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That Others Ask You To Pay For Check Out the Advanced Features of our inDriver Taxi App combined with on demand Delivery App

The on-demand parcel delivery app is tailored for prompt parcel deliveries. By merging this app with the on-demand taxi app, we have created an entirely new product: the "Delivery with Taxi App," providing our users with the best of both worlds.

This is why numerous entrepreneurs opt to invest in our On-Demand Delivery App with Uber Clone App, ensuring success in all scenarios. Users seeking either a ride or a delivery can utilize this app for their specific needs, and in both cases, you earn a commission! Similarly, drivers receive requests for both trips and parcel deliveries, enabling them to earn from multiple sources. Your app puts an end to the search for rides or deliveries!

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InDriver Clone App

Matchless script and user interface

A robust script and a user-friendly interface form the bedrock of our thriving InDriver clone app script. That's why our team of seasoned technical professionals has dedicated extensive effort to ensure the script's flawless performance. Built upon the foundation of pre-existing taxi app clones that have served millions of users, this app is poised for success.

Our website is fully responsive, ensuring seamless performance on a wide range of devices, including iPhones, other smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, irrespective of the platform, be it Android, iOS, and more.

Uber Delivery And Taxi Business solution


Look at the video below to know exactly how this indriver clone app works. It gives a detailed explanation on how to use the app at every step.

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Delivery With Taxi App - InDrive CloneOne App Two possibilities

    This is how it works:

    The users can choose to taxi a ride or get their packages delivered from a uber taxi with delivery app.

    We've blended the Uber Taxi and Uber Delivery concepts to create the "Delivery With Taxi App," providing both ride-hailing and parcel delivery services in one comprehensive platform.

  • Upon downloading the app, users will be prompted to register or log in using their choice of social media accounts, phone number, or email ID.
  • Once the user has successfully logged in, they can create a profile by providing basic details.
  • The user profile also includes the option to input credit card details for seamless payments after a successful ride or delivery.
  • Now, if a user wishes to book a cab, they can select the "Ride now" option to initiate the booking process, which follows a similar workflow to our Uber Clone Taxi Application.
  • If a user intends to send a parcel, package, document, or any item, they can select the "Delivery" option, offering various vehicle choices such as Bike, Car, Truck, Bicycle, and more for sending their package. A range of vehicles is presented, along with details on their capacity and suitability for safe parcel transport, assisting users in making the right selection.
  • Following this, the user inputs the pickup and drop-off locations. Nearby drivers receive notifications, and the one who opts to handle the delivery will send a notification to the user.
  • The delivery driver arrives at the scheduled pickup time, collects the package, and completes the delivery, finalizing the task once it's done.
  • Once the package is successfully delivered, the payment is automatically deducted using the credit card details provided at the beginning of the transaction.
  • It asks for feedback, ratings and Invoice generation.
Uberrush Clone

Double features, double the money!

If a single investment can unlock the potential of a dual-power app, why wait? This InDriver clone app is at the core of any thriving app-based business model today. Invest in it now to maximize your returns. Provide your customers with a seamless experience by offering a unified application that addresses both their transportation and delivery needs in one go.

Start receiving payments directly in your bank account by assisting people in getting their parcels delivered to their desired destinations! A modest investment at this moment will make you a part of the digital wave, fulfilling the aspirations of every aspiring app entrepreneur today.

Flow of powerful Ride combined With Delivery Service App

User App
Driver App
  • User App
  • User Profile Setting
  • Service Category
  • Edit Cart and Checkout
  • Delivery Driver App
  • Select Your Vehicle
  • Delivery Driver Profile
  • Manage Vehicles
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Web Panel's Included

Web Panels Included

Complete app with multiple panels

This service-oriented app involves multiple user categories. Our skilled team of professionals has developed dedicated panels for drivers, delivery drivers, users, and a web panel for the administrator to oversee and control the entire operation. Each panel is designed to be user-friendly yet robust, ensuring that tasks from booking rides to processing payments after services can be effortlessly managed with just a click. The app's user interface is intuitive, facilitating a smooth and seamless experience for all users.

We take pride in crafting apps that aspire to be nothing less than legendary. However, if you have an idea that would make it even more uniquely yours, we'd be delighted to assist! Share the specifics of your requirements, and we'll endeavor to integrate them into the existing app. Still have questions? Feel free to give us a call! Require a demonstration before proceeding? Click here for a FREE demo!

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Indriver Taxi & Delivery App Pricing

We Build You An App That Is Worth Using - Affordable and Transparent pricing - heading one liner Uber Taxi & Delivery App is a complete package that enables you to cover the entire market of the region you launch. Available on both iOS and Android, our New Version Features are offered at no additional cost.
Our Uber Taxi & Delivery App delivers a seamless taxi booking and ordering experience helping you stay in the minds of your customers. Have a look at what is included in the package and start your business in as quick as 7 days.

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InDriver Clone - Taxi and Delivery App Solution

Online taxi booking apps have revolutionized the taxi business, simplifying the lives of users worldwide and inspiring numerous new businesses to create Uber-like apps. But what if your online taxi booking app could also provide delivery services to customers? It might sound unbelievable, but our InDriver Taxi with Delivery Clone is the answer. It's a potent fusion of the Uber Rush Clone and Uber Delivery Clone, offering you the ideal opportunity to establish a robust on-demand business that matches your long-standing dreams!

Why InDriver Taxi with Delivery Clone?

No one wants an excessive number of applications hogging their device's memory. It not only strains storage but also forces users to navigate between multiple apps, which can be quite cumbersome.

This in turn makes it essential to have a single app with double choices, ride and delivery and we help you with this with our powerful Uber Taxi with Delivery Clone.

What are the Features of Uber Taxi with Delivery Clone / InDriver Taxi App Clone?

The on-demand parcel delivery app is tailored for instant parcel deliveries. By merging this app with the on-demand taxi app, we've created an entirely new product – the "Delivery with Taxi App," offering our users the best of both worlds and ensuring profitable outcomes for you along the way!

Here are the features of this app clone that makes it a win-win solution for your on-demand business, Responsive Web Panel

The Uber Taxi with Delivery Clone includes a fully responsive web panel for the primary website, customer, and service provider interfaces. It can be accessed across various platforms, including PCs, tablets, Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Windows, Blackberry devices, and more.

Incomparable Script and User Interface

A great user interface and a solid script are the building blocks of any successful app. This is why our team of expert technical professionals have put in a lot of effort in trying to ascertain that the script of the site is flawless. Having been structured over the base of the pre existing taxi app clones that have been used by millions of users, this app is sure to succeed and help you go a long way.

What Does the Script Contain?

The script integrated with an app ascertains the flawlessness of the app. Our technical geeks have made sure to deliver a script which would surely take your Uber Taxi with Delivery Clone towards great heights.

    Here is what our script contains:

  • Main Website
  • Company/ Merchants/ Individual User iOS App
  • Company/ Merchants/ Individual User Android App
  • Company/ Merchants/ Individual User Web Panel
  • Carrier iOS App
  • Carrier Android App
  • Carrier Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage payments, profiles of company/merchants/individual, carriers, etc.
What does the Web Panel Do?

Our Uber Taxi with Delivery Clone is a service based app and thus has many users involved. Our team of strong professionals have built dedicated panels for drivers, delivery drivers, users and a web panel for the administrator to handle and manage the entire operation. All the panels are simple yet powerful to ensure that activities like booking rides, getting a parcel delivered to the payment post service can be managed just by the click of a button.

    Some of Our Unique Features:

  • Multicurrency/ Multilanguage to help you get the system in the local language and currency
  • Real Time Tracking to track the service provider’s and user’s location
  • God Eye View to see where your services are required the most
  • Pay by Cash or Card to enable customers to choose from either of the two options
  • Schedule Booking – Book Later to block the services or ride for a later date
  • Promo and Referral Code to market the apps easily and get new users in a shorter span of time.
How Can You Avail this Product?

    We believe in serving you your requirements on a platter. When you decide to have your Uber Taxi App with Delivery Clone, we make sure that we follow these steps:

  • Download the App and Test in Real Environment through the demo app present in Play Store and App Store
  • Let Us Know Your Preferred Language and Currency so that you can operate the business through your app living in any corner of the world
  • Provide Us with Your Server and Play Store + App Store Details and Logo so that our team can prepare your apps with your logo and brand name as well as upload and configure them
What is the Price of the Uber Taxi with Delivery Clone?

The Uber Taxi with Delivery Clone is designed using the latest and next-gen technology at the best market rates.

In fact, this app will offer you more than the price you pay for the first-time purchase. This is your one time investment to taking that perfect journey towards success.