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Verification Screen
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Main Delivery Flow
Single Delivery
Enter Delivery Detail
Send Delivery request
Driver is arriving
internal chat between sender and driver
internal Call between sender and driver
Driver arrived
delivery started
call emergency
Parcel delivered
Invoice summary
Multi delivery
Multi delivery details
Enter multiple address
sender request
Driver is arriving
Driver Enrount
End delivery
Delivery detail
Delivered signature
Payment receipt
Restricting Delivery
Location Notifications
Location Wise Promo Code
Using Firebase Mobile Number Verification
Mobile Number Verification
condition to start delivery
surcharge and ride later
how to cancel a delivery
manage vehicles
Your deliveries
my wallet
edit profile
Invite friends
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emegency/penic button
heat view
sender driver feedback
support menu and about us
Contact up and help
manage notification sound
Contact up and help
manage notification sound