Go One Step Ahead By Incorporating Logistics Services With Your InDriver Clone App

taxi with delivery app

The transport aggregator market is ever-evolving, with every improvement, entrepreneurs from this industry are minting monies. Look at Uber! It is no surprise why it is been reeking in profits. We all know how Uber has come a long way from a basic cab booking app to now smart intelligent featured app. Want to dive into the transportation industry? Want to make your on-demand taxi booking app big? Then you have to think more and beyond Uber.  Incorporate your Uber clone app with on-demand courier service and get an edge over the competition. Sounds good? Now is the time to think smart and score the competition. Your Uber clone app can be one step ahead when you integrate it with logistics courier services.

It is no secret that taxi rides offering services are seen as offering logistics services. 

logistic services

The Benefits Of Incorporating Your Clone App With Logistics Service

  • The taxi service will have a team of drivers who will drive around the city. The best part is that when the drivers do not have a passenger ride, they can accept the delivery call. This makes sense because drivers can earn a good living even when they are not transporting passengers.
  • If you already have a logistics business, integrating it with your Uber clone app may be the best option. You will avoid the expense of developing an entirely new app.
  • The clone app will work the same way how the user used to book a cab ride. Because the navigation and the look of the InDriver Clone App remains the same, your taxi plus on-demand delivery app will gain a lot of momentum of providing cab riding and courier services both at the same time.
  • When combined with the courier service feature, the Uber clone app provides quick delivery services during the holiday season as well as when the package is scheduled to be picked up at odd hours. Because drivers are constantly on the move, they can accept the call to pick up the package and deliver it on time.

Integrating Parcel Delivery With Your Uber Clone App

Contact a mobile app development company that has experience creating on-demand apps. To incorporate logistics services into your Uber clone app, the mobile app developers team will create a separate panel.

While checking out, the user can select the parcel pickup option from a list of verified service providers in the area. It makes it simple for users to schedule package deliveries and track them in real time.

Following are the features to implement when creating an Uber clone app integrated with logistic services:

  • Easy and quick bookings
  • Offers nearby cabs available
  • Provides push-notifications to the drivers along with GPS tracking
  • Creating multiple payment options
  • Real-time tracking
  • On-demand delivery or book now schedule later
  • Feedback 
  • God’s eye view

If you like this idea and want to create one, work with an app development company to create your dream Uber clone app. It is common to develop an Uber clone app for the taxi industry, but offering more like an on-demand courier service can put your on-demand app ahead of the competition. Because this combination is novel and few businesses have created a clone app.

Get in touch with an on-demand app development company offering white-label clone app script. The licensed version will let you customized the features ensuring your business is scalable for future expansion.