5 things to beware of when buying your own Uber Taxi App

Uber like Taxi app is fast overtaking the contemporary taxi industry. Simultaneously many people are giving up the idea of driving cars altogether. So people are either getting rid of their own cars or not buying one if they don’t have one already. People are fast realizing that the stress and maintenance costs that go with driving and investing in a car far outreach their earnings and therefore it is just easier to use a taxi for their day to day commute.

This commute is made even easier with the use of on-demand apps. The fact that a taxi is easily available at the drop of a hat, or rather a tap on the app, in this case, is making apps very popular amongst these people.

taxi app like uber

The idea of on demand taxi apps was actually founded by two stranded travelers in Paris. Who had no means of commuting on a cold and snowy evening and no taxi in sight? It was in this instance they realized what it would be like to get a taxi whenever you wanted one, wherever you were. The idea was brought to fruition by these two travelers and we today know this amazing app as Uber. The Uber app became so popular that it is now operating in over 60 countries across the globe and the number is increasing.

The success of Uber made a lot of people sit up and take notice of its success. These led to many people wanting to replicate the idea with a view to launch it just like Uber and get a taste of Uber’s success.

If you are one of those thinking of starting your own on demand taxi start-up and take note of the following five points before going headlong into the launch.

Factors to consider for Uber like Taxi App

Market Research And Analysis

Check out what is available in the market, and if there is really a need for taxi apps in the area where you are living or thinking of launching it in. If it is a small town then there is every chance that your business may fold before it even takes off the ground. The other thing to take into account is, if there are any competitors and how they are faring. See what they are offering and if you can bring in something that they don’t have.

Before you open up in a live market, you will have to study an overall business trend. As the market is never the same all the time. A market is similar to a monthly season that arrives and goes without letting anyone know about it. With an uber for taxi app, you can provide your service in every season throughout a year. Can give different discount offers on different occasions. This will let your customers stick to your services.

A User-Friendly Interface

You need to make sure that the app should have a user-friendly interface with features and functionalities that the users can understand. If users cannot understand the head or tail of your app, then they will not want to use it. Thus bringing your business and reputation to the ground.

Consider designing your app with a very simple and easy design. As much as your app will be simple, the more the users will love to explore it. The menu bar should be simple enough for your customer so that they can move from one option to another with ease. Also, consider using simple words to resemble every menu and option. A user should not face any difficulties to enjoy your service just because of the complexity of the language.

Introduce An Originally Unique Feature

If you look around, you will realize that there are many uber like taxi app available on the market. The question you need to ask yourself is what you can bring to the app. So that people will use your app for booking taxis rather than your competitors’. Introduce a unique element that will get queuing people in throngs to download and use your app for commuting requirements.

If you take a look at the market, you will find that there are many clone app. But in every clone app, there is one unique feature available always and that is why they are trending in a market. So make sure your key feature in your uber taxi app should be actually unique.

Google Maps, GPS, And Geo Locations Features

The Geo-locations feature plays a big role in the taxi booking app process. The GPS feature working along with Google Maps. It helps to identify the fastest route of any particular journey. Thus, it saves time and fuel costs. Leaving all these feature aside, PUBNUB is another great technology that is used in an Uber for taxi app. It’s a technology that enables real-time tracking feature in both driver’s as well as rider’s app.

uber like taxi app

An Automated Payment System

This feature helps commuters by calculating the estimated fare before the taxi is booked. This way, riders know how much the ride will cost. Moreover, there is no hassle of carrying loose cash as the system has a feature that deducts the fare automatically from the user’s credit or debit card.

There are several other factors that you need to take into consideration too. Like promotion codes, driver’s requirements, push notifications etc. However, there are many developers who will help you design an uber like taxi app that is most suitable for your business. Therefore when you make that all important decision, check out the profiles and product portfolio of your shortlisted developers before picking one for your app.


Popular On Demand Delivery Apps that are Creating Global Waves

The on demand delivery app has become a very successful and cost-effective alternative to the already existing courier services like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. This is because these on-demand delivery services are so much more cost and time efficient compared to the existing giants. Not only that, these delivery services work according to client timings so clients can get their deliveries done at the time of their choice and not wait for the standard Service Level Agreement that most courier companies offer.

on demand delivery app

Top On Demand Delivery App that is Popularly Used by Clients

On demand delivery app are becoming popular because of their unique features which include:

  • Delivery status in real time
  • Push notifications
  • Instant booking or at a later time
  • Promotion and referral codes
  • Multiple payment methods i.e. cash, wallet, credit card or debit card
  • Available in the language and currency of your choice
  • An inbuilt real-time tracking system
  • User rating and reviewing facility
  • A smart admin dashboard

Listed below we look at the top delivery apps that have been successfully launched in various parts of the world.

Last Mile

Based in Singapore, the Last Mile is an on-demand logistic delivery service offering exclusive delivery services to e-Commerce Stores. It allows shoppers to buy online, business owners to schedule their deliveries and the customers can receive their shopping at pre-determined times.

Uber Rush

No on demand service apps would be complete without the presence of the master on demand app of all, UBER RUSH. Conceptualized from the Uber Taxi app, Uber rush actually works in conjunction with the Uber taxi service and meets the delivery requirements of customers. This is actually the dream match of many retailers. Uber rush provides an alternative income source to the on-demand taxi giant.


Based in the United States this courier service is available at all times for delivery services across the country. It delivers packages of all sizes and shapes. To ensure timely delivery, Postmates has linked up with individuals as “independent contractors”.

On time 360

OnTime 360 is the perfect solution for courier companies, dispatching services, messengers, and freight brokers as it actually is a courier tracking app that enables the users to monitor and track the progress of their delivery in real time.


Working mainly on road navigation enabled by GPS, this app works perfectly for customers who want deliveries at their doorstep. It is an app that is favored by retailers, food and grocery stores and individual delivery professionals. It is popular because it delivers packages in a short span of time.


It is an app that gives real-time status to the customers who are sending and/or receiving deliveries. It is available for both IOS and Android platforms and has some very notable features such as instant notifications, proof of delivery, live map view and real-time tracking.

If you are thinking of going into the on-demand delivery business you can get an app very similar to any of the ones listed above. All you need is to contact a developer and tell him what on demand delivery app you want and he will do the rest for you. Alternatively, you can get your own app according to your business idea from the developer. There are many in this field today so research and make your choice wisely. Once you have launched your app, your coffers will start filling in no time.

Uber and NASA come together for a Flying Taxi Service!

Wonders will never cease with Uber. When it was initially set up with a view to providing an on-demand taxi service app no one, maybe not even the CEOs themselves had thought that it would become a global brand, with its name familiar to all people across the world, in all languages, and all ages. After the success of their taxi app, they moved onto other on-demand commuting services. Such as UBERush, UBERBoats, UBER Moto, and eventually moved into the service industry with their UBER for X app.

Just when we thought that they had exhausted every on-demand concept available, UBER is making waves yet again. This time partnering with NASA to create another fabulous on-demand concept – that of AIR TAXIS. The word on the grapevine is that Uber and NASA are working to develop a number of air traffic management systems.

taxi service app

The project has been christening ELEVATE and the first demonstration flights are expected to take off in 2020.

Flying Taxi Service App

This air taxi concept is very similar to that of Uber taxis. Rather than the road taxis, customers will now use their smartphones to request the electric on demand Air Taxis.

Although the initial launching is intra-city only. There are plans to launch them on a much bigger scale in the US as well as Europe.

Uber is ideally looking at vertical takeoff and landing vehicles which will be flying at low altitudes and have partnered with manufacturers who will design and build these cars. These vehicles will be safer, more environmentally friendly than helicopters and easily affordable too.

Uber’s goal with this concept is to make transportation fast and affordable. Working hard with NASA and other project partners, they are hoping that the air taxi service app will be ready and launched in time for the 2018 Los Angeles Olympics.

Start your Own Taxi App business in Mexico!

If you were to take a peek into the taxi industry in Mexico with a view to launching a business you will realize that taxis are a common means of transportation here.  Starting from radio taxis to smart taxi apps like the taxi app uber clone the taxi industry is thriving here. This beautiful Spanish speaking country has a lot of money to offer if you know which business is right.

If you actually look closer in the taxi industry, you will realize that even though smart technology is being used everywhere, there are still many taxi firms that are using radios in their business. Needless to say, these will soon become extinct as people will look for smarter ways of commuting from one place to another. This is where you come with your taxi app uber clone and sell the concept of smart cab-ing to the taxi firms that are still using radio technology.

taxi app uber clone in mexico

There are some very reliable radio taxi firms that are available 24/7, namely:

  • Radio Maxi Seguridad
  • Taxi-Mex
  • Taxis Radio Union
  • Sitio Parque Mexico

Then there are the on demand app-base taxi firms that are currently operational, namely,

On-demand app based taxi service is the one that is highly trending all around the world. Whether it’s about setting up a start-up business or being a rider who is travelling from one place to another, an app base taxi business is accepted by everyone. In an on-demand taxi service, a customer books his or her ride through an app.

Customer directly fills his or her destination point and can choose their desired ride within app only. Also, the fare can be paid via same app only. Payment can be paid through cash or can be done though online payment mediums using credit card, debit card or net banking. Here are some of the biggest names in on-demand taxi service app:

  • Uber
  • Taxi
  • Easy Taxi
  • Cabify

easy taxi

Taxi apps become popular since introduced in 2015, for the following reasons:

  • Most people, especially the vulnerable and women feel safe whilst travelling with a driver who has clear identification and is working with a reputed firm.
  • There are no issues with short-changing and loose cash as payment is automatically and done in the app through the rider’s e-wallet, credit or debit card. Payment gateways are ways much secure for an online payment methods.
  • Before the taxi is booked the rate of the ride is calculated and displayed. With this feature, rider can decide whether he/she can afford he fare or not. It also gives a trust sign of the fair deal. No negotiation, clear cut price are fixed depending on the distance that a rider covers.
  • Using GPS system, the drivers can locate their pick up point and navigate through the traffic using the quickest route. Yes, a GPS have given many advantages not only to the drivers but also the riders too. As similar as the driver, a rider can also locate his or her ride after booking. Can track all the way until the whole trip is not finished. This gives the customer a feeling of secure ride.

Radio Based Taxi Companies

As an entrepreneur, you have two options in this industry. You can either convert the radio-based taxis so that they start using smart technology or you can start your own taxi firm. Either way, you will need an app developed so that you get the best returns for your business.

If you are thinking of converting the existing radio taxi companies to use smart technology then all you need to do is get a ready app and resell it to these firms after customizing it and white labelling it according to their requirements. The developer who you get it from will usually do it for you so what you get is a ready product. Add your profits and sell it up ahead. Quick and easy money earned with no effort whatsoever.

Start your own Taxi app Uber Clone

Alternatively, you can start your own taxi business and get an app to customize to your business specifications. All you need to do get a taxi app uber clone in Mexico customized to your specifications. Customization can include anything like changing the language to Spanish and the currency of payment to Mexican peso. This particular customization is usually free of cost. Also, the payment extensions can be embedded that more popular in Mexico. It can be more convenient for the native people to pay money through online methods.

However, you may need to pay extra for any other customization you require, depending on what your requirement is. If this is your chosen path then you get a commission for every taxi ride that is book through your app and in a country like Mexico, you will never need to look back. The Taxi industry is one of the most profitable business ventures here. Make the all-important decision today and start earning from tomorrow!

Invest in your Future by Creating your Own On Demand Service with the Uber for X Script

On-demand businesses that use the Uber for x script are springing up everywhere. They are not selling products. Instead, they are offering other users’ time and services. More customers are today embracing this concept, rather than sticking to the traditional methods of getting products and/or services. It is convenient and cost-effective.

There are many on-demand businesses springing up everywhere, whilst there are many established ones too. If you are interested in delivering a service then you are already on the first step towards success. All you need is an idea that you can market easily – an idea that people will embrace straightaway because it is giving them a product/service not yet available.

uber for x

There are endless opportunities in the on-demand industry – from dog walking to beauty, from the transportation industry to the medical one – the list is endless.  Whatever your interest, the time is now right for you to get your own on-demand Uber for X.

Steps to Start your On Demand Service with Uber for X Script

Choose The Type Of Service You Want To Offer

Pick your interest – there are so many opportunities for you. Is there a resource that you would like to introduce into the market? Whatever service you choose, make sure that there is a demand for it and that the service is available all the time. You also need to ensure that you provide high-quality service.

You can select those services that are not easily available in the market. These can be the services that are highly demanded by the people where you are establishing your business. The services can be anything, but it should fulfill the requirement of the public.

Service Availability

Your service should be available to vast areas. You need to gather the basic information in order to improve the quality of your business. And make use of smart technology as people are using mobiles and apps to get on-demand services all the time.

Make sure that your app based services should be available for the people who are getting in touch with your app. It is obvious that you will start your business at a very small level so that you get an idea about the entire marketplace. It’s good to launch your services in your local city and if it goes viral then consider making it large. Launch your product at a higher platform i.e. other cities where demand is very high. Avail your services to all those people who actually want it in their area.

Delivery Of Service

The service/product delivery should be prompt and professional. Your clients will use your services more if you have a reputation for a cost-effective, prompt and professional service at all times.

Whether it’s a product or an on-demand service, it should be punctual and also be delivered at the given time to the customer. Delay can mention a danger sign for your business. Even you will lose the trust of your customers who are actually demanding for the service through your uber for x app. So, it will be better to keep a tight check that all the service are going well or not. Also, interact with your staff members and encourage them to stay supportive.

To gain more trust of your customer, take a survey on regular bases. Ask them about your company, how are the service that you provide? Is it convenient for them or not? Is your staff or 3rd party service providers are polite to them or not? Ask them about what changes or extra services they want from you? Asking these many questions through a survey will give you a good idea about your job through an on demand uber for X app.

Management And Control Of The Business

The admin maintains, manages and controls the workings of the whole business. This will keep your business on track at all times. Well, admin is like a godfather, the owner of the business is known to be the admin. He/she has a full control over all the functions and features of any business whether it is based online or offline. Here’s business is over an uber for X app.

To control each and every module of this uber for X app, an admin panel is available that is controlled by the owner. The owner has full power to make changes in the service provided by an app. He or she can raise the price of commission if the demand of his or her services is in regularly high. Basically, admin can control everything from an admin panel.

Now that you are equipped with the basic knowledge for your start-up. It is now time to breathe life into your idea in the form of an uber for x script for your business. At the time start-up, you can face some minor issue with a market and its ups and downs. But very soon, you will be familiar with all the major business tactics that will bring your services on top.

Uber Clone App

Make sure purchase an uber for X script from an outstanding app developing company that provides complete support after selling their product to you. Also, ask them to provide you the app’s source-codes (licensed). This will help you can hire developers to make customization in your app further.

Get in touch with a reputed developer who will help you transform your dream into a reality ensuring that you start earning in no time.

The Best Solution for an On Demand Taxi App in Brazil

Many a time you come across the question “what are the best taxi apps to use in Brazil?” Such questions are put up by tourists on the internet or anyone who is going to Brazil and wants to research about what taxi apps he should use when he reaches there? The answers that I have read include Uber, 99Taxis, East Taxis, Tappsi and Cabify. If you research further each app has its own advantages and disadvantages and why one is better than the other. Now, what if I were to give you a suggestion on how you can have the best taxi app in Brazil whereby it addresses all the disadvantages of the other apps and becomes the best. All you need to do is get a developer to design an uber clone for you using the uber clone source code for Android and iOS.

best taxi app in brazil

The Popularity of Taxis in Brazil

One of the main reasons why you would want to start your own taxi business in Brazil is that there is a great demand for taxis. Taxis are a cost-effective way of getting around in this vast country. Tourists also use this mode of transportation when they visit Brazil. Brazil’s half of the population is depended on taxi driving work. Most of the people in Brazil are employed in taxi service providing company. There only source of living is driving taxi of the foreign tourist. Brazil has some of the best touring cities like Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo where foreign come to visit regularly. Tourist continues to visit all the 12 months of a year to these elegant cities of Brazil. This is why people are looking forward to start their taxi service providing business.

There are various types of taxis in Brazil – the standard yellow taxis, private cars associated with hotels and the Radio Taxi. The standard yellow taxis are the most common ones; found everywhere and the charges are set by a meter.

The private cars are used by hotel guests and the driver gives a fare before the ride is confirmed. The fares charged can sometimes be exorbitant and that is why guests need to bargain before getting into the taxi.

The radio taxis are green, white or blue. They are highly reputed as they are clean and the drivers are also very knowledgeable about the routes. The operator usually gives the rates and this rate is not negotiable. Radio taxis are quite different from other taxis; they do not require any app or hailing for booking them. If you have to book them, you will have to call them and your ride will be at your location without letting your wait for more than few minutes.

Launch your own uber like taxi app

Here is where the opportunity to make it really big in the taxi world is. If you are seriously interested in launching your own taxi business then this is your perfect opportunity. All you need to do is research the market; see what is available and where the gaps are. Get your app designed such that it fills the gaps in the market, giving the users what they want.

However, you need to find a good developer who will design your app exactly to your requirements. That is why it is important to do your research well before you assign your job to a developer.

Features that a good uber clone app should have

  • Logging in using social media platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter
  • A free domain license for website, Android and iPhone App
  • Free support for the first 12 months
  • An additional language and currency of your choice at no cost to you
  • A white-labeled solution in your logo and brand
  • Internal chat facility between the driver and passenger app
  • Gender-based preference i.e. taxis for women riders driven by female drivers
  • Handicap accessibility – providing comfortable rides for handicap riders
  • Taxi-hailing feature
  • Option to run a single uber clone app in more than one country along with the necessary support you need to run the app in the other country

uber clone

These are just some of the features that will be provided in your app. However when you speak to your developer, make sure you tell him exactly what you want in your app and he will design and customize your app accordingly so that you can be the proud owner of a brand new taxi app in Brazil – providing a service that no other taxi businesses is providing.

Language can be an issue, so if you are planning to have a taxi service start-up businesses then consider keeping the native language. You can ask your developer to keep the native language as a default one. Also, do not forget to keep the other languages as an option because there will be the native people who will be using your app. There will be millions of foreigners who will be trying to find taxi with the help of your uber clone app. For booking a ride, they will have to understand the language of your app. Having the local payment gateways is always a good idea. It ascertains that people can easily pay using different online methods.

Next time anyone asks a question about the best taxi app in Brazil, make sure the name of your Uber like clone of taxi app is the only one that is recommended!

Uber Clone in r2l Language – Get a Customized App and Make Money

Careem is a very popular taxi app in the Middle East – the Uber of countries like Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Kuwait, Riyadh, Lahore, and so on. It has some great features that users love and if you want an app like it, an uber clone in r2l language app is what you should go for.

What makes the Taxi app in R2L language special?

Most languages work from left to right. However, countries in the Middle East use dialects where the language is written from right to left. The Careem taxi app clone provides you with an app that is customized to your local Arabic language. You can comfortably use the services of this app without feeling that you have to work with a foreign language. The R2L languages can be Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Pashto and other Arabic dialects. So as a businessman, if you want to launch a taxi app clone, you can do so easily. App developers are ready for you.

uber clone in R2L language

Just remember to find a trustworthy app service provider who will customize the app to suit your dialect and any other additional features you may want. You get rewarded quite soon after you start this taxi app.

It is necessary to keep thing relevant for the people where you are looking further to establish your business. Do not let the native customers suffer from the things that you can solve. If you don’t, then someone else will quickly offer such solutions. They will not only be in the position of beating your business, but also capitalizing on the trust of the customers.

It does not matter how good your services are, if none of your customers will be able to understand it, you hard work will grinded. Your resources should complete the requirements of all the native people where you are planning to build your business. Even if it proves to be slightly difficult for you.

Get a Demo Beforehand

Before you actually jump in with both feet, it is a good idea to get a demo from the app service provider, of the features you will be getting in the app. Most app service providers allow you to download a demo app for free from one of the App stores, and you can check out exactly how you would like to customize the app after you buy it.

Features that You Cannot Miss

A uber like taxi app clone will provide you with features like:

Ease of use

The user interface of an app should be very much easier for the local people so that they can understand at which section of app they will get their desired option there. Everything should be designed so well that the customers may not feel any difficulties in acknowledging anything.

Secured payment methods

The one and only way to gain the trust of your customers is to keep payment methods fully protected. People are more concern about their money. So if your app will have secure payment method, customers will be more reliable. Also, add proper payment gateways that works in where your are establishing your business for online payment methods.

An app that you can depend on

Purchase an on-demand source code on which you can lay your full trust. App should be customized in such a form that it remains robust enough to handle multiple customers at same time. All the components of an app should work accordingly and the results should be profitable. After all, your whole business is depended on it.

Have control over your app

Being an app owner of an app based taxi service app, you should have full control over your application. With the help of admin panel, you should know how many customers are getting service from your taxi business. Admin panel is one of the most important components that has all the control of an app.


Your app should be completely customizable. Because you will not come to know that what change should be done immediately? If any issue arrives, you will have to ask your developer to make immediate changes in your app. Or else, you can face a huge loss in your taxi business.

Core Components

When you buy the uber clone in R2L language, you should not forget other significant components such as:

Passenger App: This is a mobile app that allows passengers to book cab rides, travel to their destinations, and pay online with ease.

Driver App: This is the mobile app that drivers will use to accept ride requests, pick up and drop off, and get their fares.

Dispatcher Panel: This is a Web-based panel to manage trip bookings and assign trips to drivers, along with accepting cab requests on the phone.

Company Admin Panel: This is the analytics component, where you can monitor, track all the different players and generate reports.

Master Admin Panel: This is the master Web base panel for monitoring and tracking all areas of the business as well as view reports.


taxi app admin panel

Look out for these top features when you buy your Uber Clone in R2l Language

You should not let these benefits go, once you have your own uber clone app in R2L language:

  • Get more passengers with the user-friendly features of the app.
  • Monitor your drivers, right from where you are without having to go to any kind of physical effort.
  • Automatically dispatch drivers and track the payments made.
  • Monitor not only your drivers but the entire business using the Admin component. You don’t have to move a muscle.
  • Use the analytics feature to grow your business.

Uber clone in R2L language is a business opportunity that you must take up. What are you waiting for?

Smart Mobility with a cloud Based Taxi Dispatch Software

Cloud-based taxi dispatch system is the ideal solution for every taxi and/or transportation business out there. These taxi cab dispatch software automate every process, be it dispatching, billing, booking, accounting or even passenger and driver management.

taxi dispatch system

How this Advanced, Cost effective and Reliable Taxi dispatch System Works

Three major components make up this smart app – the admin, the driver app and the passenger app. Let’s take a peek into each component in detail.

The Admin

Admin is the heart and soul of your taxi business, helping you save millions while generating the same too for your business. The admin efficiently manages the whole taxi shenanigans – member management, cars setting, acceptance of request duration, transaction setting, email setting, payment setting, driver management, hot spots etc. As the owner, you will have complete authority of the admin and get it to work as you want, on your terms and conditions.

The Rider

This component has been designed such that the rider can sign up on your application using his Android and/or iPhone device. The rider can select the vehicle type and model, and can also track the active drivers is his locality. The rider also has access to the rate per mile, and the fare for each model he chooses.

The Driver

Similar to the rider app, the driver can also register on the app via his Android and/or iPhone device. For security reasons, all drivers have to be approved by the admin after verification of their documents and credentials.  The driver can update his status i.e. available or not, accept and/or reject rides, etc. he can also check his booking history out and can monitor the status of all his bookings.

Features of the Rider App

–    Compatible with multiple screens

–    Card payment gateway

–    Update customers via text messages

–    Live maps

–    Vision of actual route

–    Fare calculator

–    Job planner

–    One click dispatch

–    Smart searching system

–    Tariff customization

–    Job planners

Features of the Driver App

–    Functions on both Android and iPhone

–    Manage jobs

–    Customer call back facility

–    Route map

–    Automated payment gateway

–    SOS Alert button

Features of the System

–    Multi language

–    Multi-currency

–    Customer and driver management

–    Auto dispatch

–    Tariff customization

–    Easy to use

–    Automated email updates

The above list of features is not exhaustive. In fact, you can also opt to add features that you may want for the success of your taxi business.

Basic Flow of the App

While using an application might be the simplest one in market is quite easy, it is inevitable that you understand the flow of the app well. Here’s how the app works:

  • The Driver and the User download the app on their phones
  • The Driver and the User both create their profiles on the app. The driver lists the vehicles that he wants to offer his services in and the User fills in basic information such as Name, Email ID and Phone number.
  • The Rider can now place a booking request for a pick up by adding the pickup location.
  • The app automatically sends out the request to all the drivers in the vicinity (specified by the admin).
  • Whoever accepts the request gets the job. The Rider is notified immediately about the ride being accepted.
  • The Driver reaches the pickup location and marks on the app as arrived.
  • The User is notified of the same.
  • Once the Ride begins, the Driver marks the app as the Ride has Begun.
  • Then on reaching the destination as entered by the Rider, the driver marks the app as reached.
  • The App will then automatically calculate the fare and generate an invoice.
  • The Rider will have made payment automatically through the payment option chosen from Credit Card, In App Wallet or through Cash.
  • The Rider as well as the Driver are now free to rate and review each other.

Since the app is so general and easy to use a lot of people find it extremely useful. Because the nature of these apps is such that they are designed to be used by the population for their everyday use, it is inevitable that app developers make them absolutely simple.

The design is what the people call “intuitive” design flow. This just means that the app is so designed that it can be used by a majority of the people. Riders who choose to use these apps are already comfortable with smart phones, however, the Drivers, more often than not are not.

Time to Smarten up your Act

The time to decide whether you want your taxi business to sink or flourish has arrived. If you are looking for a bright future for your business then you definitely need to think on the lines of investing in an automated taxi dispatch system that will make your life easy as well as enable your taxi business to flourish.

Although it might seem to be a very difficult job in the beginning, you will soon come to realize that there is an abundance of such apps in the market. All you need to do is find a reliable application that can handle everything that you need to get done.

The easiest way to do that is to first conduct a general search on the internet on famous uber clone apps. You will come across a few companies that develop such apps. Take a look at what is offered by each of these companies so that you can find out who makes the best possible solution that matches your exact requirement.

There are many developers who are excellent in designed software for your taxi business. All you need to do is check them out and see who offers you the best deal in terms of cost, app features and customer service. Smarten up our act and get that taxi dispatch system for the bright future of your taxi business.

How to ensure the Security of Customers using your Taxi clone application

If you have been following the media, you will read a lot of bad press about the safety of passengers. Uber is the taxi brand that everyone recognizes globally. It is probably why when there are security lapses they easily make headlines in the news.  When Uber became successful, there was a lot of interest generated by entrepreneurs in a bid to develop uber like taxi app clones and start taxi businesses.

Existing cab companies also looked to develop uber like taxi app in the bid to modernize taxi business and move with time.  With Uber, they all had stiff competition. They had to go head on against this giant to remain above water.

uber like taxi app

If you are one of these entrepreneurs and/or taxi business owner, you can make your app secure for all your users thus ensuring that you receive no bad press due to a lapse in security.

Listed below are some of the checks that you need to conduct before hiring drivers.

  • Enhanced criminal/background checks

The reputation of your company lies in the hands of your drivers. It is therefore important that your screen and vet each driver thoroughly, examining his identity documents properly and conducting professional third-party checks on their background before giving them the license to drive for you. References from previous employers help too.

Before you hire people for driving for your taxi driving service, make sure your collect all your drivers’ data at one place. Then consider submitting that data to your local police station and ask them to check all your drivers’ criminal record. If there is any criminal record found out regarding any of your driver, make sure you ask that same person to leave company. Or else, submit a statement that he or she will not be ruining the policies of your taxi services. That document should be stamped from your city’s local court.

  • Zero Tolerance for drugs/alcohol

Make it clear to all your drivers that drugs and alcohol use not allowed whilst on duty. Random spot checks conducted on your drivers at regular intervals will ensure your drivers are always “clean” whilst on duty.

If it is possible then make it strict rule for the betterment of your company that drugs should not be a part of their daily living life. Not only on the duty time, should your drivers not take drugs after the duty time too. Alcohol can be the part of the party but that too in limit.

Make sure, your first priority should be your customers. And to gain more customers, your drivers should maintain themselves and provide the services. There should be no sign of misbehavior in the eyes of your loyal customers. Or else, you will lose them badly.

  • Dual way rating system

Drivers and as well as customers have the facility to rate and review their experience with each other. Drivers getting any sort of negative feedback should be closely monitored and if required should not be allowed to drive if their behaviour is consistently being brought into the limelight.

If rider is getting negative reviews from the driver, there should be a proper report that should be generated and delivered to the rider. Customers should know what wrong they have done. If still, this happens again and again, he/she should be charged extra for misbehaving with your drivers.

  • MOT tested vehicle

Ensure that the vehicle used by your driver is road worthy and has all the correct paperwork. Always request a regular MOT report on your vehicles to ensure that the vehicles are safe to carry riders.

In many countries, MOT tests are conducted by their government without even the acknowledgment. So to overcome that MOT test, you will have to ask your drivers to be prepared with all the paper works of the vehicle. Or else, you will have to pay a heavy fine.

Uber like taxi app features that ensure the safety of your customers


This facility will allow a passenger to get emergency help whenever he needs it. This panic button link directly to the police station. Three of the passenger’s contacts who will get aid through to him immediately.


This feature will enable you to monitor the exact location of your drivers and passengers all times in real time. A vehicle disappearing off the rider without prior notice should be a cause of concern for you and immediate steps need to ensure that the vehicle and its occupants are safe and well.

A security feature that allows every rider to notify three family members whenever they get into the taxi can be provided. This way passenger safety is ensured because once the ride is over, the passenger will notify the same on the app and the family knows that he/she has reached the destination safely.


It also might be a great idea to hire female drivers for your female and/or junior customers. Many females do not like using a can because of the fact that they getting into the cab with a male driver. This way females who want to party late into the night can do so happily secure in the knowledge. That they will have a secure and risk-free ride home.

gender based rides

Parents too feel secure in the knowledge that a female driver is doing the school run for their children.

Get into the taxi business and makes your uber like taxi app the safest in the business. You only need a meager investment and you will be ready to go in just two days. What are you waiting for?

Uber Clone App : Benefits for the Women Driver and Rider

How would you feel when you have to travel with a male driver especially when you are a woman? Recent sex harassment allegations and past incidents by the drivers have presented a huge challenge in front of major ride-hailing companies such as Uber. And this is why Uber is now planning to launch these services where female riders can drive with female drivers.

This idea came to light when an Uber driver had a nightmare while travelling with a crazy male passenger. He immediately thought how would he handle this person if he was a female? And this is how Safr, an Uber clone app, had been launched by former Uber driver Michael Pelletz.

uber clone app

How is this new app different?

This ride-sharing start-up will start functioning by dispatching women drivers to serve only female customers. Such initiatives had to be taken looking at some of the incidents that have come to light. In September 2016, an Uber driver in Los Angeles had lost his cool and got enraged with his passenger. He immediately stopped the car and dragged the lady from his car. This was captured by another person on video using her phone. Just two months after this incident, another such incident took place.

They charged Uber driver for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl. He picked the girl from a bar and then started assaulting her in the backseat of his car. This incident came to light when one of her family members discovered this. Yet, another one took place in Michigan where an Uber driver allegedly murdered nearly six people in February while picking them up. These incidents have thus increased the greater issue of security among different ride-sharing companies. Looking at such incidents, no woman will feel safe in riding with a male driver.

Benefits for the women

The biggest advantage of having female drivers is that it is much safer than travelling with the male drivers. Although, there’s no telling if the lady driver is insane, how she will react to various situations, but since such cabs will only have females, handling them will also be relatively easy.

These cabs have only women ridesharing and provide two legitimate benefits called safety and no harassment. This service here tailored in such a way that the passengers can enjoy with their commutes without any fear and also remain safe with drivers who are less likely to hit them.

If there will be a woman driver for a lady passenger, both the people will feel safe while reaching to the destination. They can even interact with each other until and unless drop off location does not arrive. Lady passenger can even share if any personal problem they are facing at that same time or require anything. A woman can only understand the problems of a woman.

Also, female driver can even gain trust very easily. In comparison with male driver, female driver is trusted more because they can make their passenger feel more comfortable. On the other hand, male driver have to encounter many abusive comments from their customers that makes their day like a rotten egg. Female driver will be more polite to the rider till the end of the day of their duty but a male driver can throw knifes from their mouth at some point.

Features of Uber Clone App

Use this feature of uber clone app if you prefer women to be safe too. Many of the companies are now implementing this feature in their Uber clone script. Once this option is ON, the woman riders can select woman drivers if they wish to. So, whenever to place a booking and if it is a woman then they preference will give to woman drivers and only when these drivers are not available will request to male. This is not a compulsory option as the administrator can switch it on or off as per the user’s requirements.

Thus, the concerns here to consider with the past incidents that took place. Numerous passengers killed, murdered and assaulted after getting into the wrong car. Looking at this, these ride hailing companies are now conducting thorough background checks and getting help from former police officers so that no such incidents occur in future.

latest technology

Using the latest technologies, facial recognition and biometrics is also a part of checking the drivers. So, in case you are a woman travelling alone then try using the woman driver feature available in the Uber clone app and remain safe till you reach your destination. It is the safest option to travel with the same gender and also to remain safe from wild assaults.

If you feel that you can make a difference in the world of cabs by introducing a “women only” service – driven by women for women then it is time to talk to a developer to design that ideal app for you to cater to all women kind. Believe me, it is one uber clone app that will be very much welcome!


If you are a looking for taxi service providing business start-up, consider having an uber clone app and encourage women drivers to be a part of your service. Demand for the security of women through providing a lady driver on every ride booking by a woman. There should be no lack of gender diversity in the taxi service industry. If there is male passenger, driver should be male and if the passenger is female then driver should be female.