delivery app solution during corona crisis

The CoVid 19 Pandemic Cannot Hurt Your Business!

Many businesses on a global level have been hurt because of the CoVid 19 Corona Virus Pandemic Outbreak. Businesses that were on the rise had to stand still in order to be able to withstand the market situations.

But life needs to go on. People will always need their daily necessities to live their lives. People will require groceries, food and water, regardless of the pandemic. This is where your on demand delivery app, the Postmates clone can come into picture.

This app will allow users to order items and get them delivered instantly to their doorstep. Apart from being such a big convenience for all users, it is also a blessing for local service providers and delivery professionals as it gives them the opportunity to make a living even during these disastrous times.

With this Postmates Clone DeliverAll app in your hands, you can make money while helping the people of your region combat the virus and live in peace.

One App Unlimited Options

This app has been specifically developed by our expert team of on demand app developers who have over two decades of cumulative experience in this field. Custom created to ensure that a single app can provide solutions to multiple areas; this is the one stop shop for your on demand delivery business. Take a look at what all your app can do here.
  • food delivery Food
  • grocery delivery Grocery Delivery
  • pharmacy delivery Pharmacy Delivery
  • wine delivery Wine - Alcohol Delivery
  • flower delivery Flower Delivery
  • bottled water delivery BOTTLED WATER Delivery
  • Stationery delivery Stationery Delivery
  • Many More Options Many More Options

Special Features Integrated For Deliveries During CoVid 19

  • contactless delivery
    Contactless Deliveries

    The delivery driver can simply place the ordered items outside the customer’s homes and click a picture using the app to notify the users of the delivery made, avoiding any contact with the customer at all.

  • take away
    Take Away Option

    The Customers can choose to collect the items themselves rather than having someone deliver it in case they so please keeping in mind the risks associated with transference to multiple hands.

  • Safety badge
    Safety Badge

    The Safety badge is a unique medal or badge that is shown next to stores that have been verified for using the best safety measures as provided by the government guidelines.

Visual Representation Of The Postmates Clone App Flow

Deliveroo clone app flow

Postmates Clone DeliverAll App Demo

To understand the exact nature of the app and how it can be used, we have created a demo video for you. While instruction manuals can be helpful, nothing beats a video demonstration, so here we are! Dive into the nuances of the Postmates Clone app and let us know if you’d like to take a live ride of the app too! We can set you up with a FREE demo as well!

delivery app solution
Delivery boy app

A Holistic Business Bundle

We believe in providing complete and holistic solutions to our clients rather than selling them a simple app. This is why we have created a business bundle for our clients. Whenever you purchase your Postmates Clone from us, we provide you this entire bundle instead of just one app. Take a look at what all you can expect from us along with the Postmates Clone app.

Our App Bundle

Explore Our On-demand Delivery Postmates Clone App

This store-based delivery app comprises a wide range of deliveries into a Single App. Explore the app to get a better understanding of how it works. To see all the details for the application you are interested in, simply click on it.

Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Store App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • grocery store app
  • grocery items
  • set timings
  • store details
View Step by Step Graphical Flow

Custom Built Features To Help Your Business Grow

Keeping in sync with the market’s need is absolutely critical to ensure that your business grows. This is why we have added some custom features in your app just for you. Take a look at all of these unique apps.

Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Store App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
Customer app features
delivery driver app
Delivery driver app
Grocery store app
Grocery store app
web panel of grocery delivery app
admin panel of grocery delivery app

Top Features And Pricing Of The Postmates Clone App

Wondering whether your app is priced to suit your budget? Well, take a look at the detailed pricing and the features for our advanced Postmates clone app.

grocery app pricing package
View Features & Pricing

Video Tutorial

Since the Postmates Clone app includes many features and intricacies within it, it might get difficult for one to understand exactly how it works. To make it easier for our clients, we have created a bunch of video tutorials. Take a look at these tutorials to grasp the entirety of the application right here.

  • Contactless Delivery Feature Contactless Delivery Feature
  • Best Safety Practices Badge for Store Best Safety Practices Badge for Store
  • Take Away Feature Take Away Feature
  • Payment Flow Payment Flow
  • Order Management Order Management
  • Delivery Driver App Flow Delivery Driver App Flow
  • Store Items or Offer Management Store Items or Offer Management
  • Store Registration Store Registration
  • How to Cancel the Order How to Cancel the Order
  • KOT Print via Bluetooth printer KOT Print via Bluetooth printer
  • Food Ordering via Website by User Food Ordering via Website by User
  • Manual Booking from Administrator Panel Manual Booking from Administrator Panel

Need A Single App?

The Postmates Clone is a huge app, and has multiple services within it. However, if you just want to choose one option then you can go for it as well. Take a look at the different types of on demand delivery apps that we have!

Postmates Clone App - Positive Reviews

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