Why are Taxi Drivers registering with Uber Clone App in excessive numbers?

uber clone app


Uber Clone App is an outstanding example of collaborative work and perfection. It stands for bringing glory and satisfaction to everyone associated with it. Thereby, Entrepreneur benefits whenever a Ride is successfully completed in terms of Commission earned.

Here, all the Taxi Drivers are contractually bound to pay a fixed percentage of their earnings to the App Owner. It is seen as a Fee to keep using this dynamic platform to get more Rides.

Safety of these Drivers is of supreme importance to Site Owners and that is why they introduced Geo-Fencing Feature. This gem of a tool marks-off shady neighborhood and then warns the Drivers to stay away from such areas. Being now alerted, Taxi Drivers don’t Pick-Up or Drop-Off Passengers at such crime-prone localities.

App Like Uber has a gem of a feature wherein Driver completes more Rides while being on a Same Route. In here, while heading out in the exactly same direction, with Shared Taxi, multiple Riders save a lot of money. Whereas, Drivers earn a lot more too, simply because several trips completed while being on a single course.

This is advantageous and valuable to the site owner as well because they get swarmed with Commissions. More the number of Trips ended and positively reviewed, more the money flowing in.

Experts find the next feature riveting because it allows Service Providers to accept Back-to-Back Rides. Implying that the Driver can accept a new Ride Request in the middle on the ongoing Trip.

On-Demand Taxi Booking App has a captivating feature that ensures that Customer has a say too in Cab Fares. That is why, they are allowed to bid a sensible price for the Ride on the App and wait.

Only the interested Taxi Drivers can place a counter-Offer and carry on with the negotiations until there is a breakthrough. Once convinced, the Rider will go ahead and book and the cab on the App now.

It has been hailed as a progressive move because now no one can impose rigid prices on anyone.

Uber Clone Script has been jam-packed with spellbinding and enthralling features such as Scheduling Rides for a Later Date. It has been a real game-changer because it has given Customers a psychological security. Users now know that they can now rely on the App to get the Cab even during Peak hours. Using this feature, the Rider can reserve the slot for a later date and time.

Yet another feature that has gained popularity is Taxi Rentals wherein the Users Rent a Cab via the App. And the charges levied are calculated on the basis of either of the two parameters. It is prerogative of the User to choose it, it could be either the hours spent or distance covered.

Uber Clone App is an intriguing platform that has captured whole of market share because of its fair-mindedness. Due to geographical restrictions and limitations of certain areas where four-wheeler Taxis won’t be conducive, Tuk-Tuk’s have been introduced.

Tuk-Tuk’s are Two-Wheeler Taxi’s that have been well received in these area and are commercially hit! Also, they have introduced Tricycles to further expand their foothold in these areas to be of service.

App Like Uber Taxi now authorizes Customer to book Intercity Rides using this logical App. First, the User has to login using Fingerprints or Face ID depending on whether the smartphone is Android or iPhone.

And no need to remember Passwords or Usernames anymore because new technology is in town. Second, choose the nearby city from the list available and then look for the cab that matches the budget.

Now that the shortlisting has been done based on the City, Cab, Date and Time, kindly go ahead and book it. Finally, it is crucial to mention here that this feature allows the User to pay Online. Also, Riders can send their live location to their loved ones so that their Trip can be tracked in Real-Time.


Uber Clone App recognizes and appreciates the hard work of Taxi Drivers by awarding them with Badges of honor. This is clearly in sync with the respectable Driver Reward Feature that identifies those who has the highest customer ratings. And the other parameter is who has completed highest number of successfully Rides. On the basis of the level of Badge received, the Taxi Driver receives rewards.