Invest in the Taxi Dispatch Software

As Uber became more and more successful traditional taxi businesses started suffering. Many newspapers had headlines of the fact that taxi companies should adopt the Uber way of taxis or perish. Taxi businesses need to change the way because the modern customer does not want to wait for the taxi. He wants it to be there when he requests it. This need has had an influx of taxi dispatch software developers who are now popping out from every nook. They have cranny to accommodate the growing demand for taxi companies and the modern consumers.

Developers are in the business of developing Uber like apps to bridge the technology gap between taxi companies and commuters.

taxi dispatch software

Investing in the taxi dispatch software?

The taxi business has seen a rampant boom in the last few years. There are so many new taxi apps in the world in the last decade and yet the business doesn’t seem to reach any kind of saturation. The thing is, compared to the growing demand of the population; any number of apps is less. This is because one user doesn’t rely only on 1 app. a user might be using Uber as well as Hail-o!

If you are one of the millions that are considering investing in the taxi app, then you need to take note of the following points before you sign up with any software development company for your taxi app.

Does the app give a direct connection?

There was a time in history that people actually wanted to talk a customer service representative, for whatever service they required. However, that has changed. People no longer want to talk to customer service representatives; they want a hassle-free browsing experience.

The market too has evolved accordingly. A service provider has come to realize the concept of “instant gratification”. People are more aware of how fast response is more useful and accepted than a response where someone has to wait for days on end.

Perhaps people have globally shifted to app-based services rather than call based ones. Even though people have always preferred speaking to a real human for their solutions, they’d still rather go for an app than placing a phone call to a call center.

That is why you should ensure that your taxi app is user-friendly, and allows the customer to browse through the choice of drivers/taxis available and book one as and when they want it, in the comfort of their surroundings. That too by just a few taps!

Convenience and ease of use

Ensure that you taxi dispatch software is convenient. You may have had the best app designed, but it is no good if there are bugs in it, crashes constantly, spies on the users and is difficult to navigate. Such apps will die a very early death and no one wants to use them. When you get your app designed make sure that you keep the needs of the users in mind, both the drivers and the passengers and ensure that the features you have installed are easy to use by all.

Can it be used by all personal digital assistants?

Does your app function well with all the different types of technology? Remember you may have the best app but it is only good if it works on each and every equipment like tablets, laptops, mobile phones,  and personal computers, to name a few.

Having a responsive design goes a long way in this. Basically, a responsive design is where one app works well on various different platforms. It adjusts itself accordingly. So, if the screen is small, the visuals adjust accordingly and if the screen is larger, more elements come across.

Frequent and regular Updates

Every day there is a change or a new invention in technology. The same will also apply to your taxi app. Even if you have the best app in the business, it will be useless if you do not keep it updated regularly. New features are being added, and some removed. Program codes are being refined. These are some of the areas that you need to ensure that your app keeps on being constantly updated so that your business moves with the times and stays successful.

A very simple example is when you open your Whatsapp messenger application; you will find that every few months it asks you to install its new version. This is mostly because Android and iOS keep updating themselves. If the apps aren’t updated, they won’t work seamlessly. What’s more, a new app will quickly become more popular than the existing one.

A strong backing

Just like behind every successful man there is a woman, behind every successful taxi dispatch software, there is a strong support team. Make sure you get your app from a vendor who will hold your hand all the way to the finishing line and beyond. Your vendor should be at the end of a phone, at all times, day or night, each day, every week, and every month throughout the year. You should be able to rely on them in case things suddenly go pear-shaped or you need some advice.

The above are the main points you should consider before deciding on the vendor/developer that will get your business. Make sure you get all your facts right before you sign on the dotted line. In fact, some developers also offer a free test drive and this is something you should take them on. By testing your app on the road, you will be able to get a feel as to how your app is running and make any changes at that time. Remember it is your taxi dispatch software and you should have the best in the business. Make sure you do get the best; don’t settle for anything less.

Advanced Features of the Uber Android App Clone

The app market today is flooded with hundreds of on-demand taxi apps available, each better than the previous one. They develop every day to outbid the best. Some apps work for taxi firm owners who have their own taxis. Others work for taxi businesses which have none. Then there are others that work on client demand types. Whatever area they address, these apps use on demand technology like Uber to function properly. One app that has taken the on-demand taxi world by a storm is the Uber Android app clone.

It is one extraordinary taxi app that is without a doubt one of the best in the market. People today want things instantly. They want to be able to order something and get it in front of them immediately.

uber android app clone

Let us look at some of the features that every Uber Android app clone should have to make it function in a superior capacity than other similar apps.

  • Location Tracking

The uber android app clone should have the facility to track the local area and search for a driver immediately. As soon as a driver is located and confirmed, the journey begins. Riders no longer have to wonder if and when their taxi will turn up as they can also track its location at all times.

  • Easy Registration

This is one very important aspect of taxi apps. A lot of companies fail to understand that the whole purpose of using a mobile app is to make sure that your life gets easier. You don’t want to overly complicate it by messing around with the process of registration.

  • Non-intrusive apps

When you require for a user or a driver to provide their information in order to make it a successful app with a clear profile, you have to make sure that you don’t seem too intrusive. No matter how advanced we get we will never be comfortable with the idea of someone asking too many questions or seeking too much information from us about anything. Least of all, a taxi booking app. So, make sure that you ask only pertinent questions. Whatever information you ask on the app for the profile has to be relevant to the process of booking rides.

  • Navigation

Although the tracking on the map is an excellent feature, if you can provide voice-guided navigation, it will quite honestly, be a cherry on the cake. See, the basic fact is that you can’t expect someone to continuously monitor and look at a screen or a map while driving. A little voice guided heads up is an excellent solution in such situations.

  • Invoice generation

Most of the times a private cab does not provide you with an invoice. If people are on a business tour or an official trip they might require bills in order to get reimbursed for the trip. This makes your app and taxi service completely 9ineffective. You want to be absolutely certain that you can grow your business by maximizing the user base. If more and more people can avail of your services. You will naturally end up increasing your sales and maximizing growth.

  • Ride Rejection

You can’t really force anyone to accept a ride. This is why your app must definitely have a feature that allows the driver to reject the ride if it does not suit them. Say for example a driver will have to drive for 15 minutes to reach a location where the rider requires to go somewhere at a distance of 5 minutes. This is not an economically viable option for the driver and hence he should have the option of rejecting the ride

  • Auto-assignment

In case a ride is rejected, the app should be made in such a way that the request is regenerated and offered to the next driver. The request should be kept being sent until the rider finds a driver to accept the ride. This is a feature that will be useful for both the driver as well as the rider. If the app automatically takes care of resending requests, the rider can rest assured that he will find rides and the driver can be certain that they don’t have to forcibly take on rides.

  • Fare estimation

Every taxi usually has a meter that pings. Smart innovation has now done away with this cumbersome piece of equipment and has been replaced by an automated system which gives an estimate of the fare when the ride is booked, giving no unpleasant surprises to the rider.

  • Traffic data Integration

Drivers have the facility to choose the best route possible to get to their destination in time, whilst avoiding road accidents or works.

  • An evaluation system

Both the driver and the rider know are informed about each other. Both parties should have the option of rating and reviewing each other to develop a database about the quality of the passengers as well as the riders.

  • Focus on the driver

As the market is flooded with taxi apps for Android, there is fierce competition between the drivers. Make sure you get the crème de la crème of the drivers so that you give the best riding experience for all your clients.

Now that you have an idea of what your Taxi android app clone should have, isn’t it time that you had a serious thought of getting into the taxi business? The time is right and the future is bright. Invest in the app and start a business that will make you prosperous in a very short time.

Taxi iPhone App Clone Technology

The introduction of mobile applications has given new meaning to words like simple and easy. For all sorts of necessities, we turn to our handheld Bible for salvation, in the form of your Smartphone. From baby products to pizzas, we all turn to our phones and with few clicks on the app, we order whatever we need. The latest to hit the market on this ‘tap on the app’ platform is the Uber iPhone app clone: a mobile taxi hailing app which offers a smooth and easy ride.

Taxi iOS app clone and other similar products have become the most sought-after apps for existing start-ups. However, to build an app of such an Uber caliber, technology plays a big part. Probably in today’s world, we are more dependent on technology for most of the things.

Gone are the days when we would only look at a computer for work. Today, the computer has become a compact device and can fit into our palms in the form of a smartphone. People use it to book movie tickets, to book flight tickets, to get book reviews, to understand more about any particular topic and so on and so forth.

uber iPhone app clone

What do you need to develop your own Uber iPhone app clone?

The primary requirement of developing an iPhone app is a sophisticated centralized server system. It will be the nucleus which will control any taxi business. With the powerful server, you can keep tabs on all website activities as well as gauge the performance of the app and fine-tune wherever and whenever required to maximize its earning potential.

The centralized server systems also play that all-important role of real-time searching and locating vehicles within a few seconds. An app can be scalable but absolutely useless if the server isn’t good enough.

The thing about an app is that it might start at one level but with time things change completely. If your business becomes successful, the traffic that is actively using your app will increase. This means you will naturally end up requiring more server strength than when you started.

People often think that it is best to save some money right in the beginning and don’t like to invest in the server right at the start. That’s all fine so long as you are sure that you will end up having to increase it eventually.

Notifications of Payments

The invention of the taxi app has made it just easy and simple. Also, It is secure as far as payment is concerned.  When any rider books a taxi via the app, he will get all the payment details.

An estimated fare is calculated depending on the distance between the pickup and drop off point. Smart technology enables cashless payments via the registered payment cards, to be made hence making it easy for travelers who do not have the habit of carrying cash about.

payment notification


For the effective functioning of any taxi booking app, it is important to integrate the geolocations feature. The GPS facility along with Google Maps allows easy tracking of both the driver and the rider.

Google Maps aids in getting the rider to their destination in the fastest time possible by showing the driver the route to take, taking into account any road works, accidents etc.

The tracking facility in the app helps the driver to locate the passenger and vice versa. This aids the driver to find the passenger easily and the passenger is aware of the driver’s exact real-time location.

The above are the prerequisites of any taxi booking app. Of course, there are other features to consider but these three have made the taxi business efficient. Creating an app like Uber iPhone app clone caliber is no mean feat and takes a lot of time, not to forget the money. The easiest solution is, therefore, to pick one from the shelves of the hundreds of taxi software available.

Taxi iPhone app clone can be customized according to your business requirements and can be launched in any country of your choice in its native language and local currency is just two days. They are also easy on the pocket and give you great value for the money you pay. Get yours today and start a taxi business of your own and be as successful instantly!

Is a clone a reliable option?

This is probably one question that we have heard way too many times. The thing about clones is that people sometimes confuse it with being an illegal thing. Please become aware that building, selling and buying cloned apps is completely legal.

The only thing that you must at all times be very careful about is that the clone that you buy has to have a license to it. Some companies sell short terms licenses and others sell lifetime licenses. You can make a search on the internet for a Taxi iPhone app clone and will find many companies selling that.

Of all the companies, you can make a selection based on what suits you the best. Some apps come with many complimentary features. Just make sure that you do your research well. Don’t be tempted to buy the cheaper options because there are many hidden costs associated with them.

On the whole, the best way to go about any business in to conduct an adequate amount of research. Please note that simply buying a taxi iPhone app clone is not going to be enough. There are too many factors involved. Make sure you don’t miss out on any.

The Flavour of the Uber Rider App Clone

The demand for Uber Rider App clone is at an all-time high. As most well-trained developers are working hard to develop the finest app in the market, innovation in this field is overflowing. Developers pull all stops to use the best technology, in order to provide the best taxi solution to their clients. Riders can use the Uber rider app clone with convenience as it is created using the best state of the art technology to give riders a smooth taxi experience.

Well, uber rider clone app is the best taxi providing service application that provides finest user interface to the riders. With the help of most simplex app navigation, riders can easily move from one option to another. For booking ride, users have to register themselves through their mobile number or they can directly fill their profile via social media fill up buttons i.e. Facebook or Google.

After filling up all the required information, riders are good to go now. They can simply book their ride through choosing a drop location in their smart devices. There, riders will get many ride options like car pooling and many more. In rider’s app, users get the current location of the driver with all the important details of their ride and the driver. Until and unless the driver drops the rider to its location, the location of the ride will display on rider’s app. Through this feature, a rider can feel secure as he/she can identify the place where he/she is travelling on.

The charges are applied on the bases of distance. As much long will be the distance, the charges will increase. Usually, prices depend of the taxi service provider that how much the owner keeps the price of the distance.

uber rider app clone

The Uber Rider App Clone Features

The Uber clone is made up of two components, the rider app and the driver app. Some of the characteristics of the passenger app to understand why riders prefer to use this mode of transportation.

  • The user has to register on the passenger app with essential details like name, contact number and credit card details. The user can also register via social media sites like Facebook and Google.
  • The smart and intelligent GPS system tracks the rider’s real-time location and sends this information to the server.
  • The fare estimation feature is the most user-friendly as it gives the users an estimate of the fare before the cab can be booked.
  • The rider receives a notification once he books the cab confirming details of the cab. The rider will also receive notification once the car starts its journey towards the pickup point and also when it reaches its destination.
  • The invoice generated, once the rider reaches his/her destination. The user can then decide how he wants the payment to pay i.e. via card, cash or Paypal.

emergency button

Possibilities Unlimited for Taxi Owners

Taxi owners never in their wildest dreams imagined that there would be an easier and much user-friendly. It is the smart way to which more passengers attracted to use their service.  By introducing the On-demand concept into the way they run their taxi business, they can now generate more clientele and hence more revenue.

A little research can even make the taxi owners a lot of money. According to the studies, there are many cities in many countries where the off-line taxi service trend is still on the track. If being a taxi service owner, you can play your role through providing your taxi service through uber clone app. As now, there are many mobile users and public never leaves a chance to miss any convenient way to complete their work.

Business owners can approach to these place, do some studies regarding their market and establish your business. Soon, your taxi business will boom on that land. If there is no competitor, you won’t be requiring any promotion of your services through moving out in the streets. Just use the power of social media, create your own ad campaigns and run it locally. Soon people will be aware of your services and the app.

As a taxi owner, you can make a one-off investment in the uber rider app clone and modernize your taxi business such that you will not only retain your existing clientele but will also attract new clientele. The app also has the facility to entice new clientele by way of offers and promotions.

Yes, taxi owners can provide couple of offers and discounts to their loyal customers so that riders do not forget to travel through their rides. For approaching new customers, owners can offer few free rides for joining the uber clone app. Discount offers on some special occasions can even give owner’s more sales.

For every cab booked through your app, you stand to gain a hefty commission. But make sure you do not raise your commission prize greater than your competitor.  Or else, you can face a great loss of loyal customers.

Not only that you no longer have to invest in any cars because your drivers will use their own cars. This straightaway reduces your business expenses by way of:

  • No vehicle servicing
  • Not vehicle insurance payments
  • No payments for road tax
  • Not set salaries for drivers
  • No staff salaries
  • This app also allows you to do away with your cab office. Hence, you make a huge saving on office rent and utilities too.
  • No hassle of paying your drivers periodically as the automated payment system ensures that the drivers get paid straight into their bank account.

Are these not enough reasons for you to invest in a taxi app and get the uber rider app clone to bring you maximum clientele?

Uber Driver App Clone – Essential Features for Success of your Business

Very few people actually realize that the Uber app comprises three separate components. Those three are most essential part to run the whole application lifecycle. As a taxi service provider, it is necessary to pay attention to all these three sections of an app.

And it’s quite natural because as a User one doesn’t have to pay attention to the complexity of an app. As they have to do simple book a ride and enjoy the experience of the taxi service. However, if you look at it from a business point of view, you will realize that the app has three main components:

  • The passenger app
  • The Uber driver app
  • The admin

The passenger and the driver app need to work in complete harmony for that seamless and enjoyable riding experience. Both the app should work simultaneously. Data should sync accordingly in both the app to convey better results. In comparison with the last couple of years, the user of taxi service providing app has drastically increased. People are more convenient for traveling from place to place through taxi rather than using their own vehicle. This service saves time as well as money and to the service owners, it generates good revenue.

For the start-up business of taxi providing service, presence on the internet is very important nowadays. As the competition is at the top level, an app like an uber clone is compulsory to run a business smoothly. Not only users are increasing, the drivers for uber are also increasing. People do not shy in driving for the public. People are now more to earn money for picking up and dropping people safely. Even for the drivers, the trend of driving taxis has made very safe for them too.

Those who are looking to be a part of taxi driving service; they can simply download an uber clone driver app. All they have to do is just register their profile a driver to the app. The registering drivers should make sure that they are having a valid driving license. Or else driver without a legit driving license won’t be able to get them registered as a taxi service driver.

uber driver app clone

Features of the Uber driver app clone

To make the best use of this component, you obviously need to be a driver.  Becoming a driver takes just three steps:

  • Get your paperwork sorted and set up a driver account.
  • Once your credentials are approved, and you become approved to drive, you can download and install the app on your smartphone
  • The final step is the one that is the lucrative one. All you need to do is set up your schedule and start driving. The more jobs you pick, the more the income.

However, to become an efficient and reputed driver, your app needs to have the following features:

  • Option to chose the driving location
  • Facility to accept or reject rides using your smartphone. The driver has a 15-second window to accept or reject a ride.
  • Facility to allow drivers to view and manage their account using the following features:
  • Driver authorization and vehicle/license documents
  • Facility to set availability status
  • Edit and/or view profile
  • Trip requests
  • Accepting an order
  • Facility to view past trips
  • Facility to view ride history
  • Details of all earnings and other transactions
  • Facility to chat with riders
  • Notifications and alerts via textual messages
  • Facility to view riders’ ratings and reviews
  • Facility to rate and review their driving experience
  • Navigation facility to ensure the shortest and quickest route

driver manage vehicles

These are some of the must-have features of uber driver app clone. However, the driver app needs to compliment the passenger app so that every user has the best riding experience. The driver’s reputation is also decided through the reviews and rating that they receive from the rider’s app. Rider’s app has an option to give a rating to the driver and they can even write down their experience through review option.

If you are thinking of investing in the on demand taxi business then you need to ensure that all three components of your app have the best features. This way your business will thrive as you have ensured that your clients get nothing but the best. When you shop for an app, you can also ask for extra features to add on any of the components if you think a particular feature is necessary for the success of your business. If you have purchased you uber clone app from an app development company, you can easily ask them to make whatever changes you require. As customization is the best part of the clone application.

You can get things like language and currency customization free of charge. If you are going to launch your app in a country that speaks French then you can get the app customized in French and then the currency of that country. This way you encourage local drivers to apply to work and create employment for the less literate members of the society as well as stay at home mums. It can be the best way to encourage people to get an employment that can make them earn good amount of money every day.

Your drivers will definitely like the Uber driver app clone as it is easy to use. No need of technical knowledge. The user interface of an uber clone app so simple that any person can understand how to use it. It is simple to jump from one option to another in just a few taps on the screen. Rider location can be easily recognized with the help you on screen live map. And with help GPS technology, the directions are also available that make easier for a driver to reach at riders location in less time. Are you ready to get into the taxi business? Consider purchasing an uber clone driver app today as your time starts now.

Why do we like the Uber mobile app clone?

The best thing that has happened to the taxi industry is the availability of one as soon as you want. Thanks to Uber and its smart technology. This smart innovation has opened up a whole new way of enhancing the taxi-riding experience. Uber mobile app clone has recreated the great taxi-riding experience. Uber-like taxi app that has technically rich and enhanced features giving its users a riding experience that is even better than Uber.

uber mobile app clone

The invention of Uber created a new meaning to the word “convenience”. The taxi service started operating with all users, be it the driver or the rider fully complemented the Uber service. Apps like Uber come with their own characteristics and benefits. If you are thinking of investing in such an app for your business you can include the features that the local public like and demand. Your app can easily be customized to be in line with your business requirements, at a cost that is easy on your pocket.

Features of the Uber mobile app clone

  • Users can easily register and use the app from their mobiles

      • This is an important feature to have. You basically want your app to be accessible and usable by the masses. You don’t want the process of registration difficult or cumbersome such that the user gets discouraged from using the app.
  • Riders can select the cab type according to their budget and number of passengers

      • On entering the app the rider will see a page that asks them to choose the type of vehicle. There are various options available that the Rider can choose from. Depending on the requirement, the user can choose from a hatchback, a sedan or an SUV.
  • Pick up and drop off points are easily identify. Thanks to the integration of Google Places and Maps into the app

      • When the rider enters their pick up point, a pointer on the map indicates the pickup address. Likewise, even for the drop location, a pointer on the map shows exactly where the drop location is. What’s more, it is connected through a line on the map to show you exact distance.
  • By registering their debit/credit card details, the payment process becomes fully automated.

    • This means that the rider has to enter their credit card details just once. They don’t need to manually put in the details each time the hire a ride. It is simply effective and saves a lot of time. The payment gateways use a method called the token method which ensures safe and secure transactions quickly and easily each and every time.
  • The real-time tracking feature allows the rider to “see” the location of their driver.

    • The tracking feature of the app enables the Rider to see exactly where the driver has reached. The rider will also be made aware of an estimated time duration after which the driver will reach the location of the Rider.
  • Drivers have the facility to accept or reject rides.

    • The driver isn’t forced to accept all the rides that come his or her way. They have the option of choosing to accept or reject rides based on their availability and comfort.
  • A voice-activated navigation app is also available in the form of the GPS feature.

    • The GPS feature works as an excellent voice guiding navigation system and informs the driver of turns and distances regularly.
  • All drivers have the facility to monitor the number of rides that they have accepted.

    • The drivers can easily keep a tab on all the rides that they have undertaken per day. This means they will always be aware of the daily distance that they traveled and the daily amount of money that they have been able to make.
  • Payment details can easily be tracked, thanks to the brilliant analytics features, which allows all invoices to be stored.

    • All the details of any kind of payment made through the app can be recorded and tracked. This is done using analytics features which help the app owner, as well as the Driver and the Rider, keep a track of their earning and their spending respectively.

The app is one that works on all smart platforms, therefore increasing the user base.

Strike while the iron is hot

The future of the taxi business is surely bright and that is why many entrepreneurs have ventured into this arena. For a modest sum, anyone interested in this uber mobile app clone can easily get it from the various vendors in the market.

Some vendors will specially customize your app for you according to your business needs at no extra charge, while others will charge you exorbitant fees for every small change. Therefore it helps if you have checked out the vendor market and shortlisted a few developers who will give you value for money – a good product for your business whilst keeping low costs.

Why waste time when the time to strike is now? More people get ride of their cars and embrace the idea of driving around and stay stress-free every day. The future of road commuting is definitely in the hands of the uber mobile app clone. Are you going to be part of that future and make a fortune to secure your future in the process?

The Workings of the Uber Delivery Clone

The concept of Uber works by allowing riders to look for and book rides. This concept has started an on demand revolution and today we have many on demand apps that are being used for various services. One such app, the uber delivery clone, works by allowing users to book and manage deliveries. The deliveries can be for personal or professional use.  Any user can download the app and start using its services by registering and then selecting details like the date, time, type, pick up point and destination of delivery. These apps also have a choice of what mode of transport you want to use for the delivery i.e. bicycle, bike, scooter, lorry etc

uber delivery clone

Once all the above have been selected, the user now has a choice of what method he wants to use for payment i.e. cash, Paypal, credit card, debit card etc. As soon as the mode of payment has been chosen a successful job is created. The user can check the details once more before finally confirming the job. An estimated delivery time will be displayed. All information regarding the delivery can now be found from the app.

The user, as well as the receiver, is able to track his package from the time it leaves its destination up to the time it reaches its destination and is safely delivered.

Why Uber Delivery Clone

Users favor this and other similar apps because they are safe, reliable, and convenient, not to forget economical too. The amazing features and a user-friendly interface allow the whole booking process just like that of a taxi. The app has the facility to send anything, be it a document or a whole vanful of stuff.

This amazing app, with just a flick of a button, connects drivers, transporters, and clients with each other. The cargo is kept safe via the tracking feature on the app, which will keep track of all the vehicles. This app does nothing other than providing an efficient and seamless delivery experience for all its users.

Are You Ready To Invest In This App?

On demand apps have sprung up for all services and delivery is no different. Many entrepreneurs have invested in such apps to try and outdo Uber or even get similar success to it. You too can be the next UberRush. Can choose the features that are universally accepted for your app. You can then put your own unique stamp on it by adding features that are unique to your delivery business.

This app and other similar on-demand apps are the future. And we all want to move with it, don’t we? So why the wait? Make a one-time investment in this app and enjoy a lifetime of returns. What’s more, you can choose the location of the launch and get the language and currency customized accordingly.

Get your own white-labeled branded delivery app solution with your personal logo and launch the app that is going to be the future of delivery – the Uber delivery clone.

Technology used while creating Uber like Apps

The Entrepreneurial bug has bitten quite a few people as Uber like apps have entered the market. With more and more people finding it easier to depend on apps for their requirements, apps have become the easiest way to establish one’s business entity.

What is UBER?

Uber is a San Francisco born start-up that has forever revolutionized not only the taxi industry but the service industry as a whole.

The reason for Uber’s success is simple – it opened up a smart, convenient and well thought out, communication system between the riders and drivers. It was also easily accessible. Anyone who had an iPhone or Android smartphone could download it and use it. The app not only facilitated an easy and smart way of booking a taxi, it also allowed users to track their taxi in real time.

uber like apps

The phenomenal success of Uber in such a short time has got entrepreneurs and companies thinking hard and fast. Everyone is thinking of ways on how they can become as popular and successful as Uber. However, they soon realized that it was not cost-effective to replicate Uber and started thinking along the lines of developing an app like Uber.

The Uber Technology

Let’s look at how Uber works before we delve deeper into the complexities involved in developing an Uber like apps.

Any individual who is in need of transportation will simply log onto the app and put his request on it. The request, along with details of the pickup and drop off point is sent to the nearest driver. The driver can either accept or reject the ride.

The drivers could be anyone with a car who wishes to offer the services of pick up and drop through an organized method of using an application.

If the first driver rejects the ride request, it is automatically pushed to the second nearest one and so on. If the ride gets accepted in the first instance, the driver will go to the pickup location to pick up the rider and drop them at their destination. Once the ride is over, both the driver and the rider have the option of rate and review each other.

Behind the scene technology

Launching such complex applications is not easy. It involves the development of the client as well as the server. Such applications require a central server which can:

  • Perform complex computations like commissions subtraction, expected arrival time, calculation of cost etc
  • Oversee multiple user interactions e.g. driver and passenger
  • Have data storage functions
  • Think logically like a business

If you really want your app to succeed you have to ensure that the technology used to develop the app is latest, whether it is for iOS or Android. The iOS-based app is developed using iOS SWIFT Technology supported extensively by Apple Company. Similarly, the Android app is developed using Native Java supported extensively by the Google Company.

The on-demand taxi service is dependent heavily on various frameworks and APIs for online payments, navigation, and communication. Google Map’s API’s are used for maps, geolocations, and paths, although the facility to integrate Waze maps is also available as an alternative to Google Maps. The Stripe Payment Gateway has been integrated into payments, Twilio for text messages, and push notifications are sent via Apple Push Notifications Service for IOS apps and Firebase Cloud Messaging for Android apps. Transactional emails will send via mailgun integration.

The client apps are actually a partnership of two apps – a driver/supplier app and a passenger/demand app. Both apps have their own set of features.

Common features of driver and passenger apps


The app offers to Sign up and sign in the facility. For drivers, there is the additional feature of verification and approval of profiles before the final registration process will complete.

driver rider registration


Both drivers and passengers should be able to edit their personal details as and when required.


There has to be a function that allows a passenger to connect automatically to the nearest driver. The driver has to accept the ride in about 30 seconds after which it will automatically forward to the second nearest driver.

  • NAVIGATION The GPS technology is the heart of any location-based app. It also enables the fares to calculate based on the distance being traveled, along with the estimated time of arrival.
  • NOTIFICATIONS Important notifications sent via email, text messages or push notifications.

Other Uber like Apps Features

  • Calculation and Display of fareBoth the driver and the passenger know the estimated fare in advance. The server calculates actual fare, by studying parameters such as the distance between the pickup and drops off point, traffic, type of car, fuel cost etc.
  • Payments

Uber technology designed to accommodate a cashless system of payment. As soon as the ride will complete, the payment will automatically deduct from the registered mode of payment. Online payment providers like Stripe can easily integrate into the mobile apps and they provide powerful APIs. In case you are thinking of getting an uber like app, then ensure that it also supports all the major credit cards like Master card, American Express, and Visa that optimized for mobile, web and in-app purchases.

payment method

  • Feedback

To maintain an exceptionally high level of service, passengers and drivers should be provided with the facility to rate and review each other. Drivers with low ratings will find it difficult to get a fare, whilst passengers with low ratings will find it difficult to get a ride. Everyone can see Passenger feedback.

The ratings provided by both will give an indication of the strengths and weaknesses of your business and where there is room for improvement.

  • Payment/Booking History

The facility to view details of their previous trips to driver/passenger name, date and time of travel, type of car etc should be available for both the driver and the passenger.

  • Cancellation

Both drivers and passengers should have the facility to cancel a ride. You may wish to install cancellation charges.

The Admin Panel

The web-based admin panel should act as the engine of the whole system. It manages the whole system including the drivers, passengers, back-end system, requests, transactions, views the movements of drivers and passengers, report generation etc. It also manages the finances.

What will it cost to develop your own Uber like apps?

To develop an Uber like app means developing two apps and a web-based admin panel. Therefore your cost will include:

  • Design
  • Android and iOS app development (A driver and passenger app for each platform)
  • Web development
  • Back-end development
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance

App developing takes time and includes around 5000 hours of back-breaking work. The hourly rate varies between $20 to $150, sometimes even more. This brings your total cost to be between $100,000 to $750,000. Therefore it is important that you do your groundwork too before choosing the company that will develop your app.

However, if you do some serious research, you will get companies who will develop your app for as little as $2000 and give you some freebies with your app too. If you are planning to buy from such companies then you must ensure that they are offering:

Installation, configuration, and launch of your uber like apps along with:

–    A free lifetime license
–    A white-labeled solution
–    Customization of one language and currency of your choice
–    Support for minor bugs
–    24/7 support anytime, any day.

Are you ready to launch your Uber now? Create Uber like apps that will be as good as Uber and revolutionize the on-demand industry.