Grab the ultimate fly effect with on-demand private jets app

on-demand private jets app

JetSmarter clone app made it easy for us to fly in a private jet with the fingertips of our hand. Now the customers don’t have to stand in the long lines and face the crowd of the airport as they can easily fly in the air without the stress of Commercial flying.

Perks of using JetSmarter clone app

The members of the JetSmarter clone app can easily search and book an amazing private flight in-app throughout Europe, U.S and the Middle East without wasting their money and giving a sum amount to the brokers, and involvement of complicated paperwork and phone calls.

This service was made very intelligently and it is only possible by connecting the members of JetSmarter clone app to different idle jets and extra or unused seats in the jets all over the world.

Whether you are looking for a booking for your important business trip or just to have fun, JetSmarter clone app brings you luxury air travel at a reasonable and low price if we compare it with the traditional private jet charter.

JetSmarter app clone

Features of JetSmarter clone app

  • Browse and do the bookings quickly of the empty seats on scheduled international and domestic shuttle flights throughout the Middle East, Europe and U.S.
  • Book and build customized charter flights for yourself and travel anywhere on the planet.
  • Jump on the flights with your loving ones, friends and family and also take pleasure of the moment gateways that too free of cost.
  • Customers can also add convenient helicopter transfers in the selected cities which can get the customers there in quick time like never before.
  • Customers can easily get in touch with the technical team and concierge team to get every type of assistance that too anytime and anywhere.

Here are some of the special services which are offered to the members of JetSmarter clone app

Private Charter

With a private charter, customers get the ultimate flexibility to decide how to fly, where to fly and when to fly and also with whom to fly. Whether you want to fly solo or you want to fly with your friends, it’s your wish.

Shared charter

With shared charter service, the customers decide where and when to fly.

Jet shuttle

Customers can join other flyers on scheduled shuttled routes and they can also book their seats in 2 months advance.

Jet deals

These are the services for booking private jets. Customers can enjoy this service with their companions, family and friends.


Heli-transfers offer private helicopters to the customers to reach their destination without the hassle of traffic congestion and reach in a different style.

If you want to commence your own business that can really work out and help you in earning the unbeatable amount of profit then you can go with JetSmarter app clone which is trustable and has a positive image in the industry.