GoJek Clone: The Best Business Solution Ever

In today’s world of technology, every on demand app has its own potential benefits. Many brands have already set an example like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, DoorDash, Grubhub and many more. Basically, the success of every on demand business depends on their business tools. Whether it is of food delivery or taxi, everything depends on the system that processes customer demands directly to the service providers. Though it is obvious that service provider should be more careful while managing customer requirements but the larger part of business success depends on the business tool.

Well, on demand apps are not new, now the app development has gone too far from where it started. You might be aware of the popular GoJek app of Indonesia. GoJek is a complete feature packed solution for multiple service business. People of Indonesia use only one app in a smartphone to book taxi, order food, house cleaning services, handyman services, booking event & movie ticket and much more. The app is GoJek as it completes all the demands of every human being in Indonesia.

Gojek clone

GoJek app is a great example for those who want to start their business. GoJek clone is just a platform for two types of people, for the consumers as well as the service providers. If you have any such business plans like GoJek, then you should have an app like GoJek.

To be very honest, it takes a lot to create an app like GoJek. Before you reach out and start with GoJek like app development, it is necessary for you to understand the ergonomics of the original GoJek app.

The User Interface

The existing GoJek app’s user interface is quite impressive. Its user interface is very simple; there is no special transition or design that can confuse the user. This is the plus point for an on demand service app because the app provides services and to understand the services, the provider’s platform should be simple enough to understand things easily. So, before you start with your GoJek like the app, make sure your app’s user interface remains quite simple. Try to make it as much simple as possible.

What Users Look For?

Users are now quite particular about the features in the on demand service apps. Features like:

  • User Profile

Through which a consumer can create his or her profile with the help of social accounts like Facebook.

  • Service Request preference

Try to design and create a simple panel where the user can select any service and can place a request with ease. App navigation should be easy so that users can find all the options without any panic.

  • Price Estimation

Users should not feel that the charges are been hidden. Make sure you provide a better fare estimation system in your GoJek like app so that consumers get correct detail about all the charges.

  • Payment Modes

This is one of the most mandatory features that you will have to integrate into your GoJek app clone. Use multiple payment methods, offline & online payment modes. For offline keep cash payment and online, allow customers to pay via debit, credit card, and net banking.


Let’s face it, rather than developing your own GoJek app clone, consider purchasing GoJek clone app from a certified app developing company. It will save your time as well as your money too.

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