Uber or Gojek? Which is better for Taxi or Multi service business?

multi service businessmulti service business

Multi service Business is in vogue. During the first few months of the CoVid 19 Corona Virus Outbreak most people were in denial. While people did worry about the massive ramifications of what the impending future holds in store for them, many entrepreneurs were not ready to believe that anything would put a damper on their business to this extent. However, this disease has been relentless in its persecution of business owners.

Obviously, no one was hiring taxis during the lock down. No one was moving anywhere and therefore there was no consequent transportation aid required. The direct ramification of this was the suffering of Uber. As the company realized that its viability and profitability was at an all time low, it soon decided to launch multi service business.

OF course, the firing and laying off of many employees followed suit, along with the desperation of many taxi owners across the world. Generally speaking, this pathogen paved its way right on to our roads and practically crushed any scope of employment for taxi owners. 

Returning to Normalcy

The new normal includes things like total hygienic safety and social distancing. Concepts such as carpooling and ride sharing have been thrown out of the window and burnt at the stake. However, the resolve of survival for the human race is much stronger than any diseases, regardless of its destructive capability. 

This is why; as normalcy creeps in on the roads of our lives, people are picking up the pace to move around. How long would businesses stay shut down and how long can you really force people to stay indoors? As government rules are relaxing, the taxi business is slowly getting into the next gear. 

Surviving with a single business

Regardless of how normal we would like to think of the current times, there is no doubt about the fact that things have gone awry now. Trusting your business completely on taxi services may not be the best idea. While the need for transportation is growing every day, there is no doubt the fact that Uber like businesses are not at their prime in the current market and will supposedly take at least another year to find its footing. 

This is where a multi service app, also known as the Gojek Clone app comes into picture. With an app like Gojek, you don’t have to put the burden of your business’ popularity and profitability only on the taxi services. 

What is the Gojek Clone app?

The Gojek Clone app is essentially a multi service platform that requires your users to download and register only once and then be able to access multiple services including taxi booking, food delivery, hiring on demand beauticians, electricians and other professionals all under the same umbrella. 

With this app, even service providers can log in once and be able to offer more than just one service. For example, a taxi driver who isn’t getting many rides at a particular point can offer delivery services.

How can this Multi Service Business App help your taxi business?

People today are migrating towards a clutter free digital environment. This means that need not download multiple apps anymore. They would rather have a single app that can manage to help them with all their requirements. 

Now, putting this in perspective of a taxi app which is already failing or withdrawing its services from the region, people would much rather go for the Gojek clone app than just a taxi app. This app would still allow them to access any and all taxi service providers in their area and enjoy the benefits of getting other services too. 

What all does the Gojek Clone App include?

The Gojek Clone app is an amalgam of multiple services on a single platform. The services that are included in this app are:

  1. Taxi Booking Solution On-demand
  2. On-Demand Parcel or Courier Delivery Solution
  3. On Demand Store Based Delivery System (like Food ordering and delivery, Grocery shopping and delivery, Pharmacy goods purchase and delivery, etc.)
  4. On Demand Service Provider hiring or Appointment Booking Solution

Therefore, this holistic app practically ensures that whether your customer wants to hire a massage therapist, send a courier or parcel, or even buy food online, they can manage to do all. Furthermore, book taxis and more with the few tapes on the phone.

How to Procure your own Gojek Clone App?

The Gojek Clone app has gained a lot of traction in the last few years. With its popularity came a wave of developers across the world that started developing their own versions of this app. There are many options available in the market so looking for one should not be a problem. 

Opt for Gojek Clone app built by a white label mobile app development company with 10 years of experience. The rest is about how you position yourself in the market and promote your on demand business