Start-Up Idea for Online Food Ordering Business

Online food ordering and delivery is a business that is not new but, it is still the most money making business in an overall market. If you will research a bit about the market trend, you will find that there are hundreds of business model that are based on grocery delivery, table booking app and many more. However, there is no business model like food ordering and delivery.

The working people are almost dependable to online food delivery services. People having no time for cooking food or visiting restaurants, food ordering system is much quicker than all the other options. Because of the food delivery services, people are receiving food everywhere even at the remote locations.

online food ordering

If you also looking for a start-up business, online food ordering and delivery business model can give a chance to generate huge revenue in a couple of months.

How to Earn through Online Food Delivery Service

Here, the source of earning is not only one; they are many possible ways to earn in online food delivery business. But, make sure in the fun of earning money do not increase the delivery price. Do not keep the price that affects the quality of food and customer finds it inappropriate. This business is all about quality service, always remember that you have to deliver all the requested orders at the same time.

Here are some money making strategies that you should apply in your online food order and delivery business start-up.

  • Promote your business model

There is no other place like the internet for promoting anything. According to the studies, there is 80% public that remains active on the internet all day long. Some usually surf the internet regarding information, some are ordering food and most of them are living on social media.

All you have to do is just grab this advantage. Google has given such a great platform to earn money i.e., Google Adsense. Just make your virtual advertisement and use Google Adsense to make it live on various social media or other commercial websites. On every click, Google will pay you for advertising about your online food ordering and delivery services business.

  • Offline Promotion

Not much man labor required here, you may be having your brand name printed on the food packages. Just keep using that and it will be reaching to the public. Also, you can make out some printed pamphlets and can ask your delivery person to drop it in every area wherever he or she delivers food.

  • Partnership

Keep your business simple enough so that a new restaurant owner or hotel owner can become your partner. Well, partnership in this business is very important. It does not matter whether the restaurant is big or small, until and unless there will be no partners; there will be no menu list in your online food delivery business. Also for small kitchens, keep the very small fee for partnership. Make sure you have more and more hotels and restaurant partners for increasing your revenue.

  • Commission

If your online food order and delivery business are on partnership then you will have decided your commission rates accordingly through discussing with each other. Or if your business is standalone then you have all rights to keep your own commission rates. But make sure, the commission rate should not go beyond the expectation of your customers that depends on your online food delivery service.

swiggy clone app

An Approachable online food ordering Business Model

It is good that you are having your own business model but if you are still finding a better online food order and delivery service providing business model, consider purchasing licensed swiggy clone scripts. It one of the finest and feature packed online food ordering business model that will let you provide services with ease. Let your swiggy clone app be the next market




Myths that were Exposed about On Demand Services Business

If we go back to the 80s or 90s, people were struggling in with their own problems. There were no services available for repairing things, home cleaning, furniture assembly, handyman, homemaking & gardening, delivery 7 removal and many more. People were fixing their day to day requirement by themselves only because it was difficult to find a service provider. And even, if they find a service provider, his or her services were too much costly.

airtasker clone

What if you require help to fix your home, your garden as well as furniture the same? Will you be calling different person for the different jobs? Don’t you think it will cost you too much? Of course! It will cost you a lot and the time of the services may vary which can be hectic for you.

But, the solution is everywhere. If you looking further to start your own on-demand service providing business, it’s time for you to make a good decision. Airtasker clone app can give you a wide variety of service that people demand every then and now. This on-demand service providing app can let you provide multiple services on one single place. If people reach to your airtasker clone app, they won’t be looking for individual service provider anymore. But before you step forward, there few myths about this business that should be erased from your mind. So that you build your business without keeping a doubt in your mind.

  • Service Provider should be well trained in everything

Most of the people have thought that the on-demand service provider should be an expert in all the things. But the truth is no! It obvious that no one is perfect in everything. Every handyman faces this problem in which a customer asks him or her that makes them uncomfortable in doing it. Many of them run into a problem that he or she cannot fix it.

For a business purpose, it is better to provide those services in which you are good. Or, you can hire a team of a handyman that can do multiple jobs. You can have 10 peoples who are an expert in different jobs. This can help your customer to get multiple things fixed by placing a single request to you.

  • It’s a small business to do

People have a mindset that white collar jobs the only best jobs that can make you earn a lot. But, it’s not at all true! Being a blue-collar you can also earn a lot. It may take a time for a person to grow but providing on-demand services can make a lot of money. You can start by providing a handyman service on your own and eventually, you can expand your on-demand service business.

Start giving online on-demand service through airtasker clone app. Hire people who can work for you. Increase your staff that can understand your customer’s requirement and can deliver good results to them. You can earn more than a white collar professional can earn annually. As your business is set, all you have to do sit back and watch the increasing value in your bank account.

  • Charge According to hours

Many on-demand service providers who are well experienced in this business charge according to hours. Well, this is not an appropriate way to earn. You can move out in the market and can ask people who are charging on hours. They will tell you that many time customers have declined for payment due to the high cost.

It does not matter whether you are experienced or not, you can still earn a lot by charging your customer for jobs. This way you can provide your services faster, as well as your customer, will never be in doubt while paying you.

handyman app like uber

On Demand Business With Airtasker Clone App

If you are looking further to expand your on-demand service business, consider purchasing airtasker clone app. Spread your quality services through the online app. It will be more convenient for your customer to reach you through airtasker clone app. Make your business large!

Recipes suggested by Food delivery app development companies

Food can be a very ominous thing to handle. Some people love cooking, some others dread it. So, we took on a survey and tried to get our hands on some of the best 3 ingredient recipes that are suggested by Food delivery app development companies who build Zomato clone script.

Food delivery app development companies

What do app developers know about food?

Well, on the surface it might seem quite stupid looking for recipes from developers rather than chefs. But that’s the whole gist of it. Chefs will cook. It is their forte. We are here talking about recipes that even the laziest people can whip up! We interviewed a bunch of food delivery app development companies to understand exactly what their take on a complete meal was.

The answer quite surprised us. According to them, looking at scrumptious meal pictures all the time while developing their apps would make them really hungry. So, they’d come back home and try to enjoy a really good meal. However, which geek really has more than 3 ingredients in their refrigerator?

Well, not too many. So, here’s a compiled list of some of the tastiest recipes that can be made using only 3 ingredients that are always available in any staple pantry.

Aglio e olio

This is by far the most popular spaghetti dish all over the world. Its simple flavors can win anyone’s heart in an instant. This pasta requires 3 main ingredients:

  • Spaghetti
  • Garlic
  • Chili flakes

The process is simple. Boil and strain your past with some salt. The next step is to heat up a pan and add a copious amount of olive oil in it. Add sliced cloves of garlic into the pan and some chili flakes. When the garlic starts turning slightly golden, add in the spaghetti and toss it well. Now that you have done this, you can serve this beauty on a dark plate. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper to your taste. This quick 3 ingredient meal looks delicious, sounds exotic and will surely blow the minds of everyone you offer it too!

Tomato rice

This is a one pot wonder. No one can tell that you made it from 3 ingredients! You will need:

  • Tomatoes
  • Rice
  • Garlic

In a pressure cooker, add some oil. When it gets hot, add garlic and let it simmer for a while. Once the garlic reaches a lovely golden color, add crushed tomatoes to it. Add salt and pepper to your taste. Then add washed and soaked rice. Add water and let it took for about 15 minutes. Your tomato rice is absolutely ready to serve!

Beans on Toast

This is a classic. A lovely dish that can bring a smile to any face. The ingredients needed for this are:

  • Toast
  • Canned beans
  • Mayonnaise

The method is fairly simple. Take a thick loaf of bread and toast it to your liking. Then in a pan heat up the canned beans along with a dollop of mayonnaise. Mix it up till you get a homogenous mixture. Now lay your toast and top it up with your beans mixture. You can now sprinkle some salt and pepper and drizzle some olive oil on top. Serve hot!

Deconstructed Apple Pie

This one is unbelievable simple and absolutely tasty! Ingredients:

  • Oreo
  • Apples
  • Cinnamon

Chop the apples into small pieces and mix it up with some cinnamon and the cream part of the Oreo biscuits. Warm it up in the microwave with 5-minute intervals. Make sure you keep mixing it every interval s that it doesn’t burn. Now, crush the biscuits to a coarse powder and serve a scoop of the apple cinnamon mixture topped with the biscuit powder.

restaurant business

Why did we go to food delivery App development Company for recipes?

A lot of people are almost always looking for quick and healthy fixes for meals but don’t know where to start or how to make some really good dishes from their pantry staples. We realized that asking chefs aren’t going to be just because people don’t really have the flair for cooking like professional chefs do. So, in order to get the best input, we scoured food delivery app development companies that build Zomato clone script so that they can bring to the table an ordinary pantry, lack of time and of course some experience based on the kind of work they do!


Overcoming the Hurdles of Running a Taxi Business

Taxi is becoming a very powerful business opportunity by the day. Regardless of how many taxi services come up, there are always new ones waiting in line to tap the potential of the tremendous scope of the business. But running a taxi business is not an easy feat.

There are too many things involved that can go wrong very easily. The most basic problem with a service such as a taxi is that apart from the customers who you have to please, you also have to make sure that the service providers, i.e, the drivers are also happy. And not just that! There are vehicles which much be kept in order, licenses that need to be checked regularly and a whole gamut of other things that need the business owner’s care and attention.

Taxi Business

How you can overcome these issues to successfully run a smoothly operating Taxi Business.

Problem 1 – Fake Documentation

This is probably the biggest problem that plagues the taxi industry. Every country has different processes and acceptance of legal commercial driving. It is quite easy for people to produce fake documents for verification when it comes to manual checking.

Now, there is a simple way in which this issue can be combated. The best thing to do is use an uber clone app to ensure that the drivers who wish to offer their services have to upload their documents to the app. the app becomes an excellent medium of having a secure database of all these documents which can be used for the purpose of verification.

Problem 2 – Driver-Rider Communication

Riders face a lot of problems when it comes to hailing a cab. If you, for instance, have a company where the rider can call and hire a cab, the problem is that they don’t really have the direct number of the driver. This leads to a big communication gap between the rider and the driver. There are many ways in which the communication gap can lead to misunderstandings. People can get confused about pick up and drop locations all the time.

Using the Uber Clone App can be very helpful here as well. This makes sure that people can have a perfect medium for communication. Whether it is explaining the pickup location or passing any kind of special instruction, using an app like uber will go a long way in reducing communication gap and making it much easier to book rides and to accept them too.

Problem 3 – Navigating in an unknown locality

A lot of drivers come up with this complaint. Not everyone knows every area on the back of their palm. If a driver doesn’t belong to a particular neighborhood, it becomes very difficult for him or her to reach the exact location.

Now once again, the app works like magic. This is because it comes with the assistance of Google maps. This means that the app itself ensures that the driver can simply see himself or herself traveling on the map with a line directly to the location to be reached.

Is getting an app a commercially viable option

Of course! The app basically acts as an initial investment which then works seamlessly as a taxi business management system. It relieves you of any worry or responsibility that might be a result of the lack of communication, record maintenance, allocation of salaries, and distribution of compensation and so on and so forth. It basically eliminates the manual hard work and delivers a flawless system.

Uber Clone App

The Uber clone script is not too hard to come by. If you have been on the lookout for something similar, you will find that there are many online options available. The only thing that you must absolutely look out for in an uber script clone is that even though the system is a cloned one, it has its own unique features.

With so many companies Selling Uber Clone App, it is evident that the business is at an all-time high. However, one must still be very careful about what they launch under their brand name. Take a clear demo and thoroughly examine the Uber app clone before you spend a dime on it.

What is the Scope of Uber Maid Services App

Most probably you have experienced many Uber clone apps that help you out with your day to day activities. There are apps for car washing, plumbing, fitness, babysitting etc. and many more because of the wide usage. However, have you ever thought about the viable reason for creating a maid services app? Although moving further with needs, Uber for maids can be a great platform for your customers in getting maid services at their desired time.

You can experience it at any location with just a couple of simple clicks and the most simplified user navigation. For now, let’s just stick to the point of knowing better reasons for having a Maid services app.

Uber for Maids

Acknowledge the Requirement of Uber Maid Services App

 Maids are an essential component of our life. Even if we choose to do our work by our own self, there are times when we will find ourselves dependent on the maids for one job or another. However, how reasonable is it to have an app for it? Let’s get started…

Hire Maid at your Suitable Budget

Nowadays, hiring a maid in an old school way is like showering bundles of cash without any reason. In this case, you’re no one to decide the rates of the service which you’re getting so far from your home or for your workplace. Basically, you are bounded by an old tradition that says “maids aren’t easy to hire” and you even don’t have no other option except hiring them. Because until and unless you’re not jobless, you can’t do it alone.

Now here, Uber for Maids can be your handy tool in hiring maids that covers all the services in the budgets which you can easily pay. You even get a full guarantee of job completion.

Payments Options: Cashless or Cash

It’s a modern era where hard currency is getting depleted and cashless payments are more considered. But usually, people are paying their maids a complete hard cash, however, sometimes a situation arises where you have no cash to pay them. This can be a critical condition to handle.

Uber for Maids has both an option to choose for cash as well as cashless payments. Whichever payment option is suitable, you can choose it for paying your maid. Invoices are also showcased after the completion of a job for keeping a complete pay record.

Track Your Maid

Real-time tracking option can drop out your mind load if you’re present at the home while your maid arrives to do her job. No need to worry about, you can easily focus on your work. At the same time, you can even track your maid through house cleaning service app.

Services from Both the Prospective

 If it’s a maid then she can mention the services which she can provide to his/her customer while registering her profile. So that, a customer can easily filter down the maids which offer their desired services for housekeeping.

And if it’s a customer then he/she can mention their services which they require for their home. So that house cleaner gets to know the services which she has to complete. With this option, a house cleaner can even check her availability for completing the task.

house cleaning service app

A Walk through on Uber for Maids

Though it’s not been popularized yet. But soon this concept is going to get fame as the digital maid service can actually cut down your stress of hiring a house cleaner. Uber for maids is a vital app. It can add wings to your business in any country incorporating with multiple languages as well as different currencies.

Build your future business with an impeccable service providing an app. Or else, enjoy the finest service being on the other hand as a customer. From both the perspective, it’s a complete package that will satisfy in every aspect. Consider trying your hands on digital maid services app today!

Caring for the Community with the Gojek app

The Gojek app has been revolutionary in more ways than one. It has been able to successfully turn an unorganized sector of income into something unique, profitable and definitely organized. Gojek has been a perfect example of how technology can successfully be a medium. Solution to give back to the community while making money.

The Gojek application is basically an app that enables bike drivers to get an income through the means of offering rides or even deliveries. The Gojek app was named after the bikes that are popularly known as Ojek in Indonesia.

gojek clone app

The Spark Called Digital Wave

The digital wave has swept the whole world. Technology has made so many things possible today. Unlike the yesteryears where people would rely only on their hands and legs to for just about everything, a digital assistant in the form of a smartphone has been a boon.

A smartphone equipped with a good mobile application can help you do just about anything. You can book rides, book movie tickets, buy clothes, buy food from restaurants, buy pets, pay bills and much more just with the help of mobile apps.

Gojek was Unique Because of Two Major Things:

  1. It was a single app solution for just about all your needs.
  2. It was originated with the novel concept of booking “bikes” as taxis.

How does Gojek Give Back?

Obviously, the basic aim of any business is to make money. So, operating on the same principle, Gojek too aimed at becoming a big business with multiple verticals and earn a lot of money. However, the app like gojek has served the people of Indonesia real well.


Ojek drivers who did not have the right resources to find rides have now been able to find jobs in a streamlined fashion. It is entirely possible that an Ojek driver is standing on the corner of a place very close to a rider but can’t see him or her. They lose out on a number of such possible rides because of physical proximity. However, with the app, whenever someone books a ride every driver within the predefined proximity gets the request.


For riders, this app is a boon. It helps people get rides instantly without having to scour for people who are willing to take a passenger. The booking process is seamless, streamlined and effective. The moment someone pushes the Find Ride option and a driver accepts it. The ride gets confirmed. But the biggest advantage is that the rider gets to see the estimated price BEFORE booking the ride. This completely removes the element of surprise in the prices and makes for an easy transaction.

General Earnings

The app has definitely increased the earnings of the local people. Since finding rides is completely automated, the scope of business has increased magnificently. There are so many people today who are being able to find rides. Also, make money by simply registering into the application.

This definitely speaks volumes about the development of the community and the country. With more revenue generation and circulation of money, the overall health of the country’s financial system has gotten a big boost.

Since everything that happens through the app is transparent and documented, the government receives proper taxes and there is no scope for any blindsides or loopholes. The Gojek app has been able to help in uplifting the general state of the government by offering an organized platform.  The income for the locals to It is a complete win-win.


In Conclusion

In concluding, it is evident that the overall scenario of the Gojek app has been very helpful in giving back to the community while making a lot of money on their own. Now, while this is the story of one country, many people are becoming keen on taking it up and starting their own business with it.

This is probably why you would find many Gojek clone app in the market. These apps have been built just like the primary Gojek app. Also, help individuals to launch and establish their own Gojek like multiple vertical businesses in different countries and different regions.

Food Delivery App Development: Future Business on Fire

Presently, there are uncountable apps that guarantee to deliver food to your doorsteps. Many of them are doing great in delivering well-cooked food to their customer’s home. But mostly, the apps are owned by hoteliers, restaurateur etc and are named after them. This can be the profitable business strategy for the hotel or restaurant owners. But not every person is an owner of X hotel or restaurant so being a middle can be a better option for making money. An application like Zomato or Swiggy clone app is doing great in an existing market. People are getting more dependable for their lunch and dinners on these applications. All you need is to take an overview of an existing market trend and to cover up all the misfits.

Swiggy Clone App

Service Demands

If comparing with on demand services like carpooling, taxi ordering or hotel booking, food delivery services are widely used. Most of us are at working places so we have no time to reach home then cook food and then come back again. Well, nobody follows this hectic routine. So, people are finding these applications more comfortable in ordering food for themselves.

Even for the night shift workers, food delivery services are serving food 24/7. Food availability at late nights has given more reliability to the employees who are working all day long. This is how existing Swiggy clone apps are trending in today’s market.

Websites are Fading, Apps are shining

While surfing on the internet, you can still find the websites of the hotels or restaurants that can deliver food at your place. But unfortunately, they don’t have any app and this can be a huge disadvantage. Nowadays, people are handier with smartphones and they consider using apps rather than websites.

Apps are now delivering a one-touch solution for every situation. If your app is designed well, it will load faster in comparison to a website. With better navigation, you can offer a better user experience to your customers.

Huge Customer Base

In this modern world of portable gadgets, if you consider food delivery app development then you can easily get users. As people are now more used to mobile phones rather than laptops. Apps are their only option to choose for completing their daily routine task. Students, working men/women, senior citizens as well as kids are familiar with today’s portable gadget trends.

This is how building a Swiggy Clone App can give you a huge audience that can be a good start to your business.

User Attraction

You will have to make a little effort to ensure that you attract more users.

  • Try multiple advertising channels, so that your Swiggy Clone app may get proper attention from the audience. This is how your app will be getting fame and the number of users will increase too.
  • Begin your partnership with as many retailers as you can so that your users can get food delivered from their favorite restaurant. After all, it will be your delivery app not food cooking app.
  • Special offers are an object where foodies find more attracted. Use it as your main move and grab your users to check app daily. Hot deals or holiday discounts can also give you a huge rush audience on your food delivery app.

Food Delivery App Development

Swiggy clone app can make you Achieve more Revenue

It’s a world of rush where people have no time to visit restaurant or hotels for eating food. Nobody wants an approach of a waiter to deal with your taste. The only thing that matters are demands which are accomplished through apps.

Here, Swiggy Clone App can be the finest option to cover all the demands of the customers. And finally, this is how you can generate more revenue through food delivery app development.

Legal Requirements to Start Taxi Business

Dreams don’t know rules and regulations. Anyone can dream of doing practically anything at all. When it comes to entrepreneurial dreams rarely does it so happen that people just want to do any business? Most people want to follow through on a taxi business that they have some sort of expertise or knowledge in.

The taxi business is one such business that is doing extremely well at the present time. Transportation has always been an important thing for people. However, the recent times have seen something spectacular in terms of the on demand app revolution.

Everything today is available in the form of on-demand apps. Regardless of what kind of service it is available in the form of a mobile app. All you need is a Smartphone. The word “digital assistant” has a whole new meaning now.

Since users are progressing so much, the taxi business has seen its opportunity and made technology its pathway to increased user-ship and profitability. But taxi rules aren’t the same in every country.

This is why, when you plan on entering this domain, you have to be extremely careful that you don’t infringe on any law. If you have seen even a single episode of SUITS, you know that things can’t get very ugly, very easily if not done with the right kind of legal counsel.

Here are some of the most critical legal things. You should be very mindful of when you try to start your own app based taxi business.

Permits and Copyrights

The legal system prevents anyone from copying or re-using copyrighted material. This means that if someone has already registered the name of a company and a particular design as the logo, then any other company or individual cannot use the same name or design.

This means that the moment you decide upon a name and a logo design, you have to make sure that you immediately get it registered. Otherwise, if someone else has already used the name or uses it before you can do the same you might lose out on the name.

The thing about mobile apps is that they are launched only through an app store. This could be the android Play store or the iOS iTunes store. In either case, a mobile app will only get approved if its name or design doesn’t match that of any other apps’. So, if it’s a taxi business that needs launching in the form of an app, then you must protect individual designs.


Client information is privileged information. This is why you have to be extremely careful about how you handle the data that your client feeds into the app. If you have kept abreast with social media then you know that there was such a debacle over Facebook selling customer data and shopping sites using it.

According to studies, from last 3-4 years, there are many cyber attacks that were happened over many websites. Those websites that were live on the internet and were containing millions of general public details. These details were so much essential that it could have ruin people’s life. The details include their personals details, their bank account details and many more. The attacks went successfully because there were precaution take before these attacks happened. Security of the websites was too low that led hackers to penetrate the websites.

It is necessary to update the security whether it’s a website of an app. It’s obvious that there is no such technology available that is non-breakable. But you can secure your app by hiding all the loops behind the walls of security. Tighten up your app so that no hacker finds out the ways to penetrate it. Keep updating the security your app or get uber mobile clone app.

Privacy and confidentiality will gain you a lot of trusts. If your customers feel secure in sharing information with you, they will use your services. They will also spread the word about your reliability. It asks more and more people to use your app rather than using any other application.

Payment gateway information

By law, it is illegal to store the Credit card, debit card or account related information on the app. so, even if you do give the users the option to make online payments, you must ensure that this information is stored in the vault of the payment gateway.

Make sure you go for a payment gateway that works using the token system. This token system is nothing. It is a simple way in which information is retrieved only one time with the current token. It is generated for use for a single transaction.

A single transaction refers that a transaction that is done once at a time. The single transaction system is way more secure than any other transaction system. The customer can do online payment with the help single transaction system’s payment gate via debit or credit card.

Uber Clone App

On the Whole for Taxi Business

The best way to begin a business is to ensure that you can get some legal advice. Get to know everything that needs to be done. Unless you have the exact procedural understanding of what needs to be done when starting a new business, you might falter and make mistakes. Until and unless your legal process does not complete for business, you will not get any green signal to provide services.

So, ensure that you can take all the necessary steps to keep any legal issues at bay when you launch your own On Demand Taxi app. A taxi solution is the best way to make sure that you can capitalize on what this market has in its kitty.


Why is Gojek Spending on Start Ups?

Gojek has been in the news way too many times in the recent past. There are too many things that this Unicorn has been doing which have become very popular in the entire market. From a little startup today Gojek has metamorphosized into the biggest kind of business here. Gojek always comes ahead with new and unique strategies to rise to the top. This is why the latest buzzer in the Gojek thought cloud is to invest in newer startups. Go-Jek has become the company that has pushed Uber and grab to the background by becoming a favorite of the masses. Gojek has recently successfully invested in three startups to advance Gojek mobile payment option.


The Start-Up Hat Trick!

There are three firms that gojek has bought:

  • offline payment firm Kartuku,
  • payment gateway Midtrans,
  • payment and lending network Mapan.

The company essentially started out in the year 2015 providing a ride-hailing service for motorbike taxis, a mode of transport very well liked for moving about capital city Jakarta’s super choked traffic-laden streets, but it has since developed within itself four-wheeled transportation, on-demand services and payments.

It is known that Gojek boasts of having 900,000 drivers and 15 million weekly active users. To understand the magnitude of the Gojek Enterprise, one has to take into account the size of the merchants it deals with. Apart from all the ride business, the Gojek enterprise has under its wing, tie-ups with 125,000 merchants with over 100 million transactions processed on its platform per month.

Putting it together – Gojek mobile payment

The three payment gateways have been a big step in their movement towards the strengthening of mobile payments. Now, lets put G-Pay along with all the three others. The total is a figure close to $5 billion in payment across cards and digital wallets as confirmed by Gojek. The company is very close to raising over $1.2 billion in new funding, which will consist of money from Chinese companies and Tencent.

Why do they need such a large investment?

The investment is absolutely necessary at this point in time given the capitalization of Uber which is considered to be the world’s highest-backed private tech company and Grab, which has also recently filled its coffers with a huge $2 billion round. The battle in this zone is real. There are too many stakes involved for a limited market. Gojek by transcending the only taxi barrier has successfully cast a big shadow on the other two companies.

Who could have thought that a simple application like Go-Jek or Ride-sharing could have a market as big as what it is? In Southeast Asia alone, the projection till the year 2025 is estimated to be $20 billion a year. An average customer’s amount spent on taxi apps has multiplied twofold in the last two years. The result is a sharp increase in the graph for the year 2017.

What’s with the acquisition?

The goal is simple. Gojek really wants to bolster the Gojek’s payment network,  known as the Go-Pay mobile payment service.

According to the CEO of Go-Jek, Nadiem Makarim, they have plans regarding offline usage of the Go-Pay feature. They are planning to cover retail using Go-Pay even in the Offline mode apart from the online mode. The company is Grabbing (no pun intended) the opportunity with both hands. This is to ensure that they can offer a basic form of payment services. Such services will cater to the vast of the population in Indonesia who don’t have immediate access to traditional forms of banking. The percentage penetration of the market in terms of access to credit cards is less than 5 percent in the country, the world’s fourth most populous nation.

Gojek mobile payment

What they say

According to Makarim, “We are now taking Go-Jek to the next stage. Through the acquisitions announced today, we will be working hand in hand with three like-minded companies who share our vision and ethos. This marks a significant development in our position at the heart of Indonesia’s vibrant fintech industry.”

Each head (from the three acquired startups) will play a very important role now in the new shape of Gojek and hold important portfolios.

  • Kartuku CEO Thomas Husted becomes its CFO,
  • Mapan’s Aldi Haryopratomo will lead Go-Pay,
  • Ryu Suliawan of Midtrans is to head up its merchant platform.

Best Names for a House Cleaning Business

Starting a business is a big deal. There are so many things that one has to pay attention to when it comes to investing money and hoping for success. However, one major area where people don’t pay attention is the name of their business. The name is your identity. It is the single most important thing that we always ignore. It is what people are going to know you by. And not just today. The name sticks. Here are some of the coolest name suggestions for naming your House Cleaning business.

house cleaning business

How can you name it?

There are many approaches that you can take to naming your business. Here are the basic types:

What you do: If the name of your company answers this question, then there is nothing at all that you have to worry about.

What is your name: you are the founder of the business. You have the right to be the namesake of your business enterprise.

Mythology associated with cleaning: you can also name the company after any mythical creature that is associated with cleaning and organizations.

Some fantastic naming ideas

  • Rags to Riches Cleaning Service
  • House Stars Maid Service
  • Raggedy Ann’s Maid Service
  • Rain or Shine Residential Cleaning
  • Bippity Boppity Boo Cleaning Service
  • American Maid Cleaning Service
  • Magic Rags Cleaning Service
  • The Clean Thumb Maid Service
  • Shirley Clean Maids
  • Spotless Cleaning
  • Magic Maids
  • We’ve Got Maids!
  • Sparkling Clean Maid Service
  • Cheers Cleaning Service
  • Hot Mops Cleaning Service
  • White Glove Maid Service
  • Floor to Ceiling Cleaning Service
  • Maid 2 Clean
  • Cary’s Commercial Cleaning
  • Suds Up Cleaning Service
  • Anytime 24-Hour Maids
  • The Cleaning Bee
  • Happy Maids Cleaning
  • Spring Maids Cleaning Service
  • The Glass House Cleaners
  • After You Cleaning Service
  • Many Maids Cleaning Service
  • A2Clean Maid Service
  • Kompletely Klean Maid Service
  • Your Neighborhood Cleaning Service
  • A Deeper Clean Maid Service
  • Community Cleaning
  • Gettin’ Dirty Cleaning Service
  • Peppy Cleaning Service
  • Reflections Cleaners
  • Filth Fighters Cleaning Service
  • Squeegee Clean Maid Service
  • Dust Be Gone Maid Service
  • Washed Up Cleaning Service
  • Life is Maid
  • A New View Cleaners
  • Minute Maids
  • Wall-2-Wall Cleaners
  • MagiClean Maid Service
  • Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Maid Service
  • Any Mess Cleaning Service

Take it a notch higher

Although these are some name suggestions collected from all over the internet, you will find these are most relevant to your business. In order to ensure that more and more people know about your house cleaning business, you have to take your services a notch higher.

You can’t restrict yourself to the conventional cleaning businesses if you really want to succeed. The times are changing and with time, the needs of the people are changing too. This is why you have to make sure that you are moving effectively alongside every need of the industry to stay at the top.

on demand house cleaning app

Invest in a mobile application for house cleaning business

If you are wondering how an app can help you with respect to growing your business. Apps are essentially the fastest way by which someone can book your services. This means that if your user is equipped with your mobile application, they can simply log into it, choose the kind of service that you are willing to offer and then simply a quotation of the service asked.

Based on what the user has mentioned your app will automatically match the user with a service provider from your company. A simple search of “residential cleaning services near me” can solve all your user’s problems with a click.