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People have wanted the easy convenience of a cab landing up wherever they were to take them to their destination. Cab riding apps and uber clone app offered a way out for customers. Those Disgruntled passengers, who were unhappy with the quality of the traditional cab services, took to Uber gladly because it brought ease and comfort. With the super success of Uber, other business entrepreneurs are now looking to start their own cab riding businesses.

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The Latest Technology that must be used in Uber Clone Apps


Well, geolocation technology that is used to identify the real-world geographic location of a GPS enabled device. Devices like smartphones, radar, or any internet connected device.

All cab booking app is heavily dependent on the following mapping and geolocations features:

Identifying a device’s location

The iOS app for Uber uses the Core location framework to locate where a passenger’s device is. The Core location framework also lets Uber define the different geographical regions and track a device’s movements as and when it crosses pre-defined boundaries.

Providing driving directions

The Uber clone apps for iOS uses Map-Kit to display point-to-point directions on a map within the app. All directions of the Map app and all other mapping software are made available to the cab app when it is registered as a routing app.

The Google Maps Android API made the routes and directions possible in Android phones. Through Google map, finding any direction has become so easy that people now can go one place to another without even knowing the exact directions. Simple and easy to understand graphics of the map helps people to understand each and every location in the map.

Directions by Google maps are accurate as it has fully optimized their app to measure directions anywhere. Google maps not only show driving directions, but it is also enabled with audio instructions. If a person is driving, sometimes it becomes impossible to take a look at the screen. At that time, audio instructions can help out in knowing the correct direction with ease.

It is so accurate that it even shows at which road the traffic will be less or more. If any road has more traffic and can take much time for a person to reach its destination, Google maps show the alternate road direction at the same time. According to the vehicle, it even shows at what time an individual can reach its desired location. The use of live directions in an on-demand service app will be more convenient for the drivers to know the directions of an unknown location.

Integrating with mapping software

Along with Google Maps, Uber used other seamless mapping technology companies to integrate the mapping feature with their app. As one single thing cannot bring an overall result. Combining more than two or more objects can provide better results. There no exact details as what they have used but whatever are the ingredients, they are giving 100% results to all the users all around the world. All the uber app, as well as uber clone apps users, have not faced any problems till yet. Many business owners haven’t received any complaints from any single users from the last couple of years.

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According to the studies of the last few years, people have reached their exact location with the help of the direction provided by Google maps. Even in an iOS device, users do not consider using its default direction app, iOS user prefer to use Google maps. Its user interface is outstanding and delivers immersive user experience.

Push Notifications and SMS

Once you order a ride, Uber usually sends you two notifications:

  1. When a driver accepts your request for a cab
  2. When the driver is arriving at your destination

You also get notified if the ride is canceled for some reason.

The telecommunications provider Twilio is behind the Uber text messages. For the iOS app, Uber has implemented the Apple Push Notification Service or APNS to implement push notifications. They have used Google Cloud Messaging or GCM for the Android app. You cannot track APNS but GCM does allow tracking of the notifications.

Payment Integration

For card payments, Uber partnered with Braintree. There are other robust payment systems like Stripe or startups like Postmates and Instacard that provide payment integration. Uber has also used services like PayPal or Paytm to accept card payments for cab services.

There is probably no end to how good an app can get. The more you invest in honing your technology, the better are the results.  You have to make sure that your app is at least better than other apps offering similar services. The competition is getting tougher by the hour. So, the one who a start first is always going to have an edge over the one who starts later. Choose and apply those options that are useful for the customers and cover all the on-demand services. Also, make sure that you do not combine technology that is of no use to the app users and further become complex for them to use.

Successful integration of these technologies to build and deploy a real time uber clone apps has provided passengers with a reliable cab service. Passengers can get a Fare estimate, know how far their ride is from where they are, call up drivers to give directions to their location and pay with their credit or debit cards, to avoid cash hassles.