how Swiggy clone app works

This is the most efficient and effective method to facilitate people with an app based food booking and ordering system. Midnight? No problem! Living in the outskirts? No problem! Your food delivery app development is the perfect solution each and everytime!

user select the food item Select dishes

Customer can go through the restaurants mentioned on the app and choose their favorite one. They can then pick the dish they want to order of the menu.

user and restaurant can track delivery driver See where the Food is

User and Restaurant can track exactly where the Delivery driver is on a map to see how far their food is.

user can choose payment method Delivery and Payment

Delivery Driver reaches with food parcel to the user's doorstep. The Customer can choose to make payment via Cash, Card or In App Wallet.

Food Delivery Business model

Zomato clone script is for anyone who wishes to make a lot of money quickly and easy through the online food ordering system without any hassles. If you have an existing chain of restaurants, this is the best solution for you because the app will help you in managing individual inventory, orders, ingredients, etc.

Not a restaurateur? No problem! This app can also be a great investment for you. You can use this zomato clone script as a platform for different restaurants to sign up and get their food delivered. Each time your app is used to order food, you end up making a huge commission on it!

zomato clone script
swiggy clone app for users


  • The User downloads the User end of the application and registers on it using their social media IDs. Alternatively, they can sign up by putting in their phone number and email IDs.
  • After this, the User can go through the list of restaurants around their area. The User can select the restaurant they are interested in and view their menu in order to place an order after choosing what they would like to eat.
  • On the Other hand, the Delivery Driver has to download and register into the delivery side of the application.
  • Once this is done the Delivery Driver will be ready to receive requests for food delivery which he can choose to accept or decline.
  • The Restaurant has a separate application which will allow them to upload, update and manage their menu. In-short allow them to manage all items and menus of their restaurant.
  • When a User places an order for the food, a request is sent out to the Restaurant. Once the Restaurant accepts the request, it will send out the request to the Delivery Driver.
user web panel

User App and Web Panel

The cleanest and most convenient zomato clone script user app is here for the Customers! Check all the features that app has!

  • Sign up using Social Media
  • Track order on map
  • Detailed categories for easy selection
  • Filter and sorting by Cuisine type, Restaurant type and more
  • Thorough description of the menu
  • Personalization of menu
  • Program food delivery for LATER or NOW
  • Payment selection between Card Payment and Wallet or Cash on delivery
  • Place multiple orders
  • Check order history
  • Order Cancel

It might not be enough to just have the zomato clone user app. This is why we have come up with a classy web panel for your Users. Anyone who is using your app for food delivery can log in and register on the app through the web panel. Users can modify their profiles, check the history etc. This web panel is the best way that your customers will be able to reach out to your brand and your company through their browsers in situations where they can’t access the app.

food delivery driver app

Delivery Driver App And Web Panel

A digital way to make money by delivering food has now entered the market! This food delivery app development is all set to give more power to the people. Take a quick look at what you get in the delivery Driver app

  • Easy signup and sign-in through Social Media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google etc.
  • SMS verification through mobile number
  • Document submissions on the app
  • Check how much you made on a daily basis
  • Stay online to receive requests, go Offline to close requests
  • Accept or Decline Delivery requests
  • Map navigation to pickup and drop locations
  • Easy navigation

If your drivers can’t access the apps immediately, don’t worry about it. We offer you a delivery driver web panel alongside the app. this means that your driver will be able to log in, sign up, modify, update his profile and more through a browser too.

Restaurant App And Web Panel

A robust and convenient swiggy clone app for the restaurants to manage all orders and deliver efficiently!

  • Easy Login and Registration
  • Manage menu
  • Manage orders
  • List all products
  • Administer sections of the items
  • Track incoming orders
  • Track orders that are being processes
  • Check history of delivered items
  • Manage billing and pricing

The Restaurant’s web panel is the smartest system which is aimed at facilitating the Store Owners to manage and access records of the orders. This swiggy clone restaurant app is the beginning of a ground breaking new era of digital food ordering system.

Restaurant app web panel
administrator panel

Responsive website and Administrator Panel

Every app requires a web identity. This is why we offer you a beautiful and responsive website to compliment the Zomato clone script. The administrator panel is the central controlling unit panel of your application.This panel will allow you to manage and handle everything that goes on in the entire app

  • An efficient and strong dashboard
  • Detailed map view of all orders, restaurants and drivers
  • Access to User records
  • Details on Delivery Drivers
  • Easy and automated payment functions
  • Get detailed records on the Trips and orders placed
  • Access to Restaurants and intimation on updation/changes
food order
  • Technologies Used

    We believe in nothing but perfection. This is why we bring to you the highest quality mobile application like uber using the latest in technology. Here’s what all goes into making that perfect Zomato clone script!

  • iOS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Swift iOS
  • Android
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Linux