Build Uber Clone And Upgrade Your Taxi Business With These Features

Uber Taxi Application is a synonym when it comes to taxi booking services.

It’s difficult to envision a journey without using Uber or another well-known taxi-sharing service, whether you’re commuting or visiting a distant nation.

Uber users complete 1.59 billion rides per quarter. No wonder, both established taxi businesses and start-ups looking to monetize an idea can find success in the lucrative field of taxi mobile app development.

The Pressing Need Of Consumers To Travel Hassle-free

On-demand taxi booking apps have the potential to significantly expand and improve such services. In comparison to conventional taxi companies, taxi booking applications let clients book a ride instantaneously, expand their clientele, and improve the user experience.

The experience of the driver can be extremely convenient, and finding passengers can be made simpler by the taxi app. In the end, automating the conventional fleet management system will benefit you, your clients/passengers, and the drivers. Also, your business method will become more organized and straightforward as a result of the taxi app development choice.

Build Uber Clone Introducing Latest Features To Upscale Your Taxi Business

In contrast to conventional taxi services, Uber provided its customers with a sense of luxury, convenience, professionalism, and dependability, which enabled it to significantly expand its market share. Having said that, it is strongly advised that you establish your budget before moving on with the development of a taxi app. Being an extremely complex and feature-rich program, it could be expensive.

Face ID and fingerprint authentication

One of the most cutting-edge features of the uber clone app in Brazil is this one. Riders may log in using the built-in Face ID and Fingerprint choices thanks to this innovation.

The user can use this feature without having to keep track of their account and password.

Storing multiple credit cards

This app feature enables the user to add or remove various credit cards as needed for online payments. Users can choose one of the numerous cards and configure them as ‘default’ to make payments considerably more easy and quick.

Taxi booking iWatch app

Your customers may now order taxis using their Apple smartwatches thanks to the Uber Clone App. They only need to ensure that their iPhones are linked to smartwatches. The Apple smartwatches can also be used to make online payments. The Uber Clone App has a ground-breaking feature in this regard.

Restricted Driver’s Fraud 

The Driver must be within X meters/feet of the Rider’s pickup point in order to label the Ride as “Arrived.” Otherwise, he will not be able to do so. Drivers have been accused of listing rides as “Arrived” even though they are far from the pickup location, according to complaints we’ve received.

Restricted passenger limit

Based on COVID-19 safe distancing protocols, the driver may set a passenger limit. For instance, a hatchback car can hold 5 people but owing to social isolation, the driver will only allow it as per the pandemic policies.

Video calling with the driver

The taxi booking app has another crucial feature in this regard. Taxi drivers and passengers can make video calls to one another using this capability.

The user or driver can access the video call option by clicking the phone symbol on the screen. The in-app phone call and chat functionality now include this option.

Block fraud drivers/riders

One of the most useful capabilities for app administrators to identify and track down drivers who frequently cancel trips is this one.

As a result, the admin can block the driver and take appropriate action against them with the use of this function.

Uber Clone App Puts Your Taxi Booking Business In Autopilot Mode

Perhaps now is the ideal time to go digital if you own a cab business in an area where visitors are in high demand.

Regarding travel, people adore convenience. Offering your clients a cost-effective, cozy, and practical taxi booking software can work wonders for your business instead of relying on public transit. As a result, your business will grow and your app will be more popular than those of your competitors. In other words, you require a taxi booking app in order to thrive in the very competitive taxi sector.

We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of the realities of running an on-demand taxi booking business. The demand for taxi services is growing significantly on a global scale. With the help of our Uber clone app, you can tap into this market and grow your company. You may provide your customers with a unique experience thanks to the numerous user-friendly features of our app.

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