To know exactly what your On Demand Delivery app developed by V3Cube can do, it is important to take a look inside. Just pick the one that you are interested in and get an in depth detail of the graphical step by step flow of the application.

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contactless delivery

Contactless Deliveries

Social Distancing is the only way to prevent the corona virus pandemic. To achieve this you must limit your contact with other people. With the help of the Contactless Delivery feature, you can allow people to place orders and get them delivered to their doorstep without having to be in contact with the delivery driver in any way. The drivers place the order at their doorstep and then click a picture and send it to the customer to notify them of the delivery made.

instacart clone app
instacart clone app

Safety Badge for Stores

This is a very important feature during the pandemic times. This feature will allow you to entrust security badges to stores based on them taking care of the standard security measures. This is an excellent way of telling your customers how seriously you take their well being and security.

grocery clone

Take Away

Sometimes, your customers may not want a delivery and would instead prefer to pick the order up by themselves. This is why we have equipped our app with the ‘Take Away’ feature. If your customers click on this option, they will be able to place the order and schedule a pick up time when they can come and take the order away. The store will keep the order ready at the designated time selected by the customer through the app.

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