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Get your taxi business rolling by investing in the Uber clone today. Just order the Uber app clone and we will do the rest for you, including setting it up with your logo and brand name, Splash screen on your Apple Store and Google/Android Play store. Also, We will white labeled the web panel that is set on your web server.

You can rest relaxed as our technical experts will take over and oversee your project right the beginning to the end. This includes the free upload, installation and launch of your system, that too between 2-3 days.

Also, We take the extra effort to customise the language and currency for your uber clone script at no cost.

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Uber clone script
Uber App Clone Video
Dynamic Uber clone script, designed using the latest state of the art smart technology are beckoning you. This Uber clone app is the ideal solution for any entrepreneur who is looking to start his own cab/taxi business. They are also ideal for software companies who are looking to provide the taxi business solution to their end client. We Give You The Ideal Taxi Software Solution, Complete With The Following Modern And Smart Uber Clone Features Absolutely Free – A Service That Others Would Charge You For
  • A license for one domain, including the website, Android and iPhone appWith the openly licensed source code, you can customise/modify whatever you want
  • A free Android Application Submission to iTunesWe take the responsibility to submit the Android application in PlayStore and ensure guaranteed approval
  • A free iPhone Application Submission to iTunesWe will be responsible for submitting the iPhone application to iTunes and we will ensure that it gets approved.
  • Free Support for three monthsWe provide free support for three months for our product enabling you to continue opening tickets and posting questions etc in our support system. *The request for change is not covered.
  • Addition of one language of your choiceApart from the Standard English language that is used for the app, we can add one more additional language of your choice, be it an R2L language like Arabic, Spanish, Afrikaans or any other language of your choice.
  • Addition of one currency of your choiceAlong with the US Dollar, we will also integrate an additional currency of your choice
  • Free White labelling on your brand nameWe will remove all our traces on your app and white label it with your logo and brand
  • A free Manual Taxi Dispatch system for “Ride Later”
  • Other Freebies include Wallet, surge pricing, scheduled bookings, God’s view, a responsive marketing website and promotion codes
Taxi Booking Software
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Uber Clone Package

Our Uber clone is approved by the Apple Stores and Google Play stores. The Web Panels for passenger, driver and owner/company are 100% responsive and show up on all handheld personal gadgets like iPads, iPhones, all types of smartphones, Android Tablets and PC browsers. To enable the app owner to oversee the system with ease, we have loaded our package with the following nine incredible subsystems and apps.

  • Main Website
  • Passenger iOS App
  • Passenger Android App
  • Passenger Web Panel
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Company Web Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing Administrator Panel An interactive Admin Web Panel that will help manage the full workings of the App including Passengers, Rates, Drivers, Payments etc

Rider App

Get your Rider App, white labelled on your name in just 3-4 days. Our Uber App clone Rider apps has poweful features.

rider app available on App store rider app available on play store rider app graphical flow map view
uber rider app clone
  • Login via Phone Number, Twitter, FB or GmailLogin via Phone Number,
    Twitter,FB or Gmail
  • Account Verification by Mobile & EmailAccount Verification by
    Mobile & Email
  • Fare EstimationFare Estimation
  • Ride Now OR Ride LaterRide Now OR
    Ride Later
  • Cancel RideCancel Ride
  • Track DriverTrack Driver
  • Surge PricingSurge Pricing
  • Pay by Cash, Credit card or WalletPay by Cash, Credit
    card or Wallet
  • Book Handicap Accessibility TaxiBook Handicap
    Accessibility Taxi
  • Female Special RidersFemale Special
  • Live Chat with DriverLive Chat
    with Driver
  • Panic / SOS / Emergency ButtonPanic / SOS /
    Emergency Button
  • Give Tip to DriverGive Tip
    to Driver
  • Toll Calculation(USA)Toll Calculation
  • Hail TaxiHail Taxi
  • Secure Payment IntegrationSecure Payment
  • Reviews & RatingsReviews &
  • Ride HistoryRide History
  • Manual Taxi DispatchManual Taxi
  • Gods ViewGods View
taxi driver app

Driver App

Get your Uber like Driver App, white labelled on your name in just 3-4 days.

driver app available on App store driver app available on play store driver app graphical flow map view
  • Login via Phone Number,Twitter,FB or Gmail
  • Track Drop off location
  • Manage your Vehicle's document through Apps
  • View Ride History Reports and total earnings
  • Option to Handicap accessibility Taxis
  • Edit Profile
  • Account Verification by Mobile & Email
  • Cancel Ride
  • Heat View
  • Real time in App Notifications.
  • Bank Account details - Admin can transfer Driver's earnings.
  • other Information pages
  • Accept Ride request in a single tap
  • Manage Your Taxis
  • Way Bill
  • Provide Reviews & Ratings to Rider
  • Invite friends and earn referral
  • Live Chat with Driver
  • Manage your Driving License & other Documents through Apps
  • Accept Female special Rides
  • Wallet Integration
  • Panic Option

Front Web Panel

A user friendly website for Riders, Drivers and Companies to manage their accounts details, Rides etc.

Rider web panel(Live Demo) Driver web panel(Live Demo) Front Panel Visuals
Front web panel
  • Responsive Front WebsiteResponsive
    Front Website
  • Manage Profile detailsManage Profile
  • Manage DocumentsManage Documents
  • View Ride historyView Ride history
  • Manage Drivers (For Companies)Manage Drivers (For Companies)
  • Manage TaxisManage Taxis
  • View Total Earnings(for Driver & Companies)View Total Earnings
    (for Driver & Companies)
  • Information PagesInformation Pages
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

A powerful Admin Panel with attractive interface.

admin panel(Live Demo) Admin visuals
  • Single App for multiple Cities & Countries
  • Admin User's rights Management
  • Define different rates and commission for each Vehicle.
  • God's Eye View
  • Dashboard - Summary of Rider, Drivers registered, Total Earnings, Total Trips taken, On Going Trips, Latest Trips, Notifications etc..
  • Export Data for your MIS
  • Separate Dispatcher Panel
  • Advanced Reports
  • Manage Promotion Codes
  • On/Off Option for App owner to allow Cash Rides to be accepted by Driver. The commision of Cash rides will be deducted from Driver's wallet
  • Manage Taxis, Rider, Drivers & Companies
  • Separate Billing Panel
  • Ride Cancellation fees
  • Detailed Commission Report
  • Manage Information Pages
  • Manual Taxi Dispatch
  • Send In-App Notifications
  • Manage Surgecharges
  • Pickup and Drop Restriction (Restrict Negative/Crime Prone areas on Map from where you want to avoid Pickup or Drop)

Uber Clone Demo video

Check out the workings of your potential investment in real When you play the video you will see the perfectly synchronised and detailed interaction between the rider and the driver. You will see complete process from when the rider hires a taxi through to the ratings and review process.

Uber App Clone Video

It Takes Just 5 Steps To Get Your Own On Demand Uber Taxi Business Up And Running

  1. Email or call us and we will set up the working demo for you. Take a ride on the road to see how the app works for real by downloading the app on your Android/iPhone.
  2. Discuss your requirements, enhancements, and customizations and place your order.
  3. We will set up the uber clone app and web panels for you, white labelling them with your company name and your logo. We will also integrate the app with the language and currency of your choice.
  4. We will give you a working demo as soon as the apps are ready. We will also set your text, content, images, take on board your feedback and on your approval, we will launch your product on your Play stores and Web panels.
  5. Congratulations. You are now the proud owner of a brand new smart taxi business, earning commission on every ride that is booked through your app!!
Our Support for Your On Demand Uber Taxi Business
support included with Cubetaxi
Why Choose Us For Your Business Solution?
  • User Friendly App Our Apps Are User-Friendly We have realised that our users, including drivers, may not be technically proficient and find it unnerving to use mobile technology. That is why we have designed uber app clone that have an easy flow and can be understood by a layman. Our apps are easy to use and have a rich user interaction.
  • Experts in Mobile Apps Development We Are Mobile Apps Development Experts We have been developing apps since 2010 and are therefore pioneers in the mobile apps industry. Our speciality and expertise is in developing apps that are related to the transport industry. We know this industry and are the best in this field.
  • Experience in Softwarre Industry Experience In The Software Industry That Spans Over 12 Years The management team has an experience of over 12 years in this field and therefore understands the requirements of the clients to run a successful business using websites and apps. This experience is used to making smooth deliverables and planned launches.
Cubetaxi Mobile App features
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Our clients are the reason that we continue to make better apps every day. We are greatly indebted to them for our success and are honoured that they speak very highly about us and our services. We endeavour to continue making our clients happy with our efficient services.

Technological Components
We have designed our IOS app using IOS Swift Technology, which is the latest technology to hit the shelves today. Apple also supports this technology. We have also used XCode as IDE.
  • We have again used the latest technology in the form of Native Java Technology, which is also supported extensively by Google, for our Android App
  • The IOS and Android apps along with their web platforms are 100% scalable.
  • The web panels have been made up using a strong web language, PHP. This language has also been used to build renowned brands such as Facebook and Yahoo.com
  • Our highly optimised apps can run on any common server, including Shred Server, Linux, and Amazon AWS Cloud Server..
  • The most reliable and secure web service, JSON, is used.
  • For maps, geo locations and paths, Google Maps APIs have been used there is no other map that is more precise and accurate than Google Maps.
  • An option to Google maps is available in the form of Waze Maps. Many countries use them as an alternative to Google Maps.

The Business that has been your calling since time immemorial

Time waits for no one so you had best make the use of such a brilliant opportunity by checking out the workings of the apps. Take a free demo and find out for yourself the ingenuity of the app. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity that is too good to be true! It is good because it is true.

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