Where can you Buy and Sell your Source Codes?

The business of mobile apps has soared at an unbelievable rate in the recent past. As more and more people understand the transformation that the app industry has offered to the people, it is becoming evident that everyone is just dying to get a piece of it.

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But the way we work in this world isn’t too simple. I may be a carpenter who wants to get a digital presence but I don’t know how to develop and app. So, what is the best course of action for me? What should I do?

The app market is a simple and effective solution for this problem. So, what happens is that a team of developers come together and prepare and app for you and sell it to you. Once you buy this app, it functions with a certain degree of automation so that you don’t have to worry about it.

The Mobile apps market

Mobile application development is thought to be as one of the most cutthroat market and it is demanding job for developers to fulfill the necessities of client. When it comes to meeting client’s deadlines, buying app source code from reliable and premium apps marketplaces should be of great help. There are many pre created working modules that will facilitate in completing iPhone or android projects on time.

In fact, if you are not a developer but want to start off an app based service immediately then too, buying an off the shelf kind of source code can be of great use. Mobile application marketplaces also offer exciting opportunities to make extra money to a lot of talented developers by selling mobile app source codes at reasonable prices. If you can develop unique and working source code, there are people who ready to buy them at competitive price.

Top mobile app market – buy and sell source codes


This is a platform that you can use to buy or sell different kinds of source codes for different kinds of apps. The mobile applications that we use today are of different kinds. Some are gaming apps others are utility ones. This particular site is preferred for its gaming apps.


ApkaCode.com is an only one of its kind mobile app marketplace which allows iOS and Android developers to sell and buy their source code and create extra proceeds from it. It is an up-and-coming platform for app developers and investors to buy, sell, or license certain mobile apps/games. Here people looking to invest some money can easily find mobile apps source code for a category of their choosing like Games, Entertainment, Finance & other utilities at best price.


This one hasn’t been around for too long but is quickly becoming a very popular name in the biz world. People are coming to terms with the fact that the guys are GameGorillaz are pretty serious. They have a very profitable approach towards making their site a multivendor platform. Their line of products range from source codes of various game development platforms and other interesting apps. They also have dedicated divisions of Game music and 2D game art. They have become a hot favorite amongst many vendors because they have a weekly payout format.


AppResk is one of the more promising online marketplaces that have gained popularity since a little over a decade. They have amassed a good fan base owing to the fact that they work on mobile apps development & wide range of customers. Apparently AppResk has a small ground-breaking mobile game developer’s team. This team mostly works on turning your ideas to real visual games. AppResk team works on different platforms like Graphics design, Game UI & Unity 3D and delivers totally astonishing results. Users can buy source code for diverse platforms here. This marketplace also offers Graphics reskinning at very reasonable price with full support.


ACS has gotten a lot of popularity in the recent past. It has today become one of the easiest platforms to purchase apps from. They are known to develop and deliver mostly utility based app such as the taxi application or delivery application etc. Their service provider application has become one of the best apps at a global level. They are essentially in the business of developing clone apps from tried and tested utility app like gojek and Uber. So if anyone is planning to start a business on those lines, they don’t have to bother with developing their own apps. They can simply purchase an app that is ready and can be launched instantly. The only work remaining is to reskin them. White labeling them with the respective company’s brand name and logo is the final task.

Can you Start Earning with an App Like Gojek?

Gojek has been synonymous with many different kinds of services in Indonesia today. It’s not just a ride-hailing app anymore. If someone even wants to get their mobile recharged, they can do it through the Gojek application. But any budding entrepreneur will have one major question on their minds. They will always wonder how they too can be successful with an app like Gojek. To understand that, we will first have to understand what the business model of the same is.


What is the Gojek Clone App?

Gojek clone application is fundamentally a manifold services mobile application that enables its users to book taxis, send deliveries apart from being able to hire professional services of other service providers such as Babysitters, carpenters, DJ, Fitness coaches, Home painting Service, insurance agent, lawyers, Handymen, lawn mowing professionals, car wash, doctor and ambulance and so on and so forth.

The Gojek clone app is a large envelope in the form of a mobile application. This envelope encompasses the services of over 52 different kinds, apart from taxi booking, car rental, and parcel delivery. It’s like a large bag filled with different items of different shapes and sizes.

App like Gojek

When Gojek was initially started, it wasn’t a cake walk. It doesn’t just generate out of thin air. It took years to build an app of this size and quality and definitely took a lot of money to develop it too. What was the money for, you ask? Well, digital things look nice and easy but are in fact the most difficult thing to achieve seamlessly. They require a whole lot of effort and a lot of research also goes into building them. An app is not something that should just work okay when you use it. You have to think about it from every possible angle. You have to ensure that it can take the weight of the whole market.

This is why the initial years say a lot of money being put in and a large team working incessantly on it. An app like gojek is basically an app that eliminates the whole process of trial and error. So, basically, you will be left with an app that is solid and doesn’t require any money dumping. It is based on the preexisting model of Gojek. The entire research work is already done.

Why the Gojek Clone is the best way to proceed with a business today?

The Gojek Clone is a very stout app. Since this app uses the main Gojek website as the foundation of the app it has already undergone the vigorous process of testing. It has seen all possible scenarios and the necessary changes have been made accordingly.

app like gojek

Naturally, you also spend a lot lesser than you would have to in case you tried to create an app from scratch. It is ready to launch, so you don’t even spend years for it to materialize or take shape. This is the simplest way to fast track your business into something potent and successful quickly and effectively.

Sometimes, we are wary of taking a large step. We don’t want to take big leaps because we think the biggest guy is already there. But remember, he is only the biggest guy till you beat him to it. In order to be bigger than that which is already there, you will have to take the right steps and be ready for some risks.

How Did Ambulances Come To Be?

Contrary to popular belief ambulances are not a modern miracle. Its history dates back to over 5 centuries around the time of the siege of Malaga by the Catholic monarchs against the Emirate of Granada. The word itself is a combination word from Latin and French. The word Ambulant in Latin meant “to walk”. The French used it with a combination to call it “Hopital Ambulant” that literally meant a moving hospital. Advance in medical sciences over the years saw it transform from a horse-drawn carriage to our modern day fully equipped vans.

on demand ambulance services

The beginning of the ‘moving medical carriages’

Treatment of many diseases was not found in the earlier times. This is why they had to be transported securely away from the rest of the community to prevent damage. Severe medical conditions such as leprosy and mental problems “treated” by forceful removal from the society. The earliest records of such transport indicate that they created by the Anglo-Saxons and were in the form of hammock based cart.

It might come as a shocker that the earliest recorded medical transportation units were more ostracizing in nature than treatment based. However, keeping the sick away from the healthy population was probably the best way to treat people in that time.

Making it available for civilians

The introduction of a transport carriage in London in the year 1832 was a major breakthrough in opening Ambulance services for the civilian population. The Times newspaper said, “The curative process commences the instant the patient is put in to the carriage; time is saved which can be given to the care of the patient; the patient may be driven to the hospital so speedily that the hospitals may be less numerous and located at greater distances from each other”. This is a clear indication that people from all over the world have been concerned with making medical facilities accessible as soon as possible to the one suffering.

Then and Now

With time and modern medicine, things have taken a completely different shape today. A lot of money spent on research and development of health facilities to ensure that mankind has a comfortable life. Medicine, as we know it has come a really long way, fought many battles and evolved into a better and stronger entity than it has ever been.

The ambulances restricted to carry only the untouchables and terribly disease riddled bodies from one place to another can today handle surgeries while on the go. It made possible because of the steady growth of technology in harmony with medicine.

Technological advancements, education, and dedication of scientists have resulted in state of the art ambulances that can handle serious surgeries such as open heart transplants too right inside an ambulance.

The Ambulance Today

Today, ambulances remind us of transformers. They packed with custom fittings to support their particular duty. There are different kinds of ambulances today. You will have special ambulances that cater to childbirth, others that focus on heart-related troubles, some that lay emphasis on trauma and so on and so forth. Each built to fulfill a unique role; these ambulances are now, a mighty industry in themselves.

There are many improvements (apart from the medical facilities) in the ambulance. The signal system, the auditory warning system (siren), visual warning system (beacon) and other colors incorporated to make the people aware that someone injured or sick is traveling and needs immediate attention. Additions such as tail lifts, ramps, and winches have made it a lot easier to transport the patients.

Ambulance as a business

Health is something no one likes to gamble with. People are pretty serious about these things. That and specialization to a large extent makes it possible for people to get the immediate medical facility. This is why many premium hospitals offer such paid ambulance services. In order to tap into the potential of this market, many people are entering the digital space.

The digital market means mobile apps or websites. On demand ambulance services or On demand medical transport is a great application that is picking up great popularity these days. Most entrepreneurs these days aim at getting the most out of any business almost instantly. For this, people aim to get readymade apps. It enables them to launch their ambulance on demand app business instantly on the road.

These apps are pretty simple. They allow the users to book an ambulance instantly through their smartphones. The ambulance on demand app shows exactly how far the ambulance is from them so that they don’t have to wait in uncertainty. This app has many advantages such as instant scalability, handsome remuneration etc. However, the biggest advantage is the ability to help the people who are in need and still making money.

Ambulance On Demand App

If you too are planning on starting your own ambulance services through ambulance on demand app make sure that you undertake an adequate amount of research. There are many companies the world over, that is making and selling on demand type applications. Before you zero in on what you want to buy you have to make sure that you pay attention to your specific requirements. The market is flooded with on demand types of applications and the only way to be absolutely certain that you are getting what you want is by taking a working demo before you actually invest in something.

on demand

There is an ambulance on demand apps a dime a dozen, but is a reputable company making them? What is their delivery ratio? What is their success rate? Research a little wisely and make sure that you put your money in only after you are absolutely certain that you are doing the right thing by investing in this app. If you follow the right path you are sure to succeed. Just be wise and stay patient. Don’t back up at the first hurdle you come across. Take your time and stay strong. All the best!