What will Gojek do Next?

Anyone who lives in Indonesia or has ever been to Indonesia for that matter knows about Gojek. Gojek is a “be all end all” kind of an application that has quite literally changed the way the world looks at taxis. Every time one hears the word taxi; they just assume that it is a car. Well, Gojek introduced the groundbreaking new system of bike taxis.

Ojek is the Indonesian word for a scooter. Now, in Indonesia, there are very few cars and too many bikes. Too many bikes mean too many bikers with a lot of spare time. So, what gojek has done is systematically modified the bike rental situation into an app based taxi booking situation.

Gojek Clone Based Business

There are many Ojek-ers waiting to pick up people and drop them on their bikes to earn some money. But because there isn’t any organized way to find riders, they miss out on good business. With the entry of Gojek in the market, things started forming a clearer picture.

Gojek essentially made it easy for Riders to locate drivers and book them even if they were out of their visual range. This naturally increased the business opportunities and regulated flow of income. Since it was so easy to spot and get rides with Gojek, more and more bike owners started registering themselves into the app.

That’s where the idea of expansion happened

Gojek is a very diverse platform. If a biker is available to offer his or her services, then they can do pretty much anything like taxi service, delivery service, food delivery service, grocery delivery service and so on and so forth.

So, one can think of the delivery services as the PHASE TWO of Gojek’s expansion. So what really began as a taxi service had now taken the shape of a taxi + delivery service. However, they didn’t stop just there. Because of the popularity of the on demand services concept, it had become pretty evident that people would like to avail of services quickly and effectively right from the ease of their mobile phones.

So, gojek took another step and expanded into the realms of service providers. Now, if someone was looking for a beautician to come home and give them a beauty treatment, they could go into their Gojek application and mention their requirements. The app would automatically match someone suitable and assign them the duty. What’s more, today Gojek offers other miscellaneous services as well, such as mobile recharges etc.

Future plans for expansion

Gojek’s home ground was Indonesia. It was born there and it continued to grow there. It can be called a very strategic move to have built their entire business in one particular place and then grow it with multiple wings there itself.

Now that it knows the kind of reception of the application and the people there have given to this kind of a service, then it makes sense for them to take the next step and plan an expansion into the other South East Asian countries.

Why will the Gojek model succeed in South East Asia?

The fact that there are too many bikes in this region is the biggest reason for the success of this model. The thing is, there aren’t too many cars in this part of the world. There more bikes rather than cars here. This is why people prefer to hire bikes to save money and reach places quickly.

Another noteworthy thing is that there are too many apps already thronging the western world. There are different kinds of apps for different purposes but this part of the world hasn’t really been affected much by apps. By offering an app like Gojek, they have made life a lot easier for people here.

Avenues for other app-based businesses

Because Gojek has already paved the way, it is evident that there is a lot of scopes for new entrepreneurs to build their own app based on demand business in this area. The South East Asian market is ripe for the taking.

Gojek Clone Apps

Although gojek does seem to have made its plans for expansion here, whoever enters the market first has the biggest chance to succeed. This naturally makes it the right time to invest in such applications. There isn’t any other competitor here as such. The Gojek clone app that has come into the market. That too can be a very viable option.

If you too are planning on beginning your own Gojek Clone based business, try to look it up on the internet. Some companies are selling readymade apps that can be launched in less than a week. Such options might prove to be extremely cost effective and time efficient. You can put in a single one-time investment and start making money from the first day itself.

What are the Important Steps to Start your Own Restaurant Business?

Starting a business alone can be a herculean task. However, if you think of starting a restaurant delivery business, it is a thousandfold more difficult. The business of restaurant deals with a lot of perishable items and a lot of customer service. This is why it is very important for you to take the right step at the right time. Here’s how you can start your business easily.

restaurant delivery business

Get your experience

Before you start thinking about landing your own business, it is vital that you first work in a restaurant. One of the best ways to diminish the threat of owning an unsuccessful restaurant is to have some restaurant practice before you start. Many victorious restaurateurs have claimed that the best way to get ready for owning a restaurant is by functioning in one, hopefully in a refectory similar to the one you’d like to open. You’ll become skilled at more than just how to serve food; you can learn restaurant promotion, menu expansion, payroll, and other important mechanisms of the restaurant world. Working in the food industry and gaining knowledge of the basics is an important first step to becoming an owner.

Be acquainted with Your Target Market

Who do you want to see sitting at your restaurant? Are you targeting the family segment, young people, students or senior citizens? When you get familiar with the target audience that you want to cater to, you will be able to design a menu accordingly. Not just that, you will also be able to customize the ambiance and make sure that the furniture and the cutlery suit the taste of your customers.

Select a Service Approach and Food Impression

This too is a very important part of developing your own business. You have to make sure that you know exactly what is the approach with which you want to offer your food. There are too many restaurants around the world that are offering regular food and adding your name to that list isn’t going to help anyone.  Please don’t become another one of those faceless food providers. Be unique and think differently so that your food stands out. You can introduce a theme or a unique style which hasn’t been explored around your area.

You can choose from Breakfast only options to fast foods to any of the other specialized foods. Or you can go real pish posh and go for fine dining experiences.  There are so many other different kinds of food options that you can take and add your own flavor.

Chart out a business plan

Making a business plan for a restaurant is a very difficult thing to do. The most difficult parts are:

Inventory: Since the inventory involves a lot of perishable good, you have to exercise extra caution.

Marketing: there are way too many restaurants out there and the market is the pretty cut throat. You have to advertise your brand accordingly in order to make sure that people opt for you instead of your competition.

Make a Menu

Designing a menu can be a daunting task. Our suggestion would be to hire someone with a lot of experience in the field that you are in and then have them design the menu and recipe. Develop the menu cohesively. The menu should match the other components in the menu. The flow of the menu should be harmonious. Unless you do that, you will have a pretty confused audience trying to find its way through the food.

Grubhub clone

Get an App for your restaurant delivery business

In today’s time, if you don’t have a digital presence, you are nonexistent to the world. If you truly want to make a mark for yourself in the food world, be very active online. Allow people to place orders online and get your food delivered to their homes. You can do that by buying Grubhub clone or any app that delivers fast food quickly and effectively!

Where can you Buy and Sell your Source Codes?

The business of mobile apps has soared at an unbelievable rate in the recent past. As more and more people understand the transformation that the app industry has offered to the people, it is becoming evident that everyone is just dying to get a piece of it.

source codes

But the way we work in this world isn’t too simple. I may be a carpenter who wants to get a digital presence but I don’t know how to develop and app. So, what is the best course of action for me? What should I do?

The app market is a simple and effective solution for this problem. So, what happens is that a team of developers come together and prepare and app for you and sell it to you. Once you buy this app, it functions with a certain degree of automation so that you don’t have to worry about it.

The Mobile apps market

Mobile application development is thought to be as one of the most cutthroat market and it is demanding job for developers to fulfill the necessities of client. When it comes to meeting client’s deadlines, buying app source code from reliable and premium apps marketplaces should be of great help. There are many pre created working modules that will facilitate in completing iPhone or android projects on time.

In fact, if you are not a developer but want to start off an app based service immediately then too, buying an off the shelf kind of source code can be of great use. Mobile application marketplaces also offer exciting opportunities to make extra money to a lot of talented developers by selling mobile app source codes at reasonable prices. If you can develop unique and working source code, there are people who ready to buy them at competitive price.

Top mobile app market – buy and sell source codes


This is a platform that you can use to buy or sell different kinds of source codes for different kinds of apps. The mobile applications that we use today are of different kinds. Some are gaming apps others are utility ones. This particular site is preferred for its gaming apps.


ApkaCode.com is an only one of its kind mobile app marketplace which allows iOS and Android developers to sell and buy their source code and create extra proceeds from it. It is an up-and-coming platform for app developers and investors to buy, sell, or license certain mobile apps/games. Here people looking to invest some money can easily find mobile apps source code for a category of their choosing like Games, Entertainment, Finance & other utilities at best price.


This one hasn’t been around for too long but is quickly becoming a very popular name in the biz world. People are coming to terms with the fact that the guys are GameGorillaz are pretty serious. They have a very profitable approach towards making their site a multivendor platform. Their line of products range from source codes of various game development platforms and other interesting apps. They also have dedicated divisions of Game music and 2D game art. They have become a hot favorite amongst many vendors because they have a weekly payout format.


AppResk is one of the more promising online marketplaces that have gained popularity since a little over a decade. They have amassed a good fan base owing to the fact that they work on mobile apps development & wide range of customers. Apparently AppResk has a small ground-breaking mobile game developer’s team. This team mostly works on turning your ideas to real visual games. AppResk team works on different platforms like Graphics design, Game UI & Unity 3D and delivers totally astonishing results. Users can buy source code for diverse platforms here. This marketplace also offers Graphics reskinning at very reasonable price with full support.


ACS has gotten a lot of popularity in the recent past. It has today become one of the easiest platforms to purchase apps from. They are known to develop and deliver mostly utility based app such as the taxi application or delivery application etc. Their service provider application has become one of the best apps at a global level. They are essentially in the business of developing clone apps from tried and tested utility app like gojek and Uber. So if anyone is planning to start a business on those lines, they don’t have to bother with developing their own apps. They can simply purchase an app that is ready and can be launched instantly. The only work remaining is to reskin them. White labeling them with the respective company’s brand name and logo is the final task.

Can you Start Earning with an App Like Gojek?

Gojek has been synonymous with many different kinds of services in Indonesia today. It’s not just a ride-hailing app anymore. If someone even wants to get their mobile recharged, they can do it through the Gojek application. But any budding entrepreneur will have one major question on their minds. They will always wonder how they too can be successful with an app like Gojek. To understand that, we will first have to understand what the business model of the same is.


What is the Gojek Clone App?

Gojek clone application is fundamentally a manifold services mobile application that enables its users to book taxis, send deliveries apart from being able to hire professional services of other service providers such as Babysitters, carpenters, DJ, Fitness coaches, Home painting Service, insurance agent, lawyers, Handymen, lawn mowing professionals, car wash, doctor and ambulance and so on and so forth.

The Gojek clone app is a large envelope in the form of a mobile application. This envelope encompasses the services of over 52 different kinds, apart from taxi booking, car rental, and parcel delivery. It’s like a large bag filled with different items of different shapes and sizes.

App like Gojek

When Gojek was initially started, it wasn’t a cake walk. It doesn’t just generate out of thin air. It took years to build an app of this size and quality and definitely took a lot of money to develop it too. What was the money for, you ask? Well, digital things look nice and easy but are in fact the most difficult thing to achieve seamlessly. They require a whole lot of effort and a lot of research also goes into building them. An app is not something that should just work okay when you use it. You have to think about it from every possible angle. You have to ensure that it can take the weight of the whole market.

This is why the initial years say a lot of money being put in and a large team working incessantly on it. An app like gojek is basically an app that eliminates the whole process of trial and error. So, basically, you will be left with an app that is solid and doesn’t require any money dumping. It is based on the preexisting model of Gojek. The entire research work is already done.

Why the Gojek Clone is the best way to proceed with a business today?

The Gojek Clone is a very stout app. Since this app uses the main Gojek website as the foundation of the app it has already undergone the vigorous process of testing. It has seen all possible scenarios and the necessary changes have been made accordingly.

app like gojek

Naturally, you also spend a lot lesser than you would have to in case you tried to create an app from scratch. It is ready to launch, so you don’t even spend years for it to materialize or take shape. This is the simplest way to fast track your business into something potent and successful quickly and effectively.

Sometimes, we are wary of taking a large step. We don’t want to take big leaps because we think the biggest guy is already there. But remember, he is only the biggest guy till you beat him to it. In order to be bigger than that which is already there, you will have to take the right steps and be ready for some risks.

How Did Ambulances Come To Be?

Contrary to popular belief ambulances are not a modern miracle. Its history dates back to over 5 centuries around the time of the siege of Malaga by the Catholic monarchs against the Emirate of Granada. The word itself is a combination word from Latin and French. The word Ambulant in Latin meant “to walk”. The French used it with a combination to call it “Hopital Ambulant” that literally meant a moving hospital. Advance in medical sciences over the years saw it transform from a horse drawn carriage to our modern day fully equipped vans.

on demand ambulance services

The beginning of the moving medical carriages

Treatment of many diseases was not found in the earlier times. This is why they had to be transported securely away from the rest of the community to prevent damage. Severe medical conditions such as leprosy and mental problems “treated” by forceful removal from the society. The earliest records of such transport indicate that they created by the Anglo-Saxons and were in the form of hammock based cart.

Making it available for civilians

The introduction of a transport carriage in London in the year 1832 was a major breakthrough in opening Ambulance services for the civilian population. The Times newspaper said, “The curative process commences the instant the patient is put in to the carriage; time is saved which can be given to the care of the patient; the patient may be driven to the hospital so speedily that the hospitals may be less numerous and located at greater distances from each other”. This is a clear indication that people from all over the world have been concerned with making medical facilities accessible as soon as possible to the one suffering.

Then and Now

With time and modern medicine, things have taken a completely different shape today. Lot of money spent on research and development of health facilities to ensure that mankind has a comfortable life.

The ambulances restricted to carry only the untouchables and terribly disease riddled bodies from one place to another can today handle surgeries while on the go. It made possible because of the steady growth of technology in harmony with medicine.

The Ambulance Today

Today, ambulances remind us of transformers. They packed with custom fittings to support their particular duty. There are different kinds of ambulances today. You will have special ambulances that cater to child birth, others that focus on heart related troubles, some that lay emphasis on trauma and so on and so forth. Each built to fulfill a unique role; these ambulances are now, a mighty industry in themselves.

There are many improvements (apart from the medical facilities) in the ambulance. The signal system, the auditory warning system (siren), visual warning system (beacon) and other colors incorporated to make the people aware that someone injured or sick is traveling and needs immediate attention. Additions such as tail lifts, ramps and winches have made it a lot easier to transport the patients.

Ambulance as a business

Health is something no one likes to gamble with. People are pretty serious about these things. That and specialization to a large extent makes it possible for people to get immediate medical facility. This is why many premium hospitals offer such paid ambulance services. In order to tap into the potential of this market, many people are entering the digital space.

The digital market means mobile apps or websites. On demand ambulance services or On demand medical transport is a great application that is picking up great popularity these days. Most entrepreneurs these days aim at getting the most out of any business almost instantly. For this, people aim to get readymade apps. It enable them to launch their on demand ambulance business instantly on the road.

ambulance on demand app

These apps are pretty simple. They allow the users to book an ambulance instantly through their smartphones. The app shows exactly how far the ambulance is from them so that they don’t have to wait in uncertainty. This app has many advantages such as instant scalability, handsome remuneration etc. However, the biggest advantage is the ability to help the people who are in need and still making money.

Ambulance On Demand App

If you too are planning on starting your own ambulance services through ambulance on demand app make sure that you undertake adequate amount of research. There are many companies the world over, that is making and selling on demand type applications. Before you zero in on what you want to buy you have to make sure that you pay attention to your specific requirements. If you follow the right path you are sure to succeed. Just be wise and stay patient. Don’t back up at the first hurdle you come across. Take your time and stay strong. All the best!

Things to know before hiring a maid

Good house cleaning services may not be very important for everyone, but for those who it is, it can be really cumbersome. While people want their homes to be spic and span, they find it hard to cope with other works in their lives.

For example, a very successful lawyer, who is also a single mother of 2, loves to host parties at her place. Now, she’s a mother of 2. That in itself is a lot of hard work. But she’s also a lawyer which requires tremendous mental energy. By the time she comes back home, she has no energy left to clean up and welcome people to her home.

house cleaning services

Does this mean she can never host a party? Or should she get rid of her job, or children (is that even legal?) or both? There is a third solution. Hired help. But where do you find a reliable source of hired maid? No one can simply run down the street looking for a maid. So what should our lawyer friend do?

A simple solution for house cleaning services

There’s an app for it. Yup! These days you can easily hire a maid for any work that you want done around the house easily through an app. You can consider these apps as an Uber for maids. With these apps you can simply state the nature of your requirement and get quotes from hundreds of service providers in and around your area which you can compare before you finally book the services.

But how do you decide which one is the best option for you?

Surprisingly there is a cheat sheet to hire a perfect house maid. Here’s it:

Background check

You can’t let someone into your home with a criminal history! This is why it is very important for you and your homes to be safe. Check the background of each service provider offering house cleaning services to be absolutely certain that you aren’t inviting any risk inside your homes.

Who does the equipment belong to?

House cleaning often requires complex equipments based on which kind of task you have asked for. You must check on the app beforehand itself if there are any expectations from you in order to provide for the cleaning supplies. You should also check the rates. Are the rates any lesser if you provide the cleaning supplies and equipment? Is it mandatory for them to use their supplies only?

Anything complimentary?

This is a customer’s market. People want to please their customers all the time. This is why many companies offer lots of complimentary services with every offer. Find out all the things that they will give you apart from the main service that you have booked. It could be discounts for the next time or any reward coupon, but if there’s something for you, sniff it out and take it!

house cleaning services

Is your house cleaner pet friendly?

Sometimes, the people who come to help us with our cleaning aren’t comfortable with pets. This is why it is very important to mention in the app beforehand itself that you own one and only a housemaid who is comfortable with pets should be sent to your place. What’s more, please remember to find out if the supplies that they are planning to use are toxic for pets or not. If you think that it is unavoidable, you must make arrangements for your pet to be at a safe place till the task is over.

Satisfaction guarantee

It is important that the service provider you choose offers a satisfaction guarantee. This means that the company should be willing to listen to your grievances and address them properly. In case you aren’t satisfied with the work, the maid should not abandon you. You must get your task fulfilled as per your requirement.

On the whole, it is important for you to list down all the possibilities of your house cleaning going wrong. Then ask relevant questions to ensure that it doesn’t happen so. Let’s hope our lawyer friend can find some solace in this Uber for maids app and can enjoy a great house party.

You Can be Your Handyman

“I love to do all the household chores!”, said no one ever. But no matter how much we try to avoid it, everyone has come face to face with that one day, when it became inevitable. But ever wondered why we hate household chores so much? Well, a lazy person doesn’t need too many answers as such but the biggest and the most common answer to this question almost always seems to be that it is “physically strenuous and time consuming”.

Hooray! Times have changed and the internet has become the ultimate guide to accomplish just about anything. You can make a child, raise it and give it college education, just by following the internet correctly. Good handymen jobs can’t stay too far behind.

Here’s a list of the best home maintenance tips sourced from the internet.

on demand handyman app

Broke a wall? Pull out your make up bag

If you have unwittingly made a hole in your drywall, then you don’t have to sweat it anymore. Pull out your make up bag and stuff the hole up with some of your make up sponges (Some cutting might be required to fit the hole). Now put spackle on top of it. Keep putting spackle till it looks smooth. Once dried you can paint it so no one will ever find out.

Note: in case the hole is big and the wall itself is an important partition in the house, ensure to get professional help form an Uber for on demand Handyman kind of an app. Best to leave some things to the professionals.

Fill Window Holes with Clear Nail Polish

Seriously ladies you are nailing it (pun intended). Had it not been for your lovely nail lacquers, how would we ever manage to fill our holes (not intended this time)? If you find tiny holes in the glass of your window, keep putting the paint on it till it feels smooth. This can also be used for screens and shower curtains. Please remember this is only good for very small holes.

Play ball for the grease

Don’t you hate it when people come into your pool, lathered up with lotion! It leaves greasy rainbows all over the water. There’s a quick way to fix it. Just drop a few tennis balls into the pool and let it do its work for about an hour. The fuzzy texture of the ball pulls all the oils on its surface.

Pipes blocked? ACV to the rescue

If your pipes are blocked and you are seriously considering to spend on a plumber, it might be a good idea to do it yourself first. Boil a kettle of water and keep it on standby. Pour some baking soda in your drainage hole and follow it up immediately with some Apple Cider Vinegar and boiling hot water. This should do the trick. If not, maybe pull out your smart phone and use the on demand handyman app to hire a reliable handyman to help you.

Broken Ceiling

Sorry guys got nothing for you here. Ceilings are big deals. You cannot take a chance here. Do not risk your life or that of your family, by trying to do a fix for a broken ceiling by yourself. If you find it hard to find a reliable handyman to do the job, you can use an on demand handyman application to hire one. The app will show the handyman’s qualification, experience as well as user ratings, so that you know what you are paying for.

On the whole

We’ve discussed too many holes already (no pun intended), and now it’s time to get a holistic view. The main take away from this write up is that delaying isn’t going to get you anywhere. If there’s a job that needs attention around the house, you should get on with it immediately. The more you delay the worse it gets. Also, it just becomes an unnecessary thing that occupies important brain space, not to mention all the nagging from the wife. If you don’t like doing too many repairs around the house, ensure that your kids aren’t breaking things. Use the right materials the first time around so that you don’t end up paying more the second time.

Uber for Disabilities is Creating History in itself by Addressing a Major Issue

Imagine a day where your left hand is hurt and the doctor advises you to not use it. It can be quite frustrating right, to not be able to use a body part. Well, if this is your condition in one day, imagine the life of those who succumb to such circumstances on a daily basis? Yes, the discussion here leads to those especially able people who have the same body parts as a normal human, but they not able to use them either because of some mishap in their life or due to a condition existing by birth.

Uber for disability

Have you ever wondered how they manage to withstand the advancements of life with their disability? How do they do all the basic things of life – brushing their teeth, climbing stairs or for that matter, even eating with the normal cutlery? Traveling is another basic stuff for us, but for the disabled?  That is when Uber for disabilities come into picture. When it was rolled out in the market, businessmen were skeptical about its acceptability, but as it caught rage and more and more people started choosing this service for their commutation, investors and businessmen started understanding the benefits of this service.

How is this Different?

While there are tons of on demand services available in the market, how is this app service different from the rest?

  • The vehicles are different: While some cars will have a ramp down their boot, and other cars will have moving seats that can be moved out, allow the passenger to slide in, and then the seat will move back to its original place – the vehicles in this service are different as they cater to various forms of disabilities
  • The drivers have to go an extra mile: In the normal taxis, drivers reach the pickup point, wait for the rider to board and then their responsibility ends when they drop the passenger at the destination point. But in this service, the drivers will have to go an extra mile by helping the passenger get in and out of the vehicle
  • Push notifications may vary: If you are catering to a hearing disabled person, calling the person to let them know that the car has arrived may not help. The driver will have to text the rider to let them know this. Hence, push notification in this service will vary and may be different from the normal on demand taxi apps

Components of this Uber for Disability App Service

When you reach out to a mobile and app developer to help you create this special app for you, you may expect the below features to be present –

  • A website for those who do not access mobile phones
  • Customer iOS and Android web access for all kinds of riders
  • Customer Web Panel that is easy to access
  • Uber for disability Provider iOS and Android app which is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones
  • Uber for disability service Provider Web Panel that will have admin Web Panel to administrate the working of the app

handicap preference

Final Word

Uber for disability app not only helps you to earn a specified amount of commission with every booking. But it also helps you to serve the society in a good way. By easing out travel for specially challenged people, you are helping them to boost their confidence and letting them know that though their physical appearance may be a little different from the rest of the world, yet they should not feel under confident because of that. Invest in this today, with low investment and high profits.

Top business myths for budding Appreneurs

We often hear people blaming the present generation and calling them inefficient, easily bored and irritable. But what we often fail to understand or acknowledge is the fact that people today, including the previous generation (our generation), have the zeal to try something new.

The youth today is not conformist. It is wild. It believes in trying out the new, venturing into unexpected yet promising new territories and digging out the gold from there. With the help of developing new and latest technologies, these entrepreneurial possibilities have gotten new meaning and direction.

on demand app

But doubt is like the night dew that dampens every dry twig of hope and makes it impossible to light the fire of success. This is why, we thought of putting together an article of the most common myths regarding starting a new business.

Myth no. 1

You need to have a great idea

Well, really, it’s not that important.  The digital age has given rise to the service sector like never before. But reaching and accessing service providers has turned into a whole new entrepreneurial play field by itself.

app based business

This is why more and more people are turning to services that essentially act as platforms that bring service providers together with customers. So, there’s no need for a new idea. Take something existing from the market, invest in it and turn it into a successful business.

Myth no. 2

One idea at a time

Gone are the days when people would have to wait to see if one thing was being successful before they ventured into the next idea. Today is the time for parallel processing. Have two ideas or three? Launch them together. All you need is a bit of capital and a push in the right direction.

Myth no. 3

Starting any business needs lots of money

The shape of business has changed today. Businesses aren’t restricted to complex processes like production, maintenance and development. With a swift and clear shift towards information technology, the capital required for any business in the app field or information technology segment has reduced majorly.

startup solution

These days, the term “appreneur” is quite popular. This basically means an entrepreneur whose business is based on various kinds of mobile and web applications. This brings down the requirement of heavy investment and can give a business with high returns on very little investment.

Myth no. 4

Cloned apps are illegal

Cloned apps come with licenses. It is completely legal and one of the best options for business today. These apps basically have been create legally and are based on open sourced scripts of the pre existing apps with successful business models. This means that the initial step of research and development is completely obliterated, thereby saving a whole lot of money. These apps have also been used by millions of users globally therefore it is bound to be successful and is very easy to be approved and launched over the Google Play store and iOS stores.

Money in the app based business

The app based businesses are essentially money churners that require little or no effort from the site owners. The apps are design in a way that they do all the money computing and assessment by themselves. Since the service providers are independent vendors, there is no investment in building inventory.

The apps work in a way which makes sure that every time a user uses the app to book a particular service, the app owner gets a pre decided commission. This ensures that the app owner is require to make only an initial investment in buying the app and its set up, while the income continues to build over with more usage.

Uber Clone for Disabilities – Taxi On Demand App for Disabled People

Today, with commutation becoming easier and more convenient, thanks to the multiple cab services available for the general public at large, have we sat back and thought for a moment about those people, who are among the crowd, but cannot do things like the general public. Yes, we are talking about the differently abled people here. While there are tons of on demand taxis that are just a click away, the market sees a close requirement for taxis that can assist these special people too. Uber for disabilities focuses exactly on niche and thus it has successful in bringing a new revolution in the industry.

If you are contemplating on starting your own business in the taxi industry too, then you must surely consider this as an option. Wondering why? Well, below is a glimpse of what to expect from this business. Once you read it, you will be in a better position to take your decision.

Uber for disabilities

What are the Disabilities Covered with this New Type of App?

  • Riders who cannot see
  • People who cannot talk and hear
  • Walking impairment with Riders
  • Riders who are semi or completely bed ridden

As a matter of fact, the cab service also allows riders who travel with service animals – this is for those people who feel safe when they have pets along with them. For instance, there are visually impaired people who have a dog with them all the time for security and companionship reasons. In a normal cab, a dog may not be allowed, but with this new feature, service animals are welcomed too.

The best part about this app is that there is a different type of vehicle for each impairment. Based on it, the car will arrive.

What is the Uber for Disabilities App?

This will be an app but you can also request for a website. Just like any other taxi booking app, you will also have all the features and benefits but this will cater to a specific group – the physically challenged ones. The drivers who will take their decision of registering with this app will know their responsibility that they have to cater to the riders, who may not be independent enough to take care of themselves.

The vehicles that will be used to cater this facility will be a little different from the regular ones. They may have ramps and they may have lot of colors inside facilitate different needs of the specially challenged riders.

Customize the Uber for disabilities App

Obviously, in this niche, you cannot work with the one-size fits all formula. Based on different needs, you will have to be open customization and that will be main driving factor of app. When you reach out to a third party to create the app and website for you, you can also ask them to keep a customization feature. This will allow your riders to make their choice of car and driver depending on their need and requirement.

customized taxi app

On every ride that is booked through your app, you will get dedicated percentage of commission as your own profit. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this Uber Taxi Clone for Disabilities and see how you are able to earn profits with just little investment. There are tons of countries that already have this app up and running. There is a huge market for this and people are going to thank you for the good deeds you are bringing up for them to make their travel hassle free.