Postmates Clone App

Delivers Packages Using Smart Technology While Delivering Money Into Your Coffers

On demand delivery app clone is the perfect idea of a start-up - a business that involves the use of smart digital technology for effective and efficient delivery of all sorts of packages

Postmates Clone App


That Others Charge For
  • Installation Of Apps

    Installation Of Apps

    The configuration, uploading and installation of the code Database & Web Services on the Online Web Server, Google/Android Play Store & Apple/iOS App store is all managed by us at no added fee.

  • Installation Of Apps

    Getting Approval For Apps On The Play Store

    We take complete responsibility of getting your apps accepted by the iTunes & Google Play Stores. For all technical issues, we are 100% accountable and for any other issue, we will guide you till these apps can be launched on these stores.

  • White Labeling

    White Labeling

    Your company name and logo will be put everywhere on the Postmates clone app so that it can be launched as yours completely. This is also done by us without charging any extra fee.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    If you wish to check whatever is going on through the app, you can do it using our advanced analytics feature. You can easily get details regarding the number of rides undertaken, number of cancellations, how much commission you have been able to make etc.

  • Advanced Reports

    Advanced Reports

    You can go through the clear breakdown of your earnings along with other reports which will allow you to focus on and identify your pain areas so that you can put in more effort there. You will also be able to check if the rate of commission that you are charging is correct or needs any modification.

  • wallet


    An in app wallet is a feature that will enable your customers to make payments directly through digital wallet. This wallet can be recharged using Mobile Money or can be done by the admin if the payment is done by the customer to the admin directly through any other source.

  • life time license

    Life Time License

    Once you pay for the postmates clone app, you get a lifetime license for the same. You never need to pay for it or get it renewed.

  • Licensed Code Open For Personalization

    Licensed Code Open For Personalization

    For any kind of modification that might be required in the future, we give you the source code of the app. Please note that this source code is completely licensed and open so that any developer from your end can make the required changes.

  • Responsive Web Panel's

    Responsive Web Panel's

    Your web panel needs to be accessed by the masses, so, we have made it completely responsive across any platform like the Android or iOS and can be used over any PC, Tablets, Android Phones, iPhone/iPad, Windows or Blackberry Phone, etc.

On Demand Delivery App Clone Script

This app is a powerhouse of features that make sure that your business is a booming success. We understand how important this business is for you and so we try to give you everything that you will need to propel through this market. We will help you capitalize on the digital wave by utilizing the best features of technology to increase your return on investment.

Once you invest in our postmates clone app and make it yours, we will put your name and logo everywhere to give you complete ownership and authority for the same. Now is your chance to shine! Take a peek at the host of features we offer you with our app.

on demand courier delivery app script

on demand delivery app clone


Check the Postmates Clone App live demo video. How delivery boy & sender is connected with application from booking to delivery end.

on demand delivery app clone demo postmates clone


  • We are all living in the fast lane, which means we want things done instantly. That means even those things like deliveries that usually take time as part of their natural course. Thanks to the postmates clone app, deliveries can be made some faster and that is why every new startup is thinking of investing in an app that beats the waiting time records of all deliveries.
  • Anyone who wishes to send a package or a parcel urgently will need to register on the app before using is for their purpose. Registration includes inputting their personal details like name, address and method of payment i.e. debit or credit card. Your clients can by anyone – a normal person like you or me, or those whose business involves deliveries like pizzerias, milliners, chocolatiers, florists, supermarkets and restaurants, to name a few.
  • After registration, they are ready to request a delivery by logging onto on demand delivery app clone. Once logged in, they need to input the details of the package, item, or courier that is going to be delivered. They also have the option to choose the preferred mode of transport for their delivery i.e. scooter, bike, cycle, foot, lorry, van, rail, sea etc. They will also input the date and time that they want the delivery to be done, along with the destination of the delivery. Depends on what and where the delivery is, and the mode of transport chosen, an estimated fare will be displayed on the screen.
  • Available couriers in the vicinity will also appear on the screen, along with their profile, photograph, reviews and ratings. The sender makes a decision on which courier will do his delivery and choose accordingly. Once he chooses a courier, that service provider will receive a message giving details of the job. This also opens up the communication channel between the two.
  • The courier accepts or rejects the job depending on his circumstances. If he accepts it, he will indicate so and will then be able to see the details of the delivery. At the scheduled time, he will pick up the courier from the pickup location and start his journey. He will also indicate on the app that he has started the journey. This prompts the postmates clone app to generate a verification code, which is sent to the recipient of the package by way of a text message. This way, the recipient is also aware that his package is en route and he will be able to track the courier as it travels to its destination on the app.
  • On arrival at the destination point, the courier will hand over the package to the recipient, who in turn will confirm receipt by handing over the verification code to the courier. The courier will enter the verification code into his app to confirm the end of the journey and delivery of the package. This prompts the generation of an invoice, a copy of which goes to the client. Payment is automatically deducted from the registered debit/credit card on the selection of the "collect payment" option that is on the apps like uber for logistics.
  • The courier will hand over the item/package to the recipient on arrival. The recipient, in turn, will acknowledge the receipt of the package by handing over the verification code to the courier. The courier will input this code onto his app so that an invoice can be generated for payment purposes. The cost will automatically be deducted when the courier selects the “collect payment” option on the app, from the credit/debit card, which was fed into the system on registration
  • Both parties can rate and review the experience at their convenience. The owner in the meantime gets a nice hefty commission for the successful delivery just completed.

Get The World To Use Smart Technology To Request And Make Deliveries with Postmates Clone App

Introduce the world to a smart, efficient and synchronised way of sending deliveries to anyone, anywhere at any time. We are living in the on-demand era, where everything is available at the touch of a button.

Don't waste time thinking about the ifs, whens and buts. Just invest in the postmates clone app and get started. There will be no looking back for you then as you will be too busy counting the money that is being deposited into your bank account. There will be only one uber clone for delivery that your clients will trust, and that will be yours.

delivery sender app delivery driver app
uber delivery clone graphical flow
sender and delivery driver splash screen
uber delivery clone introduction screen
sender & delivery driver login & registration screen
sender and delivery driver account verification
uber delivery clone appliation menu
sender add pickup location
delivery driver gets online to accept request screen
sender send request to driver
Delivery Driver accept or reject sender request
delivery driver arriving screen
sender and delivery driver chat screen
Delivery driver arrived pick up location screen
delivery started screen
Emergency contact screen
delivery completed screen
uber delivery clone invoice summary screen
delivery tip features screen
uber delivery clone toll calculation for USA
uber delivery clone waybill screen
condition to start on demand delivery app screen
surcharge & delivery later feature screen
delivery cancel screen
manage document & vehicles screen
uber delivery clone payment screen
your delivery screen
delivery driver statistics screen
delivery driver & sender wallet screen
sender & delivery driver manage profile screen
Sender and delivery driver can Invite Friends to join application
Panic Button for Sender and delivery driver
Sender and Delivery Driver Heat View
Sender & Delivery Driver Feedback Screen
Sender & Delivery Driver Menu & About Us Screen
uber delivery clone contact & help screen

4 steps to your products

We follow the 4 step formula below and do the hard work so that your work becomes much easier.
  • Download And Test The App Firsthand

    First step to buying a postmates clone app is to take a complete demo. But we don’t offer a meaningless demo! We give you a live on road experience of the same. Just download the app and take it for a test drive. If you feel like it needs any modifications, just let us know and we will incorporate them for you.

  • Language & Currency Preference

    The original setting of the app tenders the typical language of English. The original currency that is incorporated is USD. However, we can combine the language and currency of your choice within the app as well, to the preexisting settings.

  • Provide server, play store, your logo

    Once you have made the purchase of the postmates clone app, you can give us your Server & Play Store details in order to enable us set up the apps with your logo/brand name and upload/configure them.

  • Your App Is Launch D In Your Name On Your App Store

    Since it is your app, it deserves to be launched in your name only! This is why we completely transform and re-skin your app with your logo and company/brand name everywhere. This will facilitate you to start earning from the moment the app is launched.

Web Panel's Included
uber delivery app web panel
On Demand Delivery App Clone Package That Out Does All The Others – A Smart Website, An Efficient Panel For The Courier And The Intelligent Panel For The Send – The One App That Will Deliver Both Couriers And Money Into Your Account Simulatneaously

Our on demand delivery app clone has been designed with the most basic and minimum features. However, if you want to give your clients a unique delivery experience, just say the word and we will customise the app to your specifications. You can rest assured that we will set you up in just two days.

Who needs Fedex, DHL and UPS when there is your Uber delivery clone, working much more smartly and efficiently than them?

Core Features
  • Multicurrency/ Multilanguage Multicurrency/ Multilanguage

    In addition to English as the standard language and USD as currency, we will incorporate a language of your choice within the app.

  • God Eye View God’s Eye View

    This feature gives you an overall visibility of any ride for delivery that is being undertaken

  • Cash or Pay by Card Cash or Pay by Card

    Three options to make payments are available: Cash, Card or in App wallet.

  • Real Time Tracking Real Time Tracking

    You can monitor the real time whereabouts of your vehicles undertaking delivery through this feature.

  • Book Now or Schedule for Later Feature Book Now or Schedule for Later Feature

    Instant pick up and deliver or schedule a pick up for sometime later are two options that your app offers to the customers.

  • Promo Code and Referrel Promo Code and Referral

    You can use the promo codes and referral rewards generated by the postmates clone app to give offers to your customers which will help in increasing customer loyalty and draw in more and more users.


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