ihail clone app

In the modern century, getting different services with the fingertips of our hand is very simple and easy. Whether we want to get a scrumptious food or we want to cover our distance from one place to another without wasting our time, the internet made it all easy. With the few taps on our phone, we can avail all the services delivered to our doorstep.

One such app is ihail clone which enables the users to book their own classy taxi to reach their destination in a short period of time. In other words, ihail clone app is a brand new mobile app which connects the users with a taxi in their area and provides fixed priced fares so that they never have to face the hassle of surge pricing.

This wonderful app is available for Android and iOS platform. That means one can download this app from the Android play store or from the Apple store.

Some useful information about ihail clone app

  • One can book their taxi for later or current time.
  • This app uses the method of fixed fares. There is no possibility of surge pricing
  • Users can easily select their favorite taxi network or select the closest unoccupied car from all the available service providers.
  • Customers can also go with the option of Queue jump fee for their priority pickup.
  • user can easily pay safely right from the app and get their receipt dent to their e-mail address.
  • a rider can easily get to know about their fare that the app will charge before the starting of the trip.
  • Customers can easily see the location of the nearby drivers without any hassle.
  • rider also have the choice to track their driver in real-time.
  • The users of this amazing app can message or call their driver.
  • Customers can also rate their driver.

Availability of taxi app like ihail in Australia

Users of this app can book a ride anytime they want. This service is available for 24/7. The availability of this service is basically dependent on demand. The service provider does not take the guarantee for the availability of this service all the time. Customers can also contact their taxi operator or simply contact ihail clone app via email.

Does this clone charge some amount to download the app?

No, downloading ihail clone app does not involve any kind of fee. The users of this app can set up their account, and search for their vehicles without facing any kind of complications. However to use this smooth functioning app, one has to register themselves on the app by providing their email address, contact number or any social media platform.

In the world full of competition, if you are thinking to start your own business then ihail app clone will be the best option to go with as this app holds a positive image in the industry and will definitely make you earn a good amount of profit.