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Uber for X Script - In a class of its own

Approved by both the Google Play Stores and Apple Stores, our Uber taxi mobile app clone web panels for the drivers, passengers and the company(admin) are 100% responsive. They will show up on all PC browsers as well as personal digital gadgets like laptop, iphones, and all types of smartphones, iPads, and Android Tablets. In order for the app owner to perfectly manage the system, we have equipped it with the following 11 unique and outstanding subsystems and apps.

Uber App Clone V4.1 Version Live Demo Video

Uber Taxi Clone Demo Video
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live demo video

The demo video includes whole process starting from Registration/Login, and also explains whole Ride Booking process till the end of Ride.

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We breathe life to your inspirations and ideas, moulding them to a life breathing reality that will bring you returns unimaginable.

Forget your daily dreary and mundane routine and bring a spark to your life and business with our incredible and totally interactive on demand app clone or web applications. Our Uber taxi app clone is that perfect solution to bring a new life and bounce into your business. Launch the Uber taxi clone in just two days and resurrect your business from that dreary and boring monotony.

In today's cut-throat world, only the fittest and the most innovative businesses survive. That is why your inventions should be such that they are able to withstand stiff competition. The Cubetaxi app is one such application that will stand the test of time and come up trumps at all times, ensuring that your business always stays at the top of the taxi league table.

A company renowned for its amazing mobile applications, on demand app clone, uber for X script, gojek clone and great after sales support. The one stop solution for all your Custom Web development, Mobile and wearable devices development and any other similar requirement for your taxi business, delivery business or a duo combination of taxi and delivery business - Cubetaxi Technolabs.


The User Experience That Beats All Other Taxis

Rider Application

uber rider app clone
Major Features Included :
  • Licensed Source Code for Website, iPhone & Android App
  • Installation on Web Servers
  • Submission of iPhone Apps to iTunes
  • Submission of Android Apps to Play Store
  • 1 Year Support
  • Choose any languages of your choice
  • Choose any currencies of your choice
  • Apps to be White Labeled on your brand name
  • Advanced Auto Database Backup
  • Various Ride Request Allotment Algorithm to choose from
  • Advanced financial & analytical reports
  • Manual Taxi Dispatch

Driver Application

uber driver app clone
Taxi Account Verification Mobile Verification

Each and every member's phone number will be verified in auto Verification Process using SMS to avoid fake registrations.

Taxi mobile verification
submit ride request
Rider select pickup and destination
Select Pickup & Destination Address, Select Car Type, Payment Mode & Request a Taxi :

Rider to type the Pickup Location and destination (optional) or pin them on the Map. Rider to select the Car Type from the available Car Types and also the Mode of Payment (Cash / Credit card), and also see the approximate Fare.

Rider Set the Credit Card Detail
Set the Credit Card Detail

Rider to set his Credit Card Detail in the Rider App. So that whenever the Ride gets completed, the payment will be auto deducted from the Credit Card in background.

rider submit request
Submit Ride Request

Once the Passenger has set the Pickup Address, Destination, Payment Mode, Car Type, Promo Code, etc, he'll submit the Ride Request.

ride booking confirmation

The Rider's ride request will immediately be submitted in the App and send to all Drivers in the Range of X Miles/KM's.

All the Driver's will receive a notification on their mobile & see a countdown screen where they can see the Pickup & Destination of the requested ride. And have option to Accept or Ignore/Decline the incoming Ride Request.

driver receive notification
Driver notification process driver accept or ignore incoming ride request notification
Get Receipt

Rider will see the summary of the ride with travelled path, start time and drop off location detail. Rider can also download the receipt.

Rider download the receipt
Once the ride is completed..

Once the ride is completed, rider can provide Review & Rating for the Ride & Driver. And can also, see the Total fare with detail.

ride is completed
See the Driver Arriving

As soon as the driver accepts the Ride Request, the rider will be notified and will be able to see the driver's car arriving on Map. Driver's info with Car's detail will also be shown. Rider will have option to Call & Message driver or even cancel the Ride.

driver arriving
Riding Summary for Driver and Rider

Other Uber like Apps


Uber Delivery Clone​

Kick start your business with a brand new innovation in the app industry - the Uber delivery clone. You can start your business with this very versatile app that has been designed with using the latest technology and interface. Meet the demanding world head-on and start a delivery business that delivers anything from coffee to large and fragile packages.

  • Customised front end user interface
  • Advanced admin dashboards
  • A powerful analytics panel
  • A perfect business venture
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Uber Ride Plus Delivery Clone

Uber Ride Plus Delivery Clone

An app that gives users the best riding experience perfectly synchronised with delivery too is yours for the taking, giving you twice the returns for the price of one. Smart riding or smart deliveries - there is only one name for it and you need to own it - the Uber ride and delivery app clone.

    Perfect for:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
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Uber for X Script

Uber For X Products

Develop your on demand busines like Uber for X, Contact Us

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time to market : 48 hours

We'll launch Taxi Apps and on demand app clone for you in just 2-3 days and with your Branding, Logo, Language & Currency option.​ Every country has different fare calculation & billing structure so let us know if you want any customizations in fare calculation and we'll implement them for you. Go ahead & cover as many countries and cities and expand your business.

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