The Essential Features of the Uber Android App Clone

There are hundreds of on demand taxi apps in the market today, each better than the previous one and more are being developed every day to outbid the best. Some apps work for taxi firm owners who have their own taxis whilst others work for taxi businesses who have absolutely no taxis. Then there are others that work on client demand types. Whatever area they address, these apps use on demand technology like Uber to function properly. One app that has taken the on-demand taxi world by storm is the Uber android app clone.

It is one extraordinary taxi app that is without a doubt one of the best as far as taxi apps are concerned. Such an app of unwavering quality can only be built with skill and expertise. Let us look at some of the features that every taxi app should have to make it function well and competitively with other similar apps.

  • Location Tracking

The app should have the facility to track the local area and search for a driver immediately. As soon as a driver is located and confirmed, the journey begins. Riders no longer have to wonder if and when their taxi will turn up as they can also track its location at all times.

  • Fare estimation

Every taxi usually has a meter that pings. Smart innovation has now done away with this cumbersome piece of equipment and has been replaced by an automated system which gives an estimate of the fare when the ride is booked, giving no unpleasant surprises to the rider.

  • Traffic data Integration

Drivers have the facility to choose the best route possible to get to their destination in time, whilst avoiding road accidents or works.

  • Automated Payment system

Riders are given that false sense of security in believing that the ride is not very expensive, thanks to cashless technology. The very fact that they do not have to remove money from their wallet makes them believe that they have had a bargain ride.

The automated payment is usually done via Paypal or by debit and/or credit cards.

  • An evaluation system

Both the driver and the rider know who they will be riding within the cab. It is therefore vital that a review process is in place to ensure that both have the opportunity to review the ride and each other, making way for future rides or lack of depending on the experience of each.

  • Focus on the driver

As the market is flooded with taxi apps for Android, there is fierce competition between the drivers. Make sure you get the crème de la crème of the drivers so that you give the best riding experience to all your clients.

Now that you have an idea of what your uber android app clone should have, isn’t it time that you had a serious thought of getting into the taxi business? The time is right and the future is bright. Invest in the app and start a business that will make you prosperous in a very short time.

Technology behind the uber iPhone app clone before developing your own taxi app

The introduction of mobile applications has given new meaning to words like simple and easy. For all sorts of necessities, we turn to our handheld Bible for salvation, which in the form of your smartphone. For anything from clothes to air tickets, baby products to pizzas, we all turn to our phones, Blackberries, Androids or Windows phones and with just a few clicks on the app, we order whatever we needed. The latest to hit the market in this tap on the app requirement is the Uber iPhone app clone, a mobile taxi hailing app which offers a smooth and easy ride.

uber iPhone app clone

With the success of Uber, the Uber iOS app clone and other similar products have become the most sought after apps for existing and new taxi start-ups. However, to build an app of such an Uber calibre, technology plays a big part.

A Centralised Server System

A sophisticated centralised server system is needed to control any taxi business. With the powerful server, you can keep tabs on all website activities as well as gauge the performance of the app and fine tune wherever and whenever required to maximise its earning potential.

The centralised server systems also play that all important role of real-time searching and locating vehicles within a few seconds.

Notifications of Payments

The invention of the taxi app has not made it just easy and simple but also very secure as far as payment is concerned.  When any rider books a taxi via the app, he will get all the payment details depending on where and when he wants to go.

An estimated fare is calculated depending on the distance between the pickup and drop off point. The smart technology enables cashless payments via the registered payment cards, to be made hence making it easy for travellers who do not have the habit of carrying cash about.


For the effective and efficient functioning of any taxi booking app, it is important that it has an integrated geolocation feature. The GPS facility along with Google Maps allows easy tracking of both the driver and the rider.

Google Maps aids in getting the rider to their destination in the fastest time possible by showing the driver the route to take, taking into account any road works, accidents etc.

The tracking facility in the app helps the driver to locate the passenger and vice versa. This aids the driver to find the passenger easily and the passenger is aware of the driver’s exact real time location.

The above are the prerequisites of any taxi booking app. Of course, there are other features to consider but these three have made the taxi business efficient. Creating an app like the Uber iPhone app clone calibre is no mean feat and takes a lot of time, not to forget the money. The easiest solution is, therefore, to pick one from the shelves of the hundreds of taxi software available.

These apps can be customised according to your business requirements and can be launched in any country of your choice in its native language and local currency is just two days. They are also easy on the pocket and give you great value for the money you pay. Get yours today and start an Uber taxi business of your own and be as successful as it is.

The Flavour of the Uber Rider App Clone

uber rider app clone

These days many developers are in the business of developing Uber-like apps, thanks to the demand created by the success of the Uber taxi.  Developers pull all stops to use the best technology, in order to provide the best taxi solution to their clients. Thanks to innovations being introduced every day, riders can use the Uber rider app clone services with convenience as it has the best features designed using the best state of the art technology to give riders a smooth taxi experience.

The Uber Passenger App Clone Features

The Uber clone is made up of two components, the rider app and the driver app. Let us look at some of the characteristics of the passenger app to understand why riders prefer to use this mode of transportation.

  • The user has to register on the passenger app with essential details like name, contact number, email address and credit card details. The user can also register via social media sites like Facebook and Google.
  • The smart and intelligent GPS system tracks the rider’s real-time location and sends this information to the server.
  • The fare estimation feature is the most user-friendly as it gives the users an estimate of the fare before the cab can be booked.
  • The rider receives a notification once he books the cab confirming details of the cab. The rider will also receive notification once the can starts its journey towards the pickup point and also when it reaches its destination.
  • Once the rider reaches his/her destination, an invoice will be generated for the same. The user can then decide how the wants the payment to be made i.e. via card, cash or Paypal.

Possibilities Unlimited for Taxi Owners

Taxi owners never in their wildest dreams imagined that there would be an easier and much user-friendly and smart way by which more and more passengers could be attracted to use their service.  By introducing the On demand concept into the way they run their taxi business, they can now generate more clientele and hence more revenue.

As a taxi owner, you can make a one-off investment in the app and modernise your taxi business such that you will not only retain your existing clientele but will also attract new clientele. The app also has the facility to entice new clientele by way of offers and promotions.

For every cab booked through your app, you stand to gain a hefty commission. Not only that you no longer have to invest in any cars because your drivers will use their own cars. This straightaway reduces your business expenses by way of:

  • No vehicle servicing
  • No vehicle insurance payments
  • No payments for road tax
  • No set salaries for drivers
  • No staff salaries
  • This app also allows you to do away with your cab office, hence you make a huge saving on office rent and utilities too.
  • No hassle of paying your drivers periodically as the automated payment system ensures that the drivers get paid straight into their bank account.

Are these not enough reasons for you to invest in a taxi app and get the uber rider app clone to bring you maximum clientele?

The Essential Features of the Uber Driver App Clone

uber driver app clone

Very few people actually realize that the Uber app comprises of three separate components. And naturally so because as a user, you would only think that what you have downloaded on your mobile phone is it. However, if you look at it from a tax business point of view, you will realize that the app has three components:

  • The passenger app
  • The Uber driver app
  • The admin

The passenger and the driver app need to work in complete harmony for that seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

Features of the Uber clone for drivers

To make the best use of this component, you obviously need to be a driver.  Becoming a driver takes just three steps:

  • Get your paperwork sorted and set up a driver account. This should be done via the website.
  • Once your credentials are approved, and you become approved to drive, you can download and install the app on your smartphone
  • The final step is the one that is the lucrative one. All you need to do is set up your schedule and start driving. The more jobs you pick, the more the income.

However, to become an efficient and reputed driver, your app needs to have the following features:

  • Option to chose driving location
  • Facility to accept or reject rides using your smartphone. The driver has a 15-second window to accept or reject a ride.
  • Facility to allow drivers to view and manage their account using the following features:
  • Driver authorization and vehicle/license documents
  • Facility to set availability status
  • Edit and/or view profile
  • Trip requests
  • Accepting an order
  • Facility to view past trips
  • Facility to view ride history
  • Details of all earnings and other transactions
  • Facility to chat with riders
  • Notifications and alerts via textual messages
  • Facility to view riders’ ratings and reviews
  • Facility to rate and review their driving experience
  • Navigation facility to ensure the shortest and quickest route is taken for any ride

These are some of the must-have features of any driver app. However, the driver app needs to compliment the passenger app so that every user has the best riding experience.

If you are thinking of investing in the on-demand taxi business then you need to ensure that all three components of your app have the best features.  This way your business will thrive as you have ensured that your clients get nothing but the best.  When you shop for an app, you can also ask for extra features to be added on any of the components if you think a particular feature is necessary for the success of your business.

You can get things like language and currency customization free of charge. If you are going to launch your app in a country that speaks French then you can get the app customised in French and then the currency of that country. This way you encourage local drivers to apply to work and create employment for the less literate members of the society as well as stay at home mums. Your drivers will definitely like the Uber driver app clone as it is easy to use. No need of technical knowledge. Are you ready to get into the taxi business? Your time starts now.

Why you Should have Your own Uber Mobile App Clone

uber mobile app clone

The best thing that has happened to the taxi industry is the availability of one as soon as you want one, thanks to Uber and its smart technology. This smart innovation has opened up a whole new way of enhancing the taxi-riding experience. This taxi-riding experience is now being recreated in the form of the uber mobile app clone, an Uber-like taxi app that has technically rich and enhanced features giving its users a riding experience that is even better than Uber.

Why do we like the Uber taxi app clone?

The invention of Uber created a new meaning to the word “convenience”. The taxi service started operating with all users, be it the driver or the rider fully complimented the Uber service. Apps like Uber come with their own characteristics and benefits. If you are thinking of investing in such an app for your business you can include the features that the local public like and demand. Your app can easily be customised to be in line with your business requirements, at a cost that is easy on your pocket.

Features of the Uber mobile app

  • Users can easily register and use the app from their mobiles
  • Riders can select the cab type according to their budget and number of passengers
  • Pick up and drop off points are easily identified, thanks to the integration of Google Places and Maps into the app
  • By registering their debit/credit card details, the payment process becomes fully automated
  • The real time tracking feature allows the rider to “see” the location of their driver The identity of the driver is also revealed.
  • Drivers have the facility to accept or reject rides.
  • A voice activated navigation app is also available in the form of the GPS feature.
  • All drivers have the facility to monitor the number to rides that they have accepted.
  • Payment details can easily be tracked, thanks to the brilliant analytics features, which allows all invoices to be stored

The app is one that works on all smart platforms, therefore increasing the user base.

Strike while the iron is hot

The future of the taxi business is surely bright and that is why many entrepreneurs have ventured into this arena. For a modest sum, anyone interested in this app can easily get it from the various vendors in the market.

Some vendors will specially customise your app for you according to your business needs at no extra charge, while others will charge you exorbitant fees for every small change. Therefore it helps if you have checked out the vendor market and shortlisted a few developers who will give you value for money – a good product for your business whilst keeping low costs.

Why waste time when the time to strike is now? This is the way the future is headed as more people get rid of their cars and embrace the idea of being driven around and stay stress-free every day. The future of road commuting is definitely in the hands of the uber mobile app clone. Are you going to be part of that future and make a fortune to secure your future in the process?

The Workings of the Uber Delivery Clone

uber delivery clone

The concept of Uber works by allowing riders to look for and book rides. This concept has started an on demand revolution and today we have many on demand apps that are being used for various services. One such app, the uber delivery clone, works by allowing users to book and manage deliveries. The deliveries can be for personal or professional use.  Any user can download the app and start using its services by registering and then selecting details like the date, time, type, pick up point and destination of delivery. These apps also have a choice of what mode of transport you want to use for the delivery i.e. bicycle, bike, scooter, lorry etc

Once all the above have been selected, the user now has a choice of what method he wants to use for payment i.e. cash, Paypal, credit card, debit card etc. As soon as the mode of payment has been chosen a successful job is created. The user can check the details once more before finally confirming the job. An estimated delivery time will be displayed. All information regarding the delivery can now be found from the app.

The user, as well as the receiver, is able to track his package from the time it leaves its destination up to the time it reaches its destination and is safely delivered.

Why Uberrush Clone

Users favour this and other similar apps because they are safe, reliable, and convenient, not to forget economical too. The amazing features and a user-friendly interface allow the whole booking process just like that of a taxi. The app has the facility to send anything, be it a document or a whole vanful of stuff.

This amazing app, with just a flick of a button, connects drivers, transporters and clients with each other. The cargo is kept safe via the tracking feature on the app, which will keep track of all the vehicles. This app does nothing other than providing an efficient and seamless delivery experience for all its users.

Are You Ready To Invest In This App?

On demand apps have sprung up for all services and delivery is no different. Many entrepreneurs have invested in such apps to try and outdo Uber or even get similar success to it. You too can be the next UberRush. You can choose the features that are universally accepted for your app. You can then put your own unique stamp on it by adding features that are unique to your delivery business.

This app and other similar on-demand apps are the future. And we all want to move with it, don’t we? So why the wait? Make a one-time investment in this app and enjoy a lifetime of returns. What’s more you can choose the location of the launch and get the language and currency customised accordingly.

Get your own white labelled branded delivery app solution with your personal logo and launch the app that is going to be the future of delivery – the Uber delivery clone.

The Nitty Gritty behind an Uber like Apps Development

uber like apps

If you have an idea that will simplify and a process, or improve the quality of a service, making it cost-effective in terms of time and money, and can provide it on demand that you just might be the next Uber.

What is UBER?

Uber is a San Francisco born start-up that has forever revolutionised not only the taxi industry but the service industry as a whole. The Uber that we all know today is present in many parts of the world and is thought to be the most elaborate taxi service that is developing at a very rapid pace.

The reason for Uber’s success is simple – it opened up a smart, convenient and well thought out, communication system between the riders and drivers. It was also easily accessible. Anyone who had an iPhone or Android smartphone could download it and use it. The app not only facilitated an easy and smart way of booking a taxi, it also allowed users to track their taxi in real time. The app also has a payment gateway integrated such that payment is automatically deducted from the rider’s payment card or bank account.

The phenomenal success of Uber in such a short time has got entrepreneurs and companies thinking hard and fast and thinking of ways on how they can become as popular and successful as Uber. The next thing you hear is everyone wants to build an Uber. However, they soon realised that it was not cost effective to replicate Uber and started thinking along the lines of developing an app like Uber.


Let’s look at how Uber works before we delve deeper into the complexities involved in developing an Uber like apps.

Any individual who is in need of transportation will simply log onto the app and put his request on it. The request, along with details of the pickup and drop off point is sent to the nearest driver. The driver can either accept or reject the ride.

The drivers are not licensed taxi drivers but individuals who have their own vehicle and are looking to make some extra money or have spare time which they put to good use.

If the first driver rejects the ride request, it is automatically pushed to the second nearest one and so on. If the ride gets accepted in the first instance, the driver will go to the pickup location to pick up the rider and drop them at their destination. Once the ride is over, both the driver and the rider have the facility to rate and review each other.


Launching such complex applications is not easy, as they involve the development of the client as well as the server. Such applications require a central server which can:

  • Perform complex computations like commissions subtraction, expected arrival time, calculation of cost etc
  • Oversee multiple user interactions e.g. driver and passenger
  • Have data storage functions
  • Think logically like a business

The technology used to develop the app is the latest, whether it is for iOS or android. The iOS based app is developed using iOS SWIFT Technology supported extensively by Apple Company. Similarly, the Android app is developed using Native Java supported extensively by Google Company. Since our apps are highly optimized, you can either go with simple Shared Server or even Amazon AWS Cloud Server.

The on-demand taxi service is dependent heavily on various frameworks and APIs for online payments, navigation and communication. Google Map’s API’s are used for maps, geolocations and paths, although the facility to integrate Waze maps is also available as an alternative to Google Maps. The Stripe Payment Gateway has been integrated for payments, Twilio for text messages, and push notifications are sent via Apple Push Notifications Service for IOS apps and Firebase Cloud Messaging for Android apps. Transactional emails are sent via mailgun integration.

The client apps is actually a partnership of two apps – a driver/supplier app and a passenger/demand app. Both apps have their own set of features.


Sign up and sign in facility. For drivers, there is the additional facility for the profiles to be verified and approved before the final registration process is completed.

Both drivers and passengers should be able to edit their personal details as and when required. The driver app also has details of his license and his vehicle. The passenger and the driver should be able to view each other’s profile. This feature helps them to recognize each other at the pickup point.

The function allows a passenger to be automatically connected to the nearest driver. The driver has to accept the ride in about 30 seconds after which it will automatically be forwarded to the second nearest driver.

The GPS technology is the heart of any location based app. Everything else is built around this technology. This feature is used by both passengers and drivers to locate each other, draw paths and track the cars. It also enables the fares to be calculated, along with the estimated time of arrival.

Important notifications are sent via email, text messages or push notifications. There are various free utilities provided by vendors that you can use.

Both the driver and the passenger know the estimated fare in advance. The actual fare is actually calculated by the server, by studying parameters such the distance between the pickup and drops off point, traffic, type of car, fuel cost etc.

Sometimes when the demand for rides increases than “surge pricing” technology comes into play, thereby increasing the normal fare. This is an optional feature which you can have.

Uber technology has been designed to accommodate a cashless system of payment. As soon as the ride is completed, the payment is automatically deducted from the registered mode of payment. Online payment providers like Stripe can easily be integrated into the mobile apps and they provide powerful APIs. They also support all the major credit cards like Mastercard, American Express and Visa and are optimized for mobile, web and in-app purchases.


To maintain an exceptionally high level of service, passengers and drivers should be provided with the facility to rate and review each other. Drivers with low ratings will find it difficult to get a fare, whilst passengers with low ratings will find it difficult to get a ride. Passenger feedback is usually displayed on the driver’s profile to make it easy for everyone to see.

The ratings provided by both will give an indication of the strengths and weaknesses of your business and where there is room for improvement.

The facility to view details of their previous trips to driver/passenger name, date and time of travel, type of car etc should be available for both the driver and the passenger.

Both drivers and passengers should have the facility to cancel a ride. You may wish to instill cancellation charges.


The web-based admin panel is the engine of the whole system. It manages the whole system including the drivers, passengers, back-end system, requests, transactions, views the movements of drivers and passengers, report generation etc. It also manages the finances.


To develop an app like Uber means developing two apps and a web-based admin panel. Therefore your cost will include:

  • Design
  • Android and iOS app development (A driver and passenger app for each platform)
  • Web development
  • Back end development
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance

The total time is taken for the app developing includes around 5000 hours of back breaking work. The hourly rate varies between $20 to $150, sometimes even more. This brings your total cost to be between $100,000 to $750,000. Therefore it is important that you do your groundwork too before choosing the company that will develop your app.

However, if you do some serious research, you will get companies who will develop your app for as little as $2000 and give you some freebies with your app too. These may include:

  • Installation, configuration and launch of your app
    –    A free lifetime license
    –    A white-labeled solution
    –    Customization of one language and currency of your choice
    –    Support for minor bugs
    –    24/7 support any time, any day.

Are you ready to launch your Uber now? Create an uber like apps that will be as good as Uber and revolutionize the on demand industry.