations
  • General Settings
    General Settings
  • manage country
    Manage Country

What Would an App Like This Cost?

the Food Delivery App food

Building an app as complicated as the food delivery application is a very complex affair. There are too many components involved that make sure that everything works smoothly. By this time, you already know that there are many parts within the app, such as the delivery driver app (android and iOS), the restaurant app and web panel, the admin panel and the user app (android & iOS).

In order to build an app so big, it takes years to make it smooth. With the long duration that is involved, there is also a big price tag attached. The longer it takes to build the app, the higher is the price. However, we have already built the app for you!

In order to ensure that we can facilitate you in every way to make the least amount of expenditure, we have built the app and created packages with feature bundles. Whichever package seems most suitable to you, just pick that one! You’ll never have to worry about paying for features that you don’t want!

zomato clone pricing
View Features & Pricing zomato clone script

Video Tutorials to How Food Delivery App Works


A picture tells a thousand words and a video says a million of them. This is why, instead of reading maps and flowcharts, you can quickly go through our video tutorials to get a better hold of exactly how the app works and how you can make the most of it.

  • Mr. Aiman H.
    Mr. Aiman H.



Sometimes, instead of simply going through the product too many times, it is better to probably check out what other clients have to say about us. Here’s a gallery of video testimonials offered gracefully by our clients. They talk about their experience in working with us, the quality of our apps and much more. Take a look.

  • Mr. Amjad J.
    Mr. Amjad J.
  • Mr. Ricardo M.
    Mr. Ricardo M.
  • On behalf of Ms. Jovy
    On behalf of Ms. Jovy
  • Mr. Iman
    Mr. Iman
  • Mr. Lukas H
    Mr. Lukas H
  • Mr. Joseph
    Mr. Joseph
  • Mr. Benny C.
    Mr. Benny C.
  • Mr. Mohammad S.
    Mr. Mohammad S.
  • Mr. Jeevan, Nepal
    Mr. Jeevan, Nepal
  • Ms. Subashini, Sri Lanka
    Ms. Subashini, Sri Lanka
  • Mr. Pastor C.
    Mr. Pastor C.
  • Ms. Mariana.
    Ms. Mariana.
  • Mr. Fahed.
    Mr. Fahed.
  • Mr. Daniel.
    Mr. Daniel.
  • Mr. Feixun.
    Mr. Feixun.

Other Delivery Apps


If you thought this was the only kind of delivery app that we have for you, then you are in for a surprise. We have a plethora of other on demand delivery apps for you to choose from! Rake in more money with our apps. Get in touch with us NOW!

Get Your Own Currency and Language in the APP


To ensure that your food delivery app is successful locally, it is important to have the app in your own language and be integrated with your currency. Our app is designed in a way that we can offer any language integrated within the app along with the currency of your choice.

All you need to do is let us know about your language preferences. Wait! There’s more. The best part about our app is that we can offer you multiple languages and multiple currency options as well in case you plan on launching your app in more than one location.

Country Currency Language
USAUS Dollar Spanish, French, Hawaiian
brazilBrazil Brazilian real Portuguese
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Riyal Arabic
MalaysiaMalaysia Ringgit Malay
IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesian rupiah Indonesian
nigeriaNigeria Nigerian naira Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo
nigeriaMexico Mexican peso Spanish
nigeriaUK Pound sterling English
vietnamVietnam Vietnamese dong Vietnamese
vietnamFrance Euro, CFP franc French
vietnamSouth Africa Rand Afrikaans, Sotho, English, Xhosa, Zulu
vietnamGermany Euro German
vietnamUAE United Arab Emirates dirham Arabic
vietnamCanada Canadian dollar French, English
vietnamAustralia Australian dollar English

Technology Stack


We believe in finding success through the success of our clients. If you do well, so do we. This is why we only rely on the best of the technology stack. We have a state of the art development center managed with an expert team of analysts, developers and more. Take a look at the technologies involved in making your application.

  • ios
  • java
  • php
  • bootstrap
  • swift
  • android
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster