Advanced Features of Our Instacart Clone

We believe in giving you the best we can to ensure that you get more bang for your buck. Here’s a list of all the amazing features that we offer to you absolutely free that other app sellers charge you for.

  • Real-time Tracking

    Users can track the delivery driver’s location in real time on the in-built map.

  • Login with Biometric Authentication

    App users can log in with their Face ID (iPhone) or Fingerprint (Android).

  • Push Notifications

    Users can get instant updates on their grocery orders via push notifications!

  • Free White-label

    We offer white-labeling services at no additional cost. It comes with the purchase of our package.

  • 1-year Bug Support

    We provide one-year support for technical bugs that you may find in our source code.

  • Automatic Invoice Generation

    The system automatically generates the invoice and displays it on the user’s and provider’s apps.

On-demand Grocery Delivery App Workflow

grocery delivery app flowchart
grocery delivery App

What Is Included in Our Grocery Delivery App Script?

Discover what you'll get in our package and how we help business owners like you launch the app quickly. Our grocery delivery iOS and Android apps, websites, and admin panel come integrated with advanced features to make your business thrive effortlessly. Take a look at all the key scripts you get when you buy our innovative Instacart Clone Package for your on-demand delivery business.

Instacart Clone Grocery App Demo App Video

Take a look at the demo of our fully-fledged on-demand grocery delivery app clone. See how it works in real-time. The video will also introduce you to the advanced features and stellar interface of our application. Witness how our platform lets your users order groceries from nearby stores and get everything delivered to their door.

grocery app demo video

Make Money Easily with our Grocery Delivery App

Developing and launching a grocery delivery app like Instacart can bring you surprising profits. Explore the multiple revenue-generating methods our app offers and help you make money from every grocery order.

  • Commission on Grocery
  • Acquire Commission per Order
  • Advertisements
  • In App Purchases

Instacart Clone Script Multiple Grocery Delivery Platforms

Don’t limit your user’s grocery ordering capacity! Let your users browse stores near them and order groceries via their smartphone or website, call the store, or contact the app admin. Explore the various grocery order systems we offer you with our on-demand Grocery Delivery Solution.

  • Ordering through the App

    Let your app users purchase groceries and everyday items from nearby stores via the Instacart Clone app, available on iOS and Android smartphones.

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  • Ordering through the Website

    Users can explore grocery stores near them and place their orders through the website. We have designed an intuitive website that allows users to quickly buy groceries online.

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  • Calling the Store to Place an Order

    Your users also have the option to call the grocery store of their choice directly to make their order. The store will then prepare the order and deliver it to the users.

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  • Calling the Admin to Place an Order

    Users can also contact the admin and place their grocery orders. The admin team will then handle the order and ensure the items are delivered to the user's location.

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App Screenflow How Our On-demand Grocery Delivery App Work?

Explore how our Instacart Clone app functions in real-time. Get a closer look at our fantastic state-of-the-art features and the app's interface.

Customer App
Delivery Driver Apps
Grocery Store Apps
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details
front end

Interactive Front-end Of Grocery Delivery System

It’s not just the app that we offer you. We’ve created a whole website front end for you. It gives you a demo of how your customers can place an order from the website.The graphical flow of every screen offers an in-depth understanding of how the app works.

Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard

Our dynamic Admin Panel is structured with New Features enabling the admin to lavishly monitor the entire business activity on a real-time basis. Built with native code, the feature-rich dashboard has a fresh design and supports multi-language enabling the admin to operate the app in the desired language.

White-label Instacart Clone Business Model

That You Can Explore With Our App
  • In case you want to make certain that your customers can place orders in stores that are closest to their position, this is the accurate app for you. While any store across the country can index in your apps, the customers’ closest to the stores can see them. Once the customer logs in, they see the nearby store; they can click on it and buy items from it. Self-employed drivers can register for the Waitrose clone app and make deliveries.

  • In case you are an independent grocery store and wish for the app to just be available for your individual unit in your area or city, this app will work perfectly for you. This app can be a personal app that enables deliveries only in your area or city. It will not be available for any other store or company. You may use the app to dispatch across your own delivery drivers.

  • In case you are a well-built grocery venture with multiple grocery store outlets, this app can help your customers pick items from your store’s branch that is closest to them. Spinneys clone app is also intended to ensure that once an order is placed, the driver physically closest to the store is allotted to make the delivery.

Advanced Features Of Grocery Delivery App Script

Our app comes packed with a variety of advanced features. Users can track their orders in real time, make online payments, filter their searches, and much more. Dive into the full list of features our app has to offer.

Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Store App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
Customer App features
grocery delivery driver app
Delivery Driver App features
Grocery store app
Store App features
web panel of grocery delivery app
Website features
admin panel of grocery delivery app
Admin Control panel features

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-demand Grocery App?

If you’re wondering why it would cost you a fortune to develop a grocery delivery apps similar to instacart, then you’re wrong! It takes a fraction of the investment amount to launch your own Grocery App Clone. Moreover, with our ready-made Instacart Clone Application solution, you can go live on the app stores in 1-2 weeks. So take the wise decision today and launch your on-demand platform without spending all your money on developing the app from scratch. View our Pricing Page for more details.

grocery delivery script priciing package
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What precisely constitutes a grocery app script?

    A grocery app script is a tool that empowers you to receive and oversee grocery orders via the internet. This solution is versatile and can be adopted by grocery stores and businesses of various sizes and types to streamline their operations.

  • What different modules are included in the Instacart app clone grocery delivery app?

    A comprehensive solution comprises a customer app, a delivery driver app, a store app, a website , and an admin panel. Each of these modules is equipped with contemporary features designed to facilitate seamless doorstep deliveries.

  • What makes investing in a grocery ordering script a worthwhile endeavor?

    Online grocery ordering is a trend that's here to stay and will grow day by day, primarily due to the convenience it offers. Moreover, the pandemic acted as a catalyst, driving significant growth in the online grocery ordering market.

  • What advantages come with adopting a grocery delivery app for your business?

    Numerous advantages come with utilizing a grocery delivery script, including:

    • Enhanced Visibility

    • Business Expansion

    • Brand Loyalty Establishment

    • Meeting the Demands of Modern Consumers

  • Will I have ownership of the final version of the app?

    Indeed, we will deliver you the final licensed source code of your purchased apps once the project is finished and delivered.

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