Latest Technologies to be a Successful Uber Clone App for your Business

People have wanted the easy convenience of a cab landing up wherever they were to take them to their destination. Cab riding apps and uber clone app offered a way out for customers. Those Disgruntled passengers, who were unhappy with the quality of the traditional cab services, took to Uber gladly because it brought ease and comfort. With the super success of Uber, other business entrepreneurs are now looking to start their own cab riding businesses.

uber clone app

The Latest Technology that must be used in Uber Clone App

Geo locations

Well, geo location technology that is used to identify the real world geographic location of a GPS enabled device. Devices like smartphones, radar, or any internet connected device.

All cab booking app are heavily dependent on the following mapping and geolocations features:

Identifying a device’s location

The iOS app for Uber uses the Core location framework to locate where a passenger’s device is. The Core location framework also lets Uber define the different geographical regions and track a device’s movements as and when it crosses pre-defined boundaries.

Providing driving directions

The Uber clone app for iOS uses Map-Kit to display point-to-point directions on a map within the app. All directions of the Map app and all other mapping software are made available to the cab app when it is registered as a routing app.

The Google Maps Android API made the routes and directions possible in Android phones. Through Google map, finding any direction has become so easy that people now can go one place to another without even knowing the exact directions. Simple and easy to understand graphics of map helps people to understand each and every location in map.

Directions by Google maps are accurate as it has fully optimized their app to measure directions anywhere. Google maps not only show driving directions, it is enabled with audio instructions. If a person is driving, sometime it become impossible to take a look at the screen. At that time, audio instructions can help out in knowing the correct direction with ease.

It is so accurate that it even shows at which road the traffic will be less or more. If any road has more traffic and can take much time for a person to reach to its destination, Google maps show the alternate road direction at the same time. According to the vehicle, it even shows at what time an individual can reach at its desired location. The use of live directions in an on-demand service app will be more convenient for the drivers to know the directions of any unknown location.

Integrating with mapping software

Along with Google Maps, Uber used other seamless mapping technology companies to integrate the mapping feature with their app. As one single thing cannot bring an overall result. Combining more than two or more objects can provide better results. There no exact details as what they have used but whatever are the ingredients, they are giving 100% results to all the users all around the world. All the uber app as well as uber clone app users have not faced any problems till yet. Many business owners haven’t received any complain from any single users from last couple of years.

rider booking request feature

According to the studies of last few years, people have reached to their exact location with the help of the direction provide by Google maps. Even in iOS device, users do not consider using its default direction app, iOS user prefer to use Google maps. Its user interface is outstanding and delivers immersive user experience.

Push Notifications and SMS

Once you order a ride, Uber usually sends you two notifications:

  1. When a driver accepts your request for a cab
  2. When the driver is arriving at your destination

You also get notified if the ride is canceled for some reason.

The telecommunications provider Twilio is behind the Uber text messages. For the iOS app, Uber has implemented the Apple Push Notification Service or APNS to implement push notifications. They have used Google Cloud Messaging or GCM for the Android app. You cannot track APNS but GCM does allow tracking of the notifications.

Payment Integration

For card payments, Uber partnered with Braintree. There are other robust payment systems like Stripe or startups like Postmates and Instacard that provide payment integration. Uber has also used services like PayPal or Paytm to accept card payments for cab services.

There is probably no end to how good an app can get. The more you invest in honing your technology, the better are the results.  You have to make sure that your app is at least better than other apps offering similar services. The competition is getting tougher by the hour. So, the one who a start first is always going to have an edge over the one who starts later. Choose and apply those options that are useful for the customers and cover all the on-demand services. Also, make sure that you do not combine technology that are of no use to the app users and further become complex for them to use.

Successful integration of these technologies to build and deploy a real time uber clone app has provided passengers with a reliable cab service. Passengers can get a Fare estimate, know how far their ride is from where they are, call up drivers to give directions to their location and pay with their credit or debit cards, to avoid cash hassles.

Launched App like Uber for Couriers

There are many Uber-like clones on the market today, to use for different purposes and services.  An app that operates in the United States and Spain by the name of “Shop on your behalf”. It has raised about $10 million for further funding. In contrast to what the other similar players in the industry have raised, this company has raised $ 20 million.

Shop on your behalf that also goes by the name of “Jinn” is planning to use this raised capital to expand and take on the global market. The uber for couriers app as such is already a local success and the main focus will be on educating the people in the new market on how the app works and the advantages of using Jinn. People and consumers will be made aware of the brand that is called “Jinn”.

uber for couriers

How jinn Works

Users and consumers can order anything they require using the app. Users have the facility to browse the app and pick the items they require and place the order. The ordered items will be delivered to you. There is no worry about payments as all the payments are handled online.

Although Jinn started as a food delivery app, it is widening its horizons to cover groceries, beauty and health products. Since the introduction of grocery delivery, their sales have shot up to 15% from the previous 5%. The delivery of beauty and health products also looks very lucrative.

A vision of this Tech

The idea of Jinn is to make one big online departmental store where every commodity and consumable will be available for delivery. The couriers are all self-employed, with over 5000 registered on the app and at least 1000 are active every month. Jinn is definitely heading to climb the Everest, at the rate it is expanding and coming up with new ways to attract more clientele.

Jinn is not the only uber for couriers app out there. There are thousands of them available on the market today. However, if you are thinking of getting into this venture and launching an app similar to Jinn or Postmates clone, or any other delivery app, then you need to ensure that it stands out above the already available ones. It has to offer something more and unique than what is already available in the market.

Have you got an idea to make your app just do that? Then you need to contact a well known on demand app developer who will give you an app with such outstanding features that you will never have to look back. The first day of the launch will just be the start of a very lucrative on-demand delivery venture. Pick up that phone today and discuss you are uber for couriers app requirement today and start earning in just 48 hours.

Who knows you might just be the next Jinn. Instead of you reading how successful Jinn is someone somewhere in a similar position as yours will be reading how successful your app is!

How to Develop an Apps like Uber?

With the growing concept of the internet and smartphones, many services can be made available at our doorsteps. This wave has influenced all the activities that we take part in everyday life. Now a day’s most of our day-to-day work like making payments, paying the bills, booking travel tickets, hotel booking and event ordering food are done with the help of mobile phones through mobile apps. Things have become a lot more convenient and faster than before. That is why every entrepreneur, old and new, is thinking “How to make apps like Uber?”

The most used service through mobile apps is taxi service. The era of waiting for a taxi or waving in the middle of the road to book one has vanished. You will hardly find anyone using the traditional method for booking a taxi ride. What works now is an on-demand taxi booking app on your Smartphone.

apps like uber

On demand taxi apps are very much a favorite for users for the simple reason that they provide ease and comfort they provide for operation as well as the low price in comparison to other taxi services.

The process that makes the app rise up to the expectations of the people using it is as follows:

  • The user downloads the app
  • Then they register and log in to the app
  • After log in they have to set up their profile
  • The user can make a request for the taxi
  • To do this they will have to put in their pick up address and then their destination address
  • The app sends the request automatically to all the drivers in the specified radius.
  • The nearest taxi will accept or decline the request received
  • The Rider receive a notification once the request is accepted
  • Once the ride is accepted, the user will immediately be able to see the taxi moving towards them on the screen of their Smartphone
  • Taxi arrives at the pickup point
  • Then the Driver marks the on the app as Arrived
  • Then the when the trip starts, he once again marks on the app as trip started
  • When they arrive at the destination, the driver marks on the app as Reached destination
  • On ride completion an invoice is automatically generated
  • Money is directly deducted from the app
  • Payment is received in the app owner’s account
  • The Driver and the Rider can provide reviews and ratings to each other

In order to understand Uber app, one should first understand the types of apps like uber available in the market.

There are three main taxi booking apps like uber types:

  1. The most reliable one is the custom-made app, as they are made base on the specific requirements of the client. It the features that are specific to the client.
  2. Ready to use apps – these apps come as a package with ready to use features. These apps work best for people who want to start the business of taxi service with the standard features.
  3. These types of apps are known as White labeled solutions, wherein a client gets the right to sell the apps to others and the rest is done by the company owning the app.

One has to understand that even though customize apps that are built from the ground up are the best way to begin a business, it is quite costly. Developing a new mobile application for an On Demand Taxi booking service can cost you millions of dollars and take around 2 to 3 years. If you are willing to put in that kind of money and are okay with waiting too, then it may be the right choice.

Otherwise, you must go for a readymade off the shelf white labeled solution. This means you can launch your business within 3 to 4 working days of purchasing the app. The best thing is you get to launch the app under your own brand name and logo.

Why the hesitation?

Sometimes, people do hesitate to go for such solutions for fear of going in the grey of legality. However, white label solutions are absolutely legal and have no problems with respect to being approved. If there is any issue with the app, it will get rejected on the app store immediately because they have very strict rules. In case you find the working demo of an application that is in downloadable format over an app, then you can rest assured that this app is completely legal.

What’s more, you don’t have to sit and wait for your dreams to turn into something. Usually, with white labeled solutions the biggest advantage is that it is in a ready state. The app is already in a functioning condition so the only time that is taken is the process of rebranding it with your logo and brand name.

So, since they don’t have to build anything from scratch, the developers can work faster and bring better results almost instantly. Your business can kick off from the word go and you and you can start making money right from the first day. For any kind of a business, an instant revenue generation is a much better solution than having to put in the money and wait till kingdom come for it. However, don’t get beguiled by any solution. Make a well researched wise choice!

Postmates Clone – Best On Demand Food Delivery App

You find many apps in the market today which deliver food to your doorstep. The Postmates clone is the best app that offers you a lot more than just delivering food to your steps. They provide delivery services offering delivery services of almost any product from anywhere to everywhere.

postmates clone

Since Postmates offer delivery more of products which are general. Unlike delivery services like the Doordash or Seamless which offer mostly food services to their customers. In the world of on-demand economy companies like postmates operate under major competition. Most of us are aware that the restaurant delivery business is growing faster in almost all parts of the world.

Postmates Clone – Delivery Service Exploration

To beat the competition and to stay ahead in the game the company is working on offers like Plus unlimited delivery services for their customers. The customer can avail unlimited delivery services from selected stores and restaurant for a monthly fee of $10 on orders above $25.

On Demand food delivery app is a great way to start your own little business. It is very easy to operate, whenever there is a new order the Postmates App. It alerts you to your iPhone or Android device providing the information of pick up and drop off location.

Most of the start-ups provide their courier staff with prepaid credit balance to make necessary purchases at the stores. They also provide few bits of information to their pick up and drop of boys and a few practice sections to get a knack for the system and off you go.

In the world where convenience at times is more important than anything, on-demand food delivery services have a better chance to make their mark. If you are the one looking to start something of your own delivery business then get yourself the Postmates clone App and get started in less than three days and start earning profit from day one.

Uber Clone Script Updated Version Introduced only for You!

Taxi booking business has enhanced and become popular with the introduction of Uber-like applications in the market. The sudden spike in the success of Uber clone script business model has made many of the entrepreneurs enter this promising business.

Every day new apps similar to Uber are released in the world market. To achieve the same success, one has to research well, make a plan, execute. Then start with building an uber clone script that makes taxi booking easy with different features. One such feature is the dispatcher panel.

This panel here is a small but an important part of the admin dashboard. Here the admin can assign the drivers to either request or add rides on behalf of the users. Once the admin clicks the add button, he has to fill in all the necessary details in the form of the user. With the auto assign provider option, the providers can automatically assign to the users and the driver will then be allocated to the location of the user. So, whichever driver is the closest, the user will be given that one.

uber clone script

Some extraordinary features for Uber Clone Script!

Manual dispatch is a key feature that is super important from the app. Although the most important thing about a taxi app is having a smart phone (after all it is an app based business), there are a lot of people who don’t have a smart phone. So, does that mean if your users don’t have a smart phone they can’t book rides on your app?

Not really. With the Manual dispatch feature, your users who do not have a smart phone can easily place a call to the admin and the admin can manually book a ride for them. Through the admin panel, they can book a ride by entering the pickup and drop location that the Rider will call and inform.

With this feature, dispatchers can now:

  • take phone bookings,
  • schedule trips,
  • allocate the closest trips to the drivers,
  • track payments
  • Track taxi fare receipts through email once the trip is completed.

As said, the panel here is able to receive requests through telephone bookings whenever the add button is clicked. But now bookings are also possible with a click done on Google Maps directly.

If you look carefully on the panel, you will get to see the trips and know where the provider and user are at the moment. Not only this but you also get to check other details such as trip histories, passenger and user details, transactions made, mode of payment used, taxi details and much more.

Do you want to know some more features offered here? Stay tuned below!

  • With the specific filters here, the admin can see all the necessary information on the “ALL” tabs such as requests placed, the location of the provider and the user and all the other information pertaining to the ride.
  • Requests scheduled for the latter can see and assigned by the admin to the closest driver.
  • In case the admin has delayed in assigning any request to the driver then this request sent to the warning stage. The admin has to quickly deal with such issues.
  • Handle booking requests and assign it to the driver who is closer to the user.
  • Set up and update all company and dispatcher details including information pertaining to drivers and their vehicles.

Other Clone Features

  • Monitor all the automated reports that generated for all the rides that conducted in the past and present.
  • Managing all the transactions efficiently from one single window.
  • Review statistics, blacklists, temporarily blocked data of clients and drivers.
  • The Auto assign provider is yet another feature that is quite powerful. IT allows the admin to switch it on or off as per the requirements. Once this feature is turned on, the admin doesn’t have to assign any drivers to the users since it is automatically assigned to the users through the uber clone script app. It simply uses their location and the app selects the driver that can reach the user in the minimum time.
  • Once the auto-assign feature will switch off, the admin has to do all the stuff manually. Assigning the driver to the user, checking for warnings, user details, driver details and much more. The driver then receives the request from the admin and makes his selection.

taxi booking app feature

So, this was a short road map on using the dispatcher panel now introduced with Uber clone script. This app has just all the main things that need to run a successful business. It manages the provider, users and the rides respectively.

Indeed, it is a huge deal with all such major combination of features to implement in just one app. In case you are planning to upgrade your apps, then now is the right time. So, utilize all these updates and make your business grow with utter confidence and security.


Make sure that when you plan to buy a taxi app, you don’t get tempted to buy cheaper products that are available in the market. Your app should be the best. There are too many apps available in the market and to stand apart from the crowd, yours has to be the best app that there is.

Look for distinct features and other things that make your system innovative and exciting from the user point of view.

An app that is complete with the best features in the industry will definitely be successful. As more and more people download and start using the app, your fleet will grow in size and you will become the best Uber Clone script owner in your region.

Build Your App Using Uber Clone Source Code

With each passing day, we realize that Uber is much more than a taxi app. It is a brand, one that can be seen on billboards wherever you are, be it local or international. This brand has become the backbone of success for many entrepreneurs who have gone on to develop their own uber clone source code (licensed) for their businesses, be it taxi or any other on demand service. The services that are provided through apps are very convenient for everyone as it has become a trend.

If you are one of these entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in the uber clone script then you need to take note of the following points whilst building your app.

uber clone source code

Consideration of Uber clone source code

An Efficient Hosting Service

The importance of app hosting is the same as that of creating it. Whether it is an Android or an iPhone app, ensure that you spend the least amount of money whilst hosting it correctly. Once you host it, enlist it on your preferred platform. The success of your app is dependent on both the hosting service selected as well as a suitable domain name. It is therefore important that your domain name is easy to remember.

According to last couple of year’s survey, more hundred apps were launched every month. This means, business owner has enhanced their business through hosting their on-demand service app.

A Design of Your Choice

As an entrepreneur, you need to pick on a script that will allow easy modifications and customization. From a business point of view, if he needs to alter the script at short notice to ensure customer satisfaction for maximum returns then he should be able to do so. The uber clone source-code (licensed) should be such that it can be moulded according to the need of an hour.

Always remember to make your uber clone app in such a form that your customers feel free while using it. The user interface should not be complex so that the user faces difficulties while booking a ride for themselves.

Look at Options for Quickening the Pace of Exercises

After choosing an excellent hosting service and an even better design to suit your business requirements, your app will be unsuccessful if you ignore the building of the pace of exercises. Every driver and passenger should be thinking about how your app works. To do this you need to ensure that your layout is SEO compliant and each value of online networking coordination is incorporated into it. Little bit of digital marketing can make your app a stand-out among the users. Until and unless there will be no promotions or advertisements, public will not come to know about your on-demand service app.

Make sure you visit forums and send out as many emails as possible. Make the driver and passenger profiles on your app larger than life to expand the pace of exercises that will occur in your app.

Have a Payment Option that is Simple

Your app should have the facility for online payment and easy to follow instructions on how to make the payments. The fare charges are dynamic as it depends on the distance that a customer covers. The payment is done at the time the ride is complete. The admin/app owner will take their share of the commission and the rest is credit to the driver’s wallet or account. Each of these actions needs precise payment modes to ensure the efficient working of the app.

There are various types of payment options within the uber clone app. The payment options are based offline method and online method. Users can pay through cash or if user do not has cash, he or she can pay through online payment methods.

Using Latest Technology

Always use the latest technology for your app as customers are using the best devices available on the market today. The script you use should be able to incorporate maps, routes and other features that will give your customers a smart and efficient riding experience.

taxi developmenet technologies

With the help of GPS and Google maps integration, customers can visually see their location so that they can enjoy their comfortable ride. Also, consider using GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) so that push notification or any new update can be track directly through the server. This will allow your customers to get every update directly to their devices via push notification.

Customer Feedback

The feedback from customers for each trip is essential. It is, therefore, crucial to have a robust feature that supports this for the credibility of your business and application. Well, review and rating should be available in your on-demand service app, so that users can keep their words of mind.

Reviews can help you in getting what are the things that are lacking in your app and what options the user wants you to add. Reviews also let you know the how your drivers behave to your customer as customer can report about driver through review option. Rating option is very important to keep. It can help you to know how the experience of your customer while taking a ride was.

Now that you have the knowledge on what your uber clone source code needs to be like for a successful venture, it is time to look for developers who will give you all this and more. Enhance your offline

Growing Popularity of Taxi Business – Create App Like Uber

Mobile technology has made this the best time to be alive.  Things that were considered difficult have now become easier, thanks to technology. Before booking anything or getting a service of any sort was a mission on its own. Now we can book anything, an air ticket, salon services, taxis just by a few taps on our smartphones and voila. One of the services that have really had a global applause is the uber taxi clone. An on demand taxi app that has made entrepreneurs and software developers want to create app like Uber. They too can receive the same success as Uber.

Taxi booking apps are gaining popularity simply because it is a service that tends to global commuting needs. Although the workings of the app may look simple, a whole lot of complicated work has gone into it to create features that have made this app popular.

create app like uber

Advantages of create app like Uber

A taxi booking app for your business is an everyday requirement as commuters are looking for faster and more cost-effective ways of commuting. This app is compatible with both IOS and Android platforms and therefore has a wider audience reach too. People can easily book their ride in just few taps on their smartphones. Now the riders don’t have to wait for a taxi to arrive and discuss for the charges. They can simple schedule the time for their ride to arrive at the location on the decided time. Until then, rider can track their ride and also the remaining time to reach at their location. Even the charges of the ride are already fixed according to the distance so that no rider has to convince driver for fare cost.

Taxi booking app has a user-friendly interface whilst giving options to users to make the process of booking a taxi simpler and faster. App navigation is so simple that users can easily jump from one menu to another without any problem. For booking a ride, user just has to select their pick up location or can even choose auto-selection and then they have to select the drop off location. That’s it, and then all they have to select is the type of ride they prefer travelling in.

If we talk about payment method, users can pay directly cash if they choose cash as a payment option. Or else, users can even pay through their credit, debit card and also via online banking at online payment option. With this much of flexibility, users will definitely be convenient in travelling from one to another through an app based taxi service.

Once the user is registered, he can easily log in, search and hire a cab based on his requirements. Even if any rider requires extra care while riding for example, if a rider is handicapped or medically unfit. Then he/she can place their requirement and can travel with ease.

The Basic Features of a taxi app

User App

  • Easy sign-up and login facility
  • Manage profile
  • Driver contact
  • Rating of driver
  • Method of payment
  • Ride history
  • Trip cancellation
  • Map view

Driver app

  • Easy sign-up and login facility
  • Driver profile
  • Ride acceptance
  • Navigation to destination
  • Trip cancellation and acceptance
  • Trip Fare
  • Payment received feature

Simple and Easy Operation

  • The first thing you need to do is tap the app and set your pickup location
  • Request your ride and wait for a driver to accept it. Alternatively, depending on the type of app you have you can view the profiles of the available cars and their drivers and choose one accordingly
  • Enter the destination/drop off point
  • The driver accepts the ride
  • The user can track the cab in real time as it makes its way to the pickup point
  • Your route and expected arrival time will be displayed.
  • The app also has the facility to display the estimated fare of the trip

driver and rider app

Why create app like uber is the best avenue for your business?

It is basic human nature that we prefer a product that is not only a quality one but is also easy on the pocket.  Taxi apps are one such product that offers reasonably priced rides that can be afforded by people from all walks of life.

They are extremely handy when you are in a foreign place and do not know how to go about getting a taxi. Just download an app and away you go to your destination.

Taxi apps are easy to use so even those people who are not technologically sound can use it efficiently and get a ride. Uber clone apps are so easily to use that every age group person can use it without facing any issue.

The GPS feature is especially useful as it becomes easier to find your location and bring the nearest taxi for your ride. A user can even locate all the taxi’s that are near to his/her place through the app.

The option of cashless payment is one that has been appreciated by all users, both riders and passengers. Drivers also ensure that they will get their payment at the end of the ride, thanks to this technology. Riders, on the other hand, do not have to worry about keeping loose change and their wallets with them at all times.

It’s now time for business. Get a list of app developers and check out which one offers you the best features at a price that fits your pocket. Make sure that you check the company and their product thoroughly as there are many companies who are in the business of scamming unsuspecting prospective like you. Research well, check out their demos and speak to them before you sign on the dotted line and get them to create app like Uber.

Cab Booking App – Have Great Earning Experience

Want to reach a destination on time just by one click? Want to reach your destination even without driving? What if you are getting late for an interview and it’s raining outside? Want to go at the same pace of developing technology? Want to enjoy a hassle-free ride?  Well is there really anything like it or just a dream? Not anymore. You can get to your destination without driving, without hassles, without getting late with just one click. Thanks to app-based taxi services like Uber, they came up with an amazing idea that people could ride in a car without owning or even driving one.  Just by tapping on your Smartphone, you will now be able to book a car using the cab booking app.

Let’s understand the technology behind it before getting into the nitty-gritty of the app workings.

cab booking app

Cab Booking App Features galore

Start-ups are coming with the same concept of providing cabs, like Ola, Gett, and Cube Taxi, but with innovative facilities. In the era of apps, it is now easier to get things in just one click. There is a long list of app making companies in the market which help you to connect with your target audience. This cab service app not only incorporates all the features like Uber but also have few special features that other competitors do not provide.

The basic features that possess are:

  • an e-wallet
  • customer location service
  • ride now and ride later features
  • surge price information feature
  • multiple language features
  • taxi location feature
  • Assessing the demand feature.

Who will design my app?

As soon as you provide the basic information about your venture, your app will be customized according to your requirements. The technical experts design the app using the best available technology and will take the responsibility of customizing the app as per your demand and installing it. They will also undermine your work by getting approval on major application platforms like Apple Store or Google Play Store. This is what every competitor provides. But there are many more services which won’t let you go for any other app making company.

Why should you opt for any particular developer?

Check out the features that you developer will provide you before signing the deal. Some of the features that they would give you include:

  • An online or offline feature for drivers: This means that the driver can mention their availability on the app to online when they want to receive ride requests and offline when they don’t.
  • An option to accept or reject a ride: This allows the driver to accept the rides that he or she is comfortable in taking and reject the ones that they aren’t comfortable doing.
  • Fare estimate calculation feature: this feature will inform the rider of an estimated value of the fare even before they Book the ride.
  • Ride history: the Rider as well as the Driver can both check the history of the rides that they have undertaken. They can get a clear outline of nay number of rides that they have offered or taken through the app
  • Constant live GPS tracking: Their routes are monitored using GPS. This also means that the Rider can at all times view exactly where the driver is. There is no suspense with respect to the location of the Driver.

Cab booking app prepares the interface in a user-friendly manner to cover users of all ages. Apart from professionalism, some developers maintain healthy relationships and provide free of cost services like support service for 3 months, obtain the license on app stores on iOS and Android etc while others may charge handsome amounts of money.

Language and Currency

Cab booking app which can be bought by anyone for a business enterprise has to be of global appeal. This means that when an individual in France wants to buy the app, he should be able to use it there. So, the app should work in French language and the currency should be Francs. Likewise if someone sitting in Brazil wants to use the app their app should work in Portuguese or Spanish and use the currency Brazilian real.

For this the app itself should be dynamic enough to be able to be able to have these pre integrated in the app. So, when you buy the app, you can get it white labeled to your choice of language and your choice of currency. When you get your ready application, you can launch your business in your country instantly and start earning money.

The app possesses a special feature such that it can be converted into any language, like Spanish, French, Arabic, Persian etc, and allows the app owner to install an additional acceptable currency of the country they want to launch it in.  This will help to expand the business in different parts of the world.

To help you to get recognition, your name and logo will also be provided in the app. Also, the technical team will take all responsibility from scratch till the time it is launched and earning for you.

There are many service-providers that provide a free demo. In this highly competitive world of app developers, it is definitely a very wise decision to check out a few developers and see what services they provide for your cab booking app before settling on the one that will design your app.

Get Your Uber Clone Demo Today

Taxi services like Uber came as a boon for those who wish to make their commuting easier. It is especially useful for city dwellers where driving could be a harrowing experience, thanks to traffic congestion. Many entrepreneurs  follow this revolution & coming forward with their own innovative ideas of making commuting convenient. If you, too, wish to join this tribe of app-based transportation services, then look no further. Many developers are into the business of designing the perfect state of the art Uber clone app. Get a live Uber Clone demo today and experience this app for yourself.

uber clone demo

The Uber clone demo will give you an actual insight into the world of on demand taxis. Know how the rider and the passenger app work in complete synchronization.

What Makes Uber Clone Demo App the Best Option for Your Business

An Uber Clone App is aesthetically and technologically top notch. It is designed using the best available technology. It incorporates all the features that applications like Uber have and much more like:

  • An e-wallet– An e-wallet allows users to make cashless payments for their rides by either installing an inbuilt account or by linking the app to second party accounts.
  • Ready Reports– The prerequisite of a successful business is to have all the details regarding what’s going on in the business ready in front of you. Reports regarding daily earning, kilometers driven, number of rides taken etc. are reflected through the app which makes it extremely easy for the Drivers as well as the app owners to gauge how well the business is doing and what more can they do to make it better.
  • Customer location service– This service allows the drivers to know the exact location of the customer.
  • Ride now or later – It allows the customer to book a ride if they want to drive immediately or later.
  • Surge price information feature– Cab services tend to hike their prices during rush hours. Surge price information feature will inform customers about the new price point.
  • Multiple language features– Multiple language features will widen the reach of your business to incorporate non-English speaking customers as well.
  • Taxi location feature– This feature works well for the owner or for the operational end whereby each and every taxi can be located so that allocation of rides can be made accordingly.
  • Assessing the demand feature and much more– This feature assesses the trend of demand, like areas where the demand of cab is higher or the hours during cab service, is availed more.

Apart from these regular features, an Uber Clone app also provides advanced features like

  • An online or offline feature for drivers– This feature gives leverage to customers where they can mark their availability.
  • An option to accept or reject ride– At times, a situation arises where a driver cannot take a certain ride. This feature will allow drivers to intimate their ability to take a ride.
  • Fare estimate calculation feature– This feature informs the customer about the fare that they will pay at the end of the ride before they book a cab.
  • Rides History– This feature allows customer and service provider to access their recent rides.
  • Constant live GPS tracking– This feature allows live tracking of the cab during a ride and otherwise.

The features mentioned above are convincing enough to show how an Uber Clone App is the best way to launch your business into the market. It will prove to be an ideal choice for all those who wish to benefit the popularity that app-based taxi services are enjoying at the moment.

Making your way

Having said that, it is also important to realize and understand that just by buying an app, you will not be able to become successful overnight. There is a lot of effort that you will have to put on the marketing front.

Essentially, you have to make sure that people know about your business. Say, for example, you start off with a taxi business. However, the people in your city don’t even know about it. How do you tell the people that you are there in the market and are willing to offer your services to the people?

There are 2 basic ways in which you can do this:

Local marketing

  • Local marketing involves using the popular mediums of branding in your local cities. For example, using hoarding, print media and leaflets with your advertisement will make a high impact and reach out to maximum local members who might need your service.


  • Search Engine optimization is another such feature that can breathe in new life to your business. It will not only make you more searchable over the internet, it will give you a web presence and web identity. People almost invariably conduct online searches for any service that they require. So, if you want to establish a strong online presence the hiring a good team of SEO experts will do you a lot of good. You can optimize in the local market first and then move on to a global.

Uber Clone Demo allows you to experience the aforementioned features of the app and see how it works for your business. It will also help you to make a decision regarding any additional elements that you might want in your app in order to make your app more responsive and user-friendly.

Taxi App Developers – Start Your Business

Reading this write up then to assume that you are thinking of starting your own taxi business like Uber. That is the only way that your taxi business will be able to survive in the today’s cut-throat competition. Well, you not only have to survive, you need to be the best and stand out – be a class apart from the rest of the competition. This brings us to the question of which one of the numerous taxi app developers out there will you choose to design your app?

taxi app developers

The first and foremost thing you need to realize that you’re chosen one should be one that fits all your requirements. However, to get that right one, you really have your work cut out for you because to find the qualities that you are looking for in your developer is indeed another mission of its own.

Qualities of a good taxi app developers

  • The first and foremost thing you should check about your development company is how long they have been in the business. For example, if you are looking for a taxi app developer then it is important to check their experience in this field. Their team would be the perfect mix of core specialists with varied expertise. It is also important to check out their client portfolio and reviews if any.
  • Is your developer aware of the current progression in the innovations as far as the industry standards are concerned? He should be updated to the latest versions and current trends. If he is aware of the current industry standards, then only can he give you what you want?.
  • A great developer is one who is able to see your vision for your business and give you the correct solution for your venture and vision. He should be able to visualize your idea and breathe life into it and make it alive just as you had envisioned.
  • Another very important quality of a good taxi developer is to constantly guide you about what is correct for your business. Since you aren’t used to the technical world there may be many features and many legalities that you aren’t aware of. However, your taxi app developer should be able to tell you about the industry standards and all the prevailing rules of the system.

Best Treats of Developers

  • One of the best traits of a good developer is that he treats your venture as his own. His professionalism and dedication will be clearly visible in the final product that he gives you. Good and dedicated developers will finish your project before the D Day, whilst any developer who is not capable of handling your project will never deliver on time, let alone early.
  • Good developers realize that the most important thing in their occupation is to invent the best taxi app, using the latest technology at a cost-effective price.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Check out if your developer is honest. Test his knowledge and remember his answers. After a couple of days ask him the same question again. If the answer is near enough to what he gave the last time, then he knows his stuff and may possibly be the one who will do your job for you.
  • Always ask the web developer for references and/or samples of previous work done. Some taxi app developers will give you a free demo of their product. They might also allow you to test drive it real time to check. If what they have is what you are looking for, with the possibility of a few changes here and there.

How to treat a good developer

The problem with many clients is that they fail to understand technical possibility. Although many technical experts claim that everything is possible, it sadly isn’t. There are too many things that aren’t technically feasible but clients fail to understand that. If you do manage to find a good developer, you must ensure that you sit and speak to him or her clearly about your requirements.

You have to explain to him or her very explicitly about everything that you want from the app. Speak to him about everything you plan on achieving after you procure the application. Your developer will be in a position to suggest to you what the best possible solution is for you.

Please note, you will probably not agree with everything that they have to say to you. However, it will be in your best interest in the long run to take their advice. It’s possible that you are still uncertain about the pearls of wisdom that he has offered to you. You can conduct an independent research on the internet to understand the finer points. Our experience tells us that you will definitely have an advantage if you are well read about what you want to do. Although it is nice to have everything served on a platter, sometimes, especially in the case of a business. It might be in your best interests to read a little and then make an informed decision.

Are you ready to start your search for the best taxi app developers?  Please take the above points into consideration. Then there will be no doubt that you will end up with the best in the business. If you have to contemplate one, just pick up the phone and give them a call. It’s time to get the ball rolling for your taxi app. With this you can start your business as soon as possible.