Taxi Dispatch Software

Taxi Dispatch System Giving A Techno Free Ride

Our Uber taxi Clone also has best taxi dispatch system embedded in the back end and also a separate panel for Taxi Dispatchers.

It has been designed in such a way that a rider can still get a taxi service even if he doesn't have a smart phone or access to the internet.

Anyone who does not have the Taxi App in their mobile like the elderly and the vulnerable or does not know how to use smart technology to request a Cab via their phone can get one too. The cab dispatch system will facilitate the ride for them.

They do not have to register or login in anywhere.

All they need to do is call the number of the taxi company, give the details such as pickup location and time and drop off point and the taxi company will send the taxi to the pickup location at the requested time through the taxi dispatch app.

Our cab dispatch app caters to and provides a user-friendly experience to the taxi dispatcher, whether he is a technical person or not.

taxi dispatch software