Delivery with Taxi App

Uber taxi with delivery clone - The power of choice!

Taxi apps are taking the transportation world by a storm. Are you ready to be a part of it? This unique combination app of Uber rush clone integrated with Uber delivery clone is the ideal app for you to invest in to seize the most of the market NOW!

On Demand Delivery App with Taxi Clone
free features of our cuberideplusdelivery Check Out First Hand The Advanced Features of Taxi Booking App combined with on demand Delivery App

The on demand parcel delivery app has been designed to deliver parcels on demand. However by combining this app with the on-demand taxi app, we have designed a brand new product - the delivery with taxi app to give our users the best of both worlds.

That is why many entrepreneurs prefer to invest in our on-demand delivery with Uber clone - this way they come up trumps in all cases. Users who want a ride only or a delivery only use this app for the service they require. In both cases, you get a commission! The search for rides or deliveries ends with your app!

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Matchless script and user interface

A great user interface and a solid script are the foundation for any successful app. This is why our team of expert technical professionals have put in a lot of effort in trying to ascertain that the script of the site is flawless. Having been structured over the base of the pre existing taxi app clones that have been used by millions of users This app is sure to succeed.

It is a responsive website and thereby works quite seamlessly on any device like iPhones, other smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs, regardless of the platform like Android, iOS or any other.

cuberideplusdelivery ideal script
Uber Delivery And Taxi Business solution

Single app-double choices: Ride or Delivery

    Ride or get your parcel delivered with this single app. Why clutter your phones with too many apps when a single app can do it for you! The Uber Taxi and Uber delivery clone is a combination app that allows your users to make a choice and no matter what that choice is, you always stand to make a commission! This is how it works:

  • To use this app, the user first downloads it from their respective app store. On downloading and installing the app, the user will be asked for his details to create a profile. This profile will also include credit card details for easy payments after the ride or delivery is successfully handled.
  • Now, whenever there is a requirement, the user is free to log on to the app and make his preferred choice. when the app is opened the user will be shown two options - Ride or Deliver.
  • If the user chooses the RIDE option, he can go on ahead and make a booking for a taxi just as he would in any common taxi booking app. He can select his pickup and drop location, post which all the drivers available in the area will get the notification of the demand. Whoever accepts the request first, gets the job. The fare automatically gets deducted when the ride is successfully completed. Both parties can now give the rating.
  • If the user chooses the delivery option he will have to choose from the options provided for the different types of vehicles available like bicycle, scooter, car, pickup truck, etc. This choice can be made on the basis of the size of the item that needs to be delivered. There is no fixed weight or size for the item that can be delivered through this app. It can range from envelopes to food parcels going out of restaurants or even huge and heavy bags of cement.
  • Apart from this the user will have to put in the pickup and drop location. Now, all the drivers with your specific vehicles willing to do delivery in the vicinity will get a notification. Whoever chooses the request, gets the job.
  • Now the delivery driver reaches the designated location at the allocated time and picks up your parcel. He/she goes on to deliver the package and the trip can be tracked through the app. Once the package is delivered the payment is automatically deducted through the credit card details filled in right at the beginning.
  • After this, ratings can be given independently by both parties.

Double features, more money!

If a single investment can reap you the benefits of a double power app, then why hesitate. This app is the crux of any successful business model in the app world today. Invest in this now to get the maximum mileage out of it. Help your customers get a clutter free experience by having a combination application that can solve their ride and delivery issues all at once.

Get money delivered right into your bank accounts by helping people get their parcels delivered wherever they want to! A nominal investment right now will make you a part of the digital wave which is the true dream of every appreneur today.

Uberrush Clone On demand taxi with delivery iPhone app


Look at the video below to know exactly how this app works. It gives a detailed explanation on how to use the app at every step.

on demand delivery with ride app live demo application demo video
Taxi with Delivery App Graphial Flow Screen
Ride plus Delivery Splash Screen
Ride plus Delivery introduction Screen
Ride plus Delivery Login & Registration Screen
Ride plus Delivery Account Verification Screen
Ride plus Delivery Application Menu Screen
Choose option Ride & Delivery Screen
Separate Flow of ride and delivery
View taxi & Delivery app Flow Screen
View Taxi Flow View Delivery Flow
4 steps to your product
  • Download our CubeRidePlusDelivery Apps & Test them in Real Environment
  • Tell us Your Preferred language & Currency for App
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Web Panel's Included

Complete app with multiple panels

This app is a service based app and therefore has many users involved in it. Our expert team of professionals have built dedicated panels for drivers, delivery drivers, users and a web panel for the administrator to handle and manage the entire operation. All the panels are simple and yet powerful to ensure the activity fright from booking the rides or getting a parcel delivered right down to the payment post service can be managed just by the click of a button. Everything in the app is intuitive and follows a healthy flow.

We pride ourselves in making apps that are no short of legendary. However, in case you have an idea that will help you call it your own even more, we would be happy to help! Tell us your exact nature of requirement and we will try to incorporate it within the existing app. Still have a few doubts? Give us a call! Need a demo before you proceed? Well, click here for a FREE demo!

Web Panel's Included
Our App Core Features
God Eye View & Payment Option Feature
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