Things to look for in an app like Gojek

Gojek is a huge multi-services app that is prevalent in Indonesia and quite popular in many other South East Asian countries. The tremendous popularity of the Gojek business is the biggest reason why more and more people are willing to set up and establish their own app based business like Gojek. Having said that, if you too are planning to begin your work with an app like Gojek then perhaps you should take a look at all the various things that a multi service app like Gojek should have.


The origin of gojek revolves around bike taxi services. So, if you are planning to offer Gojek like services, then Taxi  is something that you should definitely include. If you wish to start this business for a South East Asian country then the bike taxi business is a definite success.

However, you should not restrict yourself to simply offering bike taxis. Expand to other vehicles like hatchbacks and premium cars as well. This will help in increasing your overall userbase and make sure that your app is more profitable.


Another incredibly important part of the Gojek clone app for you could be the delivery part. If customers can use your application to make deliveries they would prefer it over any other service. Make sure that the app can offer options such as delivery on foot, over bike, through cars or using trucks. Each should have a different price point so that people can choose the mode of delivery based on the item that they want sent.

Store based delivery

This is a complicated but essential part of an app as big as the Gojek clone. This is a feature which will allow the users to order things right from the app and get them delivered to their doorstep. Your user can order food, groceries, alcohol online, add them to the cart, make a payment for them and then have them delivered at their desired location.

Service Providers

The primary feature of the Gojek clone app is to enable users to hire service providers through the app. your users should be able to hire Plumbers, electricians, massage therapists, doctors, beauticians and more through the application.

How to find multi service app like Gojek

The easiest way is to put internet to good use. Look for a Gojek like application on any popular search engine and you will be met with a few companies that build these apps. Go through all the things that they are offering so that you can make the most from it.

The next logical step is to take a free demo of the app and trying it in real time. Once you do that you will definitely have a few questions. Approach all these companies with your questions and whoever offers you the most satisfying answers should be the one that you should go for.

Once you have finalized all of that, get cracking on a good marketing plan. Even before you launch your app, you have to make sure that you advertise and brand it to make sure that more and more people know about it.

Offer some freebies and discounts to lure the customers in and then give them the best experience. Also, ensure that you have the service providers on board in a good state to ensure that you have a good work force.

On the whole, this can be a huge success if planned in the right way. Make sure that you approach this business seriously so that there is nothing between you and your success.

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