Taxi booking App Kenya

JIMCAB clone app is an on-demand taxi booking app that connects the riders with the professional drivers quickly. This app aims at providing unbeatable quality service to their customers without the involvement of any type of complications. JIMCAB clone app takes guarantee of providing high-class service, unparalleled offer for the best value for money. It also aim to provide maximum client satisfaction to their customers without any hassle.

From the very moment, a rider makes a request for the ride, the JIMCAB clone app starts taking care of their safety.

JIMCAB app clone

Trustable Background

Every ridesharing offered by JIMCAB clone app is fully screened through a meticulous process that the experts of this app have developed using stable improving standards.  This comprises of three different steps, where criminal background checks are carried out of the drivers to ensure the safety of the riders and also to improve their service. So they have to face different background checks on the basis of their criminal records after which they are hired.

Sometimes the drivers have to undergo the drug test to make sure whether the person is under the influence of any kind of drugs or not. If a person is a drug addict then he is not taken.

Safety of the Driver

Hard working drivers are the main reason behind the success of any taxi business. So keeping this thing in mind, offering the foundation of high experience the company strive to provide with every single ride. This is the reason why the company focuses to make sure that their drivers feel protected and respected while driving with JIMCAB clone app.

Drivers also rate the riders

With this app, the feedback of the drivers also counts as the company takes care of the drivers as well. The company do not provide a chance to the riders to misbehave with the drivers associated with the company and also the company is concerned about the safety of the drivers and their respective vehicles. The riders who are reported by the drivers for misbehaviour or violating the terms can even lose their access to the app.

The quality policy of JIMCAB clone taxi booking app contains the following set objectives

The team of JIMCAB clone app are committed to offer affordable, reliable, comfortable and timely service to all the users of this app. This is in line with the vision of the company to achieve the quality trendsetter in the transport industry in all over Kenya and beyond.

To achieve this vision, the company has set up some objectives and goals to maintain a high-class management system.

If you are an emerging entrepreneur and you want to start with your own booming business and want to beat the market then you can go with JIMCAB app clone which is affordable, reliable and also holds a positive image in the industry.