Uber Clone App Development

Buy Uber clone today, your very own fully customizable, white label Taxi booking app equipped with the Uber clone source code! Give your ride hailing business the agility hit your competition at the right place! If you want to give your business a new boost with the app or start a brand new business, you know what you have to do next, go for Uber Clone today!

A one-time made investment to ensure a lifetime of income. The best, most seamless and robust taxi booking software for your taxi on demand business is hailing! Loaded with features such as promo-code and referrals, this app is your gate to success.

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The CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC Doesn’t Have to Hurt Your Business!

The world is in a bad shape now, ever since the Corona Virus Pandemic hit us. Businesses are facing a downward slope as more and more shops and offices are being forced to stay shut. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for you as well. Use this opportunity to make the most of your on demand services app.

With the help of our on demand taxi app, you can make the lives of your people a little easier by offering emergency rides during this period of lockdown. The on demand taxi business may appear to be grief stricken due to the indoor limitation of most people, however, as essential services are opening up, the need to travel is growing slightly.

Delve into the cube taxi app and check out all the benefits that this business can give you today! This could be your opportunity to help your country while ensuring that you have a steady stream of profits in your pockets as well!

Talk to us TODAY to find out how you can grow your business quickly with the help of our apps!

taxi business solution during covid 19
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Breakingthe norm, with the Best Taxi application this industryhas ever seen
Seamless User Interface

Uber Clone app with the leading USER INTERFACE Ever

A classy trip - for everyone

Why should your app be ordinary when your dreams are out of the box? The Uber app clone is the answer to your extraordinary dreams. A fabulous and seamless user interface makes it a joy for you and your users. It would make sure that they can book a ride simply through a few taps on their smartphone.

The Uber clone has all the prerequisites to pave the way for your success of ride hailing business. Our expert Uber clone app development team makes sure that the taxi application is built using only the latest technology to ensure a completely flawless performance. We have also included some top features such as the Hotel panel and Kiosk booking.

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uber clone review
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We breathe life to your inspirations and ideas, moulding them to a breathing reality that will bring you unimaginable returns.

Forget your daily dreary and mundane routine and bring a spark to your business with our incredible and totally interactive Uber for X - on demand applications. Our Uber clone app is that perfect solution which will bring a new life and bounce into your taxi business. Buy uber clone and launch in just two days and resurrect your taxi hailing business from that boring monotony.

In today's cut-throat world, only the fittest and the most innovative businesses survive. That is why your inventions should be such that they are able to withstand stiff competition. The CUBETAXI Uber app clone is one such application that will stand the test of time and emerge victorious at all times, ensuring that your business always stays at the top of the taxi league table.

A company renowned for its amazing Uber clone app, GrabTaxi clone, Uber for X script, Gojek clone, Careem clone, Lyft clone, Easy Taxi clone, app like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack and great after sales support. The one stop solution for your taxi business, delivery business or a duo combination of taxi and delivery business - Cubetaxi Technolabs.

Uber clone app could be your next big leap to the realm of success. Get the Dynamic uber clone source code, designed using the latest state of the art smart technology. Uber clone script is the ideal solution for any entrepreneur who is looking to start his own taxi on demand business. They are also ideal for software companies who are looking to provide the taxi business solution to their end client.

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uber clone script package

Our team of talented developers has worked on this beautiful UBER CLONE app. We are so confident of our product that we take full responsibility of launching it on the Google play store and the iTunes app store. The beauty of our taxi booking software lies in the fact that it works fabulously across various different devices like the iPads, iPhones, Android devices and all types of smartphones, PCs and even tablets owing to its 100% responsive design. To ascertain that the app user can administer and supervise its function seamlessly, we have incorporated the following superior subsystems for the apps.

Precise. Prudent. Perfect.


  • Main Website
  • Rider iOS App
  • Rider Android App
  • Rider Web Panel
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Kiosk Android App (Optional)
  • Kiosk iOS App (Optional)
  • Web Panel for the Taxi Companies
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing Administrator Panel
  • Administrator Panel - An interactive admin web panel to enable the management and working of the app which includes the information about the passenger, the rates, the drivers, the payments made, etc.
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Make It Your Own

Get Complete OWNERSHIP of the Uber clone Source Code

It is your app and you should own every last bit of it! We are an ethical uber clone app development company and ensure that your business can run in the best of ways and thus make sure that you don’t have to be dependent on us with your Uber clone.

With time, we are certain that you will reach the plethora of success and thus we ascertain that your taxi booking application can withstand your growth by customizing it as per your requirement and the need of your business.

We hand over the entire uber clone source code to you. This source code is absolutely open to enable you to make modifications in the app as you like and whenever you like! You don’t have to call us every time you want to modify the app. We believe in empowering you with the Uber clone script at no extra cost!

uber clone source code
Earning at every step

FEATURES that empower our uber clone app


    The app is yours and so should have your logo and name. Our team completely reskins your taxi app with your logo and name everywhere so that it can be launched under you banner. It’s business time! Grow your brand recognition.

    white label uber clone

    We hold your hand all the way. We assure you that our team will do the app submission on the Android Google Play store for you. Our experienced team launches the app into the app store easily because of our technical superiority.

    App submission

    We know you will grow. And growth will need you to modify your uber app script in the future. This is why we give you the entire uber clone source code absolutely FREE. You won’t need to come to us for every change needed! You can do it yourself anytime in the future.


    If you do not wish to buy uber clone app in any English speaking country, you don’t have to sweat it! We are offering FREE additional language integration in the app. This feature will ensure that your app works in both languages English as well as one of your choice like Spanish, Arabic (R2L), French, etc.

    choice of language

    Not every country uses USD. This is why we offer you an additional currency absolutely FREE. This feature gives your users the ability to switch to the local currency apart from the USD option that is pre-integrated in the app.

    choice of currency

    Our team has a vast experience in developing and launching uber clone app in the iOS app store. This is why we launch your taxi booking app here to ensure no rejection. We will also be your guiding light in the entire process of app submission.


    Not just cash, this feature will allow your users to choose from any payment option that they seem fit including Cash, Card or even an In App Payment Wallet. This option makes all transactions secure, hassle free and effective.

    payment gateway

    Your User will be able to chat with your Driver from the time of booking the ride to the time of beginning the journey. This feature makes it extremely simple for your Users to communicate with the drivers without having to place a call to them.

    texting option

    You can now adjust the fields in the uber clone app as per the place. If you launch the app in more than one location, you can modify the fields as per the local requirements, in terms of units of distance (miles or KMs), Type of vehicle (sedan, hatchback, luxury, SUV etc.)


    Don't miss out on business just because your customer doesn’t have access to the internet. With our brand new manual taxi dispatch panel option, you can manually dispatch a taxi for your customers once they place a call to you.


    Losing out on money because cabs are going empty? Well, not anymore! With our Taxi hailing system, your customers will have the choice to hail empty cabs without using the uber clone app. The driver can use this feature to feed in the details directly from his app.


    Don't want to go to crime lit areas? Use our Pick up and drop restriction feature! Create virtual boundaries using the new geo fencing feature that will automatically reject requests outside of your chosen area!


  • personal profile
    Corporate Rides business rides Demo Video

    A Personal and Business profile willallow users to book rides for both personal or professional reasons. The payments for personal rides will be made by themself while for business rides the company will pay.

  • carpooling feature
    Car Pool / Ride Share Carpooling Demo Video

    With the carpooling features a single ride can be shared by multiple people who are traveling along the same path. One trip will result in bookings by multiple people.

  • call mask by VOIP
    VOIP based Call masking call masking of Riders and drivers Demo Video

    This feature allows call masking of Riders and drivers with the help of placing calles using the internet with VOIP.

  • ride booking with kiosk
    KIOSK Booking App ride booking with KIOSK Demo Video

    Users can make a ride booking with the help of a kiosk with the app on a tablet. This kiosk may be placed in popular places or Hotel lobbies.

  • hotel panel for ride book
    Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel ride for the tourists Demo Video

    The hotel panel will allow tourists to request the reception to make a ride booking. The reception can book a ride for the tourists using the Hotel panel.

  • manual cab dispatch
    Company Dispatch Panel

    Riders who do not have the taxi app can ask the company admin to manually book a ride for them. The riders call the company admin and make the request and the company admin manually books the ride.

  • restricted admins
    Admin Rights & Roles rights for admin Demo Video

    Being the super admin of the uber app script you can give limited access and viewing/editing rights to other sub admins like legal, accounts, logistics etc.

  • share link with thirdparty
    Tracing Ride by Family/Friends track existing ride Demo Video

    This safety feature allows the user to share a link with a third party in order to track the existing ride.

  • ad banner in app
    Advertisement Banners promote offers Demo Video

    The first screen of the uber clone app can be used to promote different offers and features of the application. You can advertise for the first few seconds as the users open the app.

  • Card.io feature
    Scan Credit Card for Payment

    Use the Card.io feature to give your users a tap and go experience of payment for the users who dont need to put in any card detail in the app manually now.

  • user and admin chat
    Realtime Chat with Support Team chat functionality Demo Video

    The user is free to communicate with the admin if the need be using the chat functionality of the uber app clone.

  • Profile Blocking
    Block Fraud Riders/Drivers block profiles Demo Video

    If a user or a driver cancels rides ever too often the admin can block those profiles to avoid misuse.

  • enroute shopping
    Shop/Stop/Eat while Riding pause rides Demo Video

    This functionality will allow drivers to "pause" rides in between to facilitate enroute shopping or stopping for any other reason.

  • login via linkedin
    Linkedin Login

    LinkedIn, a popular social networking site can be used to log into the uber app clone.

  • Auto currency rate change
    Real time Currency Rates

    The admin will no longer need to manually enter the exchage rate of currency with the help of this feature. The taxi booking app will calculate it automatically.

  • Airport Surcharge
    Airport Rides/Surcharge surcharge for rides Demo Video

    This feature allows you to charge an additional surcharge for rides going to the airport or starting from there.

  • Child Seat Preference
    Child Seat Preference

    Using this feature, passengers with a child can choose a ride in a car that has a child seat. This option will beavailable in the " Preference" button.

  • Book for Someone
    Book Ride for someone else book ride for someone Demo Video

    In case a passenger doesn't have the rider application, another user too can book a ride for them by entering their name and number.

  • Newsletter Subscribe
    Newsletter Subscribe

    With the help of this feature, your users will be able to access promotional information etc. You can get the database of all the users that have subscribed to your newsletter and send them emails etc.

  • News Feed
    News Feed news feed Demo Video

    Give access to different notifications and other important promotional content to all your customers from the news feed and the notifications section of the application.

  • Favorite Driver
    Favorite Driver news feed Demo Video

    The rider is free to favourite as well as unfavourite the driver from the favourite list on their application at any point that they wish.

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UNLIMITED drivers, Riders,
Sub-Admins to ensure Unlimited RIDES
with taxi app

The higher the number of rides your app takes, the higher is your earning. Then why restrict it? Our Uber app clone is absolutely scalable. Unlimited number of drivers can register into your apps and get jobs! Unlimited Riders can hire cabs from this taxi booking application and you can keep making an unlimited amount of money on unlimited number of rides!

Invest less get more

We offer a WHOLE lot of freebies for you!

The ultimate objective of any business is to make money. We are here to help you do just that! Invest just once and get the whole package including many freebies from us! We want to make sure that you can start getting returns on your investments as soon as possible!

Life is all about getting more! We get that. Our robust Uber clone will definitely get you more at every step. While the app is all set to keep showering its charm, our team too is happy to give you a bunch of benefits at no additional costs. These include:

  • Free Support on Skype
  • Free Demo for unlimited duration
  • Free Bug Support for 1 year
  • Free License for 1 domain

Unique CoVid 19 SafetyFeatures in the Taxi App

To battle the deadly CoVid 19 Novel CoronaVirus has not been easy. However, with the right tools and the will to maintain and observe all the safety guidelines, one can ensure a safe conduct of travel and business with the taxi app. We have introduced some unique features that are created with the safety of your Drivers and Riders in mind. Take a look.
  • Restricted Passenger Numbers Restricting the Number of Passengers

    To ensure that the CoVid 19 virus doesn’t harm people one of the first things that governments and scientists all over the world have been harping upon is to maintain distancing and avoiding physical contact with others. This is why; it is important to limit the number of passengers in a taxi. For example, if a taxi can carry 4 people, the driver can limit the number of riders to 2 to make sure that no one has to be in physical contact with the other person.

  • Face Mask Verification Face Mask Verification

    Face masks are one of the most effective ways of preventing the virus from entering our bodies. With the help of this feature, you can ascertain that every driver using your app can only begin a ride if they have a face mask on. This feature will ensure that a driver can only start the ride once he or she submits a selfie wearing a Face Mask.

  • Safety Checklist CoVid 19 Safety Checklist

    Both Riders and Drivers have to bear in mind a number of things to ensure their personal safety and that of others that they come in contact with during their rides. To make it easy for Riders as well as the Drivers to follow through with all the safety measures, the app presents a CoVid 19 Safety Checklist at the time of the booking.

  • Safety Ratings and Reviews Safety Ratings and Reviews

    No matter how clear your directions are to your drivers and no matter how much the governments and experts keep warning people about CoVid 19, there will be people who will falter in observing all safety measures. To discourage this behavior, the app ensures that the Riders as well as the Drivers can rate each other keeping in view of whether the other party observed and followed all safety regulations or not.

  • Ride Cancellation due to Safety

    In case the Driver or the Rider fails to follow all the protocols mandated by the government towards safety during the CoVid 19 pandemic, the Riders as well as the Drivers are free to cancel the ride citing this reason. Everyone is entitled to their own protection and the app further facilitates the same.

uber clone demo
Free Trial for Unlimited Duration

Take a LOOK at our uber clone demo

Where it belongs

Complete LOCALIZATION features

Why have rigid businesses, when we can give you complete independence? Every place has different needs! One city may be more expensive than the other, one town may have only a particular kind of vehicles only and different countries may have different units of measurement.

Our robust Uber app clone script has been carefully crafted to ascertain that you can use localization features. These features will allow you to set different prices, different vehicle types, different units like Kilometers and miles for different regions.

Your taxi business needs to be dynamic, so the app that we have made is too!

complete localization feature
customer privacy
Your protection first

Putting Customer PRIVACY Always Ahead in taxi app

We understand how much your business means to you. We assure you that we work under a very strict NDA. This Non Disclosure Agreement ensures that we never reveal our client’s identity to anyone. We don’t even put the names of the apps that we have built for you on our portfolio! We don’t want your customers to approach us and get an even more enhanced app from us.

Unlike other companies, we do NOT keep any back door in the application. We never take a peak in the finances or success of your company. Once you buy uber app clone from us, it belongs to you completely. For any business to grow, you need to keep your secrets secure and your work growing.

Our goal is to make sure that your business can thrive undisturbed and without any competition. We understand the significance of privacy and will definitely protect the identity of your brand and your taxi booking application from all your competitors!

Client reviews for Cubetaxi Technolabs

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our client from Dubai our client from Thailand
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our client from Malaysia our client from Dubai
our client from Malaysia our client from Malaysia
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our client from Dubai
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Choose your own Payment Gateways

Taxi Script Payment GATEWAY options based on your regions

Choose from the list of the given payment gateways to suit your specific requirements! Whatever suits your needs suits us best!

  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Paymaya Payment Gateway
  • Zoop Payment Gateway
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Paybox Payment Gateway
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway
  • Iugu Payment Gateway
  • Braintree (Paypal) Payment Gateway
  • Flutterwave Payment Gateway
  • Payfort Payment Gateway
  • Payu Payment Gateway
  • Paymentez Payment Gateway
  • Senangpay Payment Gateway
  • Omise.co Payment Gateway
  • m-pesa
  • Orange Mobile Money
  • Couldn't Find Your Payment Gateway?

Pick your CHOICE OF LANGUAGE and Currency

We give you the option of choosing the language and currency of your choice based on the country where you want to launch the Uber app clone.

USAUnited States of America (USA)
United States Dollar
UKUnited Kingdom (UK)
Pound Sterling
English, Welsh (mewn Cymraeg)
Vietnamese dong
South AfricaSouth Africa
South African Rand
Lsizulu, LsiXhosa, Afrikaans
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Riyal
Arabic (بالعربية)
Philippine peso
English, Filipino
Nigerian Naira
Mexican Peso
Spanish (en español)
Malaysian Rufiyaa
Bahasa Melayu
Indonesian rupiah
Indonesian, Malay
Ghanaian cedi
German, Frisian
Colombian peso
Brazilian Real
Portugues (em português)
Hear them Speak

See what our CLIENTS have to say about their EXPERIENCE with us!

  • Ms. Mariana
    Ms. Mariana
  • Mr. Fahed
    Mr. Fahed
  • Mr. Daniel
    Mr. Daniel
  • Mr. Feixun
    Mr. Feixun
  • Mr. Vic
    Mr. Vic
  • Mr. Omar A.
    Mr. Omar A.
  • Mr. Fabian C.
    Mr. Fabian C.
  • Mr. Sadeq A.
    Mr. Sadeq A.
  • Ms. Melaine K.
    Ms. Melaine K.
Bringing the future to your Present

We used TECHNOLOGIES in our GrabTaxi clone app

  • ios
  • java
  • php
  • bootstrap
  • swift
  • android
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster

CubeTaxi App: A Taxi Booking App solution

In today’s times, people are completely dependent on their smartphones for their every need. With the entry of Uber in the market, it was evident that the people were ready for a big change in terms of how they want to use their phones for a lot of purposes.

Our Cubetaxi app is the best Uber clone app available in the market. It is loaded with some of the best features that could help in soaring your business to newer heights. This is a robust end to end solution to ensure that you can beat your competition.

Taxi Booking Application Features

This is the first component of the application. This part allows you to basically book a taxi just as you would use Uber. This means, when your user opens the app, they can simply click on the taxi option and put in their pick and drop destination and get to wherever they want. It’s quick, easy and very comfortable for the users to access.

Robust app

Built on all the latest technologies available this app is as strong and robust as it gets. Bring on as many users or service providers you like, this uber app script will continue to function flawlessly.

End to End solution

We don’t leave you stranded anywhere. When you place an order with us, we take care of you every step of the way right till the launch of the app.

Launching your app on the iTunes store

We take complete and full responsibility of launching your app on the iTunes app store so that you don’t have to worry about app approval.

Launching your app on the App store

We launch your app on the Google Play store for you so that you are not burdened with the worries of approval on the app stores.

Dedicated Project manager

We provide you with a dedicated project manager who takes care of the entire process of white labeling to launching the Uber app clone.

Round the Clock support

We are always there to help you! This is why we offer you round the clock support. If you ever feel like you are stuck and need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Understanding the dynamics of taxi business

Starting off any business can be a difficult thing to do. There are so many things involved in it that it’s easy to get all confused and lost for hope. If you are wondering whether this uber app clone is for you, then take a look at the list of people that this business is perfect for:

Existing Taxi business owners

If you already have a business of taxi services and wish to give it an online identity, then you must get this app for yourself. It is the perfect way to ensure that you can digitize your business and get the best returns instantly.

Earlier, with your taxi business, you probably would find it hard to get good business, but with this app, business will keep coming to you easily. What’s more, you will be able to keep an eye on your fleet at all times and get accurate reports of everything.

Government Enterprises

If you are working with the government and wish to centralize the business in a proper way to facilitate the people and to make sure that everything can happen in a systematic and organized way, then this uber app script is your best bet.

Uber clone is a perfect taxi app solution to ensure that you, as the government are also digitally advanced and much developed. Giving your people the best solution will ensure that people prefer government transportation more than any other private means.

Start Up Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur and wish to have your own start up that will help you in making a whole lot of money quickly and easily, then there could be nothing better than the cubetaxi application. It is a simple and effective solution for anyone who doesn’t want to put in any extra efforts for their business but wants to earn quickly and easily.

This app requires only a simple one time investment that will result in a continuous and lifetime of earnings. Each time someone uses your app you end up making a whole lot of commission. What’s more, you can also set the exact amount of commission that you wish to earn on each ride.

Application Resellers

If you are yourself an established IT company and wish to sell our apps to your clients, you can do so easily! You can simply buy from us and then go right ahead and sell it to all your clients. Since we provide you with the uber clone source code when you buy from us, you can continue selling these apps and making money on it!

Why is Cubetaxi so Popular?

We have over 600 apps all over the world for various on demand services and Cubetaxi is one of our best selling apps. This is because our app is a holistic application that comes with a host of features that will surely help you set up and establish this business quickly.

Our app has been tried and tested by some of the best minds in the industry that help in ensuring that every single scenario has been carefully tested and addressed. We have a team of developers who have put in years of research and education in building this app beautifully. With the new taxi booking software, you can never go wrong.

How is CubeTaxi the best Uber clone Taxi booking Application?
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Drivers
  • Unlimited Rides
  • GPS navigation
  • Multiple payment options between Cash, Card or In App Wallet
  • In app chat between Driver and Rider
  • In app calling between Driver and Rider

And much more.

Launch the taxi booking software anywhere in the world!

Don’t want to launch the Uber clone Taxi booking application in an English Speaking country? No problem at all. We will integrate any language in the app for you! We offer one additional language apart from English on the app for FREE!

What’s more we will also be integrating one Currency apart from the standard USD into the application for you absolutely FREE of cost. All you need to do is let us know which additional language and currency would you like in the app and it will be done.

After all this is a taxi business solution and it should work well wherever you want it to. Or team is dedicated to bringing the best solutions for you. With this app, you will be able to get everything that you want and much more!

Take a look at the FREE demo and be amazed with all the features that this wonderful Uber Clone app or taxi app like Via, Beat, Curb, Fasten, Easy Taxi, 13cabs, Blue Bird Taxi, drivenow, Wheely, Shebah, can offer you!

Alternative to Uber Clone

Cubetaxi is the solution providing apps similar to ride hailing companies available across the world. Not just primary language and currency of these famous taxi application but we offer multiple language and currency of your choice.

Ride Hailing Companies
US Dollar
Didi Chuxing
Yuan Renminbi
Easy Taxi
Brazilian Real
Malaysian ringgit/SGD
GoCatch Taxi
Australian dollar
Australian dollar
Blabla Car
Cabify Taxi
English, Portuguese, Espanol
Brazilian Real
Indonesian rupiah
Malay, Indonesian
Israeli new shekel
Arabic, Hebrew
Blue Bird Taxi
Indonesian rupiah
Malay, Indonesian
US Dollar