Uber Clone App : Benefits for the Women Driver and Rider

How would you feel when you have to travel with a male driver especially when you are a woman? Recent sex harassment allegations and past incidents by the drivers have presented a huge challenge in front of major ride-hailing companies such as Uber. And this is why Uber is now planning to launch these services where female riders can drive with female drivers. This idea came to light when an Uber driver had a nightmare while traveling with a crazy male passenger. He immediately thought how would he handle this person if he was a female? And this is how Safr, an Uber clone app, had been launched by former Uber driver Michael Pelletz.

uber clone app

How is this new app different?

This ride-sharing start-up will start functioning by dispatching women drivers to serve only female customers. Such initiatives had to be taken looking at some of the incidents that have come to light. In September 2016, an Uber driver in Los Angeles had lost his cool and got enraged with his passenger. He immediately stopped the car and dragged the lady from his car. This was captured by another person on video using her phone. Just two months after this incident, another such incident took place.

They charged Uber driver for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl. He picked the girl from a bar and then started assaulting her in the back seat of his car. This incident came to light when one of her family members discovered this. Yet, another one took place in Michigan where an Uber driver allegedly murdered nearly six people in February while picking them up. These incidents have thus increased the greater issue of security among different ride-sharing companies. Looking at such incidents, no woman will feel safe in riding with a male driver.

Benefits for the women

The biggest advantage of having female drivers is that it is much safer than traveling with male drivers. Although, there’s no telling if the lady driver is insane, how she will react to various situations, since such cabs will only have females, handling them will also be relatively easy.

These cabs have only women ridesharing and provide two legitimate benefits called safety and no harassment. This service here tailored in such a way that the passengers can enjoy with their commutes without any fear and also remain safe with drivers who are less likely to hit them.

If there will be a woman driver for a lady passenger, both the people will feel safe while reaching to the destination. They can even interact with each other until and unless drop off location does not arrive. Lady passenger can even share if any personal problem they are facing at that same time or require anything. A woman can only understand the problems of a woman.

Also, the female driver can even gain trust very easily. In comparison with a male driver, a female driver is trusted more because they can make their passenger feel more comfortable. On the other hand, a male driver has to encounter many abusive comments from their customers that make their day like a rotten egg. Female driver will be more polite to the rider till the end of the day of their duty but a male driver can throw knives from their mouth at some point.

Features of Uber Clone App

Use this feature of uber clone app if you prefer women to be safe too. Many of the companies are now implementing this feature in their Uber clone script. Once this option is ON, the woman riders can select woman drivers if they wish to. So, whenever to place a booking and if it is a woman then they preference will give to woman drivers and only when these drivers are not available will request to male. This is not a compulsory option as the administrator can switch it on or off as per the user’s requirements.

Thus, the concerns here to consider with the past incidents that took place. Numerous passengers killed, murdered and assaulted after getting into the wrong car. Looking at this, these ride-hailing companies are now conducting thorough background checks and getting help from former police officers so that no such incidents occur in the future.

latest technology

Using the latest technologies, facial recognition and biometrics is also a part of checking the drivers. So, in case you are a woman traveling alone then try using the woman driver feature available in the Uber clone app and remain safe until you reach your destination. It is the safest option to travel with the same gender and also to remain safe from wild assaults.

If you feel that you can make a difference in the world of cabs by introducing a “women only” service – driven by women for women then it is time to talk to a developer to design that ideal app for you to cater to all women kind. Believe me, it is one uber clone app that will be very much welcome!


If you are a looking for a taxi service providing business start-up, consider having an uber clone app and encourage women drivers to be a part of your service. Demand for the security of women through providing a lady driver on every ride booking by a woman. There should be no lack of gender diversity in the taxi service industry. If there is a male passenger, a driver should be male. If the passenger is female then the driver should be female.

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