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What Makes CubeX 2022 a Wise Investment?

With the enormous success of Uber, budding entrepreneurs have started adopting similar solutions for their new taxi business and we being the pioneers in the field of Uber Clone App Development understand well the sentiments that are attached with your new market courtesy which we bring CubeX 2022.

The advanced white-labelled Uber clone promises great profits for your new business. With a wide variety of services like rides, deliveries etc. you are promised great profits right from Day 1! This in fact goes into making CubeX 2022 a wise investment for you.

Major compoennts of CubeX2020
  • Taxi customers book ride
  • Food Delivery food delivery place order
  • Grocery Delivery ordering groceries from store
  • Courier/Parcel Delivery send/receive courier and parcel

2022 Version Advanced Features

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Major Services Offered through
CubeX 2022

    Major Services Offered through CUBEX2020

Service Included

With CubeX 2022 you can cater a wide variety of services to your customers that include delivery which includes food and parcel, ride service that can be done using moto, or fly, and earn a handsome commission along the way.
Major Services Offered through CUBEX2020
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Here's What You Get in CubeX 2022

When you purchase the white-labelled CubeX 2022 you are promised a money-bearing business that will cater a wide variety of services to customers and promise enormous job opportunities to service providers. Here’s a list of what you get in the CubeX 2022 package.
iOS Apps
iOS Apps
Android Apps
Android Apps
Web Panels
Web Panels

Interactive Video to Explain Operation of CubeX 2022

Watch this video to take a peek into how the CubeX 2022 works and get a glimpse into how the solution promises huge profits for your new taxi business right from Day 1!


  • founded year
  • total employees
  • app launched every day
  • 1200 App Launched
  • Repeat Clients
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • 100+ Countries
  • 60+ Products
  • 100+ Client reviews
  • Guarantee of Successful App launch
  • 100% Successful products

Stand-Out Attributes

  • Free White Labelled Solution app white labeling
  • Free Licensed Source Code code based modification
  • 365 Days Free Bug Support perfect assistance
  • Free Language & Currency Integration 10 languages free
  • Free currency integration 10 currencies free
  • Free Localization fully dynamic
  • Free Installation perfect QA testing
  • LAUNCH OF WEBSITE manage admin panel
  • Unlimited Users, Drivers and Rides number of users and drivers
  • color theme app theme selection
  • Free Upgradation latest technology code
  • Free SMS gateway Integration Free SMS to your users
  • Support System help
  • ios store best designs for user attraction
  • payment gateway local payment gateway available
  • advanced marketing online marketing support
  • privacy non disclosure agreement
  • kiosk booking hotel booking via kiosk
Contactless delivery
contactless dellivery, safety badge, take away features

Estimated Cost to Develop a Taxi App

Building a taxi app from scratch is nothing short of a time-consuming yet costly affair. Thus to make it less of a worry for you, we spent close to an year developing, polishing and enhancing the CubeX 2022.

With over a hundred optimizations, iterations, normalisations on DB, etc. to name a few, we have made sure that the solution is optimized, matured and fast. However you may be wondering, what makes us stand out? So, we repeat again, CubeX 2022 is polished, user-friendly as well as thoroughly tested and most importantly is built using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Most importantly, it comes with free upgrades and a friendly sales support that is always there when you need them.

app development cost

User App

The screenshot of the user app presents you with a wide range of services that your customers can choose from and enjoy including rides, deliveries, etc. Also, it presents some unique features that are present in the app of the user that makes it a cakewalk for them to avail of different services at the tip of their fingers.

  • user app
  • user registration
  • user login
  • user booking (Taxi,Common delivery,Fly)
  • user booking (Taxi,Common delivery,Fly)
  • user booking option (Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Moto Ride)
  • user app menu
  • taxi booking
  • taxi booking
  • bike taxi booking
  • delivery option
  • restaurant choice
  • Grocery store choice
  • rent aircraft booking
  • user requesting to driver
  • driver accept & arrived at location
  • driver trip completed notification
  • Enroute map
  • trip rating
  • rideraccess multiple services
  • rideremail phone login
  • riderregister using Facebook & Google Account
  • riderotp verification
  • riderschedule booking
  • ridervehicle option
  • ridercorporate rides
  • riderestimated time of arrival
  • riderfare estimation
  • ridertrack driver location
  • ridercar pool
  • riderhail moto taxi
  • ridercar rentals
  • ridermoto rentals
  • ridergeo fencing
  • riderx to y location
  • riderinternal text chat
  • ridercall masking
  • riderfavourite driver
  • rider filter restaurants stores
  • rider stop over points
  • rider wallet credit card and cash payments
  • rider handicap accessibility
  • rider gender based preference
  • rider add destination later
  • rider delivery confirmation
  • rider tracing ride by family
  • rider advertisement banners
  • rider scan credit card for payment
  • rider airport ride surcharge
  • rider child seat preference
  • rider book ride for someone else
  • rider wallet to wallet money transfer
  • rider multiple address management
  • rider tips to driver
  • rider filter restaurents
  • rider add to card
  • rider cancel ride delivery
  • rider toll calculation
  • rider promo code
  • rider emergency panic button
  • rider manage emergency contacts
  • rider In app notifications
  • rider booking history
  • rider email notifications
  • rider referral system
  • rider review and ratings
  • rider manage profile

Driver App

The screenshots below present you with the different sections that are present in the app of your driver making it a cakewalk for them to offer rides and deliveries both.

  • driver app
  • driver app register
  • driver app login
  • driver gets online
  • driver app menu
  • driver accept or decline ride request
  • driver arrived
  • driver arrival confirmation notification
  • driver slide to begin trip
  • driver slide to end trip
  • driver collect payment

Restaurant App

The screenshots here present you with the different sections that are available in the app of the restaurant. Here you can get a glimpse of the different features present in the app of the restaurant making it a cakewalk for them to deliver food smoothly and earn a handsome commission along the way.

  • restaurant or store app
  • restaurant app registration
  • restaurant app login
  • new order list
  • order confirm or decline
  • restaurant assign to delivery driver
  • delivery driver confirmation
  • restaurant order statistics
  • restaurant bank details
  • restaurant menu items
  • restaurant details

Kiosk App

CubeX 2022 comes with the interactive Kiosk App specially built for hotels that can be operated by them on platforms like iOS and Android respectively. With the app, hotels can support the tourists getting a ride booked without the requirement of entering too many details for the same.

The solution is a gateway to the hospitality industry in terms of earning enormous profits through every ride that gets booked from it. What goes on to making the solution even more unique in nature is its multi-lingual in form. This in turn goes into supporting the tourists seamlessly operate the app in their own language.

  • kiosk app
  • select destination
  • vehicle selection
  • book taxi
  • send request by kiosk

Food Ordering Kiosk App

Android-based Fully Featured Food Ordering KIOSK App comes inclusive when you purchase our On-Demand Food Delivery App. An Android-based Food Ordering KIOSK will be physically stationed in the restaurants enabling the “social distancing” and “Contact-less” dining experience. Our intuitive, fully-featured self-ordering Food KIOSK App can take more orders. The orders are automatically sent to the “Admin Dashboard” reducing communication errors and can be viewed on a real-time basis. Use this Food Kiosk as a marketing tool, allowing you to share promotions and display your restaurant’s branding. Entrepreneurs looking for more opportunities to multiply the revenues Buy our On-demand Food Delivery App with FOOD KIOSK SOLUTION guarantees to grow your cash flow.

  • Food kiosk app
  • Thank you
  • Order Food
  • Add your Food items in the Cart
  • Dine In or Take Away Options
  • Restaurant Reception

Front End of Website

The CubeX 2022 comes with an interactive website which can be used for marketing purposes. Being dynamic in nature, your users can book a taxi, order parcels/courier/food as well as moto rides. The website will also support them in managing their profiles more effectively as well as efficiently and take a glance through the reports, track the orders and also keep a record of all their past orders. Also worth mentioning is that despite acting as a support to your users this will also help you independently make personalization in your app. in other words, you can add new pages which may include Information Pages, Terms & Conditions, Privacy, and so on and so forth.
  • web front panel home page
    attractive home page
  • Choose Your Language
    set language for app & website
  • Book a Taxi by panel
    ride booking with admin panel
  • Order Your Food by panel
    food delivery managed by admin panel
  • Get Things Delivered
    delivery service manageable by admin panel
  • Book A Moto
    moto service manageable by admin panel
  • Book An Aircraft
    Fly service manageable by admin panel
  • Sign Up to Earn
    information related to earning
  • Ride With Business Profile
    how business profile works
  • About Us
    about entire website
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
    website privacy policy
  • How It Works
    how website works
  • FAQ
    questions ans

Book from Website

This new feature on CubeX 2022 will support your users book different services like taxi rides, moto rides, food delivery, parcel delivery as well as fly services all from the website.
  • Login
    user login with email, number or social media
  • Register
    user register through email, number or social media
  • Taxi Booking
    book taxi via website
  • Choose Taxi Types
    send request to nearby drivers
  • Parcel Delivery
    choose vehicle type
  • user book fly thru website
    user book fly thru website
  • Fly Options
    user choose normal jet or business jet
  • Moto Booking
    book bike taxi via website
  • Choose Moto Types
    send request to moto driver
  • Ordering Food
    user provide current location
  • List Of Restaurants
    near by restaurant
  • Choose Food Items
    place food order
  • List Of Grocery Stores
    Grocery Stores
  • Choose Grocery Items
    Grocery Items

Manage Account

This feature on CubeX 2022 will support the customers, service providers, different companies and organizations registered seamlessly manage as well as edit the information they have provided.
  • Login
    account login
  • Register
    account register
  • My profile
    account my profile
  • My trips
    account my trips
  • My orders
    account my orders
  • My wallet
    account my wallet
  • Driver profile
    account driver profile
  • My Taxi's
    account my taxis
  • Driver Trips
    account driver trips
  • Driver Earnings
    account driver earnings
  • Driver wallet
    account driver wallet
  • Company Profile
    account restaurant profile
  • Food Categories
    account food categories
  • Processing Orders
    account processing orders
  • Store Orders
    account restaurant orders
  • Create Order
    account create order
  • Restaurant Settings
    account restaurant setting
  • Organization Profile
    account organization profile
  • Organization Users
    account organization users
  • Organization User Trips
    account organization user trips
  • Organization Trip Report
    account organization trip report

Empowering Admin Panel

The gateway towards the management of your entire business, the admin panel will support you as the business manage and perform different activities like managing the profiles of the users, the drivers, keeping a record of the trip histories, the deliveries, the earnings, as well as settings, to name a few.
  • Dashboard
    admin dashboard
  • Site Statistics
    admin site statistics
  • Admin Groups Management
    admin group management
  • Companies Management
    admin companies management
  • Manage Drivers
    admin manage drivers
  • Manage Provider Vehicles
    admin manage provider vehicles
  • Manage Fly Stations
    admin manage fly stations
  • Users Management
    admin users management
  • Manual booking
    admin manual booking
  • Ride/Job Later Bookings
    admin ride job later bookings
  • Manage Trips
    admin manage trips
  • Manage Restaurants
    admin manage restaurants
  • Order Food Manually
    admin order food manually
  • User Wallet Report
    admin user wallet report
  • payment report
    admin payment report
  • geo fence locations
    admin geo fence locations
  • general settings
    admin general settings

Distinctive Dispatcher Panel

This panel will support you manually have a taxi, moto or other services booked for your users on their behalf.
  • Manual Booking
    dispatcher manual booking
  • Ride/Job Later Booking
    dispatcher ride job later booking
  • Trips
    dispatcher trips job
  • God's View
    dispatcher gods view

The Billing Panel

This panel will support you manage as well as keep a record of the different bills that were generated as a result of the different services availed of by your customers.
  • Trips
    billing trips
  • All orders
    billing all orders
  • admin earning report
    billing admin earning report
  • payment report
    billing payment report

Get the Demo

Excited already? Want to take the plunge into a profitable money-bearing taxi business with the CubeX 2022? Then get the demo now. Contact us for the demo and we will give you a hindsight into a profitable taxi business with this demo.

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CubeX 2022 app

Algorithms We Utilize

Operation of CubeX 2022

We usually operate three different algorithms when we assign rides to respective drivers. From the three, you can select the one suiting you directly from the Admin Panel.


There are three unique methods by which ride requests may be sent to the drivers. As soon as a rider places a ride request with their ride details, the information of the same gets transferred to the driver.

  • Competitive Algorithm Competitive Algorithm

    All drivers within X km/mile range radius of the riders receives the ride requests and the one accepting it first gets the ride and is assigned to reach the pickup point.

  • Nearest First Nearest First

    Utilizing this, the driver who is nearest to the rider receives the ride request first and in case they decline the request, the request gets sent to the next and this cycle continues until one driver does not have the ride request accepted. It is important to bear in mind though, the ride request would get sent only to those that are within X km/mile range radius of the rider.


    With this algorithm, a driver who is idle for an exceptionally long duration of time goes on to receiving the ride request first from the rider and in case they decline the same, the request thereafter gets sent to the next one. FIFO in short means First In, First Out, that is to say, the one coming first receives first preference.

Facts You Should Know About CubeX 2022

Here are some facts and figures you should have an idea about so as to get a better perspective on how we stand out in comparison to others in terms of delivering Advanced Features, Facilities as well as Support, to name a few.

One-Time Payment You pay us only once when you purchase the license. Upon doing so, you don’t have to pay any monthly subscription fees. As soon as you pay, you are promised unlimited users as well as unlimited rides.
Test the Apps before Purchase Before you purchase the app from us you can take a live ride through the demo apps in detail.
Licensed Source Code Delivery Upon the completion of your project, we shall email you the complete editable Licensed Source Code for your domain.
App Delivery in 1 Week The app will take us just one week to make it ready. All you need to do is provide us some details like Colour, Language, Currency, Logo, Name, etc.
24/7 Support As and when you get stuck we are there by your side to give you round the clock support for the same.
Stringent Adherence to NDA In case you want to sign an NDA, send us the same, we will sign it right away.
365 Days Bug Support We offer365 days bug support.
Free Upgrades One free upgrade is also what we offer.


They say good things never come free and so true this is indeed. The CubeX 2022, a white-labelled solution built for your new taxi business promises enormous revenue and customers from Day 1 itself. Here, you shall get a glimpse into the Standard Package of the CubeX 2022 and its constituents along with the price of the same. In case you want to ensure that nobody gets a hint of your new business sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with us. We will make sure thereafter that at all times your identity remains concealed as well as hidden and nobody gets a hint of your new business even.
CubeX 2022 pricing
Features and Pricing

Technology Used

Technologies Used
The CubeX 2022 has been built utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the solution runs smoothly without any hindrance whatsoever thereby ensuring fast operations always.
  • ios
  • java
  • android
  • php
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • bootstrap
  • linux
  • node
  • sc

Payment Gateways We Have

Given below are the different payment gateways we have in store for you. However, in case you have one different from the ones listed below, do let us know.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Paymaya Payment Gateway
  • Zoop Payment Gateway
  • Xendit Payment Gateway
  • Paybox Payment Gateway
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway
  • Iugu Payment Gateway
  • Senangpay Payment Gateway
  • m-pesa
  • Omise.co Payment Gateway
  • Payu Payment Gateway
  • Paymentez Payment Gateway
  • Payfort Payment Gateway
  • More Payment Gateway

Take a Peek into the Client Reviews

They say genuineness of services is proven only through an impromptu review an organization receives. Watch the client reviews below to get a first-hand view into our previous work and how we are different in comparison to other companies. View More hundreds of video reviews

Genuine Services Proven Through Smiles of the Client

Take a sneak peek into these photographs that we captured with our clients on their consent. The smiles that they have on their face is testimony to the fact that we are genuine to the services that we commit.

our client from kenya
our client from Thailand
our client hoang
our client from Malaysia
our client from Dubai
our client from Kazakhstan
our client from UK
our client from Thailand our client juan
our client from Malaysia our client from Chile
our client from Dubai our client from Uganda
our client from Nigeria our client prince
our client from Dubai our client from Thailand
our client from South Africa our client from South Africa
our client from Malaysia our client from Dubai
our client from Malaysia our client from Malaysia
our client from Katar
our client from Dubai
our client from Kazakhstan
our client from UK
our client from Malaysia
our client from Iran

Team CubeX 2022

They say Rome was not built in a day and we can say the same about CubeX 2022 too. Our CubeX 2022 was built and developed by an army of 16 developers, designers, architects, DB Analyst, System Analyst, QA and 2 Project Managers in just a matter of 1 Year. Also, a fascinating point, the Design and Development took place under a single roof and was done by our full-time dedicated team. Want to know more about them? Visit our About Us Page to meet our Team CubeX 2022 to make this dream a reality!

cubetaxi crew

Visually Refresh and Bring More Customers Choosing an Attractive Colour Template

They say a colour is the first thing to gain the attention of a person. So, if you wish to attract more users, choose the colour template from the different ones we have in store for you, the one that matches the colour of your business logo. Thereafter, see how your app goes on to bringing more users your way.
  • YELLOW app theme YELLOW X1 YELLOW X1
  • BLUE app theme BLUE X3 BLUE X3
  • PURPLE app theme PURPLE X4 PURPLE X4
  • SEA BLUE app theme SEA BLUE X5 SEA BLUE X5
  • GREEN app theme GREEN X6 GREEN X6
  • BLACK app theme BLACK X7 BLACK X7
  • GOLD app theme GOLD X8 GOLD X8
  • VIOLET app theme VIOLET X10 VIOLET X10

CubeX 2022 Help Videos

  • Introduction to Food Service
  • Manage Services and Rates
  • Referral Code
  • Services Arrangement in Landing Screen of User App
  • Geo Fence Location and Restricted Area
  • Surge Charges
  • enable disable service in CubeX 2022
  • Manage Surge Charges
  • Working of Kiosk Application
  • Placing Manual Food Order from Restaurant Web Panel
  • Placing Manual Food Order from Administrator Panel / Back End
  • order Food
  • Rent A Taxi
  • Service Provider Account Activation
  • Content Management of Application and website
  • Change Destination Location
  • Tip to Driver
  • Car Pool
  • Personal and Corporate Profile
  • Book Taxi Someone Else
  • Favorite Driver
  • Multiple Destination Stops
  • Membership Subscription
  • Notification and Sounds Management
  • Driver Destination Mode
  • Admin Groups Permissions
  • Airport Rides / Surcharges
  • Block fraud Users
  • Booking Services through Website
  • Cancellation and Waiting Charges
  • Book a Taxi through Hotel Panel on behalf of your Customer
  • Fix Fare from X to Y Locations
  • Uber Fly Clone / Air Flight On Demand
  • News Feed and Notifications
  • Promo code
  • Real-time Chat
  • Shop-Stop-Eat while Riding - HOLD/PAUSE your Ride While a Taxi / Moto Trip is ON
  • Tracking Taxi / Moto Trip Location by Family & Friends
  • Provider & Vehicle Verification