Uber Clone Script Updated Version Introduced only for You!

The taxi booking business has enhanced and become popular with the introduction of Uber-like applications in the market. The sudden spike in the success of the Uber clone script business model has made many of the entrepreneurs enter this promising business.

Every day new apps similar to Uber are released in the world market. To achieve the same success, one has to research well, make a plan, execute. Then start with building an uber clone script that makes taxi booking easy with different features. One such feature is the dispatcher panel.

This panel here is a small but important part of the admin dashboard. Here the admin can assign the drivers to either request or add rides on behalf of the users. Once the admin clicks the add button, he has to fill in all the necessary details in the form of the user. With the auto-assign provider option, the providers can automatically assign to the users and the driver will then be allocated to the location of the user. So, whichever driver is the closest, the user will be given that one.

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Some extraordinary features for Uber Clone Script!

Manual dispatch is a key feature that is super important from the app. Although the most important thing about a taxi app is having a smartphone (after all it is an app-based business), there are a lot of people who don’t have a smartphone. So, does that mean if your users don’t have a smartphone they can’t book rides on your app?

Not really. With the Manual dispatch feature, your users who do not have a smartphone can easily place a call to the admin and the admin can manually book a ride for them. Through the admin panel, they can book a ride by entering the pick up and drop location that the Rider will call and inform.

With this feature, dispatchers can now:

  • take phone bookings,
  • schedule trips,
  • allocate the closest trips to the drivers,
  • track payments
  • Track taxi fares receipts through email once the trip is completed.

As said, the panel here is able to receive requests through telephone bookings whenever the add button is clicked. But now bookings are also possible with a click done on Google Maps directly.

If you look carefully at the panel, you will get to see the trips and know where the provider and user are at the moment. Not only this but you also get to check other details such as trip histories, passenger and user details, transactions made, mode of payment used, taxi details and much more.

Do you want to know some more features offered here? Stay tuned below!

  • With the specific filters here, the admin can see all the necessary information on the “ALL” tabs such as requests placed, the location of the provider and the user and all the other information pertaining to the ride.
  • Requests scheduled for the latter can see and assigned by the admin to the closest driver.
  • In case the admin has delayed in assigning any request to the driver then this request sent to the warning stage. The admin has to quickly deal with such issues.
  • Handle booking requests and assign it to the driver who is closer to the user.
  • Set up and update all company and dispatcher details including information pertaining to drivers and their vehicles.

Other Clone Features

  • Monitor all the automated reports that generated for all the rides that conducted in the past and present.
  • Managing all the transactions efficiently from one single window.
  • Review statistics, blacklists, temporarily blocked data of clients and drivers.
  • The Auto-assign provider is yet another feature that is quite powerful. IT allows the admin to switch it on or off as per the requirements. Once this feature is turned on, the admin doesn’t have to assign any drivers to the users since it is automatically assigned to the users through the uber clone script. It simply uses their location and the app selects the driver that can reach the user in the minimum time.
  • Once the auto-assign feature will switch off, the admin has to do all the stuff manually. Assigning the driver to the user, check for warnings, user details, driver details and much more. The driver then receives the request from the admin and makes his selection.

taxi booking app feature

So, this was a short roadmap on using the dispatcher panel now introduced with Uber clone script. This app has just all the main things that need to run a successful business. It manages the provider, users and the rides respectively.

Indeed, it is a huge deal with all such a major combination of features to implement in just one app. In case you are planning to upgrade your apps, then now is the right time. So, utilize all these updates and make your business grow with utter confidence and security.


Make sure that when you plan to buy a taxi app, you don’t get tempted to buy cheaper products that are available in the market. Your app should be the best. There are too many apps available in the market and to stand apart from the crowd, yours has to be the best app that there is.

Look for distinct features and other things that make your system innovative and exciting from the user’s point of view.

An app that is complete with the best features in the industry will definitely be successful. As more and more people download and start using the app, your fleet will grow in size and you will become the best Uber Clone script owner in your region.

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