Advanced Front End for the Website

The website for your delivery app comes equipped with more than just a landing page. It includes some of the most significant sections such as the Home page for your customers to land on, About Us page where you may share information about the company, Web Booking option which will allow your customers to make delivery bookings right from the website and much more. Take a peek.
  • send multiple parcels
    postmates clone home
  • login as
    postmates clone login
  • my profile
    postmates clone user profile
  • my deliveries
    postmates clone deliveries
  • my wallet
    postmates clone my wallet
  • withdraw request
    postmates clone withdraw request
  • delivery details
    manual booking delivery options
  • delivery option select vehicle
    manual booking select vehicles
  • delivery option select vehicle type
    select your pickup type
  • about us
    postmates clone about us
  • contact us
    postmates clone contact us
  • faq
    postmates clone faq
  • privacy policy
    postmates clone privacy policy
  • driver my profile
    driver profile
  • driver – my vehicles
    driver vehicles
  • driver – add vehicle
    add vehicle
  • driver deliveries
    postmates clone driver - deliveries
  • driver - invoice
    delivery invoice
  • driver – my earnings
    driver earnings
  • driver – my wallet
    driver wallet
  • company – my  profile
    company profile
  • company – delivery driver
    delivery driver
  • company – delivery later booking
    delivery later bookings
  • company – my vehicles
    my vehicles
  • company - deliveries

Admin Panel: The Central Node that Makes your App the BEST!

The admin panel of an app determines the fluidity of management that an app owner can achieve. It allows the app owner to make sure that they can adjust values, modify the commission percentage and much more. Take a look to find out the true potential of our advanced Admin panel.
  • admin - dashboard
  • admin – site statistics
    site statistics
  • admin - groups
  • admin - company
  • admin – delivery drivers
    delivery drivers
  • admin - senders
  • admin – delivery driver vehicles
    delivery driver vehicles
  • admin – vehicle type
    vehicle type
  • admin sub vehicle category
    vehicle category
  • admin – manual booking
    manual booking
  • admin – delivery later bookings
    delivery later bookings
  • admin- deliveries
  • admin – promo code
    promo code
  • admin- god’s view
    god’s view
  • admin – heat view
    heat view
  • admin - reviews
  • admin – advertisement banners
    advertisement banners
  • admin – cancelled deliveries alert
    cancelled deliveries alert
  • admin – payment report
    payment report
  • admin – geo fence locations
    geo fence locations
  • admin – general settings
    general settings
  • admin - country