Get Hassle free Insurance experts with Insurance agent on demand app

Provide your customers with multiple services with one powerful app – Gojek app clone. Become the figurehead in your service with on-demand 100% customizable app and expand your business. Some services offered by Gojek app clone are- on-demand food delivery app, on-demand alcohol delivery app, on demand escort service app, on-demand house cleaning app etc. One such app is the on-demand insurance agent.

There is no guarantee of anyone’s life, so to make a strong backup plan in case of any casualty, insurance plans are being done to keep the family members at the safe sight.

The need of Insurance agent-

While the people or the industry call the insurance agents as brokers any consider them just like an ordinary employee, but we identikit them as champions, insurance advisors and advocates of our customers. Mentioned below are few profiles who should go for an agent:

Personal Insurance-

  • Wealthy families and individuals
  • Anyone can get life insurance
  • Professional sports players or celebrities
  • Families or individuals who own one or more than one properties.

Commercial Insurance-

  • HR Managers
  • Business owners
  • Property managers
  • Corporate service managers
  • Government contractors
  • Foreign governments
Insurance agent on demand app

Merits of having an insurance agent-

Save Money:

Considering that you made the right decision and opt for the independent insurance agent, you get more chance to save money. Independent insurance brokers use their expertise as authority to keep insurance companies truthful with their ratios.


When customers buy any insurance from the insurance company, they are limited to get the company’s products only. Getting in direct touch with the insurance agent is a more captivating idea. The market or the insurance industry refers to them as captive agents.

Self-dependent insurance agents also provide with the products from any market place or insurance carrier depending on your coverage preference and price.


This service can be underrated or overrated. However, when tackling something as delicate as insurance, positive communication is very important. Without the positive talks, a strong relationship cannot be developed and so the people will not understand the true value of insurance agent nor the insurance agent will be able to explain the value of insurance.

Save time:

Insurance broker offers freedom to the customers to choose their insurance needs under one roof. They need not take the trip of offices again and again and they’ll not have to face multiple rounds of calls, rotating account managers and policy agreements.

Make it simple:

Need not to make insurance more complicated than it already is. Before going with any kind of insurance you must be aware of the legal clauses, insurance terms and coverage limits.

Think your agent just like an advisor and a lawyer. They’ll definitely handle your all complications related to an insurance policy.

If you want to start your own booming business which can blow the market then you should go with an insurance agent on demand app which can make your unpredictable life secure with risk cover power. You can also go with any other app which holds strong goodwill in the market and is trustworthy.

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