Tips to have a successful Business using the Gojek Clone App

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Dreaming up an all powerful business is the easy part, but executing it as a successful venture can be cumbersome. This is why; it is important to set up your business plan or road map efficiently before you start off with your Gojek Clone App. Let us look at a few tips from industry experts to find out how you can start off a successful business using the Gojek Clone App.

Understanding the magnanimity of your Gojek clone app

Before you go about planning how to execute the app to its fullest potential it is important to identify the usability and the direction and scope of your app. Most entrepreneurs are so caught up in their core competency that they ignore to do the research that is absolutely essential to understanding what to expect from the application.

Please note that even thought technology is growing at an unprecedented rate, it is very difficult for users to adapt to new flows and usability of new additions in the market. This means that in order to ensure that more and more people can use your app well, they have to be able to understand the navigability.

Since there are already many on demand apps in the market, people have a certain degree of experience in dealing with it. However, if you were to go about creating a whole new dimension to the app, chances are people will fall out of it owing to the difficulty they face in unlearning what they already know about the app and then learning how to use yours.

On-Demand Gojek Clone App

The best way to go about it is to keep yourself away from the temptation to reinvent the wheel. Opt for an on demand Gojek Clone App that is already built on the model of an existing app so that you can ensure that people are well versed with its intuitive flow.

If you have selected the white label on demand mobile app development company whose app you like, it will be wise to take a free demo of the app before you buy it. Speak to the development team so that they can set you up with a demo account using which you can download the app on multiple devices.

Make sure that you test it on both Android as well as iOS devices to see if it suits your preference. Also be sure to test it from the user point of view as well as the service provider point of view, in addition to the restaurant (or any other store) end and of course the admin dashboard.

You will only then be able to understand the full extent of what the app is capable of doing and the services that you are about to offer using the app. Make sure you discuss regarding any service that you may want to keep hidden initially and only unlock later once your app takes off well.

gojek clone app

Creating a Business Plan for your gojek clone app

Most often, businesses that do not require additional funding from the arket fail to prepare a proper business plan. To be able to set palpable, tangible and measurable goals, it is pertinent that you draw up a clear business plan regardless of whether you need to show it to someone for funding or not.

The ideal way to go about it is as follows:

  1. Start with your company’s name and brand
  2. Discuss what is the brand story, the reason for the name and what you hope to achieve from the user and the service provider’s end with the brand identity
  3. Next, lay down your mission and vision, so that you can update and refer to it in future
  4. Now, put down and highlight why according to you your Gojek Clone business model will be effective as compared to your competitors
  5. After this, you must lay out some projections. Create graphs to show short term goals and project long term goals as well
  6. Finally, have a strategy (apart from the quality of your app and the high efficiency of your service providers) which will help you achieve these short term and long term goals

Please note that this business plan needs to be amended every few years to keep updating whatever has been going on in your business. As you proceed, it will be wise to add regional case studies, user feedback and responses. Regardless of whether this business plan is laid out for any external party or for circulation within the executive and management channels of your own business, this business plan will go a long way in giving clarity of direction to your company.

Create a masterful marketing campaign

The world that we live in, is almost entirely rule marketing efforts. People buy what they see and like. Therefore, you have two solid objectives of marketing:

  1. Make your brand more and more visible with time (not less)
  2. Convey how you are better and different from competitors in the region

Having a strong communication line and creating a brand identity will go a long way in bombarding the senses of the users to associate a color, a logo or a tag line with your company. This will ultimately add up to better brand awareness, brand recognition and of course more downloads and thereby sales.

Wrapping it up

A successful business requires effort. Regardless of how good your Gojek Clone App built by a reliable white label on demand mobile app development company is unless you have a clear road map ahead of you, chances are, you will find it hard to follow through. Create a good business plan with lots of graphs, projections, and short term goals. Make sure that you continue with your marketing efforts even after the initial phase of your business. Have a good marketing communication language so that you can convey why you are better than your competitors to your customers and thereby grow your sales.