How to ensure the Security of Customers using your Taxi clone application

uber like application

If you have been following the media, you will read a lot of bad press about the safety of passengers. Uber is the taxi brand that everyone recognizes globally. It is probably why when there are security lapses they easily make headlines in the news.  When Uber became successful, there was a lot of interest generated by entrepreneurs in a bid to develop uber like taxi application clones and start taxi businesses.

Existing cab companies also looked to develop uber like taxi application in the bid to modernize taxi business and move with time.  With Uber, they all had stiff competition. They had to go head on against this giant to remain above water.

uber like taxi app

If you are one of these entrepreneurs and/or taxi business owner. You can make your app secure for all your users thus ensuring that you receive no bad press due to a lapse in security.

Listed below are some of the checks that you need to conduct before hiring drivers.

  • Enhanced criminal/background checks

The reputation of your company lies in the hands of your drivers. It is therefore important that your screen and vet each driver thoroughly, examining his identity documents properly and conducting professional third-party checks on their background before giving them the license to drive for you. References from previous employers help too.

Before you hire people for driving for your taxi driving service, make sure you collect all your drivers’ data in one place. Then consider submitting that data to your local police station and ask them to check all your drivers’ criminal record. If there is any criminal record found out regarding any of your drivers, make sure you ask that same person to leave the company. Or else, submit a statement that he or she will not be ruining the policies of your taxi services. That document should be stamped from your city’s local court.

  • Zero Tolerance for drugs/alcohol

Make it clear to all your drivers that drugs and alcohol use not allowed whilst on duty. Random spot checks conducted on your drivers at regular intervals will ensure your drivers are always “clean” whilst on duty.

If it is possible then make it a strict rule for the betterment of your company that drugs should not be a part of their daily living life. Not only on the duty time, should your drivers not take drugs after the duty time too. Alcohol can be the part of the party but that too in the limit.

Make sure, your first priority should be your customers. And to gain more customers, your drivers should maintain themselves and provide the services. There should be no sign of misbehavior in the eyes of your loyal customers. Or else, you will lose them badly.

  • The dual way rating system

Drivers and as well as customers have the facility to rate and review their experience with each other. Drivers getting any sort of negative feedback should be closely monitored and if required should not be allowed to drive if their behavior is consistently being brought into the limelight.

If a rider is getting negative reviews from the driver, there should be a proper report that should be generated and delivered to the rider. Customers should know what wrong they have done. If still, this happens, again and again, he/she should be charged extra for misbehaving with your drivers.

  • MOT tested vehicle

Ensure that the vehicle used by your driver is road worthy and has all the correct paperwork. Always request a regular MOT report on your vehicles to ensure that the vehicles are safe to carry riders.

In many countries, MOT tests are conducted by their government without even the acknowledgment. So to overcome that MOT test, you will have to ask your drivers to be prepared with all the paper works of the vehicle. Or else, you will have to pay a heavy fine.

Uber like taxi application features that ensure the safety of your customers


This facility will allow a passenger to get emergency help whenever he needs it. This panic button link directly to the police station. Three of the passenger’s contacts who will get aid through to him immediately.


This feature will enable you to monitor the exact location of your drivers and passengers at all times in real time. A vehicle disappearing off the rider without prior notice should be a cause of concern for you and immediate steps need to ensure that the vehicle and its occupants are safe and well.

A security feature that allows every rider to notify three family members whenever they get into the taxi can be provided. This way passenger safety is ensured because once the ride is over, the passenger will notify the same on the app and the family knows that he/she has reached the destination safely.


It also might be a great idea to hire female drivers for your female and/or junior customers. Many females do not like using a can because of the fact that they getting into the cab with a male driver. This way females who want to party late into the night can do so happily secure in the knowledge. That they will have a secure and risk-free ride home.

Parents too feel secure in the knowledge that a female driver is doing the school run for their children.

Get into the taxi business and makes your uber like taxi application the safest in the business. You only need a meager investment and you will be ready to go in just two days. What are you waiting for?