Start a Business with the Top Gojek Clone App Solution

Gojek is a leading on-demand app in Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand. It is a platform that offers multiple services to millions of customers every day. Starting from Uber-like taxi services, food ordering, car-pooling, etc. this app has around 20 services to offer. Any entrepreneur who wants to develop a similar app can opt for a Gojek Clone App.

The clone app we are talking about is a little different and much more functional than Gojek. As it is a clone app, nothing is the same as the original app, but similar! Moreover, with a clone app, you can offer 101+ on-demand services, tons of advanced features, and speedy delivery of stuff.

Services Available on the Gojek-like App

To date, no mobile app offers 101+ on-demand services. Therefore, you have the chance to play the monopoly here and win the market in as many regions as you want.

With this clone app solution, you can offer numerous services such as:

  • Uber-like taxi booking service
  • On-demand delivery of groceries, food, medicines, alcohol, etc.
  • Bidding of handyman services
  • Online video consultation with doctors, tutors, astrologers, lawyers, and so on.
  • On-demand services of beauticians, car washers, babysitters, mechanics, etc.
  • Parcel delivery
  • Hire delivery Genie and Runner
  • On-demand medical services

How to Get the Top Gojek Clone App Solution

If you want to get the world’s best on-demand multi-service app solution, then you need to do thorough research.

As an entrepreneur, you need to purchase a mobile application from a white-labeling firm that offers several pre-built apps.

Pre-built apps are base applications that are customized and white-labeled with the entrepreneur’s brand name and logo. With base apps, entrepreneurs can easily start their businesses in less than two weeks.

In addition, this ready-made solution is way more inexpensive than building everything from scratch. Now that you are aware that you need a pre-built solution, the question is where to get it from. How to choose the best possible option?

Thus, while hunting for the Gojek Clone App, make sure that you look for a white-labeling firm that offers the following perks:

  • Delivers the apps in just 1 to 2 weeks
  • Signs an NDA and privacy policy
  • Lets you pay in parts or via Payment Milestones
  • They send the licensed source code for one domain at no additional cost
  • Lets you try the demo app for a considerable time
  • White-labels the app with your branding, changes the color theme and integrates languages & currencies of your choice.

Once you find a white-labeling firm that offers the above-mentioned perks, go ahead and purchase the solution.

However, before you actually buy the Gojek-like app, go through the Scope Document.

A Scope Document is a single document that provides you with essential information about the Gojek Clone App.

A Project Manager who is responsible for handling your project at the white-labeling firm will prepare the document after a thorough discussion.

They will include details like-

  • Deliverables: what will be delivered to you if you purchase the package?
  • Cost: the entire cost with its breakdown will be clearly mentioned.

Purchase the clone app solution only after you read the Scope Document and feel that every detail is mentioned as per your requirement.

A Bonus Tip

Whenever you approach a white-labeling firm to buy your pre-built on-demand app, ask them for a demo.

Although a well-established firm will always insist you take the demo app trial. As the entrepreneur who is about to invest in it, ask them for a demo.

Take your own time to test the Gojek Clone App demo and look at each and every detail finely! 

In Conclusion:

The clone app is a one-stop solution. It will give you a competitive edge that no other peer could. So, try not to waste your time and get to know more about the Gojek Clone App.

Connect with industry experts right away and kick-start your own business everywhere in the world! And that too, with no fuss!

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