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Uber clone app could be your next big leap to the realm of success. Get the Dynamic Uber clone script, designed using the latest state of the art smart technology. Uber clone is the ideal solution for any entrepreneur who is looking to start his own taxi on demand business.

They are also ideal for software companies who are looking to provide the taxi business solution to their end client.

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Uber Clone Package

Our team of talented developers have worked on this beautiful UBER CLONE app which has been approved by the Apple Stores as well as the Google Play Stores. The beauty of our app lies in the fact that it works fabulously across various different devices like the iPads, iPhones, Android devices and all types of smartphones, PCs and even tablets owing to its 100% responsive design. To ascertain that the app user can administer and supervise seamlessly, we have incorporated the following superior subsystems and apps.

uber clone package

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General Features

(Below features are available in our latest 18X Package since 1st January 2018)

Our focus is to excel. We aim at breaking the definition of innovation by offering best in class service to our customers like no one else in the market. This is why we have bunched up all the top features that will send you on your way to success instantly! We Give You The Ideal Taxi Booking Software Solution, Complete With The Following Modern And Smart Uber Clone Features Absolutely Free – A Service That Others Would Charge You For

  • Complete White Labeling

    Complete White Labeling

    The app is yours and so should have your logo and name. Our team completely reskins your app with your logo and name everywhere so that it can be launched under you banner. It’s business time! Grow your brand recognition.

  • App submission to Google Play Store

    App submission to Google Play Store

    We hold your hand all the way. We assure you that our team will do the app submission on the Android Google Play store for you. Our experienced team launches the app into the app store easily because of our technical superiority.

  • Open Source Code

    Open Source Code

    We know you will grow. And growth will need you to modify your app in the future. This is why we give you the entire source code of the app absolutely FREE. You won’t need to come to us for every change needed! You can do it yourself anytime in the future.

  • Language of your choice for free!

    Language of your choice for free!

    If you do not wish to launch your app in any English speaking country, you don’t have to sweat it! We are offering FREE additional language integration in the app. This feature will ensure that your app works in both languages English as well as one of your choice like Spanish, Arabic (R2L), French, etc.

  • Currency of your choice absolutely FREE!

    Currency of your choice absolutely FREE!

    Not every country uses USD. This is why we offer you an additional currency absolutely FREE. This feature gives your users the ability to switch to the local currency apart from the USD option that is pre-integrated in the app.

  • App launch in iTunes app store

    App launch in iTunes app store

    Our team has a vast experience in developing and launching uber clone app in the iOS app store. This is why we launch your apps here to ensure no rejection. We will also be your guiding light in the entire process of app submission.

  • Payment gateway options

    Payment gateway options

    Not just cash, this feature will allow your users to choose from any payment option that they seem fit including Cash, Card or even an In App Payment Wallet. This option makes all transactions secure, hassle free and effective.

  • Texting options

    Texting options

    Your User will be able to chat with your Driver from the time of booking the ride to the time of beginning the journey. This feature makes it extremely simple for your Users to communicate with the drivers without having to place a call to them.

  • Localization Features

    Localization Features

    You can now adjust the fields in the app as per the place. If you launch the app in more than one location, you can modify the fields as per the local requirements, in terms of units of distance (miles or KMs), Type of vehicle (sedan, hatchback, luxury, SUV etc.)



    Don't miss out on business just because your customer doesn’t have access to the internet. With our brand new manual taxi dispatch panel option, you can manually dispatch a taxi for your customers once they place a call to you.

  • Taxi hailing


    Losing out on money because cabs are going empty? Well, not anymore! With our Taxi hailing system, your customers will have the choice to hail empty cabs without using the app. The driver can use this feature to feed in the details directly from his app.

  • GEO-FENCING Features


    Don't want to go to crime lit areas? Use our Pick up and drop restriction feature! Create virtual boundaries using the new geo fencing feature that will automatically reject requests outside of your chosen area!

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New features available from 10th March 2018
X to ylocation

The latest addition to our Feature portfolio is the Fixed price for X to Y location. Now you can set fixed price zones in the uber clone app for prominent locations. For example, you can set fixed prices for the trip between the Airport and the Railway station.

This feature is extremely useful for high traffic zones or routes which take the maximum rides. You can now make it easy for your customers to get rides and your drivers to pickup people!

X to Y Location
Call Masking

Privacy of your Users as well as Drivers is paramount for us. In order o secure your user’s privacy as well as that of your Driver, we offer the Call Masking feature. This enables the users to place calls to the driver without revealing their personal numbers.

The app allots a different number to them every time a call is made either by the User or by the Driver. When the call is finished, the same number can be allotted to a different app.


We have out done ourselves! We want what is best for you as a customer and this is why we bring to you a NEVER GIVEN BEFORE offer.

With this uber clone app, you will be able to get annual upgrades for 3 YEARS absolutely FREE!

3 years of Free Upgrades

Flexible Car Rentals (Available from 15th May 2018)

Empower you customers to Rent a Chauffeur driven car chargeable on time and distance right from your app. The With this new feature, you are sure to give your customers better options and make more money! The fields are dynamic so that you can fix prices as per your choice, for example 5 miles in 10 hours at X amount.

Uber Rider App Clone

Get your Taxi Rider App, white labeled on your name in just 3-4 days. Our Uber App clone Rider app has powerful features. The app has been carefully designed to ensure a very user friendly interface to make using this app an absolute breeze.

rider app available on App store rider app available on play store rider app graphical flow map view overview
uber rider app clone
  • Login via Phone Number, Twitter, FB or GmailLogin via Phone Number,
    Twitter,FB or Gmail
  • Account Verification by Mobile & EmailAccount Verification by
    Mobile & Email
  • Fare EstimationFare Estimation
  • Ride Now OR Ride LaterRide Now OR
    Ride Later
  • Cancel RideCancel Ride
  • Track DriverTrack Driver
  • Surge PricingSurge Pricing
  • Pay by Cash, Credit card or WalletPay by Cash, Credit
    card or Wallet
  • Book Handicap Accessibility TaxiBook Handicap
    Accessibility Taxi
  • Female Special RidersFemale Special
  • Live Chat with DriverLive Chat
    with Driver
  • Panic / SOS / Emergency ButtonPanic / SOS /
    Emergency Button
  • Give Tip to DriverGive Tip
    to Driver
  • Toll Calculation(USA)Toll Calculation
  • Hail TaxiHail Taxi
  • Secure Payment IntegrationSecure Payment
  • Reviews & RatingsReviews &
  • Ride HistoryRide History
  • Manual Taxi DispatchManual Taxi
  • Gods ViewGods View
taxi service app
taxi driver app

Taxi Driver App

Our app is not just user centric! Our app focuses on giving the drivers a very seamless experience as well. The driver’s end of the app has features that are catered to ensure that more and more drivers register with your app, amassing a large fleet for you.

driver app available on App store driver app available on play store driver app graphical flow map view
  • Login via Phone Number,Twitter,FB or Gmail
  • Track Drop off location
  • Manage your Vehicle's document through Apps
  • View Ride History Reports and total earnings
  • Option to Handicap accessibility Taxis
  • Edit Profile
  • Account Verification by Mobile & Email
  • Cancel Ride
  • Heat View
  • Real time in App Notifications.
  • Bank Account details - Admin can transfer Driver's earnings.
  • other Information pages
  • Accept Ride request in a single tap
  • Manage Your Taxis
  • Way Bill
  • Provide Reviews & Ratings to Rider
  • Invite friends and earn referral
  • Live Chat with Driver
  • Manage your Driving License & other Documents through Apps
  • Accept Female special Rides
  • Wallet Integration
  • Panic Option

Front Web Panel

It’s not just an app! It’s a website too! Your riders and drivers will be able to log in to your app through the front end web panel as well. They can manage their account details, trips, rides etc. from here.

Rider web panel(Live Demo) Driver web panel(Live Demo) Uber clone graphical flow taxi booking app flow
Uber clone Front panel
  • Responsive Front WebsiteResponsive
    Front Website
  • Manage Profile detailsManage Profile
  • Manage DocumentsManage Documents
  • View Ride historyView Ride history
  • Manage Drivers (For Companies)Manage Drivers (For Companies)
  • Manage TaxisManage Taxis
  • View Total Earnings(for Driver & Companies)View Total Earnings
    (for Driver & Companies)
  • Information PagesInformation Pages
Admin Panel dashboard

Taxi Admin Panel

A powerful Admin Panel with attractive interface. This is the admin panel that allows the admin to handle everything going on in the uber clone app. The admin can set geo fences, commission percentage, add localizations etc. from here.

admin panel(Live Demo) Admin panel graphical flow map view feature
  • Single App for multiple Cities & Countries
  • Admin User's rights Management
  • Define different rates and commission for each Vehicle.
  • God's Eye View
  • Dashboard - Synopsis of Rider, registered Drivers, On Going Trips, Total Trips taken, Total Earnings, Latest Trips, Notifications etc..
  • Export Data for your MIS
  • Separate Dispatcher Panel
  • Advanced Reports
  • Manage Promotion Codes
  • On/Off Option for App owner to allow Cash Rides to be accepted by Driver. The commision of Cash rides will be deducted from Driver's wallet
  • Manage Taxis, Rider, Drivers & Companies
  • Separate Billing Panel
  • Ride Cancellation fees
  • Detailed Commission Report
  • Manage Information Pages
  • Manual Taxi Dispatch
  • Send In-App Notifications
  • Manage Surgecharges
  • Pickup and Drop Restriction (Restrict Negative/Crime Prone areas on Map from where you want to avoid Pickup or Drop)
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    For any assistance you require for setting up your online business, he is the man for you. He has assisted hundreds of companies in setting up their online business, over the duration of his 16-year professional career.

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Different Color Themes

We Offer 10 Different Color Apps Themes

Choose the color theme that matches with your branding & logo. VIEW FREE & PAID COLOR VARIATIONS

Available Languages
  • Englishenglish French français Spanish Español Italian italiano Portuguese Português German Deutsche Swedisha svenska Dutch Nederlands Norwegian norsk Polish Polskie Russian русский Danish dansk Estonian Eesti keel Finnish Suomalainen Latvian Latviešu Lithuanian Lietuviškai Ajarbaijani Ajarjabani Bulgarian български Chinese 中文 Croatian Hrvatski Czech čeština Greek Ελληνικά Hungarian Magyar Thai ไทย Turkish Türk Arabic عربى Urdu اردو Persian فارسی Hebrew עִברִית
Available Currencies
Available Currencies
Genuine interests at heart, Genuine Clients

We love doing what we do and we value our customers. This is why we love visiting them and invite them over to our work place. Our clients are happy to visit us
and see how we work and develop their app. You can visit us too!

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Our Portfolio

We value our relationship with our customers. We hope with all sincerity that they succeed in the venture that they have begun with us. This is why, to ensure their success, we stick to a very strict NON DISCLOSURE POLICY. We do not reveal the name of our clients or their companies to make certain that their competitors can’t go around them and buy similar apps from us. However, our clients love us equally. In spite of the NDA, some clients have been so happy with our app that they have chosen to give us their testimonials. See for yourselves!

  • Our Apps Are Developed Using Nothingbut The Best Technologies

    You are special and your apps deserve to special too. This is why we are sure to use only the best of technologies to power your apps.

  • iOS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Swift iOS
  • Android
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Linux
The Tech Factors: Technological Components You Should Know
  • Our team is abreast with the latest technology in this field. This is why we have made our iOS app using the iOS Swift technology which happens to be the most advanced technology in the Apple world. What’s more, we have also been able to use XCode as IDE.
  • Being extensively supported by Google, we have used Native Java Technology for our Android app.
  • We assure you that the iOS and the Android apps that are accompanied by their web platforms are completely scalable.
  • Being one of the most reliable and robust languages which have been used to build brands like Face book and Yahoo.com; we have used PHP as our language for the web panels.
  • We have used JSON which is known to be the most reliable and secure web service.
  • We have made our app exceeding optimised to ensure that it can run seamlessly on any common server including Shred Server, Linux and Amazon AWS cloud server.
  • Since the most precise and accurate map existing in the digital world today is the Google Maps, we have used Google Maps APIs for Geo Locations and paths.
  • Since Waze maps are used in many countries as opposed to Google maps, we have incorporated the option of switching to that as well.
Technologies Used to develop app

The Business that has been your calling since time immemorial

Time waits for no one so you had best make the use of such a brilliant opportunity by checking out the workings of the uber clone or on demand app clone. Take a free demo and find out for yourself the ingenuity of the app. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity that is too good to be true! It is good because it is true.

You can contact us via our Enquiry form or Buy Now Form to start a conversation. Alternatively, we can also be contacted on our UK, USA or Indian Sales Support Number. Contact us today and become an overnight apprenuer of the most successful business today.