Handyman App Pricing Package

On demand service could never have been greater than this! The Handyman App offers over 52+ services like babysitter, doctor, beautician service etc all combined in one single app to your users and empower you to earn huge profits along the way! Since you are on the verge of building a successful on demand service kingdom for yourself with the Handyman App, we are here to support you in this by offering you two packages,

You can choose from any of these two packages based on the scale of your business as well as the prerequisite features you want in your app for your users. The packages are at the most convenient market rate and would thus not cause too much of a pain in your pocket! So, avail this once in a lifetime opportunity today for your on demand service business and get the Handyman App now!

standard and shark package deliverables general features tech support other service features Advanced add-ons features
advanced add-on features