Can an App be Both: Taxi with Delivery App?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the market is flooding with the number of taxi apps. There are way too many options prevalent and hey, there’s still room for more! The thing about taxi applications is that because of the sheer number there’s hardly anything unique left about any company. Since business is the core area of importance, let us look at it from a different angle.

taxi with delivery app

How do people make money with the taxi apps?

The basic principle of any app to make money (in the Uber-like app segment) is through commission generated every time a booking is made through the app. This means the best way to drive sales is to ensure more and more users use the app. However, why will your users use this app? They will use it if there are more and more service providers.

So, in the end, the only way to ensure that the app owner continues to make a lot of money in the app is by ensuring that the user interface remains superior and the driver side of the app is also seamless and easy to use.  As one can achieve this with the help of an existing company that is selling cloned apps, this should not be very difficult. However, this brings us back to our previous question, what makes one app better than the other?

The crux of an app

So, if you are reading this article, chances are that you have been doing your research in order to start your own car booking app. You must have then, also noticed that there are a plethora of companies claiming to make the best apps willing to sell Uber clone to you. So, what will you keep as the basis to decide which one to buy? You need something more. Something additional to the pre-existing model. Not just features, you need an extra unique selling point. You can buy all sorts of additional features like call masking, multi-language, multi-currency and so on and so forth, but it will still only allow your users to book rides and nothing else.

This is where the innovation comes into the picture. The next big idea is the Uber ride combines with a delivery app. The quintessence of this taxi with a delivery app is that it allows you to book a ride as well as send packages for delivery. One app two roles. This is an enhancement which will facilitate your users in multiple ways. Your client won’t have to download and keep 2 different apps for this. Uber for deliveries is also catching up in the market because it is a very unique app. The market, however, isn’t saturated with these services so there is a lot of scopes here.

How does the delivery part work?

The delivery app can be used by just about anyone. Regardless of whether you have an envelope or a huge bag of cement, anything that needs going from point A to point B can be sent through the Uber Delivery app. On the other end, which is the service provider end, anyone with any kind of vehicle who is willing to deliver things can register as a service provider.

This automatically entails a lot of users. Going back to the circle of business discussed earlier, the more the service providers, the popular it gets among users. And the popular it gets amongst the users, the better it is for the app owner to make a commission.

The hybrid – Taxi with Delivery App

This kind of a hybrid app just ensures that both kinds of people use your app, regardless of whether they are looking just for a ride or looking to get their things delivered from one place to another. Money making in the taxi with delivery app business is a very simple process if it clicks. Otherwise, you might be doomed too. It is of critical significance that you choose to go for a company that has a good track record with such products. On the whole, the hybrid Taxi with delivery app is the way to go if you want to begin your business now!

How to earn money from a taxi app?

The world today is completely dependent on their Smartphone and even smarter apps to get by. Regardless of whether is it monitoring your heartbeat or getting liquor to deliver to your doorstep, there’s an app for everything. Many an entrepreneurial brain figured it out. If they really wanted to erect a successful business from scratch in the present, they have to rely on a successful app.

taxi booking app

Replacing a Whistle with a Taxi Booking App

So, for time immemorial people have been whistling to hail cabs. However, isn’t it just overbearing to wait for a yellow cab in the rain or when the sun is literally boiling you? Change the picture now with a convenient app that allows you to book a cab in advance. You can simply wait in the shade or get one just as you step out.

This is the primary reason for the success of Uber like taxi booking apps trending in the market.  An on-demand application that allows you to call a cab became the basis for many apps delivering on-demand services. Today, such apps are taking the digital world by storm.

All the commuters or riders just have to log in filling up all the important details and place their dropping point. Their ride will be booked in a minute and another few minutes their ride will be ready to pick them up from their location. Uber like taxi booking app is so accurate that riders are now dependable on them. These apps are filled with amazing features that help drivers to reach rider’s pick up location easily. Also, when the ride is booked, they can even track the location of the driver through the live-tracking technology named PUBNUB.

Well, PUBNUB is one of the finest live-tracking technologies that enable both rider and driver to track the real-time location of each other.

The Uber like taxi app has multiple language options so that people from outside can feel free to use it. Even the currency, payment can be done in multiple currencies so that foreign travelers can pay in their own currency. The payment gateways are very much secure. Users can do payment through online payment methods with ease. This is the reason why riders are now more convenient using uber like taxi app rather than hailing cabs.

But Where’s the Moola?

An app-based taxi booking app functions in a pretty simple way.  Just log in from your phone and point where you want to be picked up from and where you need to be dropped. That’s pretty much it. 

Although everyone always terrified that the Terminator Apocalypse is on us with every new app launched, this one actually seems pretty cool. It has made life a lot simpler for a lot of people. And with economic and luxury options both, it sort of caters to just about everyone.

What happens really in such a business is that it ends up being fruitful and advantageous for all the parties involved. This leads to mutual growth and a collective effort to help the business thrive. The users are extremely happy to get cab services at cheaper rates; the service providers enjoy multiple rides during the day. And a minimum payout, while the platform itself earns with every booking.

What’s with the Celeb Status?

Once we understand the sheer volume of the bookings that happen over a region. It is not hard to believe that such a business can generate a lot of money. And, considering how much we travel every day, it’s totally understandable that demand for cabs is continuously on the rise. Carpooling is another facet of booking cabs these days. It helps the driver because he ends up making more money over the same distance. And the users pay less than they usually would for the same distance. That’s how app-based taxi services are more viable for both drivers as well as the rider.

Here, The development algorithms help to create and make sure that most fuel-efficient rides can be detailed by sorting the demands. In all scenarios, the concept of having an on demand cab which the customer can choose to share. And another option is to ride individually is the sole reason for its popularity.

uber like taxi app

Can you make money with an app based taxi business?

The simple answer to this question is ‘YES’. There’s no reason why. As more and more people are turning to mobile applications for their travel solutions. Let’s discuss how the app-based taxi business makes money.

First off, the app charges its customers who book a ride to pay directly what appears on their taxi booking app. There’s a lot less hand-out and haggling involved because hey, the driver’s just doing his job and there are no greys in the amount chargeable. Because the billable is directly deducting from your credit card or digital payment Wallet.

The best thing about such apps is that from the customer point of you all the hard work of hiring the driver and managing and verifying the car has already done by app and they can be assured of safety and get rides at a price that suits them, which they are notified of before the ride even begins.

The only investment in such a business is the initial amount required to buy a taxi booking app. And once you have done that, you set to incur a steady income for as long as the app is operational.


Top tips for an On Demand Taxi App

Did you say you needed advice on running your own successful taxi app business? Well, here I am. I have studied the uber app clone scene quite closely over half the last decade and I’ve come to understand that while the on demand taxi service app was started to address a critical issue at one juncture, more and number of apps have made way for a fresh demand for a pre-existing service. People who would walk to their offices or take the rain are now shifting to cheaper cab options that offer doorstep pick up and drop.

on demand taxi app

Considering this, many new entrepreneurs are getting interested in trying their hand in this business space.

Here is a list of top advises from experts from uber app clone industry:

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

I am a lazy person, so this is my favorite advice. There’s no need to go fiddle over and knock around over the same thing at this stage. I know it might seem like a very noble idea to start from scratch because, well, this business is about to be your baby! But, seriously, why waste your time and energy for a thing that already meticulously worked out.

If you look at the 30,000-foot view, you will find that not only is it in your best interest to start working with an Uber clone app rather than building one from scratch. It might also be best for the clients. Since your app’s script will be previously tried and tested, chances of glitches and non-user friendly interface will reduce drastically.

Add a Splash Of You

No business can truly be yours and you can’t truly feel connected to a business unless you add to it your color. The bare bones of the business can be that of a cloned Uber app site, but what you do with it is entirely up to you.

You can turn it around its head and change it for a different kind of service. But whatever you do, you have to give ample of time and do your researches well before you take the big leap. Read what is relevant for your areas of interest. Only put your hands in something you are keen on yourself.

Also, consider visiting the native market where you are looking further to launch your business. Taxi business is growing every day and every day new services are getting availed to the customer. To get more details about the services that your competitors are offering, you can take there and can use their various services. This way you will come to know what changes you can make in your services to attract customers.

It’s good that will add the taste of your mind and knowledge in your on demand taxi app. But also make sure you cover all the requirement of the users. Because out in the market, there are many taxi service providers. If you lack somewhere, it will become a major drop back for your business. As the drop back of yours will be the advantage for them.

Design Of The Uber App Clone

Because you are so stressed out about how the app is supposed to work. You might just forget to pay attention to the design aspect of it. When a user downloads the app, the first thing that he is going to be exposed to is how the app looks, even before he starts using it.

Believe it or not, if your app looks tacky and cheap, people would rather pick something else. Make it simple but elegant enough to attract users to explore your app more. Try to use pale and simple colors that might appeal to the masses than bright hot colors. That just might just appeal to the sensibilities of one section of the population.

Addition Of Promo Codes And Offers

A discount is the most exciting thing for a customer. Everyone loves a discount. So, when your app is lives, make sure that you offer lots of promo codes for your users. You can also keep a reward based loyalty program for your users. And while you are at it, why restrict yourself to just be a passenger.

It might be a great idea to offer some exciting freebies to your drivers. This will ensure that more and more drivers connect with you and associate with your taxi service. This might help you increase your fleet by a large extent. Many big names in this industry were started with a very small number of staff members, but now the industry in known by their brand name.

Actually, it’s very important to keep your customers and staff member happy. You must continuously attempt to make changes and offer new things to the people who contribute in running your business smoothly. If you don’t, people will be attracted towards other parties who are doing better for their staff as well as the customers also.

uber clone app


Buy Uber app clone from a reliable source

While it is a fantastic idea to purchase an uber app clone, one has to be absolutely certain. That it comes with all the necessary licensing and is a white label. A little research will show you that many companies offer such clones. But of those many, be sure to select that gives you the best deal in terms of price as well as value additions. Do not be tempted to go for the cheaper versions as you don’t want to be a part of any litigation for such a thing.




Uber for Medical Transport to the Rescue of Patients

Many of us know what it is like to have a medical emergency and not knowing what to do. There are so many countries where there is no dedicated emergency helpline number. Many countries, especially in Africa and other remote areas of the world have this problem. In such areas, an ambulance can take anything from 2 to 5 hours to arrive, by which time the patient may be beyond help. There is also no guarantee that an ambulance will arrive despite making the call.  In these areas, the Uber for medical transport is the ideal solution to deal with this international problem.

uber for medical transport

The Uber for medical transport is actually an Uber like app that facilitates ambulances to specific locations. With the help of Smartphone mobile technology, it connects patients to ambulances who will transport them to the hospital. These apps help in reducing ambulance response times as well as save millions of lives across the globe. These apps have the same facilities as Uber, allowing the patient to track and communicate with the medical team until the ambulance reaches him.

Ambulance drivers have all the equipment to ensure that they get to their destination in the shortest time possible. The drivers have their driver app on their smartphones; Google maps and Geolocation features help them to get to the exact location with minimal disturbance from road traffics and works.

From a business point of view

The owners of this app, or rather the ambulance service get a percentage commission for each ride booked on the app. Owners of this app can link up with nearby hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers to provide ambulance services when required.

The amount of commission slowly builds up to quite a substantial amount in just a short time. If you are thinking of investing in this app then you need to know what you can get with this app.

uber for ambulance

Uber for Medical Transport App Includes

  • One free language and currency of your choice. This facility allows you to launch the app in any part or city of the world without worrying about language and currency issues.
  • The automated payment system, facilitating payment by card and e-wallets
  • Real-time tracking system
  • Free app installation, launch, and configuration of your app
  • Log in via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google
  • Free customer support throughout the year

If you are thinking of launching your own uber for ambulance then this is the right time to strike. This is a concept that has not been explored very much. And therefore there is a sure chance of success if you launch it in an area. Where you know that there are few medical facilities, especially ambulances. It is therefore important that you do your research well, and develop a unique service that will cater to patients who need an ambulance to receive medical treatment. Talk to your developer about your vision and get them to develop an uber for medical transport app for your business.

Why On Demand Pharmacy Delivery App?

Going to a pharmacy to get your daily medication dose is not really funny. It is even not funny when you might be suffering from a social illness and the pharmacist looks at the prescription, recognizes what the medication is for and gives you “that” look. Waiting in a queue to be served is yet another reason why you wouldn’t want to go to a pharmacy. Even after waiting in the queue for a long time, you just might be told that the medication you require is out of stock. That in itself is enough to bring you to a very frustrating level.

However, all that is now slowly becoming a think of the past. Thanks to the smart Uber technology you can now get your medication on demand, delivered straight to your doorstep.

on demand pharmacy delivery app

Why on demand pharmacy delivery app are becoming popular

For the past, we have got into the habit of ordering food, taxis, plumbers, flowers, and more to your doorstep. It is therefore quite natural that we can order medication too, and get it to deliver. Medication has now become like grocery – a daily requirement and it would be foolhardy if we are to waste precious time waiting to get it when we can get it to deliver to our doorstep.


Thanks to smart gadgets like the tablet and smartphones, people are now connected to the Internet at all times. Therefore they can now order their medication simply by downloading the on-demand app for pharmacy doing away the need to waiting in the queue at your local pharmacy.

Available at all times

Your local pharmacy may have set working hours and days and therefore may not be open whenever you need your supply of medicines. That is not the case when you order via the pharmacy app. You can order anytime, any day and anywhere and be rest assured that you will get your medication.

Short supply

Your local pharmacy may tell you that your medication is out of stock forcing you to look elsewhere, thereby wasting your time and energy. When you order using the pharmacy app, you have a sure guarantee that you will definitely get your prescription to deliver to you without any excuse.

How on-demand delivery app works

Users have to download the app and go through a registration process. Once registration is complete, he can now order his prescription securely. He will enter the details of the medication as well as how he is going to be making the payment.

Once the order placement, it accepts the nearest pharmacy that has all the drugs required. Patients can track their medication too if they want. Once they receive the medication they can also rate and review the service should they wish to do so.

On-demand pharmacy – a lucrative business with little investment

On-demand pharmacy apps have become a favorite venture as it requires very little investment and gets big returns. Remember medicines require everyone, whichever part of the world you are in. That is why your business will definitely be lucrative. Why not get an on demand pharmacy delivery app customized to the language and the currency of the area where you want to launch it from and start your own on-demand pharmacy? There will be no looking back, I assure you. Speak to a reputed developer and get your app today!

On Demand App – Enhance your Business

On demand app technology is taking over the Service provider market by offering people the best – in terms of service, convenience and budget – that too on demand. With the help of smart mobile technology, this new way of doing business has started a revolution that is not looking to abate in the near future. Earlier, apps were used only for playing games or chatting.

Today, they have become the modus operandi of every business. On demand, app is an important medium not only for business growth but also for expediting personal and professional tasks efficiently with ease.

on demand app

The Rising Demand For On-Demand App

Here, uber was the one and only first on-demand app in the transportation market. This app was and is being used to search for and request a taxi anywhere and everywhere at a time convenient to the rider. The relieve and convenience that the Uber concept provided are what started the on-demand revolution.

Apps similar to Uber are being launched for the taxi industry. Not only that you can now get an app whereby you can get a beauty treatment at short notice at your home, food delivered at your doorstep, car washing services, laundry, maids, cleaners, tutors ….the list is endless.

On demand, an app has made it possible to get ready for an office party at short notice, get your car washed whilst you get your pedicure or do your weekly shopping, even booze with the help of an on-demand app get a cake delivered for a sudden party.

A Personalized Delivery Service – For The Swift Growth Of Your Business

Modern cities are chaotic wherever you are in the world – unending traffic, busy and hectic work schedules, mass population etc. – All these are ingredients for disaster if you ever want to go shopping at short notice. In such instances, you would feel very much relaxed if you could order your groceries and get them to deliver to you. Other on-demand apps that are very much welcome in the industry are:

  • Pizza delivery
  • Alcohol delivery
  • Laundry
  • Maids on demand app
  • Childminders on demand app
  • Doctors on demand app

New start-ups are now focusing on on-demand apps for services that are required every day. These apps are more like an online convenience store that will give users. Whatever they want whenever they want in the comfort of their homes.

Most businesses are registering their services on these apps for maximum reach. For the entrepreneurs who are investing in these apps. They get a percentage commission for every service delivered through their app.

Why The trend Of On-Demand App Is Here To Stay

The on demand app has the following features – features that have guaranteed their prosperous future.

  • Easy access to services – the services are local and within reach of the clients. Every customer can easily reach to the service offered through app-based services.


  • Timely – The service is delivered exactly when it was requested for. That is why these apps are known to be an on-demand app. As soon as any customer will place a request for any service, he or she will directly be contacting the service provider.


  • Convenience – People like the idea of convenience that allows them to choose the service they want quickly. Now, people do not have to step out of their homes for anything. With the help of these on-demand apps, each and every service is available at your doorsteps.


  • Quality – The quality of services and/or products with the guarantee. People tend to choose services/products that are of high rate. The rating here does not refer to cost. Here the high rating of product or services means the quality. Whatever service or product a customer receives is of the highest quality.


  • Easy mode of payment – A fully automated system enables a hassle-free payment experience. Cash was an old school way to pay money but in on-demand apps, online payment options have given flexibility in paying for any service or product. No cash, no problem! Now anyone can pay with the help of their debit card, credit card or e-wallet.


  • Within Budget of client – These personalized services come at a cost that is easily affordable by the common man. An individual can filter their desired service or product according to their affordable price.

How consumer behavior is encouraging the rise of on demand app

The first thing that anyone does these days if they want something is Google it. With the launch of Smartphones, Google is available on them too. What better way to get the item/service you want than to download the app and get it?

Instant access and ease of availability have what has made the on-demand industry to rise and ride beyond imagination.

If Google was easy, then aping is even easier. You do not need any sort of personal computer or laptop. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection – both of which are easily available everywhere. Every person these days owns a smartphone and internet is provided by all mobile phone companies as part of their sales package.

on demand app

Mobile phones have become a part of the human body – no one is ever without it. Whether it is news that they want to catch up on or watch the latest episode. Their favorite soap, emails, chats, organizing the diary etc using the smartphone.

An on-demand app is the latest trend in business growth. A trend that is here to stay as long as there are smartphones. The on-demand industry has anticipated the needs of consumers and has provided a smart solution to it. If it is a good idea to get an uber like on demand app for your business with the purpose of scaling it to heights new.


How to run Successful a Taxi Business in Nigeria?

Nigeria is home to 186 million people who rely on some form of transport to do their daily activities. The reality is that there is no taxi business in Nigeria or not proper public transport system makes commuting even more difficult.

The arrival of Uber in 2014 was a much-awaited welcome for the residents of this highly populated country. Uber provided the much-needed convenience that people required to get around. Uber has recorded one million trips just after two years of launching. These figures have provided food for thought for many a budding entrepreneur, who have now started developing user-friendly iOS and Android-based apps to not only order taxis but also for other on-demand services and products.

taxi business in Nigeria

Build and Create the Profitable Taxi Business In Nigeria

When we talk about the business not the single place Nigeria but throughout the world, it is one of the most profitable businesses today. It is an industry that is raking in billions of dollars daily with the use of smart taxi apps. If you will try to dig up some information, you will find extreme results. More than billions of people are booking their ride all around the world at the same time.

Now the public does not use their own vehicles to travel to their offices or workplaces. They consider booking their rides every morning with the help of taxi service app. As for save them a lot of money and a ride-sharing option has made their daily traveling way much easier.

Earning Potential

A taxi driver on a normal day makes about $150 daily (N25,000) in Nigeria. Once expenses like fuel, wear and tear, parking etc are deducted he gets to keep the rest.

A taxi company owner, on the other hand, will charge a percentage commission for every ride. Normal commission charges are approximately $70(N14,000) daily. This is after the driver and fuel costs have been taken care of. Depending on the number of taxis you have you can imagine your earning potential!

Now that you have the figures in front of you, it is now time for action. You need to bring these written figures and convert them into hard cash. To do this, you have to get an Android and iOS on demand taxi app for your business.

How To Plan About Creating a Taxi App

The first thing you need to do is identify your niche. What is it that your taxis will offer that other taxis are not offering? Is your specialty going to be airport rides, females for females ride etc?

Research well, and try to figure out what the commuters are looking for. Research thoroughly on your competitors too, what they offer, rates they charge etc. If you are going to beat them at their own game, you need to know their loopholes and capitalize on them. Study about the disadvantage as well as the advantages that their services have. Also, take a good look at the market trend, what the public want? What are their requirements from the other companies that are serving the same services?

All the answers will make know about all the steps taken while doing a business. The market trend is always dynamic, the market trend is never stable. To stand in market competition, you will have to come up with a robust strategy. A strategy that is made up of no breaking points. The service that you will provide should be helpful to your customer or else your business will taste the ground soon.

Take your idea to a developer who will bring your idea to life by giving you an app that will bring your business to life. Most developers will give you a complete white-labeled solution that will have your company brand and logo.

If you are thinking that all this will cost a lot of money then you are wrong. The basic app, which comes with a set of three – a driver app, a passenger app, and an Admin panel is not very expensive. You can easily get it on your budget. However, depending on your unique idea and the extra features and functions required to bring your idea to life, the cost may vary.

Once your app has been developed, the app company will usually launch it for you. They will also configure it and install it for you. They will take care of the licensing of your brand and domain too, making it very easy and stress-free for you. Other add-ons that come with your app will be:

  • Customer support round the clock
  • Minor amendments and modifications
  • Free upgrades for the first year
  • One free language customization
  • One currency customization
  • Choice of template

For the price you pay, you will get a package that comprises of the full Android app, the full iOS app, web panels for the drivers and the riders, taxi company web panel, dispatcher panel, main website, admin web panel, billing administrator panel and dispatcher panel.

uber android app clone

Time To Invest In The App For Taxi Business In Nigeria

You now have all the figures in front of you. All you need to do is research on which developer will give you the best deal and launch your app in a country that desperately needs your services to cater for its population.

Launch a taxi app for both iOS and Android platforms for maximum reach and start raking in the profits today. The taxi business in Nigeria is booming and you need to be a part of it before it is too late.


Why Cubetaxi as the world’s most user friendly app?

Wherever you are in the world, you will have access to the on demand taxi app concept. The on demand industry is growing by leaps and bounds, with over 22 million customers spending an estimated 36 billion dollars to enjoy the convenience brought about by this concept.

This supply and demand phenomenon means stiff competition. If you are a start-up then your first impression will be your last impression. You need to make an impression in seconds or else another app will beat you. Perhaps that app does the same thing as yours, but their window dressing is better.

This is the exact thought that went through the developers’ mind when the concept of the on demand taxi app, CubeTAXI was being designed. The developers wanted to ensure that the app they designed would leave a lasting impression for any user.

cab booking app

CubeTAXI holds the award for the most user-friendly app in the market. It designed such that amongst all the on demand taxi app.

Why is Cube Taxi label as the most user-friendly on demand taxi app?

Let’s look at the reasons why Cube Taxi has earned the label of being the most user-friendly app.

On Boarding And User Experience

Not everyone is tech savvy so it is important that when an app is being developed. Care is taken that a first time user can find his way around the app easily and quickly. Features should be placed such that when a user is using the app, he is able to navigate through the app just like he is riding a bicycle – on automation. Simplicity as well as being seamless is the key to a successful app as it prevents users from getting frustrated and abandoning the order midway simply because things have come to a halt.

In-App Navigation And Flow Should Be Clear

New app users can get easily frustrated if they cannot find their way around the app or cannot find what they are after. Most people lose patience easily if they cannot find the information or product they are after when they are navigating around the app. This means that they can just as easily stop using the app altogether. Once that happens it is very difficult to get them back on it, if at all.

That is why a CubeTAXI team has made sure that if a user wants to go from A to B, he has the smoothest and most positive riding experience. They have also added an extra feature whereby users can share their good experience with other users.

A Straightforward Ride Request And Payment System

A few clicks are all it takes for users to request a ride when using CubeTAXI. This app offers the most seamless riding experience compared to other on demand taxi apps. Facility to login via social media platforms is also available. This way first-time users do not get alienated from using the app because they can log into the app from platforms they are familiar and comfortable with like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Payment is very much secure when you use the CubeTAXI app for booking a ride. If any user has no cash, he or she can simply select online payment options. With an online payment option, a user can pay through his or her credit as well as the debit card. The transaction is protected with the payment gateways. CubeTAXI have two different payment gateways:

  • Braintree PayPal
  • Stripe

These two are the default payment gateways that come with the CubeTAXI app.

Taxi Scheduling And Tracking

Customers prefer to use the on demand taxi app because of the convenience they offer, not to forget the aspect of speed. As soon as the rider requests the ride, customers want to know the exact location of their vehicle. That is why CubeTAXI has a real-time tracking feature that reassures their users that their taxi is on its way and the speed and convenience they have paid for is worth it.

The real-time tracking is empowered by a technology name PUBNUB. Well, PUBNUB technology is used to track the live location of any device that is enabled with PUBNUB. It is very much accurate and helps driver as well as the user to locate the real-time location of each other. With the help of the graphical interface on Google maps, CubeTAXI addresses the location quite amazingly.

Feedback System

Ratings and reviews are essentials for users to tell the world that the app they are using is phenomenal. That is why CubeTAXI has a feature which allows users to rate the service and leave feedback. This way other users can see the success of the app. Negative reviews handled promptly in a polite and positive manner, showing thorough professionalism with a view to improving the functions of the app with every negative review received.

Why buy the CubeTAXI app for your taxi business?

CubeTAXI is one finest clone app for providing app-based taxi services. It is full of features for both drivers as well as a user too. For a taxi business start-up, CubeTAXI can be a perfect platform. All you have to do is to avail better taxi services to your customers. Because, if your services will be outstanding, more customers will join your app. As you will gain more customers, it will be easier for you to earn money at a greater level. With the on demand taxi app, you can easily expand your taxi business all around the world.

Cubetaxi vs Other Taxi Booking Clones

Mobile technology has moved so fast over the years that we now hold the world in our hands, thanks to smartphones. So great is this piece of technology that we can now book hotel rooms, cinema tickets, taxis, flight tickets, and order takeaways, food deliveries, and other services just with a few taps. One mobile application that has risen above all is the on demand Taxi Booking App

taxi booking app

The Rising Popularity of Taxi Booking App Clones

The rising demand for smart commuting has motivated developers to start designing and developing uber like Taxi Booking App to cater to this demand. Days are gone when people have to hail or whistle for a cab to stop. In Technology World, time is changed, people are using taxi booking apps through which riders can easily book their ride. Now, there are many taxi booking clone apps available in the market with different new features in them.

Each clone launched is better than the previous one. One of the best apps available on the market today is CubeTaxi. It is said to be one of the most user-friendly and efficient taxi booking apps that give its users a comfortable ride.

Why CubeTaxi is better compared to other Taxi Booking Clones

An Easy And Hassle-Free Registration Process

An easy to use mobile app always has a large fan following. CubeTaxi offers an easy sign in and registration process to all its users, both riders and drivers. Both driver and rider can register themselves through their social media accounts like Facebook or Google+. No need to fill out lengthy forms, all the details will be taken from these accounts. Or else, if an individual is not using any social media accounts, he or she can register their profile through personal contact number. Whichever option is suitable, people can use it.

Inbuilt Fare Calculator

Riders have access to the facility that will show them what the estimated cost of their trip will be before they confirm the taxi. The fare is calculated according to the drop point distance from the pickup location. No extra charges are taken by the driver. After all, the amount is very much low if compared to normal taxi service.

Alerts Via Text Messages

Set the Notification at both the side rider and the driver. From the time a rider searches for a cab and after completing the ride rider pay payment. Well, message alerts are very important as they keep the rider on the updated status of their overall process of ride booking. The message alert has essential details in written form like ride time, contact detail of the driver and more things necessary information.

Tracking Facility in Real Time

Users can track all nearby cabs in real time. The rider can also track his cab as it makes its way to the pickup point once the driver confirms the ride. The feature is enhanced by the provision of GPS in the app. Not Completely GPS complete all the task. PUBNUB is the technology used for tracking real-time tracking either driver or rider from both the apps.

PUBNUB is an amazing technology that keeps every smart device of real-time. Whether it’s mapping, broadcasting push notification, dispatch or geotracking, PUBNUB is very much accurate in the real world and CubeTaxi is blessed with this feature.

Other features of CubeTaxi that stand out above all others include:

  • Sign up facility without any effort
  • An in-depth user guide
  • It is a location-based taxi booking app
  • Displays estimated fare, distance and timing of journey
  • Pickup and drop off location can be inserted
  • Save Location Autometically
  • Multi-language option
  • Multi-currency option
  • A transparent as well as automated payment system
  • Facility to give reviews and ratings
  • Ride history
  • Manual taxi dispatch facility
  • Mobile verification facility
  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms
  • Available as a complete white-labeled solution

Invest in CubeTaxi to modernize your taxi business

If you are thinking of investing in an Uber like app for your taxi business then CubeTaxi is the perfect app for you. Designed using the latest state of the art technology that gives it the upper edge over other taxi apps in the market.

Features In Admin Panel

There some great features in the admin panel to which an owner can only operate.

Set Radius Request

A CubeTaxi app owner can limit the request from any area. Simply meaning is a number of the request will be placed at a time if radius request is set.


Well, this is one of the best features in CubeTaxi. If there is an area in a city where a lot of criminal activity takes place, an owner can select that area under geofencing. No pick-up or drop off request from that location will be placed.

Surge Pricing

If there are too many requests coming for booking ride, admin can increase the pricing of ride booking. The price can be increased 2 times than the normal fare or as much as the owner wants.

The app is available at a very reasonable rate and a lot of freebies are thrown in too when you invest in it.

taxi booking software

These freebies include:

  • Free configuration and installation on your server
  • Free in-app chat facility between the driver and the rider
  • A choice of templates
  • Free customer service 24/7
  • Free upgrades
  • Lifetime license for one domain
  • Free bug support for the first year

The above list is not exhaustive. You can check out the full details on the website and see the full list of features and services. Invest in a taxi booking app and become a successful taxi business owner.


On Demand Uber for X Marketing Plan for Startup

Making a marketing plan for your on demand business can be a very mind-boggling thing, even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs. There are so many possibilities available and therefore it is natural that the mind does get boggled. Some of the following questions for your upcoming Uber for X might be running through your mind.

  • How do I reach my audience? Shall I use Twitter or Facebook?
  • Do I need to build my own website?
  • Where shall I host it?
  • Do I need to use Facebook Ads or Google Ads?
  • Do I need to set up an Instagram account?

app based business

Let’s take a back seat from all these questions and concentrate on the three most important questions that you should be asking at this stage.

Who will be using my Uber for X app?

This is one question where you will need specific answers for your app users. You will require details like their age group, what they do for a living, their area of residence, if they have pets or not, their marital status etc.

It’s obvious that you will not target any specific audience of any certain age group. At a minimum, you will target a small city where there will be no app-based service will be available. And if somehow it is available then what type of services are there for the native people.

According to the studies, from the last couple of years, almost every countryman is now dependant on these app-based services. The services that have made their lives much easier. People are now way much convenient with the use of these service app. Everything is available on their doorsteps. Nobody has to step out of his or her houses. But still, there are many countries where technology and the use of a smartphone are growing. But the on demand services through app have no mark on their land. People are still used to with those old-school trends of purchasing items and asking for a service from a service provider.

Well, a place where people do not have any on demand service via a robust app. That place can be the best platform for you to launch your on-demand service with your seamless app. People will love to use your app if they find reliability. To make your on-demand service app reliable, you will have to optimize your app for the native people.

Consider using the native language as a default app. So that people can easily under what menu has which option. Also make sure that while you are at it, you get the local currency integrated in the app. These will definitely help people make the payments. Do not take payment gateways lightly. You have to make sure that you take a secure payment gateway for the safety of your customers.  

Also, use social media to spread an awareness about your uber for X app. Because those people may have not been familiar with all the options and features that you’re giving to them. To enjoy the services, they will require a demo and to spread that demo, use social media. Make your business pages and post videos and pictures about your on demand service app.

This information, along with any other information will help you design your app according to these specifications.

  • What unique service is your app bringing that will make your users want to download and use it?

What you are addressing here is one thing that will set you apart from your competitors, in other words, a core competency. If the service you are introducing is one that has no competitors then you can bet that you and your app will be the talk of the town.

Since you are treading on virgin territory, a territory that everyone is talking about, then you should be able to address his or her biggest problems and how your app will help solve them. Use this fact as a marketing tool for your app and attract users to download the app.

Consider making a separate list of the services that are available for them in the city or place where you are willing to establish your app based business. This will help you to know what services you should place within your uber for X app. Be the first one to provide that unique service to the public out there. If you will be the only one person in a city to offer that service. People will be more eager to download your app to enjoy your services. That’s how you will be able to get more downloads as well as the more sale too.

  • Identify The Competition: How Are You Different From Them?

This is where your Uber for X app will position itself among the competition.  Find out who your direct competitors are and how they attract users. If you think that you have no direct competition then look beyond and check out the indirect competition. Indirect competitors may not necessarily be in the same industry as yours but they might be targeting your user market.

uber for x

It is therefore important to know the message that they are sending out to the users so that you can send an altogether different message to the users this differentiating yourself from the competition, and leveraging your core competency at the same time.

Now you are all set to build and market your own uber for x app, the one business where you simply cannot go wrong. It is one concept that has overtaken the world. It is a concept that all services and products are embracing, not to forget that customers also want this concept. The concept that provides convenience on the go.