Postmates Clone - Multiple Delivery Services in One App!

Our future-ready solution enables you to provide various on-demand delivery services through a unified app. Our experts conducted in-depth market research to design a platform that ensures the success of your business under any circumstances. Here are some key delivery services that you can provide using our Postmates-like app. Moreover, by choosing our solution, you gain the flexibility to integrate delivery service categories of your preference!

  • Food <br> Delivery Food
  • Grocery Delivery Grocery Delivery
  • Pharmacy Delivery Pharmacy Delivery
  • Wine - Alcohol Delivery Wine - Alcohol Delivery
  • Flower Delivery Flower Delivery
  • Bottled Water Delivery Bottled Water Delivery
  • Stationery Delivery Stationery Delivery
  • Many More Options Many More Options

Postmates Clone App Flow

Deliveroo clone app flow

Working Demo of Our Multi-delivery App

Watch the video to understand how our on-demand delivery app works in real time. See how easily your users will be able to order food, groceries, medicines, stationery, flowers, and other items online and enjoy smooth deliveries with only a few clicks.

delivery app solution
Postmates App Clone

What’s Included in Our Postmates Clone Script Package?

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs like you launch online businesses in just 1-2 weeks. And so, we provide a holistic solution that includes all the modules you need to operate your business online. Some major modules include iOS and Android apps, a website, and an admin panel. Take a look at all the essential scripts you get with the purchase of our Postmates Clone Package.

Our App Bundle

Screen Flow Visuals of our On-demand Delivery App

The store-based delivery app integrates advanced features like real-time tracking, online payments, ratings & reviews, and more. Along with the user app, the delivery driver and store app, too, incorporate high-end features for a smoother experience. Go through the screen flow of our applications!

Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Store App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • Store store app
  • Store items
  • set timings
  • store details
View Step by Step Graphical Flow

Unique Features of Our Postmates Clone Apps

Our on-demand store delivery app incorporates the most advanced and essential features. Each of these features is pre-integrated to boost user-friendliness and convenience at all stages, including ordering, delivery, and management.

Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Store App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
Customer app features
delivery driver app
Delivery driver app
Grocery store app
Grocery store app
web panel of grocery delivery app
admin panel of grocery delivery app

Get Our All-inclusive Package Today!

Wondering what you get with the purchase of our Postmates Clone Package and how much everything costs? Well, visit our Pricing Page to find all the details of our free and paid features, interfaces, available currencies, languages, payment gateways, etc.

grocery app pricing package
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The need for on-demand services is increasing day by day!

People's shopping habits have changed over time, and today, a majority of them like to order everything they need online. They usually prefer ordering food, groceries, wine, stationery, medicines, and many other essential items online. It won't be surprising to learn that the global on-demand logistics market is expected to reach $80.6 billion by 2031. Moreover, if we break down the valuations for each and every sector mentioned above, well, the numbers will turn out to be mind-boggling!

What is a Postmates Clone?

It is a popular store-based delivery solution that works on a similar model as Postmates.

Postmates is a widely-recognized and used application that lets its users place delivery and takeaway orders from more than 600,000 restaurants, grocers, and other stores and retailers. Uber Technologies Inc. is its parent organization!

Entrepreneurs like you can use the clone application to launch online store-based delivery businesses where users can order anything they need from stores near them.

Why is launching an On-demand App for Store Deliveries the right option?

Unquestionably, the market is rising! For instance, food delivery alone is expected to reach $1.02 trillion, and the grocery delivery market by 2023! The grocery market will also be valued at around $0.63 trillion by 2023.

Every on-demand business knows what the market needs right now and where these trends will go in the future. You should also take advantage of market trends and launch your Postmates Clone. No matter where you plan to launch the platform—it can be in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, or the Middle East—the responses will always be spectacular.

Here are some convincing reasons why people will try out your store-based delivery app and will love it:

It's more convenient to get doorstep deliveries

On-demand apps like Postmates promise convenience to their users. Some simple examples of when people use these apps include ordering medicines online when they can't go to the pharmacy to buy them or placing a food delivery order from a nearby restaurant in the middle of the night. A professional delivery driver picks up the order and delivers it to the user's doorstep - it is that easy!

Get everything in one place

With your Postmates Clone, users will no longer need to juggle between different apps. They will get a variety of on-demand delivery services right under one hood! In short, all they have to do is register/sign up on the platform to start ordering from stores or supermarkets near them.

The app offers excellent flexibility

Another reason why people will love your app is that it provides the flexibility to order everything they need at any time of the day. As long as the local store is open, people can use the application to place their orders from the selected store. Besides ordering, users can also track their package, pay for their orders online, and leave their ratings & reviews.

What Benefits will you be able to enjoy as the App Owner?

As the app owner, you get to enjoy a ton of perks by launching a pre-built Postmates Clone. It includes:

High-revenue earning

By launching the app, you will be able to generate revenues from multiple streams, which include commissions, in-app ad earnings, surge pricing, and so on.

Quick market presence

By launching a ready-made app, you can quickly establish your presence in the market while your competitors are still busy designing and coding the solution.

It supports scalability

The on-demand delivery app is developed using the latest technologies and is fully capable of handling high loads of data, orders, users, etc., therefore, it will be easy for you to integrate more delivery services in the future. Additionally, you can also scale up the platform by launching it in different areas and growing your online business.

The app is efficient

Another benefit is that the ready-to-launch app is efficient; it automates all the essential business operations and eliminates the need for any extensive manual work.

It's more affordable than developing the app from scratch

Yes, it's way more cost-effective to launch a ready-made application than to build one from the ground up. Since it's already "designed and developed", you won't have to hire a team, get expensive software, test it in the market, run QA tests, and so on. The only thing you need to do is find a clone app development firm, buy the script package, and they'll launch a completely white-label app for you!

The launch process is quick

Pre-built applications are quick to launch as they only need white-labeling. A professional on-demand app development company for entrepreneurs like ours will help you get up and running in just 1-2 weeks.

Top Free App Features you get with Our Package
Logo and company name integration

We will remove our name and brand identity from the clone application and integrate yours to make them unique for your business. We will also change the color theme to match your branding.

Integrate preferred languages and currencies

We will integrate up to 25 different languages and currencies for you as per your choice.

Integrate payment and SMS gateway

We will integrate the local payment and SMS gateways that your users trust to ensure that they can securely pay for their orders online and also receive OTPs or other service details through SMS.

App submission

Our team will make sure that your apps are submitted to the iOS and Android app stores after you test and approve them. We also provide app submission support so that you don't have to worry about the technical issues that may arise.

Bug support for a year

We not only white-label your apps and launch them on the app stores and servers but also ensure they are bug-free. Therefore, in case a technical bug arises in the provided source code, we will fix it for you in no time.

Other advanced features that you get with the purchase of our package are:

  • Login with Face ID/Fingerprint
  • Real-time tracking
  • In-app wallet payments
  • Push notifications
  • Advanced filter and search options
  • Third-party in-app ads
  • Geolocation
  • In-app call/chat

Visit our pricing page to explore more features that we offer in our app for free and under the list of paid add-ons.