Cubejek App
One app for all services

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graphical flow of cubejek app

user and service provider splash screen

cubejek app introduction screen

cubejek app login and registration screen

cubejek app application menu screen

cubejek app categories selection

how taxi booking app works

driver gets online and start accepting rides

driver accept or reject request

rider see driver location

Internal Chat between driver and rider

driver arrives at location

trip begin screen

EN ROUTE screen

Trip Finished

Invoice summary screen

taxi ride hailing

set destination later option

choose option google map and waze map

gender based rides

facilitate trips for disabled people

Ride later features

toll calulation for USA

X to Y location

How does car rental app works

rental request screen

car rental invoice summary

how does delivery on demand app work

delivery type selection screen

delivery driver gets online to accept request

sender sending delivery request

delivery driver Arriving screen

sender gets notfication for driver arrival

delivery process started

trace the location screen

delivery total fare

booking other services

pic a service of your choice

managing service provider availability screen

profile and booking summary

payment option

send the request to selected service provider

book multiple service paralelly

provider arrived at the location of the job

provider started job

provider completed job

provider invoice summary

update and edit profile

user booking history

provider booking history

Wallet integration Screen

emergency contacts

manage vehicle screen

manage services and rates

manage document

manage bank details screen


heat view of the provider screen

rating and review screen

trip statistics screen

support and FAQ screen

manage services and rates

manage documents

manage bank details


provider app heat view


earning statastics

other information screens