gojek clone

Gojek is a massive multi-services app that has gained significant prominence in Indonesia and enjoys popularity in various other Southeast Asian nations. The widespread success of the Gojek business has become a driving force, inspiring a growing number of individuals to consider launching their own app-based businesses similar to Gojek.

With that in mind, if you’re contemplating starting your venture with an app like Gojek, it’s essential to explore the various elements that a multi-service app like Gojek should incorporate.


The inception of Gojek primarily revolved around bike taxi services. Therefore, if you intend to provide services similar to Gojek, including taxi services is essential. Particularly for a South East Asian country, the bike taxi business holds significant potential for success.

Nonetheless, it’s advisable not to limit your offerings to just bike taxis. Expanding to include other vehicles such as hatchbacks and premium cars can help broaden your user base and enhance the overall profitability of your app.


Another vital component of the Gojek clone app that can significantly benefit your business is the delivery service. Allowing customers to utilize your app for making deliveries can make it more appealing than other services. Ensure that your app offers a range of delivery options, including on-foot, bike, car, and truck deliveries. Each option should have a distinct price point, enabling people to select the mode of delivery based on the nature of the item they want to send.

Store based delivery

This is a complex yet crucial aspect of an app as extensive as the Gojek clone. It involves a feature that enables users to place orders directly through the app and have items delivered to their doorstep. Users can order a variety of items, including food, groceries, and alcohol, add them to their cart, make payments, and specify their preferred delivery location.

Service Providers

The primary feature of the Gojek clone app is to facilitate users in hiring service providers via the application. Your users should have the capability to book various professionals, including plumbers, electricians, massage therapists, doctors, beauticians, and more, using the app.

How to find multi service app like Gojek

The most straightforward approach is to leverage the internet effectively. Simply search for a Gojek like application on a popular search engine, and you’ll come across a selection of companies that specialize in developing these apps. Take the time to thoroughly review the offerings they provide to make the most out of your search.

The next logical step is to request a free demo of the app and test it in real-time. After doing so, you’re likely to have some questions. Reach out to all these companies with your inquiries, and ultimately, choose the one that provides the most satisfactory answers to your questions.

Once you’ve settled these details, it’s time to work on a comprehensive marketing plan. Even before launching your app, it’s essential to engage in effective advertising and branding efforts to ensure that a larger audience becomes aware of it.

Entice customers with freebies and discounts to draw them in, and then provide them with the best experience. Additionally, ensure that your service providers are in good shape to maintain a strong and reliable workforce.

Overall, this endeavor can yield substantial success when planned meticulously. Approach this business with dedication to ensure that nothing stands between you and your path to success.