Uberrush Clone Combined With Uber Taxi

Check Out First Hand The Advanced Features Of The Cube Taxi App

The on demand parcel delivery app has been designed to deliver parcels on demand. However by combining this app with the on-demand taxi app, we have designed a brand new product - the delivery with taxi app to give our users the best of both worlds.

That is why many entrepreneurs prefer to invest in our on-demand delivery with Uber clone - this way they come up trumps in all cases. Users who want a ride only or a delivery only use this app for the service they require. In both cases, you get a commission!

The search for rides or deliveries ends with your app!

sender app splash screen
Delivery Driver app splash screen
sender & driver app introduction screen
sender & delivery driver app login & registration screen
sender and driver account verification screen
sender and driver application menu screen
selection of ride or delivery screen
sender and driver request screen
view taxi and delivery flow screen
view taxi flow view delivery flow