taxi dispatch software

A cloud-based taxi dispatch system offers an ideal solution for taxi and transportation companies. These software solutions streamline all operations, such as dispatching, invoicing, reservation management, financial tracking, and the oversight of both passengers and drivers.

taxi dispatch system

How this Advanced, Cost effective and Reliable Taxi dispatch System Works

This smart app comprises three primary components: the administrative section, the driver application, and the passenger application. Let’s delve into each of these components for a closer look.

The Admin

The administrative component plays a pivotal role in your taxi business, serving not only as a cost-saving tool but also as a revenue-generating asset. It efficiently manages all facets of taxi operations, encompassing member administration, vehicle configurations, request response times, transaction settings, email preferences, payment arrangements, driver oversight, and hotspot management. As the owner, you have complete control over the administrative system, enabling it to operate in alignment with your specific preferences and terms.

The Rider

This functionality is crafted to enable users to register for your app using their Android or iPhone devices. Users have the option to select their preferred vehicle type and model, as well as to monitor available drivers in their vicinity. Additionally, they can access information about the per-mile rate and the fare associated with their chosen vehicle model.

The Driver

Similar to the rider app, drivers can also sign up on the app via their Android or iPhone devices. To maintain security, every driver must undergo approval by the administrator after the verification of their documents and credentials. Drivers have the capability to update their availability status, either as “available” or “unavailable,” accept or decline ride requests, access their booking history, and monitor the status of all their bookings.

Features of the Rider App

–    Compatible with multiple screens

–    Card payment gateway

–    Update customers via text messages

–    Live maps

–    The vision of an actual route

–    Fare calculator

–    Job planner

–    One click dispatch

–    Smart searching system

–    Tariff customization

–    Job planners

Features of the Driver App

–    Functions on both Android and iPhone

–    Manage jobs

–    Customer call back facility

–    Route map

–    Automated payment gateway

–    SOS Alert button

Features of the System

–    Multilanguage

–    Multi-currency

–    Customer and driver management

–    An auto taxi dispatch system

–    Tariff customization

–    Easy to use

–    Automated email updates

The list of features mentioned above is not comprehensive. In fact, you have the option to include additional features that you deem essential for the success of your taxi business.

Basic Flow of the App

While using an application might be the simplest one in the market is quite easy, it is inevitable that you understand the flow of the app well. Here’s how the app works:

  • The Driver and the User download the app on their phones
  • The Driver and the User both create their profiles on the app. The driver lists the vehicles that he wants to offer his services in and the User fills in basic information such as Name, Email ID and Phone number.
  • The Rider can now place a booking request for a pick up by adding the pickup location.
  • The app automatically sends out the request to all the drivers in the vicinity (specified by the admin).
  • Whoever accepts the request gets the job. The Rider is notified immediately about the ride being accepted.
  • The Driver reaches the pickup location and marks on the app has arrived.
  • The User is notified of the same.
  • Once the Ride begins, the Driver marks the app as the Ride has Begun.
  • Then on reaching the destination as entered by the Rider, the driver marks the app as reached.
  • The App will then automatically calculate the fare and generate an invoice.
  • The Rider will have made payment automatically through the payment option chosen from Credit Card, In-App Wallet or through Cash.
  • The Rider, as well as the Driver, are now free to rate and review each other.

Due to its universal appeal and user-friendly design, many individuals find this app highly beneficial. Given that these apps are intended for widespread everyday use, it’s natural for app developers to ensure their utmost simplicity.

The design follows an “intuitive” flow, which means it is crafted for ease of use by a vast majority of users. While riders using these apps are typically already comfortable with smartphones, drivers, more often than not, may not be as tech-savvy.

Time to Smarten up your Act

The time to decide whether you want your taxi business to sink or flourish has arrived. If you are looking for a bright future for your business then you definitely need to think on the lines of investing in an automated taxi dispatch system that will make your life easy as well as enable your taxi business to flourish.

While it may initially appear challenging, you will soon discover that there is a plethora of such apps available in the market. Your task primarily involves locating a dependable application that can efficiently handle all your requirements.

The most straightforward approach is to start with a general internet search for renowned Uber clone apps. During your search, you’ll encounter several companies specializing in the development of such apps. Examine the offerings of each of these companies to identify the one that provides the most suitable solution tailored to your specific needs.

There are many developers who are excellent in designed software for your taxi business. All you need to do is check them out and see who offers you the best deal in terms of cost, app features and customer service. Smarten up our act and get that taxi dispatch system for the bright future of your taxi business.