How to Develop an Apps like Uber?

With the growing concept of the internet and smartphones, many services can be made available at our doorsteps. This wave has influenced all the activities that we take part in everyday life. Now a day’s most of our day-to-day work like making payments, paying the bills, booking travel tickets, hotel booking and event ordering food are done with the help of mobile phones through mobile apps. Things have become a lot more convenient and faster than before. That is why every entrepreneur, old and new, is thinking “How to make apps like Uber?”

The most used service through mobile apps is taxi service. The era of waiting for a taxi or waving in the middle of the road to book one has vanished. You will hardly find anyone using the traditional method for booking a taxi ride. What works now is an on-demand taxi booking app on your Smartphone.

apps like uber

On demand taxi apps like uber are very much a favorite for users for the simple reason that they provide ease and comfort they provide for operation as well as the low price in comparison to other taxi services.

The process that makes the app rise up to the expectations of the people using it is as follows:

  • The user downloads the app
  • Then they register and log in to the app
  • After login they have to set up their profile
  • The user can make a request for the taxi
  • To do this they will have to put in their pick up address and then their destination address
  • The app sends the request automatically to all the drivers in the specified radius.
  • The nearest taxi will accept or decline the request received
  • The Rider receive a notification once the request is accepted
  • Once the ride is accepted, the user will immediately be able to see the taxi moving towards them on the screen of their Smartphone
  • The taxi arrives at the pickup point
  • Then the Driver marks the on the app as Arrived
  • Then the when the trip starts, he once again marks on the app as trip started
  • When they arrive at the destination, the driver marks on the app as the Reached destination
  • On ride completion, an invoice is automatically generated
  • Money is directly deducted from the app
  • Payment is received in the app owner’s account
  • The Driver and the Rider can provide reviews and ratings to each other

In order to understand Uber app, one should first understand the types of apps like uber available in the market.

There are three main taxi booking apps like uber types:

  1. The most reliable one is the custom-made app, as they are made base on the specific requirements of the client. It the features that are specific to the client.
  2. Ready to use apps – these apps come as a package with ready to use features. These apps work best for people who want to start the business of taxi service with the standard features.
  3. These types of apps like Uber are known as White labeled solutions, wherein a client gets the right to sell the apps to others and the rest is done by the company owning the app.

One has to understand that even though customize apps that are built from the ground up are the best way to begin a business, it is quite costly. Developing a new mobile application for an On Demand Taxi booking service can cost you millions of dollars and take around 2 to 3 years. If you are willing to put in that kind of money and are okay with waiting too, then it may be the right choice.

Otherwise, you must go for a readymade off the shelf white-labeled solution. This means you can launch your business within 3 to 4 working days of purchasing the app. The best thing is you get to launch the app under your own brand name and logo.

Why the hesitation?

Sometimes, people do hesitate to go for such solutions for fear of going in the grey of legality. However, white label solutions are absolutely legal and have no problems with respect to being approved. If there is an issue with the app, it will get rejected on the app store immediately because they have very strict rules. In case you find the working demo of an application that is in downloadable format over an app, then you can rest assured that this app is completely legal.

What’s more, you don’t have to sit and wait for your dreams to turn into something. Usually, with white labeled solutions the biggest advantage is that it is in a ready state. The app is already in a functioning condition so the only time that is taken is the process of rebranding it with your logo and brand name.

So, since they don’t have to build anything from scratch, the developers can work faster and bring better results almost instantly. Your business can kick off from the word go and you and you can start making money right from the first day. For any kind of a business, an instant revenue generation is a much better solution than having to put in the money and wait till kingdom come for it. However, don’t get beguiled by any solution. Make a well researched wise choice!

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