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Book Taxis on Iwatch with Uber Clone Taxi Booking App

Apple Watch App - Effortless taxi bookings in the palm of your hands.

Transform your taxi booking business with our Apple Watch app! We have put the power of instant taxi booking right on your user’s wrist. From streamlining the booking process to attracting new customers, our swift iWatch taxi booking app is the secret weapon for your on-demand business. With this smartwatch app, users can choose their taxi type, pick the destination, get the driver’s details, and even call the taxi driver.

Well, now's the golden moment to invest in an on-demand taxi service that can take your business ahead of your competitors quickly without spending all your money on developing mobile and iWatch apps. Want to know why you need this iWatch taxi booking application? Learn more.

Apple Watch taxi booking App

Features of Our White-Label Taxi Booking App Solution like Uber

Front End Website
Admin Panel
rider app
Our expert developers can bring your Taxi Booking App vision into reality. By developing a similar-looking app. The user panel features include:
  • Easy social media register/login
  • Quick taxi booking
  • Vehicle type
  • Ride cancellation/ reschedule
  • Get fare estimates
  • Save favorites
  • Secured multiple payments
  • Push-notifications
  • Real-time tracking
  • In-app chat
  • Offers and promos
  • Book now schedule later
  • Language preferences
  • Ratings and feedback
  • Multiple currency support
Driver app
With our most advanced level features, Uber Clone App provides drivers complete freedom to earn a decent income by accepting/declining the ride requests as to how they prefer.
  • Quick registration
  • Manage profile
  • Submit documents
  • Set availability
  • Ride request notifications
  • Live navigation /GPS Tracker
  • Previous and upcoming trip log
  • Track payments
  • Accept/Decline ride requests
  • In-app chat
  • Language preferences
Front End Website
It enables the user to order the ride from the web console. It is for those who does not use smartphones or do not have app can have the flexibility to book ride using the website.
  • Login with Mobile number, Email or Social Media
  • Book a Taxi through Website and App both
  • Track your Booking
  • Manage Profile
  • Drivers can manage their Bookings, Earnings, Profile, Taxis etc. from their Panel
  • Taxi Companies can manager their Drivers, Bookings, Earnings, Profile, Taxis etc. from their Panel
  • Organizations can manage their Organization details, Rides taken by the Employees etc. from their Panel
  • Hotels can manage the booking made by the Users through Kiosk App. They can also manage the Rides, Hotel details, Earning Etc
Admin Panel
Admin can manage everything what happens on the Application and Website. We provide below major features
  • Admin User Groups Management
  • Rides Management
  • Riders, Drivers, Companies, Organisations Management
  • Driver Vehicles Management
  • Bookings Management
  • God’s Eye View
  • Manual booking of Taxi
  • Promo Codes Management
  • Heat View
  • Advertisement Banners Management
  • View Reports like Payment Reports, Referral Reports, Wallet Reports, Cancelled Trip Reports etc

Unlimited free trial Explore Our Taxi App Clone Demo

Embark on a seamless journey of exploration with our cutting-edge solution – the Unlimited Free Trial of our Uber Clone Demo. This revolutionary platform offers a risk-free opportunity to delve into the future of ride-sharing technology without any constraints. Immerse yourself in the dynamic features and functionalities that power the world's leading ride-hailing service.

Boost Your Taxi Business with our White label Uber Clone App

Elevate your taxi business with our White Label Uber Clone App! Instead of stressing over building your own app from scratch, hiring a team of app developers, and testing it, why not get a ready-made app? We have crafted the best Uber App Clone for entrepreneurs, empowering them to start a high-end, fully-fledged, and advanced ride-hailing app. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about upgrading your application or testing the bugs; the white-labeling experts will handle everything. Why choose a white-label solution? Try our demo application and take advantage of this business opportunity.

Your taxi business might become obsolete in this digital era. You might feel frustrated with the current predicament of having 100+ fleets all waiting for customers and ready to take off. Before they start switching to digital, cover that quickly with a ready-made Uber-like Taxi app with your business name and logo to start the instantly. Your region might be waiting for the new digital era, combined with your untapped potential - this is your chance. Not long from now, new businesses and competitors will start emerging with their Uber app clone so it is essential for you to thrive and get help from the best clone app development company.

  • Taxi Booking Service Taxi Booking Service

    Taxi booking services are similar to Uber's, which are offered worldwide.

  • Price Bidding like inDrive Price Bidding like inDrive

    It is a new idea launched by the in-drive app like a bidding flow. In this, the user can choose the fare for the trip from the ones offered by various drivers.

  • Office Taxi Office Taxi

    This feature enables the user to create a ‘Corporate Ride’ profile, which can be used to book work-related trips and be reimbursed by the company. Users have to go to the ‘My Profile’ section, select ‘Corporate’, and then add the company’s name to benefit from it.

  • InterCity Taxi InterCity Taxi

    This function is the same as Uber’s intercity taxi booking. It allows users to book a taxi willing to travel from one city to another nearby city. The fare is based on the travelling distance.

  • Schedule the Taxi Later Schedule the Taxi Later

    It allows users to book and reserve a taxi for a specific date and time. This trip will be visible to all the Drivers in the locality on the ride date.

  • Rental Taxi Rental Taxi

    This is a feature where your users can rent a taxi with drivers on an hourly ride and distance basis. Renting a taxi service will increase your business's earnings.

  • Tuk-Tuk / Tricycles / 2 Wheeler like Uber moto Tuk-Tuk / Tricycles / 2 Wheeler like Uber moto

    Most people travelling alone prefer 2-wheelers as a means of transportation because it is fast.

  • Uber like Pool/Share Taxi Uber like Pool/Share Taxi

    The share taxi function allows users to book a pool taxi like Uber Pool. In this, more than one rider can travel in the same direction on the same route and save money by just paying per seat. However, you, as the app owner, can earn more commission as you get more bookings on each ride.

uber clone demo

Uber Clone - Taxi App Demo Video

Wondering how the taxi app works in real-time and makes it easy for users to book cabs, moto rides, and schedule rentals? Watch the entire Uber Clone app demo to understand how it works to bridge the gap between passengers who wish to get quick rides and drivers who want to make extra bucks without fuss! Our taxi app clone demo video also carefully walks you through the app's interface and all the advanced features. We recommend you invest in our solution only after you thoroughly watch our taxi app demo and try it on your devices.

What Does The Taxi Booking Software PACKAGE Included

When you buy a customizable White Label Uber Clone Script for your new taxi booking business, here are the other things that it includes:

  • Rider iOS App
  • Rider Android App
  • Rider Web Panel
  • Taxi Booking iWatch App (Optional)
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Kiosk Android App (Optional)
  • Main Website (Marketing Responsive & Booking of Taxi)
  • Taxi Fleet Company Management Web Panel
  • Organization Web Panel (For Corporate Rides)
  • Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel
  • Manual Taxi Dispatcher Web Panel
  • Billing Administrator Web Panel
  • Dispatcher Administrator Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all Apps & Web Systems, Payments, Rates, Riders, Drivers, Reports, Settings, etc

Why Should you Choose Us for Uber Clone Script?

Our expertise is creating Taxi App Like Uber at a very competitive price. We have the proper team and a cutting-edge development centre to make it happen whether you're searching for a customised solution or a quick turnaround alternative. With our extensive background in developing several On-Demand Apps and our ability to stay current with industry trends, we are well-versed in what it takes to create a successful Taxi Booking App. We can create a top-notch taxi app for you, put it through rigorous testing, release it using a methodical approach.

The smart move to make in order to quickly launch your on-demand taxi company is to invest in a taxi booking software. The app includes built-in supplemental features:

  • Complete White Labeling

    The app is yours and so should have your logo and name. Our team completely reskins your taxi app with your logo and name everywhere so that it can be launched under you banner. It’s business time! Grow your brand recognition.

  • App Submission to Google Play Store

    We hold your hand all the way. We assure you that our team will do the app submission on the Android Google Play store for you. Our experienced team launches the app into the app store easily because of our technical superiority.

  • Open Source Code

    We know you will grow. And growth will need you to modify your Taxi Booking App in the future. This is why we give you the entire uber clone source code absolutely FREE. You won’t need to come to us for every change needed! You can do it yourself anytime in the future.

  • Language of Your Choice for Free!

    If you do not wish to buy taxi booking app in any English speaking country, you don’t have to sweat it! We are offering 25 FREE additional language integration in the app. This feature will ensure that your app works in all the languages of your choice like Spanish, Arabic (R2L), French, etc.

  • Currency of Your Choice Absolutely Free!

    Not every country uses USD. This is why we offer you an 25 additional currencies absolutely FREE. This feature gives your users the ability to switch to the local currency apart from the USD option that is pre-integrated in the app.

  • App Launch in Itunes App Store

    Our team has a vast experience in developing and launching uber like taxi app in the iOS app store. This is why we launch your taxi booking app here to ensure no rejection. We will also be your guiding light in the entire process of app submission.

  • Payment Gateway Options

    Not just cash, this feature will allow your users to choose from any payment option that they seem fit including Cash, Card or even an In App Payment Wallet. This option makes all transactions secure, hassle free and effective.

  • Texting Options

    Your User will be able to chat with your Driver from the time of booking the ride to the time of beginning the journey. This feature makes it extremely simple for your Users to communicate with the drivers without having to place a call to them.

  • Localization Features

    You can now adjust the fields in the uber clone app as per the place. If you launch the app in more than one location, you can modify the fields as per the local requirements, in terms of units of distance (miles or KMs), Type of vehicle (sedan, hatchback, luxury, SUV etc.)

  • Free Manual Taxi Dispatch Panel

    Don't miss out on business just because your customer doesn’t have access to the internet. With our brand new manual taxi dispatch panel option, you can manually dispatch a taxi for your customers once they place a call to you.

  • Taxi Hailing

    Losing out on money because cabs are going empty? Well, not anymore! With our Taxi hailing system, your customers will have the choice to hail empty cabs without using the uber clone script. The driver can use this feature to feed in the details directly from his app.

  • Pickup and Drop Restriction Using Geo-Fencing

    Don't want to go to crime lit areas? Use our Pick up and drop restriction feature! Create virtual boundaries using the new geo fencing feature that will automatically reject requests outside of your chosen area!


Find everything that you need to make a quick purchase of our Uber like taxi app

We have been serving our non-technical clientele internationally both in the past and currently. Every non-technical client receives assistance from us during the whole bespoke app creation process. Our sales team will explain how it functions and the development process to you. Contact our support staff at any moment to discuss your Custom Taxi Booking App-related questions.

We very much value your ideas and businesses. We are a professional app development company doing business with global clients thus, we are aware of privacy and confidentiality and we practice this through an NDA agreement.

You can see the live demo on our website. If you need more details, do not hesitate to reach us.

When we send you white label apps demo, we send you apk files to check them once before we upload them to the Google Play Store.

You can monetize the taxi booking app by charging a membership fee, commission on every ride when booked, running promotional banners, as well as a partnership with third parties.

We do not have any extended tutorial OR help manual, but we shall try to help in the best manner.

No, we do not provide licensed Taxi Management Software scripts through github.

Yes, we can proudly say that our taxi app script is fully developed by our team.

No, our Ride-hailing Software is developed with Java (Android Studio), and Swift (Xcode) technology. We did not use flutter.

Yes, our project delivery comes equipped with licensed source code.

A Real Company with Real Clients

App Making Made Easy - We Develop Our Client Needs With Our Clients Who Counted On Us! Our clients appreciate us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge, and on-time delivery.
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White Label Taxi App Development of Uber Clone Application has been meticulously crafted by our dedicated team over the years, utilizing Java and Swift programming languages to ensure a top-notch user experience.

Upon your demo approval, we will promptly initiate the taxi App's deployment under your brand and logo on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (applicable as per your purchase order). It will closely replicate, if not surpass, the Uber brand's excellence, featuring additional enhancements tailored to your unique style and a slight modification to your business name. Our comprehensive Taxi Booking Application encompasses all the standard features for both users and drivers, and you'll also gain insight into the backend operations through the web console.

As the admin, you wield substantial control, overseeing a wide array of functions, from ride management to generating various reports. Gain a comprehensive, god's eye view, and experience the sensation of steering an Uber like Application, tailor-fitted to your unique business model.

Optimal Choice for Emerging Startups and Small Businesses

The App design, code modifications, testing, and debugging process is both time-intensive and financially demanding. Small businesses often lack the necessary resources to undertake and sustain this as a long-term endeavor. Cubetaxi presents itself as the ideal solution for such businesses seeking a cost-effective and dependable entry into the on-demand taxi business market.

Within a more 7 days, we will tailor the Taxi App Script to your needs, seamlessly incorporating your local currency and language, alongside your chosen SMS and payment gateway. Our team of diligent application developers has rigorously tested the Uber Clone Script, ensuring it's error and bug-free. This means you can confidently prioritize your core business operations and oversee other departments without any concerns about the script's performance.

Establish a strong market base anywhere - US, UK, UAE, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Iran - take any country in the world.

Now is the ideal moment to dive into the on-demand taxi business. Much like our KingX Pro Gojek Clone Application, we offer our Uber like Taxi App. Equipped with cutting-edge features that align with the latest technologies, your taxi fleet and passengers can effortlessly enjoy a streamlined matching process and rapid payment processing.

Introducing ProTaxi, your go-to platform for booking or renting a four-wheeler within minutes, wherever you require it.

We are confident that our Uber App Clone stands out due to its distinctive blend of creativity and technology, surpassing other clone applications in the market. Say goodbye to the extended and frustrating waits for public transport or parking spots. With our app, you'll receive real-time updates on driver location and pick-up points, have the ability to share your ride details, and receive ETA notifications all complemented by an SOS button to ensure your safety.

Loyal Customer Base

The ultimate objective of any business is witnessing a tangible impact on the lives of those who genuinely derive value from your application. This achievement requires patience as it gradually spreads through word of mouth, ultimately leading to a surge in profits as new users flock in daily to be a part of this remarkable phenomenon. By offering content customized to their needs, even drivers will establish a profound connection and trust in your taxi application.

Start Multi-Service

Mobile apps provide businesses with a platform to demonstrate their full potential. Thoughtfully crafted apps, when strategically promoted, can solidify the brand's identity and, in the end, overcome geographical limitations with remarkable effectiveness. There have been numerous instances where the fundamental processes were digitally reimagined, giving rise to entirely new services. Gojek and WeChat are prime examples of such transformation, and they have achieved "decacorn" status within their respective regions as a result.

Smart Interface

As the leading clone app development company, our approach to app creation consistently elevates the concept of design freedom. Ensuring a lasting and adaptable user experience has always been our foremost concern once an app is launched. We encourage our clients to meticulously explore the demo and share their feedback, which is always valued and appreciated.

Streamlined Operations

Our Uber App Clone enables smooth data exchange across all facets of its operations, encompassing the passenger app, driver app, and marketplace. This synchronization is achieved through seamless integration with backend systems and third-party APIs, enhancing overall efficiency and expediting decision-making processes. It's important to remember that our primary objective is to offer fast and convenient taxi-hailing services. To accomplish this, we have implemented a sophisticated dispatch system that efficiently manages extensive volumes of information and conducts data analytics—from hailing a cab to accepting ride requests.

Close Collaboration

Our development team serves as our lifeline in this market. From the very start, their strong work ethic and ability to thrive under tight deadlines have been our core strengths. The integration of multiple features necessitates feedback mechanisms that can only be achieved through transparent and close collaborations. Ultimately, it's a combination of smart work and hard work that drives our success.

Maintenance Updates

A fully-fledged Taxi Booking App is an ever-evolving project that extends beyond the initial concept. Regularly incorporating new updates, features, adapting designs, and adjusting logos in response to changing news and trends is a common practice to maintain strong branding and customer loyalty. This is precisely why our dedicated team is available 24/7 to provide comprehensive support, customization options, free upgrades, and more, ensuring that your app remains up-to-date and in sync with evolving market demands.

Data Analytics

Collecting data points such as the frequency of taxi bookings, travel time and distance, and monthly ride counts serves as a rapid data accumulation process that enables the creation of personalized notifications. Additionally, offering coupons and enticing discounts aids in retaining customers. This wealth of information empowers businesses to effectively compete on multiple fronts. Our Uber-like Taxi App utilizes open-source code to establish a robust and secure platform, consolidating and analyzing various forms of data in a single location for streamlined management and insights.

Promo Codes

Our platform features a dedicated section exclusively designed for creating, deleting, and modifying promo codes. This provides effortless management and access to the historical data of ongoing pricing strategies, offering valuable insights for future planning. Furthermore, administrators have the capability to appoint sub-admins, empowering them to oversee operations and evaluate the results of innovative ideas. Drawing upon our extensive expertise and commitment to staying abreast of industry trends, combined with rigorous testing, we possess the knowledge and experience required to craft a highly successful Taxi Booking App.

Top Features of Uber Clone

Running an on-demand taxi business revolves around delivering what users require to enhance the efficiency of their taxi operations. Entrepreneurs can customize and utilize the taxi app to align with their specific needs. Our White Label Uber App serves as the bridge connecting individuals seeking a product or service with those prepared to provide it. The features we offer for riders, drivers, and administrators all align with this fundamental principle:

  • Taxi booking iWatch app
  • Wallet option
  • Ride scheduling
  • Dynamic routing
  • RTL support
  • Geofencing
  • Auto payouts
  • Spot Booking
  • Peak Hours
  • Video Calls

Along with these, we also offer website creation and hosting, SSL certification of app codes, server compatibility, dispute, and fleet management too.

If you are not into coding and development? No problem! We served countless happy clients! Save time, money, and effort with our App like Uber! Step into the lucrative taxi booking niche effortlessly.

The market volume of the taxi business is likely to surge by 1.45 Billion by 2027. This is your chance to put on your thinking cap and take over your region and the world with your Taxi booking app without losing cash left and right. If you are thinking about this venture for a long time, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.